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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (2 years ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (2 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (1 year ago)

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#2109 2 years ago

Mountain gamer . When do you order yours?

#2118 2 years ago

whats the bulb partnumber for the coin slots? I'd like to chance them to pink or blue.

#2139 2 years ago

How did you get it so quick? I've been waiting months for my premium.

1 week later
#2223 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

Installed Meph's terror dogs today they look superlative.

How did you adhear the dog to the pin?

#2245 2 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

I used glue dots (same thing I used to secore the Hallmark light cycles on Tron). They hold well and they're 100% removable.

these ?

amazon.com link »

they look kinda of wide in size. Do you have a close up pic on how your applied the dot?

#2248 2 years ago

Heres link for 1/8 but it doesnt say removable.

amazon.com link »

#2296 2 years ago

I am still waiting on mine GB premium. I ordered it back in November. I keep hearing its coming soon but every week I ask, its delayed again. Now the latest is end of March. Anyone else hearing this?

#2301 2 years ago

Did you guys order premiums or pro's?

#2320 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

I got mine from coin taker this week. They delivered and setup for free. Installers were awesome and so was the price.
We played for 5 hours last night and my buddy stumbled onto midnight madness.
No center post yet and we managed 2.5b. Definitely a blast to play!
If I need to tweak the right drop target to be flush with pf, is there 1 or 2 screws to turn and which way do I turn them?

Premium or Pro. When did you order? Did it ship directly from stern or Coin takers?

#2326 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

I got the pro. I am local so I called on Monday and they delivered it on Tuesday! They had 4 in stock. It's free shipping and I believe it would ship directly from cointaker.
My PF date is nov 16.

My issue is that the distributor doesn't keep them in stock and has to order from Stern. Plus its a premium.

3 weeks later
#2676 2 years ago

I just got my GB Premium and I am in the process of installing all the mods i purchased for it. Has anyone out there installed the LERmods
Ecto 1?

I have an idea where to mount (Right ramp) but I am not sure where to snake the wires. Also, I am kinda bummed it used alligator clips instead of a connector. If that clip falls off or shorts across will it damage the machine? Lastly, can someone take better pics from their premium to show how they installed? PF, and under PF, and how they routed the wires would be helpful.

I also had a second question. I wanted to set the game up for a 7 degree incline. Stern says if the bubble is centered in the level on the game its 6.5 degree. Someone at Stern told me 7 degree's the bulb should be directly underneath the top line. I took a digital angle finder and placed it on the upper playfield and it reads 7 degrees and then placed it on the lower playfield and its 6.5 degrees. The bubble is also halfway over the top line.

Why is the angle different from top vs bottom of playfield?

Thanks in advance.

#2716 2 years ago

I just got my machine a couple of days ago and have been busy installing all the mods I purchased ahead of time. The game is cool as it is but once you start upgrading sound, leds, topper, etc.. it really transforms the game. Ive onkly played 5-6 games so far but I think the slimers behaves the same way.

IMG_1281 (resized).JPG

IMG_1280 (resized).JPG

IMG_1282 (resized).JPG

#2718 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Damn does that game look good! Congrats. I'll be ordering a premium in another week or two. How do you like the topper so far?

Its a really nice topper but I just wish they integrated more of it into the code. Fingers crossed they will.

#2720 2 years ago

its easy to install all. I had to cut the rings on my flipper fidelity speaker to accommodate the RGB lighting so I had enough backbox clearance. Cutting the speaker ring was a PITA as I didn't want to damage the speaker cone.I also went with the 10" woofer and I am glad I did.

The hardest thing to install was the art blades. I spray the back of them with soap and water and slipped them in the narrow crevice between the PF and side wall. Thank God I wet them otherwise it would have been a nightmare to re position.

#2723 2 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

For the backboard light, which GI lamp did you connect to?

If you are referring to this kit https://mezelmods.com/collections/ghostbusters-pinball-mods/products/ghostbusters-pinball-backbox-illumination

I used this 8-Way Power Splitter Board For Stern Pinball Machines Using The SPIKE System


#2724 2 years ago

I order the parts to install tournament button. I've been getting conflicting info on if you need a diode or not. Has anyone successfuly put one in on a ghostbusters?

Here are the Pinball Life part #'s
500-6587-06-TL Stern Tournament Button and Switch Assembly - Cabinet Mounting
1N4004 Diode 1N4004

I also will be adding a lock down bar as those latches are silly.

500-6881-00 Stern Front Molding Lockdown Bar Receiver Assembly
500-6882-02-00 Stern/Sega/Data East Black Front Molding Lockdown Bar - No Tournament Button Hole

#2727 2 years ago

I don't have that . I have a 5v connector.

#2798 2 years ago

I had this right out of the box. I did add a shaker motor but it hasnt gotten any worse. Will that reinforcement pull the wood back together?

