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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

4 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (3 years ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (3 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (3 years ago)

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#306 4 years ago
Quoted from Schabs81:

So do those just fit that snug over flasher or are you mounting it somehow?

^^^^this how is it installed ? I found,one first store .

4 weeks later
#751 4 years ago

Where can we get carrot flippers?
Also did you guys hear Trudeau say yesterday during the interview , the gap is actually larger on GB than it is on Creature,

#753 4 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

I enjoyed it so much that I reached out to my distributor to see if I can switch to a Premium.

So are you selling your pro?

#758 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That's because it's not. Same gap on all JT games.

He said it himself yesterday, first 5 minutes of interview, he added , " ya , I was a bad boy "

Anyway, where can we get the longer carrot flippers ?

#763 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I think marco has them. Google ribbed flipper bats, and bunch of stuff will come up. They have them in yellow, white, black, blue and orange.

Thanks Neo

I would also like to know if standard rubbers will work in the longer flipper .

#778 4 years ago
Quoted from Meph:

I sold my STTNG to pay for this one so I am still at just 2 pins. I have a sub under my Metallica so I believe they can share a single sub correct? PBL is sold out of the outlane plastic kits but I am going to keep watching for them. What is this about the wire rail bending?

The center captive ball wire form has a tendency to bend and then the ball inside does not move freely as it should. So add an additional ball In there before playing game one and you will be all set , 5 minute job.

1 week later
#812 4 years ago

Paul , where did you get those T-Molding led strips ?

#844 4 years ago

So is there any type of indicator that shows how many balls have been locked in the storage facility ? I cant find anything , am I missing something ?

#846 4 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Storage facility has red and green light on it. Each represent a ball locked.

Ok , so that's what those indicate, I just thought those meant it was ready for storage not that 1 or 2 balls are locked.

Also don't get me wrong I really like the game but who else thinks the reverse flippers on mass Hysteria are lame, ruins flow and usually a really good ball. I know it can be reversed by hitting the center captive ball but its not that fun.
Stern if your reading this , please give us a feature adjustment to " correct " this in future code .

#848 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It's meant to be hectic and crazy. Storage Facility is your standard multiball, Mass Hysteria is supposed to be just a nutty, stay alive as long as you can, frantic multiball.

I get that, but it's not , nutty or fun it's one , two three strikes your out !
Insert Price is right trombone sound .
Maybe I'll get better at it .

#853 4 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

So,the flippers really do change sides??Mass histeria, i probably won't ever get that far!

I didn't think so either, but after dropping about $50 in the local machine, waiting for my premium, it becomes alot easier to get there.

#854 4 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Yeah at 100 ghosts captured they switch. If you hit the captive ball on left side they switch back and forth each time you hit it.

I believe it's the center captive ball, bit who really knows , it's MASS HYSTERIA.

#859 4 years ago

KPG your down votes make zero sense .

1 week later
#952 4 years ago

Stand that thing upright, see the arrows.
Also the Side that says , truck from this side should be the side with the dolly on it and in your current case facing down .

But congratulations, wish I could help you out .

#954 4 years ago

My bad ...can't wait to get my Premium.
Enjoy !

#998 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I'm finally official. Pics later. LE #67 has landed.

I expect a full report , with magna slings input .

#1018 4 years ago
Quoted from blimpey:

20' it's the minimum amount they will sell.

I would guess you have a little left over .

#1108 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveMan:

I love those speaker inserts and green lights! Anybody know if a green DMD is available somewhere that could be swapped in?

Yes this ^^^^^^^^^^
I would like to know where to get a green dmd as well.

1 week later
#1216 4 years ago

Man that looks great JDD !

#1296 4 years ago
Quoted from Ripley:

You. Say. This. Every. Day.

Hello Kaneda.

#1372 4 years ago
Quoted from Nightmare:

Quick question for GB owners. Does the extra ball need to be added to the book stack to stop from bending wire or is it the other captive ball?

Yes the book stack captive ball.
Next to the ghost target.

3 months later
#1838 4 years ago

I got one !
Delivered yesterday

20161117_143432 (resized).jpg

20161117_143100 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1867 4 years ago

^^^^^What color apron is that ???

4 months later
#2763 3 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I think he means the librarian insert, the one at the top of that ladder. I am curious about this also

+1 , never seen it lit .

2 weeks later
2 weeks later
#3072 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

ColorDMD - GB Pro - Pin-a-Go-Go this weekend!

More pics please .
Is that led or lcd ?

#3074 3 years ago
Quoted from camcamaro1991:

There is no file for color yet from ColorDMD for GB

Yes but you can install a color DmD led/lcd and set to a single color.
I've been thinking of getting one to do this as well.
Looks great Cheddar.

