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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

6 years ago

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#418 6 years ago

New member here. Got mine about a month ago and love it. It's stock but in great shape with only a little cab fade. I was pretty bad at first but have gotten much better. My high score is 456,890,070 where I got a couple of super jackpots Even my one boy is getting multiball and jackpots. Fixing my supercharger issues (ball hitting the top plastic cover) really helped in making the game more playable and fun. Had some issues with the display but reseating the connectors seems to have fixed it. I've also had air balls go back into the cabinet several times. Found out that I am missing deflector plates so I will track those down.

Beacon light loves to stick even though it has a new motor. It just takes a tap to get it spinning again so no biggie. Sometimes you have to bop it every time it comes on.

I plan on using LED lights with some extras to light up dark places - just have not had the time to experiment. I definitely think the gauges need to be lit as well as the back left corner. The mountain mod also looks right at home. Is that available anywhere or was that a one time offer?

#420 6 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Welcome to the club, your really rockin that game. Check out my topic "DIY Getaway Lighting Mod" for some ideas.

Yeah, I love what you did and will probably do the same.

#422 6 years ago

I love nailing the super jackpot. At first I struggled to do anything in the game so it's a cool feeling to actually hit the goals of the game. My other favorite part is the 4th gear award - supercharger. I feel like a pro when I can hit the supercharger over and over to score big points.

I definitely want to get more pins. WCS is fun but not sure I want to own it. I do like T2 but next on my list is Funhouse - if I can find one.

#424 6 years ago

Anyone ever have balls jam on the left rpm lane? Now and then the ball will catch something up top, below the supercharger and out of view, when hitting the left rpm loop. It sounds like it rattles around or there is one big clunk then it rolls back down. Other times it's completely smooth and fine. I don't see anything there that would snag the ball so it makes no sense. It's pretty frustrating when you nail the perfect shot for a jackpot and then get the ball rejected. Is this normal?

#429 6 years ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

I've seen that problem before, but never diagnosed it. There are at least two rollover switches through there - perhaps the switches are sticking and the ball gets hung up on weaker shots?

That's the only thing I can think of but I don't see how it could stop a fast moving ball. Only fast shots get snagged.

#431 6 years ago

I'm so frustrated. The ball got snagged on the left rpm loop a little while ago and I lost a superjackpot in Redline Mania. Sigh. I did some maintenance today and played with it some more. I can get it to reject the ball when throwing it by hand but only once with a lot of throws. My only theory is that the side metal wall is not a smooth curve so maybe when a ball bounces in the right spot it sends it into obstacles on the other side. If I had to guess, I would say it gets caught about 20% of the time. Like NewPinOwner said, I do need someone else to help observe with the ramps removed.

I knew my rubbers were dirty but to my surprise so was the playfield. I cleaned things up with novus1 and a rubber cleaner. Now the ball seems to get caught up in the lock ramp more than usual. It looks like the ramp doesn't even lift sometimes when it should. The ball just stays stuck until the game does a ball search and lifts the ramp. It's done it before but not that much. I guess I have to learn to take those kind of things apart and figure out how to make it work better.

One thing I am curious about is the launcher. I know it's suppose to send the ball around the loop but mine rarely does. Today, with many plays it did it only once. Not a big deal but it's nice to take a shot at the lock when lit. I suppose if I waxed things it might help but is that typical? I would love to get everything working smoothly but maybe that's impossible.

#435 6 years ago
Quoted from steve1515:

It's supposed to be 99.9-100% of the time. On mine I had an issue where it wasn't. I needed to adjust the plunger so it was centered on the ball and also the shooter lane guide.
See my thread there on how to fix it:

Thanks for linking that thread. I didn't even think of that. I went to go check and sure enough mine is not aligned. In fact, it looks exactly like yours in the pic so I am going to try the same adjustment.

#437 6 years ago

Follow up: I am not happy about the hack job but I got it working much better. I started by shimming the plunger. It looks straight and centered now but it only helped a little. What did the trick was moving the metal side rail that guides the ball. I had to push it as far back as it would go. I can't test it too much because my kids are sleeping but I am happy with the results. It launched successfully 6-7 times in a row and it's never done that since I owned it. Thanks, Steve.

