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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

4 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (2 years ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (2 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (2 years ago)

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#254 4 years ago

Got mine yesterday. Unboxed it at the house to it could be tested before going on location for the launch party. Had a blast, put 77 plays on it last night between everyone, and my youngest was singing "Bustin makes me feel good" this morning while getting ready for school. Very good day.

Reinforcement has the misspelling (doesn't bother me and my PF is numbered something like 643 of 725), I moved the slimmer cable between the two wires, also added another ball in the librarian captive ball. Hopefully the added ball will negate the bending some are seeing until there is a better fix.

1 week later
#421 4 years ago
Quoted from Schabs81:

Old slimmer mech moved cable . Registers just need a through shot on it, which im thinking is how it was designed. So far not seeing outlane jumping at 6.5 first spike system took me a bit to find the damn power switch

When I had it all set up on location (after being at my house for a day) I reached under the front left. A few friends were there and watching. We all laughed.

#451 4 years ago

I just got a Superleague submission score of ~820m last night. The previous GC was ~540m, and then 500m from the day it arrived (5/9). I know we will crack a billion soon. I'm wondering if I should put a bounty on that score and what the prize should be.

#453 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah it's harder to do after the update...but only a matter of time!

I saw several billion + scores at TPF. That's a combo of two things though. Prior to 1.04, if you got to Mass Hysteria, you could keep collecting ghosts and either restart it while in, or right away after finishing. Also, the Slimer assy was registering tons of faulty hits as the cable placement issue wasn't known yet. These two corrections has made the game a lot more reasonable when people get a hold of it and take it for a ride.

The location where mine is at has a bar. Bounty ideas? A pint? A dinner plate?

#455 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah Mass Hysteria is what I was talking aboot.
Hmm...Dinner is too they sell growlers there? I do that if they do...if not maybe 2 pints would do. The firdst person only of know how the damn bursts after that!

Yeah, I was thinking of capping it at $10 for the first person to do it. They do simple foods. Wings, pizza, subs, fries. Stuff like that. It's not like there's a steak dinner on the menu. $10 in beer/food however you want to slice it sounds fun.

#519 4 years ago
Quoted from tpir:

I don't see this code on their site yet so it must be coming soon.
I listed some changes in the rule sheet thread but it looks like you get lit storage facility locks every 20 ghosts starting at 10.
There is also some sort of River of Slime award that can be collected at the saucer after looping the right orbit (I think?)

I'd almost rather the proposed Slimer MB be ready at 30 ghosts and leave Storage Facility as is. 30 ghosts, 3-ball MB, Slimer comes down and every hit is a jackpot worth 10% of the current Super's value.

#541 4 years ago

The +0X bonus was actually funny to have in there.

#646 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Man, guys, stop trying to make every game so stupidly easy. The right ramp is hard, but it's not impossible. The first night I played the game I was able to start hitting it with decent reliability. It's like the Woodbury shot. It's not supposed to be easy and you're not supposed to hit something else instead of it. It's designed to be tough. Get over it and stop whining or practice it more and get dialed into it.
"I want a no-thought-to-reach multiball!"
"I don't want to have to hit the right ramp!"
"We need ball saver on the right saucer!"
"There should be a short ball saver off the Ghost shot!"
"The outlanes hurt my butt!"
"The Scolari brothers drained by ball!"
"The flipper gap is wider than a Chinese freeway!"
Stop. If you have so many issues with the game, play something else. Please.

I thought the left saucer needed a short save. It seems as if it's designed to pop to the right flipper, but that isn't reliable. I found the best solution is dropping the kickout power to low 20's and deliver it to the left flipper. Very reliable and I've had zero complaints since doing that. If anyone is having issues dialing in the left side kickout, I highly suggest trying what I just described.

If you need a ball save from the right side, something's wrong. Deadbounce that to the right side every time and the day is saved.

1 week later
#718 4 years ago

Has anyone pinball browser'd the clips yet? I'm wondering if there is a second one saying "Get the stupid jackpot!" instead of saying "super". I was just watching the Bowen video for T2 and he says there is an alternate that comes up sometimes that says "stupid" and that ACDC does the same. There was another thing that stuck out that GB may have as a nod, but I can't remember what it was.

2 weeks later
#811 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Yes I did, very easy. When you take off the old molding make sure the channel is clean, pay attention to where the old molding is notched and use a rubber hammer to tap it in as you go.

