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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

7 years ago

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#330 6 years ago

Just joined the club last night!
need to sort out a few bugs but nothing major.
have a few Q's

The lights in the supercharger,when do they come on?are they flashers?
mine dont seem to work at all

the speakers,
I took the dmd panel off for a quick look and the right speaker is smaller than the left.
but it looks stock.(sound is not great )

Cant wait to get stuck into this over the weekend!

2014-07-10 23.16.23.jpg
#332 6 years ago

thanks Paul,
hopefully the flashers are working.!

whats the deal with the speakers?
whay are they like that?

#335 6 years ago

Thanks paul.
yeah im Irish!
one of a handful of pinheads,but a growing number thank god.
most of our pins were shipped to the UK by one person back in the early 2000's so there hard to get.
Unless you take the ferry to England.
I blew up a IC in the mainboard today.today. Luckily i had one to hand so got a new socket in and a new chip and back in action.
I have 1 main problem left to sort out.
The opto board for the entrance ramp/loop switch is busted.
when i get that sorted all i have is some flashers in the pops and the superchrger cover to fix and i'll be 100%.
then I can start the few mods I'd like to do.
playing without the supercharger sucks!

#337 6 years ago

nice work,
definitely going to do some of them.
the dials on the bumpers look great.
I got the flashers in the supercharging working last night.
The only lights out now are the pop bumpers but the holders are missing so I ordered some today.

You know when the game say "run the red light"
Are you aiming for right orbit or the left to the lock?


Post edited by urbanledge: Dont know my left from my right!

#338 6 years ago

Actually does anybody have a link to some apron cards?
I cant find any!

#340 6 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

Did you try the ones on page 6 of this post?

I see them now!

2 weeks later
#342 6 years ago

81,81 are the 1st and 3rd optos for the supercharger magnets.
85 is the enter ramp opto.
both controlled by different boards.
Did you give them the "finger test"?I'd start there/check the optos are transmitting with a camera phone and check the leds on the big opto board.

I actually shorted a coil to the switch matrix a while back and got the check F114/115 error.
It had blown a chip on the mainboard (u20 i think) and a chip on the small opto board for opto 84/85
I couldn't clear the f114/115 error tho till i fixed u20 so not quite the same problem.

As regards to the flippers Ive no idea but as you said start with the fuses.

#344 6 years ago

anybody know what exactly the special does?

#346 6 years ago

Lovely plastics!
60 dollars shipping to europe is a ride

#354 6 years ago

I used the comet strips too,no doubt they are the best option!
I used 3 of the 12v flashers ones too.One under each of the supercharger magnets.
Realy adds to the light show but isnt blinding.
A few green leds along side the stripleds really sets off the plastics.
Added a small lambo too with a strip light in it!
A before and after
2014-07-28 19.43.30.jpg 2014-07-26 10.58.16.jpg

2014-07-28 19.43.22.jpgAnd the little lambo.

2 weeks later
#382 6 years ago

Anybody install there new plastics yet?

2 months later
#519 6 years ago

Thats some serious work you're putting into it.
well done.
I've often thought about it but its beyond my skills.
I prob would of used a servo instead of a real clock to keep it easy!
how are you going to tie the PF lights to the micro controller ?
Could be a shit ton of wires!
And what about the attract mode?
would be cool to have it dancing around or going up and down steadily.

1 week later
#530 6 years ago

Just noticed last night it says "change lanes" on the apron.
referring to changing lanes on the inlanes/outlanes
But you cant change lanes on mine?
can anybody change lanes?

#533 6 years ago

That makes sense !

#537 6 years ago

Haven't rebuild my flippers ever and I can back hand the supercharger from a cradle.
It's more about skill

1 week later
#566 6 years ago
Quoted from MXV:

I guess the fact I worked for Williams disqualifies me from knowing. Carry on...

1 month later
#644 6 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Played a pretty good game and got a legit 720m.

yea right

#656 6 years ago

Not specific to getaway but I used the hair dryer method on my white water.
It was the first time I had tried lowering an insert and i was nervous but it was easy

3 weeks later
#686 6 years ago

My dirverter never quite opened fully since I got the game. Finally sorted it earlier and shaved about 5 points (what unit is it??) off the supercharger test.
Getting around 92/93
Bit of a rabbit hole to get the supercharger out.

