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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

5 years ago

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#683 4 years ago

Any getaway project/player machines for sale in the Midwest?

I'd like to join the club

2 weeks later
#709 4 years ago


#713 4 years ago

I think the forum is having an issue, its doing the same thing for me.

3 weeks later
#757 4 years ago

What is the highest score you guys have in video mode?

On average I only get 27mil. then it stops. (L5)
did the earlier versions let you play video mode longer?

#759 4 years ago

Ah, thanks! I'll have to go back through the settings and look. I missed it.

#762 4 years ago

Completed my first "mod" tonight.

One of the previous owners decided to use tape to hold the two supercharger parts together, and it lifted some of the chrome. between that and the broken plastic it really needed to be replaced.

I figured since i wasnt a fan of "shiny" Id try painting it more to my liking, and if it didnt work out, id replace it anyway.

I scuffed down both parts, then painted them silver. after that i did the ears and lower "block" in flat black. Finally i did the "throttle blades" a semi transparent maroon. I wanted it to somewhat match the flasher lenses.

20150320_205404.jpg 20150320_205420.jpg 20150320_210156.jpg 20150320_210211.jpg
1 week later
#795 4 years ago

It's supposed to have wire. Mine is missing as well and fabbed my own for the time being

1 month later
#928 4 years ago

Seen ones like that listed for 2700++

1 week later
#952 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

and take a look how it was shipped....USPS.

Hey..... sometimes we get things right.

#956 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

You work for them? I've only had one problem and the insurance claim was settled fast and without a problem. Keep up the great job.

I'm a usps mechanic, downtown Chicago district.

Some of the stuff I see, I just scratch my head.

#959 4 years ago

I dont think there is one available yet.

There are some options that are "colored" but nothing like colorDMD if thats what youre thinking of.

#963 4 years ago

Not anymore!

They just announced its supported now!

2 weeks later
#979 4 years ago
Quoted from kilmarnock1350:

What turns on the 2x Freeway/RPM lights?


#981 4 years ago

I have L5 and it's diverted to the left inlane.

4 weeks later
#1006 4 years ago

Colordmd sells them. Should be a thread on it showing video too.

1 month later
#1104 4 years ago

I use my hand.

It gets really fun when you have to shift while making the combo loops from the right upper flipper.

#1151 3 years ago

I've had good luck with L5. Where is the best place to buy L2 roms?

1 week later
#1250 3 years ago

Be sure to check the solder leads to the coil, one of mine was starting to crack and was almost through.

It was causing the ball to intermittently not loop to the flipper.

3 weeks later
#1402 3 years ago

I don't believe there are any specific to the supercharger only.

Paul, that's sounds cool, would like to see video!

#1422 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I'm getting to the final stages in my Getaway reassembly.
Just noticed the reproduction PF plastic set is missing one of the plastics, (the piece that goes into the far left corner of the PF).


Are you missing yours all-together?

If so I have an extra I can give you.

#1461 3 years ago

I'll take a set as well.

I had planned to eventually paint the insides, but I like your mod. Way less work and mess!!

#1500 3 years ago

Looks great, and I like the inspection sticker

2 weeks later
#1596 3 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Check out Titanpinball.com for silicone rubber rings. I went with clear on all my games, they really pick up the lights nearby. They have a lot of kits ready to go, not sure if Getaway is there yet. My experience is the sizes don't always match up anyways. Buy a sample kit and experiment. I think you can get a discount if you help come up with a specific game set.

Game looks good! Am I going blind? Where is your stoplight?

1 week later
#1625 3 years ago

Either shot will make it up the rear ramp to score the jackpot.

5 months later
#2215 3 years ago

Free ride bug on L2 will do it

#2232 3 years ago
Quoted from tiltmonster:

I love to mod my pin but I usually only do things that can be easily reversed... I just worry if I ever have to sell it (I'm actually thinking of this now, please tell me if I'm crazy) the buyer may want it stock.

Nothing against those that have done the shifter knob mod, but it looks pretty "ricey" to me. I'd rather have the stock one.

Also to answer the guy about locked balls and starting a new game, L5 won't let you start a game either until all the balls are out of the locks.