Does that change with the mode lights? I'd give that a try if it did.

1 week later
#928 4 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I have played a routed GB a couple times while waiting for my premium. Can anyone tell me what the red inserts in the Outlane are for. They light but do not perform a ball save. They are in marked.

The left one doesn't do anything aside from light up in attract mode. The right one flashes when you are in Terror Dogs hurry up.

1 week later
#1094 4 years ago

1GB will likely not be enough. 1.05 was almost that much.

2 weeks later
#1376 4 years ago

I'm doubting it's the shaker. That's a softer rumple compared to the sharp smacking of the coils hitting their stops. Whatever it takes to keep it from happening though. Dates on good and bad playfields is important too, but that's for a different thread.

4 weeks later
#1479 4 years ago

I noticed that the GB scores for the Superleague I run were not very high this month. I think a lot of it has to do with the extra ball at X ghosts being broken. Has anyone considered going back to 1.04 until 1.06 comes out? That EB and potential bonus if it's on ball 3 is a pretty big scoring potential and with it broken, those "crushed it" games haven't happened in a solid month. 2 months ago, I had 1.997B as the top submission. There's also a ~3B score that a friend got in competition for another event, so wasn't able to use it for Superleague. This month, 600M would have taken over the top spot from the actual #1 score of ~585M IIRC. That's a pretty big difference and I know it got played enough to have at least somebody get a hold of it like in the past.

2 weeks later
#1565 4 years ago

I think the Brothers should be worth a lot more than (is it a 3X) Super Jackpot. Make them a 10X Super and then things get interesting. I avoid them every time, but making them into a valuable risk/reward would be quite a twist. Or make it an option setting...

#1620 4 years ago

Gozer is as far as I have made on the right ladder as well. That one is hard for sure. Only done it 3-4 times though and normally drain trying to figure out where to miss at next. Most recently, I got to it in ~45 seconds and then could not hit the Gozer shot to save my bacon. Once of these times I'll make that my only goal, finish Gozer mode. In the past it's been something I do because it was sitting right there in front of me.

2 months later
#1874 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Must be nice to have a tall ceiling, wish I had one.

I'll trade you my tall ceiling for a basement.

11 months later
#4173 2 years ago

My "K" rollover doesn't register every time. Most of the time it's not the end of the world, but when plunging to light multipliers, it needs to work. I already bent the switch tab and that didn't work. I then replaced the switch and it is still acting the same way. Anyone want to make any guesses as to what else to look at?

2 weeks later
#4218 2 years ago

Star Wars code is at 1.00. GB code is on the horizon now according to the Stern of the Union post a few months back.

3 weeks later
#4375 2 years ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

You think we are getting code update next week? According to the Stern yesterday, the new Stern of Union is next week. Hoping they drop the code.

I don't think we will get a code update, but I'd love to get a status update. SW is at 1.0 which is very exciting for GB owners. GB is a pretty consistent earner for me, but my most frequent players know most of the issues and having those resolved with a little new content would be great. Still holding hope for a simple 2-ball Slimer multiball, but we will see.

#4382 2 years ago

IS there a trusted fix to avoid the occasional rejects from the gate at the top of the left ramp?

3 weeks later
#4567 2 years ago

Looks like it's 8X the Super value. 7x8=56. It says 56m right there.

My curiosity (since I never pay attention) is how your PKE value plays into those numbers. Looks like the PKE award on the right ramp is the multiplier times the super jackpot, nothing to do with PKE numbers from what I remember.

1 week later
#4646 2 years ago
Quoted from Bay78:

LOL I think a lot of us haven’t even made it to Stay Puft mode hence not seeing the rgb colors in him

Gozer mode is often my roadblock on that ladder. It just seems to never end. I have more luck shooting "safe" shots and eventually those 40 seconds will run out.

Recently in a tournament I did just that on ball 2 and drained before lighting Stay Puft. So on ball 3 I basically had that mode lit if I hit the skill shot. Started the ball with 200m and player 2 was not above 100m at that point. Plunged, Skill shot, finished the mode and later drained with high 800's. It's never over, but that was a pretty relaxed ball 3 for player 2 from where I was standing. Won that game by a good margin. Stay Puft is such a fun mode and can really put some distance between you and your opponents in a tournament setting. Granted, I've only been there a handful of times.

1 month later
#4755 2 years ago

Stern of the Union is posted and GB has dropped off as far as being mentioned.

