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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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#2085 2 years ago

Greetings all! I've always wanted to have a collection at some point, finally started that journey recently. NIB GB Pro will be my first, but not my last. I just wanted to introduce myself since I'll obviously have a ton to learn about upkeep and maintenance going forward.

2 months later
#3007 2 years ago

Curious about a single issue I've noticed with the game, wondering if anyone else has this. I've got the Pro and sometimes when I hit the right orbit for a scene shot it doesn't register it. It only happens if I hit it cleanly at top speed, if it hits the ramp on the way up and slows down it always triggers...anyone else experience this? If the shot is to start a scene it always triggers since the ball is held, I'm specifically referring to scene progress shots.
Also I flipping love this table, I'm so glad I purchased it! I still haven't managed to clear all scenes on a game(running factory rules). I've gotten 7/9 before, that was as close as I've gotten. Top scores so far are 8.7bil and 7.9bil, have only gotten 2-3bil beyond that a few times.

#3011 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Easy fix. Just remove the mylar right before the switch and you'll be good to go.

Thanks so much! I'm new to ownership, I'll give that a shot. I guess it is causing it to jump over the switch at high speed?

#3014 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Yep. That's exactly what is happening.

The only thing I can see before the rollover target is a long sticker with the traffic art on it, I can see the rectangular outline of the sticker itself, is this what I need to pull off? My machine is only about a month old so it sounds like it should have the mylar based on the previous posts I was reading through in this thread.

#3018 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

The traffic art is actually on the playfield, not the mylar, but it may look that way at first glance.
That long strip of mylar is what you need to remove.

Ah alright, got it, thanks folks!

3 weeks later
#3229 2 years ago

Just stopping by to say arghhhhhhhhhh I was one shot away on my GB Pro from beating the Stay Puft scene, the right ramp. Also I hate that right ramp. Any tips on hitting it cleanly? It has such a thin margin of error on the shot.

#3251 2 years ago

Just as an FYI, after removing the mylar I had a ball go through the right orbit that still didn't trigger that rollover target during a scene. It was another top speed shot, maybe it is ricocheting off the wall on the right as it nears the target and skipping over it? I've hit a few more top speed shots at it and it did trigger though, so I'm not sure.
Is there any kind of trick to hitting that right ramp on the Pro? It seems nearly impossible to time the flip properly.

#3265 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

I noticed my left flipper was more droopy then my right flipper and lower then the factory default. After I put it back to the factory default, that right ramp was much easier to hit. I would say check your flipper.

How exactly would I be able to tell if it isn't factory default? Sorry, new to pin ownership.

1 week later
#3312 2 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Adjusting is easy - just an Allen wrench. But the question becomes should your settings or not. I'd say if you consistently have trouble making a certain shot then try moving the flippers. You can always move them back. But there's always a give and take to a certain degree when messing with the flippers. The flipper angle that makes it easier to backhand the ramp for multiball lock might make it more difficult to make the right ramp, etc. Raising both flippers to make them less "droopy" might close the SDTM gap some but might make it harder to hit left or right targets. You have to adjust them where you like and it's OK to experiment.

Thanks for the explanation. I decided to leave it alone and have been spending games just practicing that shot and I am getting better at it little by little. I've had that right orbit fail to trigger on a scene three or four more times as well after taking that mylar off, it is driving me nuts. I also seemed to cause some weird bug during the "okay, she's a dog" scene where it refused to light up the Gozer shot despite hitting the right orbit four or five times. Any idea if Stern is still going to do any more code updates for this beyond the 1.13?

3 weeks later
#3403 2 years ago

I've had a minor gripe on my GB Pro, and that is that it doesn't announce how many balls you have locked or even really that a ball was locked when you lock one in the Storage Facility. It plays the animation of the trap being loaded in but that is it, the ball launches after and there's no indication that you actually locked a ball. I happened to be watching some gameplay of a GB Premium just now and when a ball is locked it plays the same trap animation, but afterwards there's an audio cue and the words "Ball X Locked" flash on the DMD afterwards. I'm on code 1.13, is this something they missed on the Pro?
e: Now that I think about it, maybe the video I'm watching is from older code? If that's the case though why on earth would they remove that notification? People new to pinball that play on my machine have no idea they are progressing towards a multiball when they lock one in there as is...

