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Ghostbuster Issue Thread

By exflexer

3 years ago

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Post #430 Pro manual updated to reflect the new slimer mech Posted by kpg (3 years ago)

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#1861 3 years ago
Quoted from ExtremePinball:

Adjusted target springs about 10 coils in since day one. Currently just past 10,000 plays and no target failure or defects.

I'm getting mine next week...So if I understand you correctly there's no need to buy new springs ? (don't know why Stern wouldn't fix this before shipping)

What type of adjustment did you do...is it through the diagnostics or manually adjusting them?

Thx - Tony

#1863 3 years ago
Quoted from ExtremePinball:

You would raise the playfield, locate the springs, unhook the bottom of the spring and re-attach with about 10 spring coils hanging below the attachment hook.

so you don't use the holes at the end of the springs you just go up 10 coils and open up the spring and use that circle of the coil and re-attach?

#1865 3 years ago

out of curiosity....If Stern knows this is a problem why don't they remedy it at the factory? I know JJP when they know of an issue they fix it.

#1868 3 years ago

I hear you and understand!

5 months later
#3159 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Btw, Stern has changed the flipper alignment to normal.
I said it over and over that the flippers are droopy and doesn't play correctly to the design of the field. People here kept saying that's the way it was ment to be because it came from the factory that way. I fixed my flippers so they are setup like all other new sterns. Shots were smoother and cleaner.
NOW:::: fresh from the stern factory. The flippers are coming out, aligned correctly. no more droopy flippers. Friend just bought a new premium and the flippers were setup like mine were.
The marker holes are still in the droopy spot, but they were installed so the holes were aligned with the bottom of the flipper plastic. Stern realized they screwed up and changed it.

Wait....Trudeau said in an interview I believe it was with Spida1 aka Bucci, that that's the way he designed the flippers. I heard the shots are harder to make with adjusting to a normal alignment?

I have a hard time back handing the left flipper up the Ramp, only make it 2 out of 10 not enough power. Wondering if changing to normal not droopy if it would be easier to make.

Also, my right flipper creates airballs up that ramp even with Art's protector. Wondering if raising the flipper to normal would make that flipper shot weaker so that there aren't as many airballs

#3167 2 years ago

I had to get your extenders, but the airballs were 4x as bad so I lowered it. The problem was the ball just touched the back side of plastic on ramp.

I still get some with lowering but not as bad, but had to dremel so I could slide plastic down so that it cleared and it's like 1/64 "

20170522_181037 (resized).jpg

20170522_181124 (resized).jpg

#3170 2 years ago

Who is else is blinded by the Flashers in front of the slings?

Well I did the following below. I simply screwed each piece above the led boards for each of the inserts. Used a green bucket, but still was bright. Then crazy glued some blue cellophane paper to the green plastic and it worked great. It's half the brightness now. The pic doesn't really show it.

20170512_151609 (resized).jpg

20170512_151621 (resized).jpg

#3214 2 years ago

50% of the time my ball kicks out of the left scoop when shot into.

does anyone think that putting drop dead foam on top inside of scoop would help?

2 weeks later
#3283 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

the carrot flippers are just perfect to make GB playing like (quite) all others pinballs, not too easy, not too hard, just the way i personaly enjoy it (and i'm a good player)
i know about the purists saying about the way Trudeau design it and bla bla bla...
than set up your pin just the way as you want, and than enjoy it
tournament is tournament
playing home, with family & friends, is another story

Bought my carrot flippers from Marco

They make the game play much better and less frustrating.

The gap is way too big as they didn't catch it on the CAD drawing. Trudeau had a wider gap designed, but engineering dept. made it even wider, so the carrot flippers bring it back to how trudeau had it designed originally.

Great game!!!!! Much more on the premium than the new Star Wars

7 months later
#3655 2 years ago

i've replaced mine with PBL, but the right one wouldn't stay up so I went and put the Stern one in and it seems to be working fine, but time will tell.

4 weeks later
#3716 2 years ago

I did mine 2 weeks ago and no issues so far

7 months later
#4156 1 year ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Now here is a comparison of the bent Stern one (left) next to Cliff's beefier one (on the right). And a pic of Cliff's installed. Hopefully his will last longer without bending.
Thanks Cliff!!

[quoted image][quoted image]

My Stern protector on left had the right side of the metal that goes down the right side of the scoop broke off, now showing bare wood.

I looked at Cliffy's website and didn't see a replacement for my GB Premium

#4158 1 year ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

So installed my Swinks brackets the other day. And had plenty of shots ( bricks mostly ) to the stand ups. Not even a hop from the ball ! Trust in Swinks. Put those brackets in and get that ugly piece of plastic out ! Best "mod" you can buy.

so Swinks instead of Marco's 515-7581-04 target used on WOF? Someone mentioned they use this target replacement with success. I'd like to get rid of my airball protector which broke on the left side to eliminate airballs.

Thx, Tony

#4161 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

Hi Tony (3pinballs)
That marco part is pretty much the same as what is in the game, the issue lays with the bracket connecting the target to the playfield
Check out the link - 3rd one along
the wedges are cheaper but not as effective as the height of the target is a contributing factor that the wedges do not solve.
Basically my theory is that Stern changed the target design so it wouldn't roll side to side with a built in splint keeping the target vertical but cheapened out on the angle of the bracket going vertical and lowering it as well. This will not 100% remove air balls as the other factor is the pan angle of the hole machined in the playfield as a glancing blow to the side of the target will still create the odd hop but for me and many others greatly reduced air balls overall.

Thx Jady.....so with your brackets I can just toss out the airball protector then?

3 months later
#4205 1 year ago

Installed my own right Orbit protector to help prevent balls from hitting that bracket, which only happens on the auto launch and not the flipper shot to the right orbit. I shot a video of this, but video too large. This did not work for the auto launch as the ball hits the front piece of the plastic, broke also should have used something stronger, but it does not fix the nor prevent ball from hitting the ball gate as it hits the plastic protector

IMG-2687 (resized).jpeg
#4206 1 year ago

Now, my airball protector also broke into 2 pieces. So I decided to install the Swinks brackets.

Even with the airball protector my wife still experienced a lot of airballs.

#4207 1 year ago

The Swinks don't look like they have a 5 degree lean as you'll see in the pictures, but that's very hard to see with the naked eye.

#4208 1 year ago
IMG-2854 (resized).JPGIMG-2855 (resized).JPGIMG-2856 (resized).JPGIMG-2857 (resized).JPGIMG-2858 (resized).JPGIMG-2859 (resized).JPGIMG-2860 (1) (resized).JPGIMG-2860 (resized).JPG
#4209 1 year ago

My wife has put about 50 games on GB Premium since I installed these and she said she doesn't recall any airballs taking place since I installed the Swinks target brackets. So I would say this is a great fix. This is the picture of them installed.

IMG-2861 (resized).JPG
1 week later
#4230 1 year ago

I have the lane protectors and tightened the outposts, lowered.

I don't like the plastic lane protectors and it makes it harder to clean and was.

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