#4757 2 years ago

Hmm, that whole section wasn't showing when I was reading on my phone. I had opened the "read more" portion up, but maybe there was even more that I missed the link for. I don't doubt a "final" one is coming, but it use to be touted as coming after SW 1.0.

1 month later
#4894 2 years ago
Quoted from orb:

any word on final code? wtf?

I'm with you. First it was after SW was at 1.0, now it's some time this summer. If it is in fact happening in the next 3 months I'm fine with that. I'm hoping that the wait is going to answer the two biggest gripes I hear. No simple (and low value) 2-ball for the newer players to get some thrills, and a better way to start modes if you miss the skill shot. I think a Slimer themed 2-ball MB would be really cool.

1 week later
#4958 2 years ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Are you saying swap right and left rubbers? Not following why that would matter??

On the posts there is the big band and a smaller ring. Trade those two things top to bottom.

1 week later
#5043 2 years ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

My machine was ordered Sept 2016, it's got over 9,000 plays. Holding up like a a champ.

On location? That's awesome if so and impressive if it's at home. Mine has been on location since getting it for a launch party and has less than 4500 plays on it.

3 weeks later
#5100 2 years ago
Quoted from Junglist:

two ball slimer multiball!

I think if they did this and then something to make lighting a mode a little safer, the game would be much more liked. Now, if you miss a skill shot or time out a mode you are in big trouble.

I think if you had to hit the GHOST target once to turn on the 4 main shots (left orbit, left ramp, right orbit, right ramp) and then hit 3 of the 4 to light the modes that would be a nice balance.

1 month later
#5179 2 years ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

I think 'experience' is the key word there. What are you looking for in the experience? personally I find the premium's features to introduce less control of the ball, so, is a lesser experience in that way.
I also think the premium LOOKS far better than the pro, and the Magna Slings are a pitch-perfect tie in for theme. So for a visual/thematic experience, the premium is better.
That said, if new code allows outlane saves, I'll have to re-play them both again to see how I feel about them. Outlane saves are desperately needed on this game.

What if you could get a virtual kickback, but instead of always being on the left side, it alternated every 5 seconds left, right, left right. With a small overlapping grace period. Imagine if you had a ball going out the left side, but it's blinking on the right. You could try to keep the ball alive just long enough for it to change over and you'd get it back.

I'd say a virtual ball save for both outlanes, but that's just a little too "helpful".

1 week later
#5206 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Gg needs color DMD .

Has there ever been a game colored before it is "done"? KISS doesn't have color correct? Did avengers when it had it's big update?

If somebody is working on color, would it be that big of a deal to update/tweak any changes that happen if/when the next GB update happens?

I think that GB will be one of the best color jobs of all the DMDs because of the art style in the dots. It's just begging for it.

1 week later
#5219 2 years ago

My "K" lane is not registering often at all. I had already changed the switch, pretty much the exact same results. Now I'm looking at the connector, but since it's likely IDC, I'l probably just redo the whole thing with a crimp and stuff molex. I hope this is it, because there's not much else that can get looked at and the "K" can be very important.

#5230 2 years ago
Quoted from imharrow:

To be fair, BM66 owners were promised an update every 2 weeks until it is done. 2 years of waiting for a game to have "completed" code is rediculous.
Are the software timelines far longer than originally communicated. Yes. Welcome to the world of software development. Where ever developer knows to double their estimate because they are bad at estimating, and then you still need to double that estimate because they are really bad at estimating.

Latest Stern of the Union says AS code update is done and in final evaluation. Then KISS, then GB. Im curious who is doing the updates since they have a lot of new employees over there. If it helped move things along, I'd be fine with Dwight laying out what he wants changed, and then let a newer person implement it. Let Dwight test it and approve, and then release it. Dwight doesn't have to be doing it if he is busy working on the latest project.

#5243 2 years ago

AS just got a huge update. The list of games specifically called out as being in the queue just got shorter. So now GB is 2nd in line, instead of 3rd in line. I really do think the increase in programming staff at Stern is what is allowing these updates to happen. Hopefully KISS and GB owners will get some love in the very near future.