1 month later
#769 6 years ago

oops !
wrong topic

#799 6 years ago

I took 3 of the 12v strips and added them to the underside of the supercharger magnets,
each one is powered from the respective flasher in the supercharger!
really adds to the lights shows!

#801 6 years ago

kept them white.
I'm not into the colour leds.
Red could be cool tho!
I'll take a vid later for you.

#805 6 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Get a socket, screw it under the pf and use a flex red or a double led flex. That's what I did.

Yep this,
while your there drop the saucer down using 4 washers and say goodbye to any bounce outs!

1 week later
#828 6 years ago

Whered you get the stand up decals?
they look good!

1 week later
#856 6 years ago
Quoted from leesparts:

New Supercharger Ramp Lights mod from LeesParts.com now available. Lights up your Supercharger Ramp when it will score Super Charger or Redline Mania.

can we see them not installed?
I mean,is it just 2 flexible leds?

#875 6 years ago

You could mill a small channel on the underside of the shaft to run wires up.

1 week later
#882 6 years ago

If you don't hook them up to the GI your going to lose all the cool lighting effects.
They'll also be on during video mode.

3 weeks later
#933 6 years ago

does the shifter register up and down in test mode?

1 month later
#989 5 years ago

Thats pink!

2 weeks later
#997 5 years ago

I'd be sitting tight and waiting to see the PFs before buying one.
Those plastics are terrible !
I was so close to ordering a set at the time.

#1016 5 years ago

Ive siad it hear before but 3 of the 12v led strips.One stuck to the underside of each of the supercharger magnets.
Tie each one into the flasher in the supercharger makes for a crazy light show!

4 weeks later
#1071 5 years ago
Quoted from DEN:

Tomorrow if everything goes right, i should have me a nice, low used Getaway.

Yeah,that looks low use.
especially around the buttons

#1073 5 years ago

I was just pointing out that it cant be low use with that button wear.
unless of course it has a new pf or something.
Enjoy your game

#1094 5 years ago

You can use the comet led strips!
Get them under all the plastics.
Rally makes the getaway pop!

Nice game.looking forward to getting mine back,it out on trade.

#1149 5 years ago

L2 is the best Rom

1 week later
#1228 5 years ago

If you got a pinsound board you could turn off the music.

#1230 5 years ago

I thought the same.got one to try .now I want them for all my games.

1 month later
#1536 5 years ago

I have no experience with led flashers but.....
Afaik there is always voltages at the flasher sockets.
This voltage is not enough to light a incandescent lamp.
But it is enough to light an led.
So put the old lamps back in and see what happens.

#1540 5 years ago

I agree and planed on moving the light.
I found a usb hub on eBay/Amazon that's shaped like a traffic light.
It's perfect but I haven't done anything with it.

#1572 5 years ago

I don't know why you're disregarding the warming resister idea.
2/3 transistor s failing at once is unlikely.

2 weeks later
#1627 5 years ago

I haven't.
If it was me tho I'd disconnect that bunch of coils first and see what happens.
If it doesn't blow its on the pf.
More than likely under it.
Check those coils then one by one.

2 months later
#1755 5 years ago

Why didnt you just use the 6.3v ones and tie them into the GI?
also.That looks like a lot of leds to light them!

How did you mark the center of the gauges?
Looks like you got them spot on.

1 week later
#1777 5 years ago

You should offer 2.
One that says doughnut.
I Know the dmd says donut but that doesn't make it right!

1 week later
#1793 5 years ago

Had the magnetized balls problem before too with a ToM .
It could just be one ball that causes the problem.
Tip a screw driver off each and see if anyone of them acts different.

2 weeks later
#1829 5 years ago

Something is up? Have you another cpu board to try?
New game to you?

#1830 5 years ago

Sold my Getaway at the weekend.
Sorry to see it go but gotta make space for another game.
Its been fun boys!

2 weeks later
#1951 5 years ago

You should change then bumper bodies and skirts to clear ones.
That would look the mutts nuts

#1964 5 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

Excuse my ignorance. Bumper bodies and skirts?

The blue ring in your pic is the skirt.
The body is the body! The bit that holds the bulb and the cap.
Clear ones look great in general.


#1986 5 years ago

I have the clear pops on my sttng.
They are super cool.


1 week later
#2050 5 years ago

They have Leds on the top and bottom.
They also have optional flashers.

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