Ghost In The Shell - The Pinball Complex

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Ghost In The Shell - The Pinball Complex

By Fortytwo

1 year ago

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    #351 4 months ago

    Looking good! I enjoyed playing this at MGC.

    #352 4 months ago

    Thanks terry. You have been a big part in getting my game going. More parts to purchase next Friday.
    I’m back at working on the game. Expo banner printed and cut. Now to solve a switch issue and maybe start on callouts.

    #353 4 months ago

    Anyone going to expo have a set of stern black legs they are willing to sell for a decent price. I’d like to switch out he William legs for the correct ones. I’m als thinking a blue pungulp pro would look cool on it. Going to pick that and some goodies up at the pbl party.
    Eventually I think a gloss black powder coat armor would look cool.

    649AC636-4900-44FD-8AB8-AEE49A863942 (resized).jpeg
    #354 4 months ago

    I think I got my sounds issue sorted. I went through and amplified all the sound files to max. I also set the os to allow for louder sounds. Tomorrow I will attempt to record some direction style sounds and implement a few more clips I have not used yet. I also realized I have some switches that don’t make a sound at all. Need to add sounds to those.

    #355 4 months ago

    Updated video pre expo. Check it out.

    #356 4 months ago

    I have added about a dozen new sounds. I also got to install the amplified sounds in the game and test. Wow you can hear them all. I also have plenty of room to make it louder for the show. I hope I can get it dialed in for the show.

    #357 4 months ago

    Hey! Jeff Teolis from Pinball Profile podcast released a 20 min interview with Ed about his Ghost in the Shell custom pinball.

    Check it out

    #358 4 months ago

    It’s tight but both games loaded for the show.

    BDB27F6C-826B-4B65-9958-E532509EFFE9 (resized).jpegC92F4994-C9EE-48AE-898C-346EACC69BD2 (resized).jpeg
    #359 4 months ago

    Expo is over and everything is home. Was a fun time spent most of it talking to people about home brew games and my game. A few less plays than MGC but still a good number. Better ball time and average score. Broke the flipper coupler for the upper playfeild. A drop target and that’s about it. A couple ball jams due to crappy wood.
    Here are a few pics from the weekend and the audits. I cleared them before the show. The MGC audits can be found in this post here.
    531EEA0C-8046-449F-B915-A969FBB355B1 (resized).jpeg7BE943F2-E769-439A-A248-4F00FBE0E346 (resized).jpeg86A1295C-B01C-49D5-AA06-4A982B5980AF (resized).jpegA5DF3287-6980-47EA-B1C8-6ACB72C334DA (resized).jpeg

    #360 4 months ago

    Loved the game and very happy we got to play it, thanks for bringing it and always updating this thread with progress! Looks like my buddy's high score stayed through the show! It was nice to meet and chat about the game, definitely looking forward to progress.

    #361 3 months ago
    Quoted from evanc:

    Loved the game and very happy we got to play it, thanks for bringing it and always updating this thread with progress! Looks like my buddy's high score stayed through the show! It was nice to meet and chat about the game, definitely looking forward to progress.

    Thanks. It was fun seeing him complete the assemble team mode. Looks like I need to program in another mode.
    I enjoyed meeting everyone but still haven’t set the game up at home. Busy.

    #362 3 months ago

    Finally setting the game up after expo. I started installing a few new goodies. Black legs. New coin door and blue cup holder and shooter rod.

    2854EDAF-99AF-406A-A16F-F2B001409C40 (resized).jpeg
    1 month later
    #363 72 days ago

    I started digging into the game a bit more. I finished the coin door install. Fixed the drop target. And installed some decals I got from expo.

    101640D5-194D-46DA-A9A5-5B39CC413E3C (resized).jpeg59A39835-8057-4765-AC89-744B72B69320 (resized).jpegF7F86F98-199A-4C5C-87B9-29E04573669F (resized).jpeg
    #364 72 days ago

    You probably already know this, but there is some future mode material coming in 2020. Netflix ordered a GITS series.

    #365 72 days ago
    Quoted from cletus14:

    You probably already know this, but there is some future mode material coming in 2020. Netflix ordered a GITS series.

    Thanks I saw that but nothing more than the announcement and the picture. I read the comments this morning but really need to search out the entire article. If it exists. I also heard that Netflix is making live action cowboy bebop. Crazy.

    1 month later
    #366 30 days ago

    Picked up some parts from pinball life on Monday. Some is a bracket for the lcd screen I got. Now I should really get a new speaker panel designed and cut.

    24D95F2C-C263-4077-A1D0-8CE77AC3AEEA (resized).jpegE65473D7-2862-47F2-AAA2-77A61E6AD73C (resized).jpeg
    #367 30 days ago

    Upgrades, yea!

    #368 24 days ago

    Working on the new computer. Fresh Ubuntu setup and installing skeleton tonight.

    D3B6B1DE-2889-48BE-87F1-5732E6A40E1A (resized).jpeg
    #369 24 days ago

    Tomorrow ends another GITS live action prop auction. Man i wish i could afford a peice or two, like these Zeta cables, speaks to me for all shows, though in SAC the cables used were more a single cable with a tubular concentric end.

    the medipac is cool too

    Of course the best in my opinion is the briefcase machine gun. basically a copy of the first episode of SAC.

    #370 22 days ago

    Worked on the left ramp. The ball no longer strikes the back of the switch. The skill shot is easier. And I removed metal to make I t less bulky looking.

    1E4DB968-46FE-40C5-AE71-8DD809E9C61B (resized).jpeg
    #371 21 days ago

    Nice evolution of GITS pinball.

    1 week later
    #372 15 days ago

    A minor update. Video of replacement of drops with brand new ones. Let’s see how these hold up.

    #373 10 days ago

    Update update.
    I have built a new rotisserie for the shop. Still needs some bolts to finish. And I see a weakness with my playfeild that needs to get fixed in the next version. My playfeild pivots will need t nuts on top to hold up like that should. Getting sloppy with just screws.
    Worked on code today. I heard a programmer state. He wants every shot to be building tword something even if your not in a mode. I liked that idea. I already have combos. So a combo is worth 300 times the number of shots for the combo. So a two way is 600 three way is 900. Ramps forward and backward and orbit count. But not the same shot twice in a row.
    Once you hit 42 ramp shots you get 20 second ramp frenzy (better more canon name to come). In ramp frenzy you add a 3x multiplier to your combo shots. 900 becomes 2700. I have a rough framework in place. Need to work on saving the progress from ball to ball.
    Lastly another suggestion from an expo goer. For the c y b o r g progress if you hit a standup and it’s been hit you get a sound not the letter.

    04785C42-2DC8-4767-9BB2-D7649D8712FA (resized).jpeg
    #374 8 days ago


    7079DE51-679E-49BE-8C21-F25B6F382B1C (resized).jpeg
    #375 5 days ago

    Gits fans. Need help.
    Numbers numbers.
    I am doing a hit x numbers of ramps and enter ramp frenzy. Playing with calling it chase frenzy. Combos are worth a ton more for 20 seconds. Is there a number in canon that’s more appropriate for ramp shots other than 42?
    Second thoughts for pops hits. Some number in canon.

    #376 4 days ago

    Section 9?

    Don C.

    #377 3 days ago
    Quoted from Don_C:

    Section 9?
    Don C.

    Hmm 9 would be too little shots for ramp frenzy. Maybe I can do something every 9 pop hits. Maybe a minor reward. Or target that worth something for a limited time.

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