#3080 3 years ago

What is Sigma ?
Is it a manufacturer or type of display ?
Sorry , I should know this .
I just want to get it right .

#3083 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Sigma is the mode you use when there is no color file for the game. You can pick any one color or you might be able to fade back and forth from all colors.

So it's used with the color dMD screen but is called sigma. And you choose it as an option on the display itself .

#3086 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

It's what ColorDMD calls a display they sell with no multi-color coded file yet.
Choose from 49 monochrome colors is my memory is correct.

Cool , thanks guys .

1 week later
#3141 3 years ago
Quoted from enjoyvelvet:

Has color DMD released one for GB??

But you could run one of many single color choices .

1 week later
#3220 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I have had a fresh set of balls in my game for about a year now, and changed them last night....
It was easy to see they had become slightly magnetized.
New Balls, created a more robust movement again from the magna slings....Awesome!
I just love playing this game and the magna slings are a big part of it!
Just a heads up to perhaps consider a ball change to owners after a few hundred games.....

That's funny you say that Art ,
Last night my ball kept getting stuck to the top of the sling post like it was magnetized.
How do you check to see if they are magnetized ?

3 months later
#3864 3 years ago
Quoted from psexton:

I just bought a GB Premium and the manga slings work when doing the coil test but during game play they do not come on much. I am in factory settings. I played another GB Premium on location yesterday and their magna slights were active all the time. I am not sure how often they are supposed to be "on" but I would like mine to be more active. How often should they be "on" and where is the settings to have mine be "on" more often?

Flip the sling rubbers around.
Put the long sling rubber where the post rubbers are and the post rubber where the long sling rubber goes.
There are two notches on metal post for proper positions. Made a Huge difference on my game .

#3870 3 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I think if you switch the rubber, they will "turn on" more often.


#3871 3 years ago

If you switch them around they will activate much more .
The way they come from the factory require a much stronger hit to activate them. If you switch them around it activates with a much softer hit to the slings , which in turn makes the slings become stronger and "do" more .

#3882 3 years ago
Quoted from toddsolus:

I can't believe what a difference this whole new game

Told you
When I first got my GB I was REALLY disappointed with how the magna slings worked. Like to the point of damn this machine has to go, but after another pinsider told me about switching the rubbers it's been great .
Complete game changer !

#3891 3 years ago

20171001_082112 (resized).jpg

Quoted from Fortytwo:Me too. Can you post a pic of the suggested orientation. I replaced mine with clear and don’t remember what order I put them in.

The long Sling rubber should be on the bottom , the small round post rings should be on top.

#3900 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Well I just switched mine and it is absolutely a lot better game now! This game should come from the factory like this. Thanks for the tip golfingdad!! Everyone that owns a Premium/LE should do this.

No Problem Who Dey,
Glad I could help all, Y'all

#3916 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

"Who got the Dog" is NOT automatically the first mode. It's only the first mode for most players BECAUSE THEY DON"T CHANGE THE SKILL SHOT. You can change the skill shot to be Spooked Librarian or We Got One. The first mode will always be the lowest mode on 1 of the 3 ))l

Thank you !!!!
I will never understand , why everybody thinks, wbtd, has to always be played . There are 3 other choices .

1 week later
#3989 3 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I finally did this "mod" today and HOLY MOLY what a difference! I wish I would've done this on day one. It should be like this from the factory. This one little change absolutely makes the magna slings way more active. A must do on any premium/LE imo.

Glad my tip helped you out.
It's really a Huge difference!

3 weeks later
#4092 3 years ago
Quoted from abagwell:

I have this same issue with my plunger where the ball hits the gate and wobbles through the right orbit rather than going at full speed.....anyone know of a fix for that? It's done it since I had it NIB and I just assumed it did that on purpose to slow it down.

Quoted from Spelunk71:

Mine also does this, but tweaking the level and pitch has made it much better.

Remove the Mylar strip on the playfield in front off that gate. No Kidding 100% your problem

I struggled with this for Months. I even removed the gate all together until I heard about this fix . Gauranteed.

#4093 3 years ago

The Mylar causes the ball to jump just enough to continually rattle through THAT gate .

#4096 3 years ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Yeah I was about to say I'm perfectly level and sitting at around 6.9 pitch so I wasn't sure that was the cause. So another piece of mylar up there then? I already took the one off on the right orbit, didn't realize there was another one. Surprised something like that wasn't caught in QC while building these!

You may have removed the one I am speaking of already. Not sure , but double check back there

#4101 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I don't see how removing the mylar would have any effect on a ball coming from the shooter lane. The mylar fix is for fast moving balls coming around the right orbit. For balls hitting the gate when exiting the shooter lane, the solution is a lower tension spring for the manual plunger, and a higher tension spring for the auto-plunger. Some people have also bent their gates a little bit to make more room for the ball. A third option would be a piece of plastic over that area to keep the ball low as it's coming around that turn.