#5249 2 years ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

REALLY weird occurance on my ghostbusters yesterday...
Pro model. Me and a friend were playing a 2 player game. she was player 1, I was player 2. we both did terribly. She got like 15 million I got like 25 million.
After the game ends, screen says 'Player 1 enter initials'. I think "huh, weird. maybe the scores reset and you got terror dog champion or something."
After initials are entered, game says she was the Terror dog champion, with a 125 Million Jackpot. THEN it shows our final scores again, and it shows both of our scores being: P1 52,000,000 P2 55,000,000
WTF..... game gave champion for a huge jackpot that didnt happen, and also didnt show up in the final score? also it changed our scores to what seem like random numbers? anyone else had anything like this happen? I've been keeping an eye on it ever sense but its been scoring fine since then as far as I can tell..... machine haunted?

Happens all the time to the one I have on location.

#5256 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Their game price increases are paying off for us.

This is one aspect of that. Prices have gone up very fast recently, but they are addressing the code issue way better than in past years.

#5263 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yeah but prices shouldn't have had to go up for them to sell us games with complete code or for code updates to get to us better and faster. Good code is to be expected regardless of the prices they are selling new games for.

For a long time I have thought that they release games too often. With their staff of even two years ago, we saw that they could get designs out at the pace they wanted, but the programmers couldn't keep up. I would love to know what things would have been like if they released a game every 5-6 months instead of every 4 months or had one more programmer/programming team. I think that would have kept things in balance and the "Where's the code?" thing might not have ever happened. I think their catalog of games within a current production license would allow for the pace to slow down a little.

That almost doesn't matter at this point though because they have staffed up. So now they are chipping away at titles that are in need of some love. I don't like the wait on GB, but what can I do but wait? I operate GB and don't want to sell. I don't want to even consider it until it gets to 100% gross ROI because that would bug me every time I looked at my earnings spreadsheet. It'll get there, but I bet with a rocking 1.20 update it'll get there a heck of a lot faster.

1 week later
#5282 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

I also hate that if the ramp is your last shot to finish a right ladder mode, you end up triggering the lit left ramp mode.

I don't want any change to this at all. Plan your shots ahead. I don't want to have all of the modes lit after I finish a mode. That's one more shot I have to make. If you want to get into a certain mode and you are in a mode, make sure that shot is the last one you have to make.

#5286 2 years ago

I was playing (my) GB in a tournament last night at a location we only play at once a month. It was so fun and since it's a little more casual, my friend and I were chatting about all of the things we like about the game and what could be improved. The game has a lot to offer experienced players. I don't know that the layout will be something newer players can mange well, but my buddy was having a blast nailing PKE 3 times in a row for 256 million a pop.

#5308 2 years ago

I might be the only one I know of who doesn't have airball issues. Mine is a launch party ear machine, so I wonder if they tweaked something shortly after that introduced airballs. The good news is there are several options that exist to combat the issue.

2 weeks later
#5342 2 years ago
Quoted from nitrojcrawf:

So I guess the huge code update we have all been waiting for won't be what we think it will be. Or at least no new animations.... Great to have this display though.

ColorDMD does not dictate what Stern does. if a color display is being shown this week, and then Stern drops new scenes in an update, those would have to be done and a Color update posted.

I've been looking forward to Color for GB for a long time, but it would also be nice if this code update hadn't been teased for a freaking year already. If both happen in the span of a few weeks, I'd be one happy camper.

#5353 2 years ago

I don’t have a ColorDMD. If I order the GB one from the page will it still need a code update when I get it? The game is on location, so avoiding technical difficulties would be great.

#5355 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

The LCDs usually come "blank" with just the SIGMA one-color code on them. You have to use a USB to flash the color code for the game you want onto the display once you get it. It's not hard. But make SURE you order the clear plastic and standoff kit or you won't be able to mount the display.
You also will probably want one of the gaskets I made to seal off the almost 1" gap that these have on angled speaker panel games like Ghostbusters.

Cool, thanks.