#448 6 years ago

How often do you need to wax? Seems like a huge job to take everything apart.

#450 6 years ago

I've hit the super jackpot a few times in redline mania but it only gives me 50m. That's the same in multiball but thought it was 100m. I don't watch the score so not sure if the display is wrong. Anyone else's do this?

#452 6 years ago

Okay, I did that once in multiball. For some reason, I usually choke in multiball play but once in a while I can get a cradle and get some good shots. I just can't figure out why it says super is worth 100m at the start of redline mania when it really is 50m. I know it goes up but that makes no sense.

#465 6 years ago

Tilted81 - did you replace the flap on the up/down lock ramp or just the supercharger? Mine is cracked. It seems to work okay for now but would like to replace it someday.

Love all the pics, NewPinOwner. Thanks for posting.

#468 6 years ago

I think I figured out why balls got snagged in the back going up the left rpm lane. The second switch stood tall and square. Looking at the front switch and others, it should lay down more and be more triangle shape. Not sure if that makes sense. Anyways, I think the ball was sometimes hiting that switch on the side which was like hitting a wall. If the ball hit the switch on a direct path from the front, it was fine. I bent it down and out so its lower and has a better profile. I could only play a few games this morning but the ball seems a lot smoother going through there.

#469 6 years ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Both. That first pic is of the up/down ramp here is a pic installed looks amazing

image-138.jpg 106 KB

Is the flap listing on pinbits for both the lock ramp and supercharger?

1 week later
#499 6 years ago

Funny thing happened to me today. I had a delayed tilt right before I shot a 3rd lock. The ball went to the lock and never drained. The game got confused, dumped all three balls but played as normal, not multiball. I shot the supercharger and then video mode. Flippers went dead for video mode so I lost the third ball. During video mode, the other ball stayed in the supercharger - that was cool. I got another lock and then it went to multiball.

There are other times that my Getaway gets confused. After the first multiball, sometimes it starts multiball with just one lock. Anyone else have that happen?

1 week later
#510 5 years ago

Yeah, awesome shots. Did you go with a led kit or buy individually? What kind of comet leds did you use? I'm interested in using leds in mine but with all the different choices, I have no idea what to use.

#522 5 years ago
Quoted from dtown:

No kit. Get the old note pad out and count your bulbs. How many GI Warm Whites? How many insert non-ghosting greens? How many 44's or 555's? Etc.
For the lower GI around the slings and anywhere there wasn't green trees I used warm white supreme brightness SMD's. Anywhere I was lighting green tree plastics I used the same bulb but in green. Even in the mid and upper playfield area if the plastic being illuminated wasn't green I used the warm white. For example, areas that are mountains or speed limit signs. Some guys like frosted but I just used the clear domes.
For inserts, I just color matched. Green inserts got green supreme brightness SMD's. The difference was that I chose the non-ghosting because the possible issues you can have with WPC games. For the white RPM inserts and any other white jewel insert I used cool white.
The back box is an assortment of reds, blues and cool whites.
The Supercharger Sign got a frosted Supreme Brightness SMD non-ghosting yellow and red.
I used three red ones of these in the pops.
Although, these would be cool too, if not a little pricey.
There's all sorts of choices for flashers but I used the natural white 8 SMD's for the playfield.
And the 13 SMD's for the backbox, "free ride" insert and the supercharger.
Note that I had no issues with any of the Comet LED's I bought. If it wasn't working right it was usually an issue with the holder's connectors needing tightening or, in one instance, an issue with the board's header pins needing resoldered. Comet LED's are good stuff. While I love Cointaker, if I'm not at a show (where the deals are really good) their online prices are a little too much.
One final piece of advice. F*ck those cheap single LED's that sell for around 38 cents. They're so dim I might as well use a 44 incandescent.
Hope this helps some.

Big thanks for the info. I saw a LED Getaway last weekend and was very impressed. I definitely plan on putting LED's in mine and playing with colors. I like the use of green up top and red on the bottom. I also want to light up the back corners, especially around the supercharger better but not sure how yet.