Yes , I wood agree here if it's only happening on the plunge and or auto plunge , spring swap.

2 weeks later
#4139 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Had people over and had all my games on and GB got played ALOT tonight. GB is fun as hell and I don’t understand why there is so much hate for this game. We had an absolute blast playing it tonight. No way would I get rid of this machine ever. I am so hoping the next code update is great and sends this game over the top!

Agree 100%
Inevitably people that walk into my game room always start with and have to end with GB .
Just one more ! Ok and another beer .

#4141 3 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Edit: I suppose if you were stuck with playing it on location and had to put quarters into it, I can see how that would really make you frustrated with some of this machine's cruelty, LOL. But at home on free play, it's pretty darn fun. We just laugh when we get psychologically punched in the gut by the machine, and occasionally it gets tilted.

100% agree with this as well.
Dropping coin in this game on location could get expensive quick.

#4160 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

They will look like this when you reverse them.

Hey that's my machine ...
Glad the reverse sling rubbers are a hit .

I believe it was pinsider chucksmith that first told me about the reverse sling rubbers .

#4161 3 years ago

Has anyone changed out the sling leds to a different color other than those super bright whites ? Pics ?

#4176 3 years ago
Quoted from freddy:

I used a frosted purple dome looks good with the green slime plastics that go with the center post kit

Ya that looks sharp.

#4181 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I think he was referring to the white triangle inserts in the playfield just in front of the slings that flash when the magana slings are active.

Nope , i did mean the lights in the slings. Not the triangles. I think those triangles are on a board so no changing.
The reason why I asked was because when I play my pins next GB the sling lights hit me right in the eyes., and there BRIGHT.

#4192 3 years ago

Thanks Chuck !

#4194 2 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Ended up with 10,449,370,000!

1 week later
#4220 2 years ago

Rumor has it Laserrific topper ready next week

1 week later
#4276 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Has anyone updated the code with movie songs/music? I was messing with pinball browser tonight and it turned out awesome.
I added ‘On Our Own’ for the high score, ‘Magic’ for Containment Multiball, and the original songs for ‘Cleaning Up the Town’ and ‘Saving the Day.’

Quoted from jyeakley:

+1 very interested

+ 2 , very interested in this .

#4320 2 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

I got the Laseriffic topper in the mail today.

There are several colors that I think look pretty cool with it, but for now, I’m going with pink:

I also shot a very quick video of it cycling through all of the colors. I could upload that to YouTube, if anyone wants to see it.
I know a lot of people don’t like toppers, but I think Laseriffic did a hell of a job with this one.

Thanks for the pics Dave ,
Is it interactive and does it change colors with different modes ? Or is it one color that you choose constant?

#4325 2 years ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

Since I have had my playfield replaced by Stern I have been having issues with the right Orbit. Sometimes it does not register my shots but the concerning thing to me is that is often kicks the ball back to me like there is something in that orbit bricking the shot. The only thing I can think of is its the semi circle switch "thingy" that registers the shot that is getting stuck and not going down which then makes it like a wall up in there causing the ball to fall back down. Anyone have had any issues with this before?

Lots about this issue ....
Quick fix is to remove the strip of Mylar in that back corner prior to that gate .
The Mylar is causing the ball to jump just enough to become aiborne and hit that gate.
Clean it up with a little goof off.

#4328 2 years ago
Quoted from bent98:

I see several people are modifying their ghostbusters code to add songs etc. Is there an offical thread where we can download these modified files similar to what cleland did for TWD?

Best thing to do is ask the guys doing it and they might share their file with you. Maybe you could offer something they need pin related .
They usually share .

1 week later
#4371 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to go to the right flipper.

This +1
Some people lower the eject power and it dribbles out to the left flipper

2 weeks later
#4504 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

After adjusting the springs, my Scoleri targets work great, but I shut them off in the settings anyway. I just don't find them to be much fun. I also think they create a lot more wear and tear on the playfield.

Can you post a pic please
Man I am so tired of the bricks

#4524 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Sure, but I'm not sure what exactly you want a picture of.

How you adjusted the spring please

#4526 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Oh. No problem. Here you go ...

Ok cool that's easy

#4535 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Clearly I need to revisit the rules. I had no idea you could light all three locks simply by hitting the captive balls only twice.

Twice for each lock .

#4540 2 years ago
Quoted from Indypin:

Does anyone know if there is an adjustment that I can turn off during the reverse flipper multiball mode of keeping the backwards flippers workin

No ....
Hopefully new code will give us that option , Hint , Hint ....Stern .