IMG_1297 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#3157 2 years ago

If anyone is interested I have a set up brand new Stern Ghostbusters 3d logo flipper bat. $20 shipped. PM me if you want em.

IMG_1975 (resized).JPG

#3158 2 years ago

looks like someone wants them. Thanks

#3205 2 years ago
Quoted from Gunnder:

Just a quick tip for those of you looking to upgrade your shooter rod on a GBLE. I didn't like the specific rod that modfather made for GBLE (colors and pattern seem a bit boring/off), so I tried a Creature from the Black Lagoon modfather shooter rod and it matches up perfectly! Check it out.
Btw I wish we could merge both the GB threads together, I never know which one to post it (both are just as active), so sometimes I post the same thing in both.

That looks like the Hulk's testicle.

#3214 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

and than, i only have a single question : the left, or the right !?

I am pretty sure it's the left.

1 month later
#3381 2 years ago

Looks like Ben Stiller

#3384 2 years ago

Looks kinda like prince

#3396 2 years ago

I have a GB, MET and TWD premiums. Twd and met are so much more fun than GB. All three games needed tweaking but the twd and met shots feel smoother. I won't sell my GB as it's still fun to play but it will never get as much playing time as the other two.

Make sure you install a center post, larger star posts and rubbers for the outlanes, as well as the Out-lanes protectors from yoyo. The game becomes more enjoyable when you do this. Also standup target wedges and air protectors are a must. It's a shame they released this game with so many flaws.

5 months later
#4327 1 year ago

I see several people are modifying their ghostbusters code to add songs etc. Is there an offical thread where we can download these modified files similar to what cleland did for TWD?

#4341 1 year ago

I made a bracket that I attached to her back as tape on the bottom of her feet wasn’t enough for me.

C3777A3B-8EAD-461C-9707-B2D66E9B351D (resized).jpeg

BFD8B6E2-D1B7-403F-8C25-4E26270CF614 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#4509 1 year ago

It's nice to have the adjustment on the top but I don't like the way the look of the screw being exposed. Do you have a version without the top adjustment?

7 months later
#5291 1 year ago

What does it look like when the power is off?

4 weeks later
#5382 1 year ago

Just set mine up. Is there any adjustment to make the image bigger? The image doesn't fill up the entire dmd opening.

#5410 1 year ago

I wanted to install a die cast subway train on top of the subway ball guide on my GB premium. I was wondering what would be the best place to hook up a 12V LED to interact with the game. I was looking at the owners manual and wasnt sure what connection would make the most sense?

7 months later
#6214 5 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

check out the link for a few things, the 4th item along is the metal angle brackets if you are experiencing airballs, the flipper slipper is still in test - waiting on some samples, but there are a few shooter knobs, plunger plates and even a car bracket for over the shooter lane for the ecto

Added 11 days ago: edit:
sorry forgot to post the links
the target brackets
and then all mods, parts, tools etc

Hey, swinks, if the flipper slip works, I am wondering if you can make a longer flipper bat decal to cover the longer flipper.

Like these, http://www.pinball.center/en/shop/pinball-parts-by-game/road-show/7669/flipper-bat-decals-for-road-show?c=2823

3 months later
#7071 56 days ago

Did they mentioned anything about adding more topper interaction?

#7090 55 days ago

Bring on the custom software sound mods and color dmd firmware update

2 weeks later
#7431 36 days ago

LE/PREMIUM V1.17 - October 8th, 2019
- Added a Full Credit sound

- River of Slime will no longer score inflated values from playfield
- Left captive ball Arrow will now show when pink slime is available
- Collecting ghost during Storage Facility Multiball will no longer stop
minor rules when you cross the 60 or 80 ghost threshold until the
multiball is over.
- Super Jackpot value will now display correctly in the background
- If you start a game in God Mode then change the adjustment mid-game, the
Normal mode will not be in effect until the next game.
- Draining during the grace of a scene will now give you the proper credit for
the scene.
- God mode should now end correctly and not continue into normal play.

- Skill shot
- Changed base skill shot award from 10% to 5% of your score
- Left Eject : changed award from "Light Tobin's Guide" to "Award Tobin's
- Left Ramp : changed award from "Award Super Jackpot" to "Light Super
- Right Orbit : changed award "10% of score" to "Award River of Slime"
- PKE will no longer be available on the right ramp if PKE is currently
- Tightened up exploits
- Improved coil power management
- Changed playfield multiplier 6X. It has an initially slightly longer timer
but then not be extendable.
- Spinner now activates the topper
- One Add A Ball or light add a ball from Picto pops per multiball
- Improved the Are You A God? messaging.

Moved to SYSTEM 2.35 -
- Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.52.0

- Added Standard Adjustment "MAX PLAYERS PER GAME". Values are 1 to 4,
with a default setting of 4. This can be used to limit the number
of players that can be added to a game.

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