I talked to Art and he mentioned you can only use 3-8 non-ghosting bulbs without the ocd board. Sounds like you used non-ghosting on all inserts. Did you have the ocd board??

#525 5 years ago

Order leds from comet for the back board and some samples to test out on the playfield. I want to check out what some of the colors look like in the inserts and the difference between warm/natural whites. I also got some strips to copy what MustangPaul did and light up the gauges.

I fixed my broken flipper and put on superbands. Love them! They have the right amount of grip and bounce. So much easier to get accurate shots. I even blasted my high score tonight - got 787m. This time I got not one but two 100m super jackpots in redline mania. I swore it only gave out 50m before the few times I did it. My supercharger diverter seems to be malfunctioning more and more. It sticks open so that did help in getting my high score - got 235m in one supercharger mode. I also figured out that some of the rollover switches do not work 100%. That explains why the ramp does not lift out of the way sometimes and balls often get stuck under it. Even with the problems, I still love to play it. Sometimes I don't even let my kids play because one more game.

#529 5 years ago

The ball bounces out of the tunnel cup on mine sometimes as well. That is usually from a hard shot from the flipper, though. I think the problem is from a lot of wear of the playfield around the hole. Mine has little wear so it works most of the time.

#532 5 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

Just noticed last night it says "change lanes" on the apron.
referring to changing lanes on the inlanes/outlanes
But you cant change lanes on mine?
can anybody change lanes?

It's referring to video mode.

#536 5 years ago

My flippers are pretty strong - like most decently maintained machines I have played. With the proper shot, the ball shoots up the lock ramp with ease. I can't backhand the supercharger unless I hit a fast moving ball. I would look at youtube Getaway videos for comparisons. I forget who, but someone on pinside posted a long video of a ridiculous high score. His played super fast.

#543 5 years ago

Need some help. I still have an issue of balls shot hard into the left rpm loop getting jammed under the supercharger. I had another pair of eyes watching and he observed the ball slamming into the back wall in the back, bouncing down, and hitting the rubber on the post above the pop bumpers. Basically, the ball does not go through there smoothly and bounces off the walls. With all the open area back there, it seems like a design flaw but I've never heard anyone else have this issue. It does not always happen but frequent enough to be real annoying.

One thought is that the metal side wall is not shaped correctly. Looking up the left rpm lane on your machine, does the metal side on the left follow the orange painted line on the playfield all the way to the back? Mine bows out a little (top purple arrow). All the other metal rails and walls follow the artwork closely so I wonder if that is the problem.

#544 5 years ago

One other thing, anyone have a weird high score? Playing tonight, I had a decent game. Good but not great. With the fast gameplay, I don't watch the score that closely. I expected around 300 million at the end but had almost a billion. My previous best game was not even close to that with more jackpot and supercharger points. Looks impressive but there is no way that score is legit. My supercharger is not working so maybe that has something to do with it.

#548 5 years ago
Quoted from kyle5574:

My outside guide is a bit tighter than the orange playfield art towards the top of the orbit. I remember somebody questioning alignment of that guide and posting pictures of it, but I can't find the thread. Where is the ball bouncing up? Maybe a solution like the one in this thread would help?

Thanks for the link. That seems like the exact same problem. I first thought it was the rollover switches but now think it is something else. Something is causing the ball to take a different path and the ball starts bouncing off walls under the supercharger. When playing, you can't see it but hear a lot of noise of the ball knocking into metal. I will try to remove the screws and see if that helps.

#551 5 years ago

I always thought they were all diamond plate. On the bottom right side of the playfield, it should say diamond plate.

#552 5 years ago

I think I solved my ball jam problem in the rpm orbit. It was very similar to the above thread. All I did was remove the screw holding the metal wall in the back under the supercharger. The ball must of been getting airborne and hitting that screw head. I've played many games and zero issues with balls getting jammed back there. It's so much more fun playing with all shots getting through the orbit.

#559 5 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

I'm the newest member of the club!!! I picked up my Getaway in Gatineau this weekend. It's sitting on my living room floor, just daring me to set it up. Can't wait to get it standing and fire up a game!