#3409 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Look at the lights on the storage facility plastic above the saucer. One light on, one ball locked. Two lights on, two balls locked.
You're right. Premium tells you after each lock many you have. Not sure why they didn't do this on the pro.

Sorry I should've mentioned that as well, I definitely saw the lights going on in sequence, but the same thing applies that no one newer to pinball is going to figure that out. Multiball is generally the most recognizable thing about 90's era and onward pinball and most games seem to make a point to steer a player towards it in terms of announcing that ball locks are ready and that balls are locked. Even when you activate the Storage Facility the game doesn't instruct you to shoot a ball there to lock it, it just says "Storage Facility lit". As for the missing message, if it is on the Premium then I guess it must be a mistake in the Pro code. Is there any chance they are coming back for another update on this code? From my understanding Are You a God wizard mode isn't even coded into the game yet? I only recently got into ownership so I'm not even sure how far apart the code releases usually come on newer games.

#3412 2 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Also look at the animations when you lock a ball.
First ball says - Storage
Second ball says - Storage Facility

Pinball vets pick up on that stuff, but the rooks always tell me "I don't even know how that multiball started". I do think it's one of the most difficult machines I've ever played though and that was the main reason I wanted it, it really seems to be a machine made for experienced players who are already going to figure out little nuances like that. I also just associate green lights with ball locks so that's another clue as to what Storage Facility is.

#3415 2 years ago

I'd really like the option in a code update to randomize the started scene in each ladder when you activated the ladder. Probably a pipe dream though. I think it'd make each game a lot more unique in terms of callouts and shots.
P.S. Chuck, so mysterious haha! Is that just an assumption that they'll make one or has there been feedback on Stern that they are still working on it? I wasn't able to find anything when googling about it.

2 weeks later
#3489 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Just curious, what are some of your guys high scores on GB?


#3497 2 years ago

Starting to pick up some mods for my GB Pro, what would you guys recommend for the captive balls? I'm pretty sure I'm going with the standard green on the left and pink in the center, but what balls specifically would you recommend? Fluorescent or glow in the dark? Any specific manufacturer? Some of the pages I've been looking at are fairly confusing as far as what they selling. For example:
That is listed as a set of 4 slimer green captive balls, but the color choices are blue and pink. Does that mean that you also get a set of blue or pink ones for the center captive balls or is it just a site error?

#3501 2 years ago
Quoted from flipordie:

If Gb is your only pin it will get old fast.... TWD is deeper in code. I have a GB i love it, but you need other games, id keep TWD and stack maybe some older titles with it. For the price of a GB you could add a 2 pins. Worldcup soccer anyone?

GB and WC94 are the two I have so far, they complement each other perfectly!

#3527 2 years ago
Quoted from djoverpour:

This is the same one I have. 3 green balls for the left and one pink ball for the middle captive. They really make the game look good. Id recommend these

Thanks! They just arrived today along with the clear airball protector mod, installing them this evening.

#3541 2 years ago

Since we are talking about the Scoleri Brothers, does anyone know how the callout works? Is there a time based aspect to getting it to shout the "Two in the Box!" call out or is it just random? Sometimes it plays and sometimes it doesn't(it's one of my favorite callouts from both movies).

#3543 2 years ago

Also can anyone recommend an air ball mod for the Pro variant? I asked someone at Modfather and they told me theirs supported both Pro and Premium (incorrect after ordering it and installing it, the Slimer bangs into the plastic from the mod.)
I'm assuming the Premium/LE don't have this issue due to Slimer being further out in the playfield since he swings back and forth. I've had a lot of balls go flying and I think I've just been lucky up to this point to not have anything shatter.

