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Ghostbuster Issue Thread

By exflexer

4 years ago

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Post #1 Opening post with OP's index of topics Posted by exflexer (4 years ago)

Post #11 Photos of original slimer design Posted by exflexer (4 years ago)

Post #426 Images showing the redesigned Slimer mech Posted by kpg (4 years ago)

Post #430 Pro manual updated to reflect the new slimer mech Posted by kpg (4 years ago)

Post #528 Photos of the Pinball Universe kit installed on GB Posted by sirlonzelot (4 years ago)

Post #565 Link to Pinball Universe Upgrade kit (Germany) Posted by sirlonzelot (4 years ago)

Post #630 GB 1.05 code posted and readme details! Posted by PinB (4 years ago)

Post #662 Link to Pinballlife's alt springs for the Scoleri brothers targets Posted by exflexer (4 years ago)

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#1477 3 years ago

just thought I would post my fix for the blinding lights on the premium and le near the slingshots. I have placed a thin green piece of electrical tape over the 4 little boards and now the light is not blinding and is a pretty green.

#1482 3 years ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

Can you post a pic? Thanks

I'll get a pic for you Tomorrow I'm very happy with it because now I can do loopin supers without getting blinded.
I just cut a small piece of light green electrical tape and placed over the leds on each board then screwed them back in. It was just enough tape to cover the 3/4 of the board with the led. Pic coming still

#1512 3 years ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

Can you post a pic? Thanks

IMG_1940 (resized).JPG

IMG_1941 (resized).jpg

#1553 3 years ago

I also get a lot of 2 ball feeds, and at the moment I am trying the trough eject power turned down, so far so good, but it happens randomly and is very annoying. I don't remember any other pins doing it so frequently. Also today I had a ball eject from the right eject hole and go down the middle and then the game went into video mode and then when it finished it registered the ball as gone...weird bugs everywhere dwight.

2 weeks later
#1728 3 years ago

got a couple of problems that I can't seem to fix. First the left scoop sometimes won't award the shot with extra ball or whatever, but it seems to know its in there and still kick it out? secondly I can't seem to find out how to fix my slimmer on my premium as it just registers without being hit, it never used to but now it's overly sensitive. I have made no changes to anything and have been running 1.10 for ages and these errors have only just surfaced. Any help appreciated I have checked the switch in the scoop and it appears to be ok, should I raise it up a bit higher maybe.

#1734 3 years ago
Quoted from chucksmith:

I had your slimer problem.
I re-adjusted the plates in slimer hanger and now he works great every time.
Loosen nuts, slide forward or back to get the steel-cable away from the edge-ring.
The idea is it cannot make contact while coming down.
I have a Premium 1.05
(1.10 was supposed to suppress slimer hits while coming down)
(1.11 added a software adjustment for slimer)

Thanks I will try that. I also finally got around to putting green electrical taper over the two flashers under the lightning part when slimer gets hit and having it flash green is much better on the eyes and fits the theme.

2 weeks later
#1959 3 years ago

my slimmer just comes down, hits some buildings and registers all the hits and then goes back up. It used to work perfectly, I will need to take him apart me thinks. I am sick of all the air balls and crap though. To think an expert designer made this is laughable sometimes when you see all the bounces smashing everywhere, and yep I have all the protectors but still get some holy shit moments that make me think somethings broken.

#1991 3 years ago

does anything think that maybe we might see a big update before xmas ? I'm holding onto hope that Dwight wants to spread some Xmas cheer.

1 week later
#2104 3 years ago

does anyone have a fix for the ball just endlessly staying in the pops near the gozer target???? It just goes back and forth and its driving me crazy, and I shouldn't have to nudge it every time it goes there either. These friggin pops are driving me crazy, it stays in there for waaay to long. I have tried the different power options in the settings and nothing works. I shouldn't write angry but I am getting that way about the design of this machine that stops it from being fun. I hate it when the ball goes into the pops now.

#2105 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I really find this mod to be one of the best things I have done on my game, and also one of the easiest. I cut down some black post rubbers, put a slit in them and then placed them on the top of the outlane guides. It really helps with ball control, reduces ball hopping and makes the outlanes a little more forgiving. I know others have done something similar, but I thought I'd share my 2 cents.

Thanks for that I am going to try this for sure. The ball hits the middle metal and is like a magnet and gets sucked over to the side, its unreal how many times it happens on this pin.

#2108 3 years ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Haha I just noticed your post. I guess we feel the same about the outlanes. Try it, I think you'll be very pleased.

Going to do this tomorrow as long as I can find some spare rubbers.
And then I need to fix those stupid bumpers

#2110 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

What pitch do you have the playfield at? Try increasing the pitch by raising the back legs a bit. I find 7 degrees works well.

I will try that Rob I just have the bubble in the middle at the moment.

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