#5416 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

In that video, he talks about Ghostbusters update starting at almost exactly the 1 hour mark:
"Some games we have to pay more attention to because they went out in a greater state of disrepair [understatement of the YEAR]. Ghostbusters has an insert that doesn't do as much as it should [it doesn't do anything at all]. And it has a hint of a mode on the instruction card that could be more complete [The "Are you a God" mode is in fact completely missing still]. It also needs some polish...and it needs a few other things. It is one of the most popular games...we've sold a lot of them. I think people like to play it. It's done pretty well everywhere. So I have to make the difficult decision sometimes...for the greater good. And the decision is, I need that developer working on the [incomplete] game that he's gonna release soon [or it will be more incomplete], and then MAYBE we can put him on to Ghostbusters.
I think we're getting much better at shipping you things that are "pretty complete". I think Deadpool went out in pretty good shape. I think Iron Maiden went out in pretty good shape. Batman will soon hopefully be complete. It turned out to be everything we promised it would be."
Oh, Gomez.
He completely glosses over the fact that Batman '66 took almost exactly TWO YEARS to get close to being done and wasn't worked on at all for the better part of one of those years. Cesspool was not shipped in good shape and is still pretty marginal game-wise, so only Iron Maiden gets the thumbs-up on software quality and completeness at launch, and that's likely because Keith had done most of the heavy lifting before they reskinned it so they had more time for the software part.
From the way he's talking about Ghostbusters being low project on the totem pole, it sounds like next Spring or Summer AT THE EARLIEST. Maybe that's because they need to add a whole Wizard mode that's just not there at all and they know expectations two years down the road are high.

I heard next year, but next summer is rediculous. It was supposed to be this summer. Goodness.

#5419 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Exactly. They're working on the other dumpster fires and trying to save his Cesspool design from the mediocre state it's currently in, so why work on Ghostbusters? It mostly works and is still selling and earning very well. Screwed up decision-making, but whatever.

He has two games currently getting regular updates.

#5424 2 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

"...and then MAYBE we can put him on to Ghostbusters"
Ten words that leads to ten months. Can't wait until Kiss gets it's code and then we see Ghostbusters listed at #2 behind Cesspool for the next Stern of the Union update.

That game has been getting constant updates since release. It basically has a dedicated coder, like IM, like BM66.

It’s sad when ColorDMD openly stalled for a very long time because they don’t like to put those out for unfinished games. I don’t know when they started saying GB wasn’t happening until it’s done, but I bet code was at 1.13 at that time.

#5426 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I read in another thread that it took the last 2 years to do the work for the Ghostbusters ColorDMD.

Getting done by an enthusiast, I can see that being a potential. I've said to my friends since the day this game came out that it was a great candidate for a ColorDMD. The animation style is perfect for it. I'm very happy it's here, but I'm caught way off guard, so haven't budgeted for it. I bet as soon as I get close to funding it the High Speed Hardtop will also drop. I don't have to spend any money, but so much of my want list is coming out now and seemingly all at once.

#5428 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

ColorDMD never said they were waiting for code completion. Other people assumed/posted that.

Pretty sure I read them say that they don't want to do games that can still get updates, but if I misread that so be it. GB has it and that makes me happy.

2 weeks later
#5486 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing the two videos above. I'm going to see if Santa will show some love this Xmas.

#5499 1 year ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Hoping someone can help me out. I really want to fix my PKE/right ramp shot, and saw on a thread that you can remove the 2" hex spacer and replace with a 1 5/8" and it will stop rolling back out. I found the part at marco----> but man I hate to pay the shipping on 1 little item (The shipping is almost 4 times the cost of the part) Anyone by chance have this hex spacer I could buy from you?

If you have it out, maybe take it to ACE and see if they have a threaded coupler of the correct length and thread.

#5519 1 year ago
Quoted from JimB:

Can't believe nobody has created a longer bat for this that's better than macro's? Money to be made.

Do you want to guess at how much that would cost to have happen? Then how many do you have to sell to just break even? For one specific game that is a little on the hard side of things, not very likely.

3 weeks later
#5619 1 year ago

HO HO HO. Big triple game update just now from Stern. Anyone want to place any bets?


#5632 1 year ago

The promise of an update that is over 14 months old now probably didn't help make any sales in the community either. Pretty sad state for the second half of its production run.

1 week later
#5652 1 year ago

One more work day left in the year to get some 2018 love. Amazing how it was teased in Oct 2017, and then all of 2018 happened with nothing. Seeing all of the updates that have happened this year, just in December alone, this is now nothing more but a bad joke.

This game is going back to my main location very soon, and hopefully an update will shortly follow. So much potential in the theme and layout, hopefully code gets finished off soon.

#5656 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

Zach Sharp on Head2Head podcast recently said that it was getting an update soon as well.
Just hope Dwight is not doing the next games code as then we are screwed for a while longer.

Dwight is rumored to be on Munsters, and pics are out there of it in the line. So maybe when that’s at 1.0...