Well, what are you waiting for? Plug it in and play. Run the red light!

#560 5 years ago

I mentioned this before but got no response. Anyone get a super high score out of nowhere? I have had a few games go over a billion with little work. One minute I have a few hundred million, play redline mania or a few multiballs, then look up to see a billion. Rarely have I got over 500m. Even my 10 yr old boy got 700m somehow. He is pretty good but not that good. I did get a legit billion with getting to redline mania multiple times, lots of jackpots, and lots of free balls. Anyone have a similar experience? My game does get weird after a while and starts multi ball with one or two locks. With that and the supercharger not currently working, it is easy to run up a high score but not that high.

#563 5 years ago

I had a tech over looking at different issues. He did a factory reset and checked the rollover switches. I thought some were faulty but they all checked out okay. The high scoring happened after that so maybe the reset did something. Filming gameplay is a great idea - going to do that.

#570 5 years ago
Quoted from Chet:

Problem: Ball sometimes gets trapped under the lift ramp during multiball. I read thru most of the threads on the lift ramp issues, but curious if anyone else has experienced this problem. When in multi-ball, sometimes one of the balls will get stuck under the lift ramp and will only get released when the games goes into ball search and lifts the ramp. This, of course, ruins multi-ball. Sometimes if more than one ball is still in play, I can knock it loose, but most of the time, the balls stays there until you drain and then goes into ball search looking for the one missing ball. My lift ramp works fine, raising and lowering completely and works fine otherwise during gameplay. The mechanism travels smoothly, up and down, so mechanically there is no binding.
Comments, thoughts, suggestions on what to look for?

Mine does that. Most of the time it works but on occasion it does not lift at all and traps a ball. I thought the rollover switches were flaky. I did some testing with hand throwing the balls and sometimes the switches did not trip. I had the switches adjusted and tested so I know they work. After that, the problem seems more rare but still happens. I had a problem with balls getting airborne on the left orbit shot so I wouldn't be surprised if balls are getting airborne on the right side and fly over the switches. If so, I top plate would have to be fabricated to keep the balls from getting airborne. Another theory is that the ball takes a different path and does not roll directly over the switch. Not sure what could be done about that.

#577 5 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

So the batteries in my new-to-me HS2 (expired in 2008) had corroded the holder so it is non functioning. Luckily the corrosion seems to stop there.
The software is version 1. Should I upgrade to newer software? Or is newer software only used for mods with add-ons to the playfield? Software versions are a new thing to me.
Also, if a software upgrade is recommended, is there a particular one I should use? How do I perform it, just get some eproms and burn the new software to them and swap them out? If yes to that, where do I get the files and what chips do I need?
PS, this game is so awesome.

Sorry to hear about the corrosion but congrats on getting a great pin! I am running L5 and it gets buggy at times - especially after redline mania. I would like to try L2 but like you, I am not sure how to do that. Buggy or not, I still really enjoy playing it so not to worried about it.

1 week later
#579 5 years ago

Here is a video I got of my scoring glitch. At around 3:40, you can see the score jump 250 million or so for no reason.

#582 5 years ago

What do you guy think about this "mod"? Hard to call a sticker a mod but something I wanted to try. I bought it over the internet but it's not exactly what I wanted. It's kind of grungy and more orange than yellow. From behind the flippers, it doesn't look too bad and I can easily remove it if I change my mind.

#585 5 years ago

The donut house looks out of place to me for some reason. I do like the idea of the mountain mod and a real tunnel. I saw someone selling one but they were sure proud of it.

1 week later
#592 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hmmmm, a local guy wants mine and I've been thinking of selling.

If you get a really good offer and not overly attached then go for it. Getaway is fun but so are other pins. Yours looks awesome with the mods, though.

#595 5 years ago

The most I got in supercharger mode is 225 million but that is with the supercharger not working. The ball goes up the ramp and straight down instead of doing a loop which adds a lot of extra time to make more shots. If I landed every shot, I might get a upwards of 300 million. With the supercharger working, I don't think I could get more than 140 million. Getting 700+ million would require 17 shots to the supercharger. I think there is 30 seconds in the mode so that would be a supercharger shot every 1.7 seconds. I don't think that would be possible.

