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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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#5414 11 months ago

Got a dumb question for you all. At the Wheeling Expo I played a colored dmd version of Ghostbusters. I had thought that, they were waiting to release this till the final code update. But, apparently you can put in a color dmd for this game. Really makes it better I think. Can't wait to finally own one of these.
And I guess since I'm asking stupid questions.
What would you all say are the biggest differences between the Pro and Prem... I've now finally played both and I've played the pro a heck of a lot more, and I kind of think it might play better... But, I love the mag slings and the ecto goggles are cool. And you don't need to mod a library in the prem as it's there by default.
Just wondering thoughts on how the two shoot different. Because they too me feel very much different.

#5437 11 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

The good news is that we know an update is coming and have Gomez on record saying what is missing from the game. Those items need to be added. There's no excuse for it if they don't. If Stern doesn't properly complete the games code then for me Ghostbusters is the last new game I'll ever buy from them. Such an iconic theme and loaded pin deserves to have its code finished.

Well its still in production too? So I don't know why they would abandon the code. If they do and I haven't bought mine yet... I won't buy mine. I know I"m only one potential sale. But, from what I hear its still selling and they just did a new run a few months back, and they'll probably do another run... So I don't know why you would. If anything... If I was the head of stern(you'd all be in trouble as the company would have tanked), I would do another production run at the release of the final code. And I would include the missing modes.

I bet since this is pinball, you'd get some 2nd time buyers as well. As some people have sold or traded their original machine. But, I'm probably wrong about everything... Just this game looks amazing, sounds amazing, and I enjoy how it shoots and plays. Might not be the best shooting, or best code(still wip) but the game makes me smile just as much as any pinball machine ever has.

1 month later
#5628 10 months ago

So is Stern done making these new??? I was kind of hoping to be able to buy a NIB once I paid off my Monster Bash LE... If that's the case that's a real bummer. I know they announced Met being a last run, so I thought they would announce a last run on GB... If that's the case, I might just try to buy a HUO GB LE. When I have the money of course. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will have the Color DMD in it as well.

1 month later
#5741 8 months ago

Okay... So I still haven't gotten my Ghostbusters yet... Hope to before the year is out... Have played it in the wild more than a few times though, and also I did get the table on my ps4 stern pinball arcade. Which is fun to play and helpful for learning the rules of this game.
So... I finally got an appreciation for the modes and how they're activated, but I do think they're still just a smidge to linear... But, now I know you do have a few choices with them. But, if you choose the skillshot start mode, that is always who brought the dog. And I'm still not 100% certain on how locks for storage mb are lit, besides the captured ghosts and the light lock reward for the pop bumpers. And also how tobins tells me its now lit and yet I cannot always seem to claim it, and the same is true for video modes...
But, I'll plug away on it and try to pay more attention. Again... Not having to plunk 30 dollars on it at a time to play it, I have found that I discovering new things about the code and its better than I thought at first...
Still doesn't help me, as it is a brutal game.

My question to you all is about the video mode. The ESP one. I like that it uses the audio from the movie from this and its a great scene... But, how do you know when you need to quit the mode? When do you know its time to cash out of the mode?
That is why I don't play that mode that often as I get more points from Don't Cross the Streams... Honestly Don't cross the streams is a bit more fun though. I think it could have been better if they made the capture quicker and slightly faster paced... But, its a strategy game really and I can actually beat it... Which makes me happy.

#5744 8 months ago
Quoted from desertT1:

You can cycle the lower skill shot to any of the 3 shots that have a mode tied to them. One flipper button cycles the upper, and the other does the lower. Do this before you plunge.
Locks are lit in 2 different ways. Collecting ghosts will light a lock at (I think) 10, 20, and 50. Would be nice if you could adjust those 3 levels. The other way is to hit the captive ball on the left side. If you do 2 balls within 20 or 30 seconds it will light all 3 locks. If you do 3 balls over any amount of time it will also light all 3 locks. I'm pretty sure on these numbers, but have recently moved my GB from a minor location I have to my main location that I'm at once a week for tournaments, so I'm sure I'm off on at least something.
For the guessing mode, it's pretty much that. Dwight has said your odds are better in the beginning (first 3 or 5 maybe) and then after that it gets harder. Don't Cross The Streams will get you almost 60m if you win. Unless you can do better guessing cards on a regular basis, I'd just take Streams unless you want to see how far you can guess. My friend got it up to over 100 (112? 124?) million once because he didn't know how to cash in yet and just kept going until he got it wrong.
I bet you will enjoy the game. I really do. I'm pretty vocal about an update only because they have teased it for 15 months. Small updates from time to time instead of this massive wait for hopefully a massive update would have been a lot better. I'm really hoping it happens soon and it fixes all of the known issues and balances the game out some.

Thanks for the tips guys.
And yes... I already love this game. Its frustrating and it kicks my butt most of the time. And only about half the times do I play it in the wild do I ever get a replay on it. I know at home it'll be better and easier for me to get deeper and farther into it... Just a lot of really cool pinball machines I'd like to own and so little money...
But, I really think the overall theme, and design are why I want this. Its actually a good and unique pinball machine. But, I know the theme is something that I myself love, and my whole entire family will love. From the young nieces and nephews who are under 10, to my brothers and sisters, and my father will also love this game.
I think his favorite mode might be the start of Spook Central. "Yes, its true... This man has no BLEEP!" That's one of his favorite lines ever in film history. And he's a big film buff.
Personally I think this game also has the best callouts. Not just Mr. Ernie Hudson's custom ones. Those are really good. And at first I thought he only said really big score, but I'm happy that he actually from time to time says twinkie.
But, its great hearing the actual lines from the movies. Anyone seen a ghost. We came we saw... And of course who brought the dog!!!
I can get and understand why some people don't like this machine.
But, I always enjoy playing it... Even if it pisses me off with how brutal it can be. And I think its actually more for the home market, then route. Just my opinion.

7 months later
#6902 35 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Seems like marketplace is starting to burn up with wanted gb threads
Knew that would happen once code was close
Hopefully Stern delivers. They don't even need a knock out so I think this will really be well received

Or a cool vault edition. I really think they let production die on Ghostbusters. Which is odd, because they had a recent practice of announcing last runs. And for Ghostbusters they just took it off their page quietly.
Which again... Seems odd because GB is supposed to be one of sterns better selling titles...

Personally I love this game. Its number 3 on my get list. Looking for Elvira 3 for my next one, but if it sucks... Won't be getting it. Then I want an AFM... And then finally hoping to get my Ghostbusters.
So the whole demand from new code might be fizzled out by the time I have the money for it.

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