#3617 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptNRetro:

I ordered same kit for my NIB Pro..came in yesterday..slimer couldn't register hit...I emailed Modfather..here was their reply..
Hi Kevin,
We actually just realized few days ago that the slimer mech on newer games has been modified, and the pro version air airball deflector has to be re-designed to allow clearance of the slimer. We are currently in the process of changing it, and should have a new revision tomorrow. I will mail you a new revised one next week. No need to send the other one back.
modfather stands behind their gear..nice to know

Sorry I had a busy weekend and didn't check the thread, thanks for the feedback guys. I've been in contact with two people at Modfather including Chuck, they are insanely nice and professional. I've been sending them images and video of my machine so that they could see how Slimer was banging into the plastic. Apparently newer runs of the machine have a different location for him and they are designing a new one based on my feedback. Again, really nice guys at Modfather.

#3623 2 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

"I had like 20 million, he crushed me".
Why is this a good thing? It's feast or famine. Either get to stay puft and score billions, or do not get to stay puft and score a few million (kicking yourself for not timing out the first mode worth peanuts). That's the state of this game. Not expecting non pinhead friends to understand this, how could they... He was just there to buy GB on blu-ray. Ugh. Dwight we need you!

Confused, my high scores have never involved Stay-Puft, and I've scored 7B, 8B, and quite a few 2B's. Not that I can really say how I got those scores as the game isn't terribly clear, other than really long multiballs.

#3625 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

Long multiballs with the multipliers going is how I'd imagine you got those largest scores. I've gotten up to 4B with We Came We Saw, my one game to Stay-Puft I did so poorly with it I only got a 4B score there too. We hit 2B without Stay-Puft, but you definitely need to get to We Came We Saw... and get all the multiballs with the multipliers going to get up in the billions.
I personally like how the game increases scores the longer and deeper you play. It feels like you're really going somewhere. It just adds to the intensity when you have the multipliers on and limited time to get big points.

Yeah I believe my highest happened when I had a SF that I kept going long enough to chain into MH. I'm sure I had multipliers going and probably high super jackpots as well. I'm pretty confused on how the supers work given the chaos of the multiballs. I know I can increase them, but do they return to a minimum amount after the first one I collect? Sometimes I get a triple super and it's worth like 3M, and I've collected others that were worth 30M+. I also know that a lot of things can activate super jackpots, can you stack them higher than 3x if you collect enough of them before hitting the ramp shot?

#3635 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Select the K skill shot up top and plunge the ball there. Then the two standups on either side of the left ramp light up. Hit them to start 2x and 3x playfield multipliers respectively. Continue to hit them to extend their timer. So just like modes in TWD, you can keep the multipliers running forever if you can keep hitting them.
The only other way to get the multipliers lit is from hitting the left captive balls 1,000 times.

I've also had the 2x awarded to me from Tobin's Spirit Guide. I'm assuming by marshmallow multipliers you mean the Stay Puft thing when you choose the form? I was curious about that because the couple of times I've gotten to that mode (I almost always focus on the two and three scene ladders) all of my choices for choose were at 1X, is there a way to increase those before I shoot one?

#3641 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

yes & yes
and than, you have the 4 multipliers ready to X1...
before "choosing" with 1 of the 4 main shoots, you can increase these shoots (1 at the time) with the GOOZER target, while the bumpers are changing the lane/multipliers is going to be increase, and this with no limit of course UNTIL you did not make a main shoot starting stay puft
easy to understand, quite hard to achieve
good luck

A special shoutout to the Stay Puft mode for giving literally zero indication of how to increase the multipliers haha, thanks for the tip though!

#3644 2 years ago
Quoted from toddsolus:

I put this score up today without even getting close to stay puft.....it was 13x multipliers held over and multiple PKE loops

You can get some crazy scores with those multipliers and bonus held especially if you put a bunch of balls into those bumpers during multiball. I had a game where I had around 35x and the bonus held twice, was getting around 400M per bonus.

3 weeks later
#3746 2 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

For the right orbit (where it appears to fly over the switch if you smash the ball up there) for whatever reason I just didn't feel like pulling up the mylar like most have done. Decided instead to just play around with the switch itself. Took a few tries but I have appeared to bend the wire so that the ball still triggers it no matter which way its hit up there.
10 games in (so, small sample size) so far so good. Will see how it goes.