I do have a weird scoring glitch I made a movie of and posted in this thread earlier. All my high scores are over a billion but none of them legit. Most people run L2 or L5. I have L5 but it seems very buggy so thinking of trying L2.

#599 5 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

17+ shots sounds about right. I was in supercharger mode, and the supercharger was charged up, so I got a few loops in a row out of each shot to the turbocharger, I don't remember if it was 3 or 4 loops. Do that 4 or 5 times (which I did), and there's a big score. Most of the time I drain about 1.8 seconds after going into supercharger mode, but that one time I made the most of it.

That's weird. I think it should just spin the ball once per shot in supercharger mode. That's what mine always did. Anyone else want to confirm that?

#612 5 years ago

I had a chance to play nascar yesterday. I love car themes and wanted to love it but no. For me, a good pin is one that is hard to stop playing. I had no problem walking away from nascar after a few games. Music, call outs, gameplay, and design are all meh. Even after owning Getaway for a while, I am always like one more game. I also got to try indy500 but Getaway still the best car theme pin imo.

1 week later
#628 5 years ago

Mancave - does the diverter move freely by hand? It should feel like it has a slight spring tension but not much. Perhaps it was lubbed with something that gunked it up. Mine feels likes it binds a bit in the middle but works fine. Also, is the game throwing any errors?

#642 5 years ago

Finally got my Getaway 100% working. Burnt connector was fixed a little while ago and now the supercharger is fixed. Did another factory reset so hopefully the scoring glitch will be fixed. Played a pretty good game and got a legit 720m.

I also put in the last few led bulbs to complete the full conversion. Leds are from Comet and they are awesome. Absolutely a joy to play now and love the light show. Pictures do not do them justice but here are a few.

DSC_1773.JPG DSC_1777.JPG DSC_1778.JPG
#647 5 years ago

$700? If the playfield looks as good as the cab, you scored big time. You might want to check out the gear assembly for the beacon. There was a thread here detailing taking it apart, cleaning, and relubing to get it working again. Mine has the common problem of sticking. I just whack the side of the cabinet to get it going.

#648 5 years ago

It's not too hard to do if you learn how to feed the ball to the right flipper in supercharger mode. I can get over 200m if I don't miss a shot. Do that twice and that over 400m. After the first mulitball and/or passing redline mania, my game gets confused and starts multiball often with just one lock shot or two. I haven't figured out what the issue is but it makes it easy to get a lot of jackpots.

#663 5 years ago
Quoted from nvu4prod:

Glad you got your Getaway all fixed up! But really after your fix, 720 million? I've owned Getaway for over 5 years and have barely cracked 300 million on 3 ball. Sure your scoring on Getaway is working correctly? Seems over the top!! ...

The best way to get points is hitting the supercharger over and over in supercharger mode. My best is 225m. Once in a while, I have a long game and get to redline mania a few times. Most of the time, I don't do so well and 300m is still a good game for me. Had a game last night where as soon as redline mania was lit, I drained the last ball.

2 weeks later
#669 5 years ago

Recently took apart the playfield for a cleaning and waxing. I have never done that before so it was a good learning experience. Fixed a few things along the way as well. I was surprised to find that some of my star posts were absolutely destroyed. With everything back together and cleaned up, it sure looks good. With the wax and new balls, it plays so fast that it's almost impossible to keep up with the ball. This game is meant to be played fast but the supercharger diverter has a hard time keeping up. It seems to open and close quickly but sometimes not fast enough. Is this a normal? I would expect there to be limits on how fast the diverter can react.

#675 5 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

I just had the craziest game. Got through redline mania twice, and almost got through 4th gear a third time (damn, because the supercharger is my favorite mode). Scored the super jackpot for the first time ever - was a bit disappointed it's only 50 mil, thought it would be more like 100. Didn't score much with either supercharger mode, but didn't immediately drain on them either which seems to happen a lot :p. 383 million over all. Not even half my record score, but pretty damn respectable. Now I have too much adrenaline in me to go to bed.