#4543 2 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

What?! That is the main feature/gimick of Mass Hysteria Multiball!

Oh I get it , I don't like it .
All I'm asking for is the "option"

#4550 2 years ago
Quoted from embryon:

no if say you have no locks lit, simply hit the left captive twice to loop only two balls and not the third and left ramp storage insert will remain lit for three ball locks. After that you'll need to get all three captives around to claim the lit prize. Try it and you'll see what I mean.
I couldn't figure out in comps why some guys only after a few seconds had multiball. I'd play for minutes and maybe have two locked if that. That's when I saw the left captive trick

Did not know that .

#4582 2 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Hey guys. For those of you with premiums do you have John Trudeau's signature in gold ink on the Playfield? Mine does. I saw on the game matrix from Stern that this was supposed to only be included on the LE's. I'm wondering if Stern changed this from when they printed that matrix or if my playfield was supposed to be in an Le. Just curious.

Lucky guy ... what's the playfield date stamp ?
That's not supposed to be there On a premium but has been reported in the past once or twice I believe.

#4625 2 years ago
Quoted from Prefect:

Is $3950 a decent price for a pro?

F'n Ya !

#4627 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

So if Ihave a 10 year old sub, would that work or shoulud I spend the $90 and get the new 10" one?

Absolutely as long as the cone is good and the seal around it isn't cracked or dried out

#4629 2 years ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

I disagree...I think you should give me the guys name who's asking that outrageous price so I can kick his ass!!


2 months later
#4764 2 years ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

Has there been any indication at all of what could be coming?

Nope but a final wizard mode would be nice.

1 week later
#4791 2 years ago
Quoted from outcida:

Anyone here looking for a walking stay puft or the brick firehouse? PM me if interested.

Thank you Outcida for the Firehouse !

2 weeks later
#4807 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Have a chance to pick up a gble. Anyone know what a stock game huo is going for these days? What were the main benefits of the LE over the premium? Have these pretty much depreciated or are these still declining in price. I'm working a trade for one of my games and not sure how long I will keep the game.

LE comes with different art, backglass and powder coated legs lockdown and lollipop rails

3 weeks later
#4937 2 years ago
Quoted from kporter946286:

What are your 2 mods?

Love you Paul

5 months later
#5500 2 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Hoping someone can help me out. I really want to fix my PKE/right ramp shot, and saw on a thread that you can remove the 2" hex spacer and replace with a 1 5/8" and it will stop rolling back out. I found the part at marco----> but man I hate to pay the shipping on 1 little item (The shipping is almost 4 times the cost of the part) Anyone by chance have this hex spacer I could buy from you?

Or add some other things to the order , maybe a pin friend needs some parts . The spacer makes a big difference. I have hit my PKE shot 5 times consecutively. It's funny and we dont care, if my buddy and I are having the best game in our lives, if we hit the pke ramp we start counting "One , Two .." and continue until we miss .
We usually get 2 or 3 .

1 week later
#5543 2 years ago

Hellooooooooooo ? Dwight are you reading this ?

Unfinished games littered around.

Hello ?

#5545 2 years ago
Quoted from yoyokopter:

Yes "We got one " update

Wait ..what ?

#5547 2 years ago
Quoted from imharrow:

but would not pressure others to try to do the same. Work / life balance important.

Why not ?
Unfortunately Life needs Work to survive.

Maybe hes spending to much time on life and not enough at Work .

5 months later
#6090 1 year ago
Quoted from desertT1:

So this is the gross % earned on my Ghostbusters. We were joking last night at my tournament, “what will happen sooner, a meaningful code update, or my game gets to 100%?”
Before making your guess, some more info. Mine is a very early launch party Ghostbusters. It spent last year in a slightly less busy location, but is back at my main location and I expect it to get to 100% in early 2020.
[quoted image][quoted image]

I vote 100% ROI first !

2 months later
#6495 1 year ago
Quoted from desertT1:but what else is there to sit and think about?

Have ya seen the Please Delete thread ?

1 month later
#6708 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

remind me - are there settings to make the magna slings more or less wild?

Switch the rubber rings around for much more action .

#6716 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

TOTALLY forgot about this. Just did it on my LE and wow - what a difference. Remember the same diff on my premium - you're a genuis!
Stern doesn't make them like GB anymore. The game is so loaded with real proper call outs and other things we see companies removing. Bring on the updated code!

You are to kind completely changes the game !

#6728 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You want the smalls on top and the large on the bottom to make your slings more active. It will look like this when you are done.[quoted image]

Thats my machine !

#6730 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yes it is lol. How did you know, by the big chip in the clearcoat?

Chip , what chip ?

#6732 1 year ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Thanks guys!
Mine has the reverse at the moment. Gonna change it in the morning.

You will be Amaaaaazed

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