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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

6 years ago

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#124 6 years ago

Own it, it was my second pin and it is staying for a long time. Simple and not deep at all, but just plain, old fun!

Still remember my 8 year old son and I both freaking out when I hit the Super Jackpot for the first time. Oh man that was a thumping rush! Can't wait to hit it again....and again.

1 month later
#198 6 years ago

Off topic, but on topic question- what other pins are like The Getaway? As in fast, loops, achieve some fun goals and do it again. Simple, but fun as heck.
BK2000 fit the bill? Any ideas? Thanks

#201 6 years ago

High speed? Never heard of it. Kidding.
Never played No Fear, but will put it on my list and I played JM before, but was focusing on the glove more than the gameplay. Thanks for the tips.

1 month later
#244 6 years ago

I have a question regarding extra balls? How do you get them? I do not think I have ever was awarded one on my machine, but when I played a friends the other day I was awarded one or 2. I also have never been awarded some of the awards on the DMD screen, when the ball goes into the saucer.
Any ideas? Thanks

#246 6 years ago
Quoted from Geocab:

You have to keep hitting the Freeway loops over and over. After 5 loops, Extra Ball is lit in the saucer. You can also randomly see it in Video Mode. Or it's lit during Red Line Mania.

I will check, thanks. I played F-14 for the first time this past weekend - Fast! I thought the Getaway was fast, but it is not like F-14, man. To make it worse, it was an arcade party and the room was dark and the ball was tougher to see on the dim play field.

2 months later
#375 5 years ago

I had 3 balls in the Supercharger today for the first time. My supercharger fortunately still flies and those balls were whipping around like bullets! Needless to say my 30 times around to light the Super Jackpot was done easily and I hit it for 100 Million! I love this game.

Thanks New PinOwner for the speaker advice. Great detail on the how to and what!

#378 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

3 I've only done 2 once. Good job.

It did take me a year and a half to do the 3 ball supercharger Redline Mania shot though and will probably take me a year and a half to hit it again. It was cool to see 3 balls at once flying back down the rail to the left flipper. My wife was even playing T2 next to me while it was happening and looked over and said "Whoa, what is going on there?!". Good play is always better when someone else sees it.

I kind of needed to do something special like that because last Saturday I walked away in last place on my league night and was felling a little down on my pin playing and pinball in general. That low felling lasted only 4 days. Good to be back!

How many of you have hit the 3 ball supercharger shot and how long did it take you to hit it? That is hit it with the glass still on.


#381 5 years ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Do you get extra points for getting 3 in the supercharger at once?
I only put 1 in there on purpose, because they can fly under the table if they collide

No extra points. If I recall, I was in Redline Mania and got one Jackpot and needed 30 loops for the next Jackpot and somehow got all three balls in the Supercharger quickly, before the first ball finished it's loops and came back out.
Don't know if the stars and shots will align like that anytime soon.

1 month later
#415 5 years ago
Quoted from Elfman:

Just joined the club yesterday. Looking forward to modding and upgrading the audio. Looking to ditch the purple LEDs too, specifically in the backglass.
"Shift Gears!"

WP_20140920_002.jpg 116 KB

WP_20140920_003.jpg 113 KB

Looks great Elfman, no fade on the cab with the red rails, legs and coin door! Sweet! Wax it up and after you do 3 loops in a row the ball goes so fast that you can not see it! That is a good thing. Enjoy!

3 weeks later
#421 5 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

New member here. Got mine about a month ago and love it. It's stock but in great shape with only a little cab fade. I was pretty bad at first but have gotten much better. My high score is 456,890,070 where I got a couple of super jackpots Even my one boy is getting multiball and jackpots. Fixing my supercharger issues (ball hitting the top plastic cover) really helped in making the game more playable and fun. Had some issues with the display but reseating the connectors seems to have fixed it. I've also had air balls go back into the cabinet several times. Found out that I am missing deflector plates so I will track those down.
Beacon light loves to stick even though it has a new motor. It just takes a tap to get it spinning again so no biggie. Sometimes you have to bop it every time it comes on.
I plan on using LED lights with some extras to light up dark places - just have not had the time to experiment. I definitely think the gauges need to be lit as well as the back left corner. The mountain mod also looks right at home. Is that available anywhere or was that a one time offer?

IMG_20141007_203540_845.jpg 75 KB

Getaway was not my first pin, but my second. More came and my first is gone, but not The Getaway! Mine is stock with only the mod flashers, but they are cool. I sucked at it at first and then loved playing it. The pin taught me how to be good at pinball!

For fun keep track of how many games you play over time in the audits. I played the crap out of mine and put in 1000+ plays in the year and a half I have owned it.

Great to see your kids playing and getting mutliball too! When you are ready, I would recommend T2 or WCS to add to it. WCS is a no brainer if your kids like pinball and T2 is fun if you are OK with the PG13 theme. I mean come on, just one? Pinballs are like Gremlins or rabbits!

Take your time and enjoy the ride. The start of Redline Mania is my favorite start of a Wizard Mode in pinball and I cant wait to get to it again!


2 months later
#603 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hmmmm, a local guy wants mine and I've been thinking of selling.

Can Nascar replace Getaway?

2 months later
#722 5 years ago

I am running L2 version and have never, that I can recall, in the 2 years that I have owned the pin have gotten Multiball or Extra ball on the random travel awards on the DMD. Yesterday while playing a few games I got both of them! Multiball went on forever with the ball save. It must have been like 2-3 minutes long. I thought the game was broken or something.

I thought L2 did not have those awards. Anyone have an idea how they just came out of nowhere years later? Also how long does the Multiball ball save last? Mine went on for 2-3 minutes.


#725 5 years ago
Quoted from kyle5574:

^^^ Sounds like the L2 endless multiball bug. That bug has been the only reason I've ever had multiball Freeride last the long.

Never heard of that before. When the multiball balls saved more than 5 balls I almost stopped my game and did not play it as seriously because I thought something was wrong and I felt like I was cheating because it felt messed up. It has never happened before, so all my high scores are real on it and the "multiball bug" game did not get on the board.

#726 5 years ago
Quoted from kyle5574:

I had a couple firsts tonight. First time getting all three balls in the Supercharger and first time having a ball soar through the back of the playfield into the cabinet. THUNK! I had a good laugh at that. Maybe I should invest in one of these:

Good going! I had 3 balls in the Supercharger before also. My wife was playing another pin next to me and stopped and saw it also and we both thought that was awesome!

1 year later
#2616 4 years ago

Looking for an honest price opinion from Getaway owners. This is my game. Game is stock except for the dual LED flashers. No LED's. Game has always played great and the supercharger still whips balls around fast! Plastics and DMD are good. Playfield is in good shape except minor insert wear around the black inside borders of some RPM's around the shift wheel. Decals have fade and wear, front has been drilled for security bar.

Any quick opinions are good. I would like a "priced to sell" price if possible. Thanks


#2618 4 years ago

Thanks! TX has really become a pinball hotspot for the US. I have been to the last 2 TPF and I felt how much pinball passion you TX folks have as soon as I walk through the doors.

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