I might mess around with this, because I absolutely still experience it not triggering despite the mylar being pulled up. Not quite as often, but still pretty frequently on high speed shots.

#3773 2 years ago
Quoted from brainmegaphone:

Agree 100% the final wizard mode being added would be awesome... but I'm guessing it will not be.
Just out of curiosity what bugs remain? I've got about 300 games on the latest code and haven't noticed a bug...? Are we talking typos or game breaking bugs?

The only real bug I notice on my pro is that the game doesn't announce on the display how many balls are locked like it does on the Prem/LE, I feel like it doesn't give non pinheads a clear indicator that they are working towards a multiball especially since the ramp just says "Storage Facility" rather than "Lock" like most games.
Also for the people earlier asking about MH, there's a very clear audio callout on my pro when they are going to switch. It starts right when you hit the symmetrical book stacking captive ball. There's a fairly loud "beep" type noise that goes off three or four times and then they switch right after. I've always been able to easily pick it out during MH because I immediately go for that shot to put my flippers back to normal.

#3790 2 years ago
Quoted from djoverpour:

There are two lights above the Storage Facility scoop that show the locks on the pro. One red and one green.

I'm aware but on the Prem/LE the actual display announces in giant font "BALL 1/2 LOCKED" after you lock balls, cluing in those that don't inherently know that green arrow lights mean lock/look for lights on the storage facility etc. I'd also really like it if they would patch in the ability to show what ball it is in the middle of modes, the game is so scene based that I'm generally in a mode like 95% of the time so I can never see what ball it is.

1 week later
#3846 1 year ago
Quoted from psexton:

I figured it out. They want you to hit silmer in a very specific spot on the playfield and very hard. I can make him register on both the front hand and back hand if hit hard and in the right spot.

Unless I'm mistaken that should really not be the case. Even on my Pro the slightest nudge to Slimer from the front will register a hit, build date around Apr 2017.

2 weeks later
#3947 1 year ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

I'm going to pray to Zuul and Gozer that they de-linearize the modes. That would take this one to "never leaving" status.

This this this this this this this. A man can dream.

#3968 1 year ago
Quoted from miga:

What do you prefer?
Listening to who brought the dog which takes about a second or to rats in the cellar over and over again since that "is" the mode you should start with AS?
Ok if it's not Rats then it is sweat emotions.
You can choose three different modes in GB.
Yeah you can choose 7 in AS but then again not really can you if you want to get somewhere "fast"
I much prefer GB to having to listen to AS all night long.
I've played AS at my friends place and since it's his only pin at the moment, after 1hour I pretty much heard it.
Why do people call GB linear?
Has anyone played Pinball Magic?

I didn't say it was too linear, and the callouts don't bother me at all. I just think it'd be a neat change of pace if the game rotated the modes somewhat, so that even on a short game (there's a lot of those on GB), you might get to play one of the later modes. I do think that the modes make sense in their ladders though and you really couldn't add the "final modes" on each ladder into that random pool so there really isn't much that could be randomized. The earlier poster made a good point too that the modes are pretty much in sequence already so there wouldn't be any way to correctly randomize them without throwing off the themed progression. I retract my wish!
Just give me my "Ball X Locked" message on the DMD on the Pro and I'll be happy!

3 weeks later
#4084 1 year ago
Quoted from MrSmiley:

Received my GB Pro on Tuesday, so far no ghosting or any issues. Manufacturing date is July 19th 2017 yet with an older playfield and the "reinforcment" typo.
Playfield is not stamped with a date.
Plays great and is a lot of fun, except for the known plunger issue where the ball hits the gate and wobbles through the right orbit.
Still trying to fix this issue.

I have this same issue with my plunger where the ball hits the gate and wobbles through the right orbit rather than going at full speed.....anyone know of a fix for that? It's done it since I had it NIB and I just assumed it did that on purpose to slow it down.

