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Ghostbuster Issue Thread

By exflexer

4 years ago

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Post #1 Opening post with OP's index of topics Posted by exflexer (4 years ago)

Post #11 Photos of original slimer design Posted by exflexer (4 years ago)

Post #426 Images showing the redesigned Slimer mech Posted by kpg (4 years ago)

Post #430 Pro manual updated to reflect the new slimer mech Posted by kpg (4 years ago)

Post #528 Photos of the Pinball Universe kit installed on GB Posted by sirlonzelot (4 years ago)

Post #565 Link to Pinball Universe Upgrade kit (Germany) Posted by sirlonzelot (4 years ago)

Post #630 GB 1.05 code posted and readme details! Posted by PinB (4 years ago)

Post #662 Link to Pinballlife's alt springs for the Scoleri brothers targets Posted by exflexer (4 years ago)

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#178 4 years ago

Had mine a few days, I have tweaked a few things to make it play better. Raised the left outlane bar slightly. Raised flippers to just below inlane guide parallel ( mine weren't even level with each other! ) bent forward ramp entrance stand up targets. The thing I'm struggling with is adjusting the ramp rollover switches. I was getting ( and still am ) ramp shots that don't register when storage facility and/or super jackpot are lit. I'm guessing a really fast ball must be slightly airbourne and therefore passes just over the switches at speed and missing them, slow balls activate the switches no problem. I've tried adjusting them but end up with slow balls going the other way getting stuck on the switches. Anyone having this same battle? I think opto's would have been a better solution here, I can see this type of switch always being a hangup issue with balls going uphill, stopping and running the other way.

#180 4 years ago

What are people doing about the drops not dropping? more spring tension? less tension? something else?

#193 4 years ago

New code installed, lightshow and shaker usage is awesome at start of Storage Facility multiball.

#209 4 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

This is starting to worry me. It was dead straight when I got the game. I wonder if there is enough room to install a few posts instead and just have rubber stretch between the two? Not sure if the newton shot would still work...

Does anyone else think it strange they didn't put a plastic over that capative ball area on top of the black metal? Just seems unusual to me to leave it looking like that.

I have tweaked mine a bit to get it play better, remaining problems below;

Drop targets, - I have played around with the spring tension but they still may as well be posts when hit hard and squarely. Has anyone fixed theirs?

Slimer - seems to have become much less sensitive since code update, only a good straight shot registering.

Check your shooter lanes, mine and at least one other that I know of has already chipped clear coat where the ball pops into the shooter lane, probably not fully hardened.

1 week later
#402 4 years ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Attempt 2.
Ball flying over the inlane rails into the outlane still sucks. Built this.
Result: Seems to work... further testing (playing) neccessary!

Just tap the bars back through a little from underneath with a hammer and punch, job done.

#454 4 years ago

I am surprised I keep reading about people wanting plastic over the outlanes to prevent balls jumping over...its a simple fix, lift playfield, tap bars back through with a hammer and punch maybe 3 or 4mm. Job done. Mine was as bad as everyone else's but it never happens after knocking them back through a little ( don't go crazy, the bars have lugs on and may lift the playfield around the hole if you go too far. )

#479 4 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I think you answered the question right there as to why everyone isn't doing this fix.

You seem to have ignored the rest of my post where I point out only to tap the bar through a little and only quoted the part where I say what might happen if you don't be careful and only tap through a little

#615 4 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Can some of you that have the pin at home comment on the fan noise. I mean how loud is it really. My games are in a small room and if that thing is humming all the time it could be a problem.

I find it no more annoying than the transformer hum of other machines.

2 weeks later
#716 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

yes, all it take for outlane hops

Exactly, very easy 5 minute fix. I shake my head every time I read about these over the top plastics to stop lane jumping.

#724 4 years ago

My outlane guides went right through the playfield till flush with the underside. I knocked them back through only about 1/8", if that. That was all it took to stop the jumping. Same with the little guides between the inlanes.

1 month later
#820 4 years ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

I've noticed on my pro now, every so often (1 out 5 times) when I get a left ramp shot that the diverter kicks down into the storage facility eject, when the ball lands in the hole, sometimes it'll wobble out of the hole before the kicker knocks it out. not sure if maybe my table just needs levelling again, or of something in the process of the ball making its way down there is happening too fast and it doesn't settle nice in the eject hole. will keep an eye on it. I always felt like maybe that hole needs a piece of mylar in a few places, seems to be a bit of bare wood exposed that could break down over time.