#2240 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Hmm, while the comment may be a passive trolling attempt, I am going more after spaghetti than rice given the theme of the machine . . . vroom, vroom!

No trolling at all. Just my personal opinion on how that shifter mod looks

now, if you had a Hurst shifter ball on there I'd be loving it.

#2248 3 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

I hear ya. To each their own. The game is all about pushing limits and putting the pedal to the metal. That knob is boring and stock.

Agreed, do what makes you happy.

#2253 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

btw, how do you get La Grange out of your head for at least 24 hours after playing this pin?

I get multi ball while playing my nascar...

#2258 3 years ago

1 week later
#2368 3 years ago

Yes, it's supposed to have a spring steel flap to smooth the transition.

Mine was missing as well when I bought it. I used a thin piece of clear plastic for the flap

#2415 3 years ago

I used comet 2smd sunlights with a frosted dome for my inserts and GI.

1 week later
#2491 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

FYI, I kept getting check switch 67 errors whenever I went into test mode and finally realized that the metal piece was completely missing on the micro switch, so the machine never knew when a ball passed down the left wire ramp. Ordered a replacement and promptly received from PBL, then attempted to install last night. Given the position and that a resister was on the switch it was like performing surgery to get the old one off and the new one soldered into place.
I was all proud of myself when I had everything back together and turned on the machine to test, when now I had multiple switch errors and the new switch would not show closes not matter what I did. Well, after thinking to myself and closer inspection, I had accidentally soldered the resistor on backwards from what it was originally (a very fine dark gray line on one side of the barrel). I performed the entire process again of removing and re-soldering this tiny piece (I really needed at least 3 hands, but somehow managed to do it with 2). When it came time to turn the machine back on I was in fear that I had messed something up royally, but to my surprise the new switch worked and all errors were gone. Even so, I know that resistors are not directional, so I am a little confused why my repair did not work the first time.
Moral of the story is to take detailed pictures before you take something apart and put it back exactly the same. I was kind of lazy and figured I had this, but obviously I caused myself much more time and effort to get it right. I consider myself fortunate that I didn't damage something and cost myself more time and money to repair my mistake.

That was a diode, not a resistor

1 week later
#2579 3 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

Loop champion numbers?
On my Getaway, the loop champion usually has 4 or 5 loops. Since the default to beat is only 3, I feel like this is a pathetic number. What are some other record numbers of loops out there, and do you have to tweak anything to score lots of loops?

7 on mine. Nothing tweaked, has the fat or double post like many do at the loop entry

#2583 3 years ago

1 loop is the ball going from the upper right flipper into the "turn around" and coming back to the upper right flipper.

42 would be...uh.....impressive

#2591 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

The loops have to be in a row right?

For the most part yes.

I have had on a couple occasions, when you initially launch the ball, do a couple loops. Let it immediately drain, when the ball save kicks it back out and up if you make more loops it will count those as part of the streak.

1 month later
#2723 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

It's staged. 2nd flipper should not engage until button halfway pressed in. Probably just need to adjust the leaf switch.

Not true, the rom version will enable/disable the staging regardless of the switches.

I know L5 's staged, L2 is not.

#2725 3 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

is there suppose to be a sticker on the plunger lane apron extension? it looks naked.


1 week later
#2754 3 years ago
Quoted from Tbgolfen:

During multiball you qualify the jackpot by sending a ball into the supercharger. Then you collect by sending a ball into the lock (rear ramp) either by upper flipper or lower right flipper. The first jackpot requires 10 loops around the supercharger, the super jackpot requires 20 loops.
During multiball if you shoot the saucer you collect helicopter bonus.
Redline mania uses the same jackpot sequence.
Hope this helps.

Correct, with one caveat. Helicopter bonus can only be collected during multiball after you've scored the first jackpot

2 weeks later
#2921 3 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Wow! Thanks for that info!!! But isn't there a "redline mania" as well?

Yes, after getting to redline in 5th gear, shoot the supercharger to start the mode.

#2940 3 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

Anyone willing to give a diagnosis ?

I'm stumped on that one.

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