#4094 1 year ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Remove the Mylar strip on the playfield in front off that gate. No Kidding 100% your problem
I struggled with this for Months. I even removed the gate all together until I heard about this fix . Gauranteed.

Yeah I was about to say I'm perfectly level and sitting at around 6.9 pitch so I wasn't sure that was the cause. So another piece of mylar up there then? I already took the one off on the right orbit, didn't realize there was another one. Surprised something like that wasn't caught in QC while building these!

2 weeks later
#4128 1 year ago

I'm moving the dang outlanes down. That is all.

#4132 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Do it, you wont regret it! I normally wouldn't do that but this game needs a little help to keep the frustration level down a bit. It won't make a huge difference but it's enough to where it helps you enjoy the game more. Also if you have a premium model reverse the rubbers on the slings. Doing those 2 things will make you enjoy the game much much more I promise you.

Pro here, that's neat about the slings though on the Prem+, saw that mentioned earlier. Also yeah, after the initial honeymoon phase of having it wore off I'm wanting to progress more into the modes but about 80% of my ricocheting balls hit the side of the outlane and drop straight down at a right angle, with no chance to even nudge save. That compared with the droopiness of the flippers leading to very difficult ball control is just making it too frustrating. I don't mind the large gap in the middle on its own, but all of that together is too much.

3 weeks later
#4214 1 year ago

So I wanted to give it some time to make sure I wasn't mistaken, but the right orbit issue is absolutely still occurring on my GB Pro after removing the mylar up there. Most high speed clean shots into that orbit do not trigger the rollover. A rattling shot that dribbles up the orbit and into the bumper lanes will trigger it every time.

#4224 1 year ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Do you have cliffys on the brothers drop targets?


#4226 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Is your ball getting stuck up there on a fast shot, or is it flying around the orbit but just not triggering the switch? If it's the latter, then you probably just need to adjust the switch actuator. If it's the former, then I'm not sure what's going on. Before I removed the mylar on my game, a fast hit ball would often rattle around up there. After removing the mylar, it always comes around clean.

It flies around the orbit but doesn't trigger the switch. The rattling shots I mentioned happen when I backhand it up there from the right flipper since it doesn't have near as much speed then, and also when the left flipper shots hits the wall on the way up the orbit. Clean full strength shots that go straight up the right orbit fly at top speed all the way around and back down the left orbit.

#4228 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Then it has to be the switch. Have you tried adjusting it?

Haven't, will give that a shot. Slowly expanding my pinball troubleshooting abilities haha, I'm up to:
*Can remove the glass
*Can lift the playfield
*Can adjust the flipper position
*Can use the menu

#4248 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Anything to do with add-a-ball? I can't keep all these rules straight

Left scoop is always lit for Add-A-Ball on every multiball start, and you can also get Add-A-Ball from the pop bumper rewards during multiball. Since all of the balls are launching up into the bumpers it is pretty damn likely that it's going to trigger Add-A-Ball from the pops.

1 month later
#4650 1 year ago

Has anyone played around with the multitude of difficulty settings on the machine? I noticed while tooling around in the settings that there were a lot of different options "easy, normal, hard, tournament, home, etc." and I was curious what sort of effect these choices would have? I'm assuming they apply a ruleset to the game that overrides many of the factory defaults. Some of the late modes (like Gozer that someone just mentioned) seem nearly impossible to complete with the number of shots they require. Also I decided to finally grab a center post for this....anytime people come over they love the theme and go straight for it but they also have extremely short games due to the difficulty (just about everyone that plays at my place are casual players). I'm also curious to see how it changes the game play for me as well....I've only reached 6 or 7 modes cleared a few times in my entire time owning the machine.

#4653 1 year ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

Have you spent much time playing BOTH the premium and the Pro tables? If you can find a way to play each in someone's home collection, I'd recommend you do. Everyone I've ever met who owns a Pro does not like how the premium plays. For me, the game is hard enough with a wide flipper gap and big outlanes, that adding magna-sling randomness pushes the 'luck factor' too high. Others complain the main ramp is harder to hit on premium, etc...
Also this is a terrible game to play 'on location'. Operators almost always have the outlanes set as large as they can go, and the scoop kickers are almost always shooting straight down the middle because they don't adjust them.
Its a great pin, but I'd caution against it being the only pin in your house. It can be pretty brutal.