Mine does this too. When I first set mine up I had the playfield at around 7.5 degrees and the ball was falling out of the storage facility often. I adjusted to 7 degrees and its better but it still does it occasionally, just a case of bad design in my opinion.

1 week later
#920 4 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Yes- I tried that first and it barely helped. Putting a plastic above the ramp is the only solution for those crazy airballs.

Bending them on my pro worked for me, maybe you didn't bend them enough. Remove from below playfield, bend the top part forward using a pair of spanners and refit.

2 weeks later
#1137 4 years ago

For those of you who don't want to add plastics to your playfield I dealt with the airballs differently, initially by bending the 3 guilty standups targets forward. This fixed most airballs for a while but as time goes on they tend to straighten so today I replaced the foam on these targets with thicker foam cut into a wedge shape with a stanley knife. My machine is now back to very few airballs. The foam is pretty much the same as that fitted but 10mm x 10mm cross section before cutting into a wedge. Cheap enough on ebay.



1 week later
#1244 4 years ago

I am annoyed at ( and have already moaned about ) the type of switches stern fitted to the ramp on the pro. Initially I had trouble with them not registering a well hit left ramp shot, spent a while adjusting them but its almost impossible to get them perfectly adjusted because if they're high enough to register a fast left ramp ball they are probably high enough to cause a stuck ball from the right ramp. During spook central where the shots are left orbit, left ramp, right orbit, right ramp I hit right ramp first ( which is hard enough! ) but it gave me the left ramp shot which means it must have missed the first switch ( maybe the 2nd too ) so the machine thought the ball came from the left ramp. Really annoying because I know if I raise that first switch up balls will get caught on it. Why on earth did they fit this type of switch? Surely optos would have done the job much better ( I guess they would have cost $0.50 more each ).

3 weeks later
#1297 4 years ago
Quoted from xyntec:

- the tobin awards still bother me, the display animation still is kind of confusing, in the deadflip video I see on the screen it browses through some pages and then shows a couple of rewards, and then shows the rewards all one at a time, on my machine I just see 1 page turning, and then a list of 5 awards and then the game goes on, so no clue what's happening there, anyone else has this?

Mine mostly does the complete animation with the page with all the awards followed by each award read out individually before the ball is release, but also sometimes it gets to the awards pages then skips the reading out each award individually part and fires the ball out so I have to be ready incase it doesn't read them out. It doesn't seem to be linked to whether I flipped or not, just seems completely random.

#1301 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I have a pro, so maybe it's something in the LE code? Shrugs.

Mine is a pro too.

5 months later
#2633 3 years ago

I lined the flippers up with the inlane guides on my very early run pro when I got, have never regretted it. Hate droopy flippers.

4 months later
#3388 3 years ago

Can anyone link me to a post which clearly shows whats needed/should be supplied to upgrade original slimer mech to the new design please? I've had a few parts sent to me to supposedly replace the mech but I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to it than that.

20170721_092727 (resized).jpg

#3393 3 years ago

Thanks for the images. I've read somewhere that the system changed from a normally open to a normally closed switch setup? Did I dream that?

#3395 3 years ago

It's a warranty replacement but think distributor just ordered what he thought was needed as stern not playing ball.

2 weeks later
#3417 3 years ago

I just finished fitting the parts sent to me to upgrade my pro slimer to the new style mech ( see previous page ). I'm happy to say the pieces shown in the photo were all that was required. I had to cut off the heat shrink tubing that covers the whole arm to get to the slimer connection wire so now it doesn't look as good but it works a lot better than before now.

#3419 3 years ago
Quoted from chucksmith:

Shrink tube is cheap. You can get any size any color off ebay . Use a heat gun to shrink it.

Yeah I will sort it. I initially thought the new slimer was just incompatible with this arm hence why stern had supplied others with the complete mechanism, because the suspension wire is much shorter on the new one. On the old slimer the suspension wire terminates halfway down the arm hidden by the sleeving, luckily there's enough wire there to just about pull it through to the top of the mech to make the new connection.

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