1 week later
#5683 1 year ago

At least we got an update yesterday. Oh wait, it was just delayed from whatever invisible delivery date may or may not exist.

1 week later
#5727 1 year ago

The annoying part is that he phrases it in a way that makes it seem like it's not even started. Stern has said an update is coming for what, 14 months so far? And now it's "delayed" but still on the list. What was it before, "on schedule"? If they aren't going to let Dwight work on it, then put somebody else on it with his list of updates and fixes. I don't care if it's not the most efficient way to do it, get it done and make the GB owners happy. GB is the only modern Stern I own (no Stars gotcha for you!) and I REALLY want to get an Iron Maiden this year. If/when I'm able to do that it might come down to the current state of GB. If we are going on 20 months waiting for code and I can get an IM, I won't. I'll likely sell GB around that time since it will have hopefully crossed 100% ROI and my spreadsheet will look happy. I like this game a lot, but this "last of the DMD's" sure has been ignored.

#5742 1 year ago

You can cycle the lower skill shot to any of the 3 shots that have a mode tied to them. One flipper button cycles the upper, and the other does the lower. Do this before you plunge.

Locks are lit in 2 different ways. Collecting ghosts will light a lock at (I think) 10, 20, and 50. Would be nice if you could adjust those 3 levels. The other way is to hit the captive ball on the left side. If you do 2 balls within 20 or 30 seconds it will light all 3 locks. If you do 3 balls over any amount of time it will also light all 3 locks. I'm pretty sure on these numbers, but have recently moved my GB from a minor location I have to my main location that I'm at once a week for tournaments, so I'm sure I'm off on at least something.

For the guessing mode, it's pretty much that. Dwight has said your odds are better in the beginning (first 3 or 5 maybe) and then after that it gets harder. Don't Cross The Streams will get you almost 60m if you win. Unless you can do better guessing cards on a regular basis, I'd just take Streams unless you want to see how far you can guess. My friend got it up to over 100 (112? 124?) million once because he didn't know how to cash in yet and just kept going until he got it wrong.

I bet you will enjoy the game. I really do. I'm pretty vocal about an update only because they have teased it for 15 months. Small updates from time to time instead of this massive wait for hopefully a massive update would have been a lot better. I'm really hoping it happens soon and it fixes all of the known issues and balances the game out some.

1 month later
#5805 1 year ago
Quoted from Biscut:

My right scoop is finicky, sometimes it kicks to the middle of the left flipper but as soon as I start a storage multi it shoots it right through the middle and drains. I’ve changed the stregth several times and can never get it right. What should I look for? What’s even more infuriating is that they always hit square on the game over kick outs

I turned the power down so that it dribbles the ball to the left flipper. Much safer and consistent this way.

#5811 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Its KISS all over again. Stern finally finished KISS code but I believe it took them over 2 years. Hopefully once Dwight finishes Munster code he can work on Ghostbusters. Here's also hoping it's a massive code update.

You mean Star Wars right? Oh wait, no, you don't. Hmm.

#5846 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

#NoMoreDwight games for me.

No more launch party games for me. I’m not a Stern Army location though, so I don’t think I could anyway. No matter, I am the king.

992BCA76-EE28-47A9-BE7A-7473EA1E6B19 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#5874 1 year ago
Quoted from AudioHaven:

I love GB! My Pro is the only pin I have left...I was up to 9 at one point, I think. Anyway - when did the ColorDMD become available for GB? I've been under a rock for awhile!

Pretty sure it was expo.

#5905 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

am I the only one who saw a sudden flurry of activity on here and was hoping that the stern code update had actuallybeen released?

NO! 15 new posts in this thread got me all excited.

1 week later
#5957 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Funny - I got to it last night for the first time as well, made 1 shot and
What does game progress to after stay puft? I think I may have only had we got one completed on left ramp.

We Came We Saw is lit again.

I had the strangest Storage Facility I’ve ever seen last night. After having hosed up the skill shot I went for lighting locks on the left. Got into that with no modes going (and less than 20mil, I think ball 2) and just kept aiming for the captive ball to light multipliers. It was also going in the left scoop which triggered at least one add-a-ball. I got a few ball saves, but have no idea where from. Built up to loopin supers by the end of it and collected one for ok’ish points. Looked up and was over 600 mil. I have no idea what happened. I won that round.