Add me to another pro owner on your list that feels that way....I really dislike the premium's gameplay compared to the pro, the right ramp is annoyingly hard to hit without it rejecting the shot back down, and the left ramp feels really janky. The magna slings are neat for sure, but they can throw your ball in ways that you can't even react too, feels very unfair. To each his own though, I'm sure some love the premium in the reverse way. Brandon not sure where you live but I'd be happy to let you try mine out if you are in my area.

#4660 1 year ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

Gozer mode only requires 6 shots total:
phase 1 - right ramp (difficult)
phase 2 - gozer target (easy)
phase 3 - left loop, left ramp, and right loop in any order (easy)
phase 4 - gozer target again (easy)
Honestly, it's simply that right ramp at the beginning that ends up being the blocker for most players. All the other shots are easy. The other thing making that mode extra hard is all the things that light up because they build the cash-in value, but don't actually advance the mode. It's super unclear which is which to people that don't know the mode really well. Someone can hit like a dozen lit shots and wonder why the heck they haven't finished the mode yet.

How about the Ballroom mode? I usually time that out but a few times I've cleared all the shots (right saucer, right ramp, right orbit, left ramp, left orbit), the hit Slimer 3x to "hold him", then the left and right orbits light up but I've hit those orbits a few times and they didn't unlight...eventually the mode timed out. I guess now that I think about it I should just play around with the modes with the glass off to learn them.

#4664 1 year ago
Quoted from imharrow:

The final 2 shots (which I remember as spinner and right ramp) need to be hit in "quick" succession. Basically, the second shot is a hurry up. Need 2 Ghostbusters holding Slimer to set the trap. Theme integration!

Sorry you are correct it is right ramp and left orbit, I've definitely never hit them in rapid succession after the first 5 shots and holding Slimer, thanks for the info!

3 weeks later
#4726 1 year ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

i own a Pro.
i can hit the right bucket very reliably - on mine, it's just beyond the tip of the flipper from a cradle or roll.
As for the right ramp ... i've owned this game for more than a year, and i STILL haven't found that damn right ramp. I can get it like once a game. As a result, most of my games end on Gozer mode.

Pro owner here....whatever do you mean....Gozer mode ends when you shoot the left ramp 13 times in a row and the timer runs out....right?

2 months later
#4869 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

So I called Stern tech support. They said to hold the left flipper for the gate to be activated and go all around. I'm thinking that's incorrect for this game and I have to call back.
Also, I added the topper today. When it finished, the node board update failed. I cycled the power and it failed again. However, the game works fine (except for the gate issue). I check the node board in the test mode and it looks fine.

Definitely not correct....it isn't a super skill shot. On my pro a soft plunge is stopped by the gate and bounces back to the upper rollovers, but a hard plunge pushes through the gate while slowing down a bit sometimes. I always thought that was "normal" behavior but on location ones never do that, they fly through at full speed every time. I like the way mine is though, but you definitely shouldn't be having to hold the left flipper, that doesn't do anything.

#4902 1 year ago

Looking at how well thought out the recent code updates have been on the newer Stern games (specifically GotG and IM), I have high hopes that they are going to do something substantial. After playing the updated code on those other games I notice a theme where almost everything in the games is fluid and connected in a way that GB isn't.

#4905 1 year ago
Quoted from treborlicec:

I wanna see bug fixes, "Are you a god?" and I'd love to see them make it easier to see opponents scores between balls and during play, so you know where you are in a competitive game. Anything else is icing to me.

