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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (1 year ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (1 year ago)

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#5761 6 months ago

We have the tools, we have the talent! It’s Ghostbusters time!

C9690E24-7395-4E9F-9930-AA289787D047 (resized).jpeg

#5763 6 months ago
Quoted from ScreaminSauce:

Damn that is gorgeous! Beautiful machine!

Yeah the guy who I got it off was kind of a hack tho!

#5768 6 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Hello Premium LE
[quoted image]

...a very modded LE at that! Nice grab.

#5784 6 months ago

Hey is anyone sitting on a set of the Stern inner art blades they didn't use and want to move? Let me know.

1 week later
#5800 6 months ago

The Read Me says 1.13 is from January 2017.

#5809 5 months ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

I love my GB pin it’s a awesome theme and plays good, but stern seems not care about the code and has moved on to big and better things like Deadpool and such pins

Stern is pretty good about supporting at least the successful games, and GB was very successful. I think our day is coming soon.

Love your handle BTW. Scorponok was always cooler than that big doof Fortress Maximus.

#5812 5 months ago

I know I am kicking a hornets nest here but... and bear in mind I’m a newer GB owner... what is it missing that it needs updated so bad?

Same with Star Wars. It seems to do everything you’d expect based on its PF and theme?

#5842 5 months ago

I’m glad we’re still waiting for code. Gives me something to look forward to.

#5855 5 months ago

Got my ColorDMD installed in my GB today, a local buddy made me an adapter so I could use my WPC wiring (I hijacked the CDMD from another game, lol) and my power splitter so I could keep everything hooked up. Still waiting on a clear DMD shield.
A3D8E0C2-8D4C-404F-862D-BC1251543C52 (resized).jpeg
C17A4702-4766-4FA0-BD6F-7272A6A583B6 (resized).jpeg

#5858 5 months ago
Quoted from dondon4720:

Is that an LCD or LED ColorDMD??

LED. To me they look a lot better and the install in a later SAM or SPIKE backbox is much more natural.

#5866 5 months ago

I really like the green legs, rails and t molding. Did you get it someplace or have it done?

#5868 5 months ago
Quoted from Mitoska:

I had it done at the local Powder Coating guy. Hes done about 7-8 games for me and some guys in my club, see my orange GOTG there in the back he did. Great pricing, legs, rails, hinges, lockdown bar , shooter housing $150 and that includes full sandblasting first. Its kind of nice, we have a extra set of all the newer stern metals we bought.. so we just have him do a set, and them swap them out on the game when done so we dont have a game sitting on something apart while waiting

Thanks for the info!

1 week later
#5920 5 months ago

Maybe a little misdirect? I mean, it keeps coming up, right?

#5975 4 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Ive had both. Currently I have a LE. I feel between the pro and the premium they are 2 different games. Games play may seem similar but so different. I got the pro first because thats all I could afford and over the 2 years I had it I added, shaker motor, walking stay puff, side blades, Sparky TV, a few action figures, custom storage facility, premium library and topper. The game was decked out. I only sold it to upgrade to the LE because a friend was selling his. I removed my color LCD and firehouse mod and put it in my LE. I made someone a sweet deal on my pro and sold it quick. It was their second pin and they were sooo happy to get my game. Anyways, my point being, I was figuring on my Pro being a forever game, thats why I went all out. But...so glad I picked up my Slimer LE.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Sweet. Where did you get the Library and the Storage Facility that you had on your Pro?

#5977 4 months ago

There is a Walter Peck action figure? That's actually kind of awesome.

Looked it up, and I see what you did there. I'll need to keep an eye out for one of those.

#5980 4 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

I don't understand why someone would deck their machine out with add ons like shaker motor, color dmd, mirror blades... but only get the pro model?

Because every game is better with ColorDMD.

#5983 4 months ago

The real gag would be if it dropped today because no-one would believe it.

1 week later
#6027 4 months ago

Is that from tip to tip or did you go from flipper hole to flipper hole? Because tip to tip can just be changed by angling your flippers differently.

#6030 4 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

Most games are measured from flipper shaft to flipper shaft and the standard is 7 inches, Trudeau typically goes 7 1/8 inches.
I designed my own set of interchangeable flipper bats where I can go between 2 7/8" to 3" to 3 1/8" bats and it only takes a couple of minutes to swap out.

Yeah I’d always heard the difference was 1/8 inch.

1 week later
#6032 4 months ago

I wouldn’t change your posts, get some of those Yoyokopter save posts:


They were installed on my game by the previous owner and I gotta admit, they really do give you a fighting chance without ruining the challenge. And you can just pop em off and drop them in the coin box when you’re ready to get hardcore.

#6035 4 months ago
Quoted from UrethraFranklin:

Well folks I traded for GB premium. It was routed and was ROUGH with 20,000 plays on it. But Craig Hassell shopped it for me, cleaned it, put on all the Titan rubbers I ordered and I will hopefully have it Sunday. I bought the Carrot flippers and a few mods so we'll see how much I love owning it. And I bought all the protectors and such.
[quoted image]

I hope this is an in-process pic cause you’re missing some parts, lol.

1 week later
#6077 3 months ago

Dimpling just means don’t be afraid to play it more!

#6081 3 months ago
Quoted from UrethraFranklin:

It's only a year or so old, albeit routed, but its still better than "players condition" although nowhere near HUO and most HUO still have the dimpling.

Pretty much all games have dimples, hell mine is a HUO under a year old and it's covered with em. Screw it. Press the start button and add a few more!

#6098 3 months ago

ColorDMD all the way, shaker is good too, swinks target mod, outlane jump guards... if you’re thinking of more “toys” then I like the molded library, storage facility and firehouse mods.

1 week later
#6151 3 months ago
Quoted from WannabeWizard:

Just traded for a GB Pro. All stock. Should I invest in a color DMD and a shaker? What other mods do people suggest? LCD DMD or LED DMD? Any suggestions will help on mods to enjoy the experience. Thanks

Yes color DMD LED (much easier fit)!
Yes shaker motor (works really nice in this game)! It gives you a very ominous rumble when you start multi ball.

Also, swinks target brackets to massively reduce air balls.
Some kind of outlane jump guards are nice too.
Best mod tho (and free) is the movie soundtrack rom.

Welcome to the Ghostbusters!

1 week later
#6198 3 months ago

Last day in the GB club for me, great game but onto the next!

Keep on flippin and always remember, if ‘bustin doesn’t feel good... why do it?

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