2 weeks later
#6026 1 year ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Is there any rules posted anywhere
I checked and nothing was listed
Just to figure out somethings
And if Deadpool Code update dropped maybe GB will follow soon

1 week later
#6043 1 year ago

I have my left scoop kicking to the left flipper. Power is 22 or 23 I think. My location players like this way more than the crap shoot the factory setup is.

1 week later
#6089 1 year ago

So this is the gross % earned on my Ghostbusters. We were joking last night at my tournament, “what will happen sooner, a meaningful code update, or my game gets to 100%?”

Before making your guess, some more info. Mine is a very early launch party Ghostbusters. It spent last year in a slightly less busy location, but is back at my main location and I expect it to get to 100% in early 2020.

2F754B74-718D-4355-804E-74900ADB19F3 (resized).jpegFAB403F1-5A6C-4ADE-B4B0-6E350DF3675A (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#6176 1 year ago
Quoted from Midway-Man:

Anyone else having issues with breaking rubbers at the right saucer? It’s the 3rd ring wich is about to break.
[quoted image]

I have about 5,000 plays on mine and have never had an issue. See if the post has any sharp edges that the ball can push the rubber against.

#6178 1 year ago
Quoted from Midway-Man:

I have checked it a while ago. It’s fine. My game has around 3000 plays. And this is now the 3rd ring at this place wich is about to snap. I am using Titanrings. Wich ones do you use?
Both of my drop target springs broke as well. They broke just around 20 games apart. I have the stronger ones put in.

Mine is literally bone stock, aside from 2 things. My friend got me the slime spotlight covers from Mezelmods, and I have an extra ball behind the librarian captive ball because I got my game before they figured out what was causing the wire to bend.

1 week later
#6231 1 year ago

Yeah, something is off level because that feed should go straight to the right flipper.

#6238 1 year ago

Looks like $18k is just since 1.13. Lifetime earnings is $25k. That's pretty awesome. Mine should finish paying for itself early next year. Where do you guys find this massive player base?

1 week later
#6348 1 year ago
Quoted from seenev:

If they released the source code there's no doubt people would do all kinds of great things with it, but making edits to assets is very different from programming.

And to do a custom setup with P-roc or FAST boards would be a ground up rewrite of the code, so a huge task.

2 weeks later
#6412 1 year ago

Everyone is just busy hanging up decorations for the 30th month of waiting party.

2 weeks later
#6494 1 year ago

When was the last Munsters update? Not that it would be the same, but maybe the difference between the last Munsters update and now with the GOT update could be an estimate for the time it takes between the GOT update and GB update. This assumes a lot of course, but what else is there to sit and think about?

#6505 1 year ago
Quoted from imharrow:

No one talking about what Dwight talked about on the GOT stream? Where are all the Dwight is lazy / has no passion / doesn't care people at?

Yesterday was very encouraging. I couldn't watch much of the gameplay on the new GOT code, but I was able to catch all of the updates talked about in the beginning. If GB is a bigger update than GOT, as mentioned, that will be pretty exciting. I just want a balanced scoring game, with a few ways to do well. I look forward to seeing what Dwight has come up with for a game and layout that I really enjoy.

1 week later
#6553 1 year ago

Making modes easier to restart would be a good move. Change it so a few main shots are lit, hit those and modes relight.

Then, use the ghost target to spell ghost for Slimer MB. Make it like well walker and X switch hits drops Slimer for jackpot. Have to spell ghost twice to do it a second time, and so on. Make points similar to Storage Facility, and double the values in the actual Storage Facility.

1 month later
#6800 1 year ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Dumb question What does lowering flippers below the inlane guide actually do? It cant decrease the size of the gap?

It will increase the gap the more you go away from horizontal.

My opinion is GB shoots like crap if the flippers aren’t in the factory position. That is because almost every other GB is at the factory position. I have played others that are different from mine (factory) and it takes long enough to adjust that I’ve played a few games before I have adjusted. In tournaments this would really annoy me.

#6853 1 year ago

Maybe some day I will remember to check the drain audits. Mine on location is on a cement floor and is not hard to slide a little bit to try to save a center drain. It's not a rampant issue, but I also don't think most people are draining down the center anyway. This one has hungry outlanes compared to the center.