Agreed on that, I barely ever look at my score midgame but it drives me nuts that you can't look at the score before you launch your ball. I guess that's something else I've noticed with the recent code updates for newer games, nothing seems to be missing in a glaring sense. Some obvious things that should be fixed:
Show scores before you launch your ball during skill shot selection and during modes
Fix the weird plunge exploit that gives you a free skillshot and starts the first scene
Properly announce the number of ball locks when locking a ball (this works properly on Premium/LE but it doesn't on Pro)
Make features available at all times(Tobin's is literally a mystery award and it is only available inbetween modes, and you are almost never not in a mode when playing)
Are You a God wizard mode nonexistent(2 years without coding in your game's listed final wizard mode is quite ridiculous)
More audio callouts?(I noticed if you hit the flippers when not in a game the machine plays a *ton* of random quotes from the movies, why are they all in there like that if they aren't being used?)
Make minor features useful(I never bother with things like gear collection or river of slime because they seem worthless, maybe code having gear collected to reduce the number of shots you need in a mode or with enough gear you get a 2-ball when the mode starts to help finish it? Give us a reason to do more than just shoot left captive ball and mode shots. I'd also like to see a change to the ESP card video mode, it's worth way less than the capture one...maybe change it to award mystery awards instead of points for correct guesses?)

Code talk aside, Pro owners have you had an issue with the dip in the back horizontal part of the subway ramp? I've hit some hard shots up the right ramp and they've gone so fast that they fly out the back of that low area in the ramp wall, land in the bumpers, and the shot doesn't give me credit. It has to roll back down the subway ramp after entering from the right ramp in order to give credit so it never gets to that part.

1 week later
#4971 1 year ago
Quoted from Wamprat:

Joined the club today, love this game.

Congrats! What are your thoughts on Hobbit as an owner if you don't mind me asking? I've got a WC94, GB Pro, and AFMRLE and I'd really like something that has much longer ball times as my 4th pin at some point in the future(WC94 isn't super brutal, but AFMRLE and GB Pro absolutely are). I've only really got room for 5 total in my basement right now so I'm getting very picky at this point. Hobbit is one that I've really considered because I always enjoy playing it a ton at arcades, though I've never gotten to play a home one that was in pristine condition so it always feels kind of janky/floaty when I do play it.

#4972 1 year ago
Quoted from billrz:

Lottsa good sling action in this video!

Great game! I had a chuckle at 13:45 because I saw you hit the captive ball and you'd been making really clean shots for a bit on MH so I knew the flippers weren't currently reversed. You hit the left ramp right after that and I was thinking "oh no I hope he realizes his flippers reversed while his ball is on that left ramp!" Then it came down to the right flipper and the left flipper went up as the ball drained and I heard "AHHH MY FLIPPERS!". Seriously though awesome job with the playfield multipliers, sick score!

#4981 1 year ago
Quoted from Wamprat:

Thanks. I'm loving GB, been after one for quite some time so to finally get my hands on one is really cool.
I really enjoy Hobbit, it's a great game. I only have room for four pins at the moment until we move to a bigger house and after years of flipping I have settled on my 4.
I love the modes on Hobbit and as a immersive experience it is amazing. I get that not everyone likes it but the game really clicks with me and goes well with LOTR, Tron and GB Prem. It can be a bit floaty and it is not a fast game but if you raise the pitch of the game that will help.
In a home environment you will enjoy it more than on location, the sound package is superb. Grab one 2nd hand if you are buying one, I got a HUO LE at a great price and couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Thanks for the feedback, and Lermods too....TSPP is another one on my "potentials" list. I played it to death at my college student center back in the day and always adored it.

#4984 1 year ago
Quoted from Budman:

In contemplating a GB purchase I am considering carrots and maybe a center post if needed.... is that overdoing it a bit??

I bought the center post/lanes kit and plan on installing it soon. All I can say is you do you dude, install anything you want on the machine to make it more enjoyable for you and those that will play it. Everyone is always drawn to my GB but they inevitably get wrecked by it if they aren't "players" so I'm hoping the center post will alleviate that some and lead to some longer ball times for them. My personal thought on this is that these machines weren't designed out of the gate for home use, they were designed to be routed and to make money...so I feel like the default setup on them is tilted more towards that goal than one of having the most fun.
Sorry about the previous post, quoted the wrong person....is there a way to just straight up delete a post on Pinside?

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