1 week later
#7046 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballmlb:

Some of my recollections. Please correct whatever I missed.
1) now you can score both an upper and a lower skill shot as long as you hit the upper skill shot first.
2) ball save on left scoop
3) Slimer less important to start modes so that shot downplayed at beginning - for example, it you start a mode somehow else, he goes away
4) distinct start to Loopin Supers and to mass hysteria multiball - much better as you essentially qualify them at 60 or 100 ghosts, but they won’t start until whatever other mode is over so they become distinct events - this is way better. Same concept for PKE
5) every time you hit ghost target during mass hysteria multiball, the flippers switch between regular and backwards with clear sound effects
6) each of the modes is easier as you can hit ghost target to get credit for a shot as long as you’ve hit one shot before and as long as its not the last shot - therefore, you’ll climb the ladders much quicker so you’ll see more modes; also, you get credit for a mode even if it times out or you drain, so also much easier
7) new librarian mini mode that uses the librarian insert (that was never used before); qualify this with captive ball (as long as you’ve got at least one lit in librarian ladder) and in rotation with Scoleri brothers,etc, so will see them less
took Scoleri brothers out of pops so see them less
9) if get all of the mode ladders, you get to a We’re Ready to Believe You wizard mode that is different (and now seems someday achievable given above) - it is very cool and if you win it, you get to a final wizard mode (Are You a God)
10) much more clear use of left captive ball set to light super jackpot and playfield multipliers
All in all, looks great and made the game easier, which means we’ll see more if it and have more fun. I think it will also have less ridiculous score variation.

I love this update. There were a few other small things that stood out to me.

River of Slime is now no longer a throw-away thing, it has some cool integration.

Super Jackpot starts at 5 mil, is capped at 30 mil and is built with the spinner.

Gozer's first stage is finished with the right orbit, not the right ramp. Stay Puft will be much more reachable.

Stay Puft shots start at 3X when you "choose" the path, and count down slowly until one is collected. The value is much lower. However, the 3rd stage lets you collect all of the point you earned in the first few stages, so a pretty good payday.

Multipliers are more easily lit on the captive ball, so hitting "K" skill shot is not so overpowered now.

Video mode is worth more, but not available as a skill shot.


I don't think players will go for anything but the "K" skill shot up top, but you still have to hit it.

There are not many multiballs accessible near the start of the game. But, there are a ton later on. This is still most definitely a medium to upper skill level players' game, but progression is now quite a bit easier.

The official tally to my snarky little challenge is that my GB has earned 88.16% of its purchase price before the code update. With this new update I have a feeling it will get a nice little boost as people re-visit the game. I've always liked the game, but I think it is now a very good game.

1 month later
#7579 1 year ago
Quoted from Junglist:

Is it safe to rollback to older code? Any issues?

Just curious, but why? I haven't gone to 1.17 yet (game is on route and I keep forgetting) but the move to 1.16 was amazing.

#7581 1 year ago
Quoted from Junglist:

I had mistakenly grabbed the LE firmware when I went to 1.16 and wanted to roll back and then forward again to ensure all node boards were at the correct firmware/software for a Pro since there was no node board update done from 1.16 to 1.17. I didn't have any issues but wanted to make sure just in case. To finish the story, I did roll back to 1.13 which updated node boards to that revision, then successfully went to 1.17 Pro which again updated nodes boards successfully.

Gotcha. Good to see it went well for you.

3 months later
#7954 8 months ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Every few games my Scoleri targets get “twitchy”... i can hear them clicking and see them barely moving up and down slightly. Then they sit quietly like they are supposed to for 10-12 games and then start clicking and twitching again. They function as they should aside from that. Anyone else have this going on?

This is actually the smaller coil that drops the drop target activating. I have it happen from time to time. Reseating the connector on the node board right under the PF that tie to the switches has fixed it for months at a time for me. I think it gets goofy from all the vibration and the connector hangs down. Not a lot of weight to pull itself down, but it loosens somehow.

3 months later
#8337 5 months ago
Quoted from Jakers:

My new Ecto Goggles screen came in. I was a little nervous when I powered it up because it was updating the node board for a good 15 minutes. The game is now back to 100%. However, my HookedOnPinball protector won’t arrive for a few more days. I guess this custom high tech protector will have to do for now. Lol.
[quoted image]

Whatever it takes to keep playing if it works.

1 month later
#8408 4 months ago

Has anyone replaced the wire that Slimer hangs from? Mine (pro) is fraying and I think it’s the original design. Not sure if the update is still available to original owners.

I’m wondering if the fraying wire is affecting hits not registering.

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