I posted a while back with the same thing. I was so excited getting a super jackpot in redline mania but disappointed it was only 50m. Somehow the game is confused or something makes it go into regular multiball mode. Maybe you can't drain a ball to get the 100m but it's probably buggy code. It must has something to do with all locks and jackpots go through the same path and switches. Maybe it is something like you have two locks before redline and the first jackpot counts as a lock to put the game in regular multiballs but that is a guess. I have even seen the multiballs animations start up and drained balls kicked back out in the middle of redline mania but I think that just happened once. I also notice the game gets buggy about locks and multiballs after redline mania. I don't mind because the game is still fun.

#679 5 years ago

It's extra ball and I rarely see it. I remember seeing it more after factory reset. Maybe it has to do with average game score. The easiest way to beat video mode is to hold middle lane on left or right so you only have to move a little over and.back to avoid cars in one lane. If the EB shows it's on the other side and you have no time to get it if in top gear. It's the only thing I have not done in the game. I'm curious what animation you get for it.

#687 5 years ago

I had a problem last night when I couldn't get to redline mania. Only one more rpm shot was needed to light redline mania. Getting any rpm shot did nothing. All the rpm lights were lit and on redline in the center insert lights. Shooting the ball up the supercharger didn't do anything either. It was my third ball and I eventually drained to end the game. Anyone else ever see something like that?

I had another weird thing in that game. After a good supercharger mode of over 200m, the game reported only 19m won in the end which isn't even possible. It looked like the right number of points were added to the score, though.

1 week later
#695 5 years ago
Quoted from Chet:

i typically avoid getting secret mania, it's kind of neat with the lightshow, but I almost always drain really fast for some reason.

With LEDs, the light show is awesome. The mode must engage some hidden magnets because a drain seems to be guaranteed. It would of been cool if there was a jackpot shot or some goal in the mode like to get an extra ball. I don't know why you would go through the trouble coding for it when it is so pointless score-wise.

#699 5 years ago

Try adjusting the wires on the leds or flip them around. I had some that took some adjusting/fiddling to light. Also try a regular bulb or other leds to make sure the socket is working.

#703 5 years ago

Anyone use leds in the supercharger ramp sign? I'm curious which ones you used. I tried using regular frosted lens leds but they are too wide. Currently I am using bullet lens style leds but not happy with the brightness.

#707 5 years ago

Sweet score - almost a billion! I try not to play in the afternoon because of that "one more game" thing that never ends.

#711 5 years ago
Quoted from GixerEd1:

Hello again Getaway Owners!
I am now the proud owner of a Getaway: HS2!
Just picked it up last night from fellow Pinsider Rob in NYS. Great guy!

Nice! Any plans for mods?

#718 5 years ago

I had a huge game tonight - probably my best. I struggled to get shots on my ST but was killing it on Getaway. Almost made it to redline mania three times. Got this score with no super jackpots but did get several free balls.

#727 5 years ago
Quoted from kyle5574:

I had a couple firsts tonight. First time getting all three balls in the Supercharger and first time having a ball soar through the back of the playfield into the cabinet. THUNK! I had a good laugh at that. Maybe I should invest in one of these:

I had to get one of those after the 3rd or 4th thunk. Very annoying when you have a good game going. Definitely get one - cheap, easy to install, and it does the job.

#737 5 years ago

As long as the supercharger and diverter works most of the time, I think it's fine. Some seem to be faster than others. I noticed mine was a whole lot faster after waxing and new balls but has slowed back down to normal. My diverter sometimes fails to move fast enough and I get a credit dot for diverter error. Games plays fine most of the time so I accept it.

I have a new beacon light motor but it still fails to spin a lot. A slap on the side of the cabinet gets it going. I could probably fix it by cleaning up the internal parts and adding new lube but in no hurry to do so.

Other than those things, just play a few games and make sure everything is working - like the up down ramp in the back. When locks are lit, the ramp is down but has to raise when balls are launched or hit into the right orbit. Mine does not always lift but that is because the balls bounce over or around the switches.

#743 5 years ago

So is the game suppose to release one ball at a time in mb? Mine never has.

#749 5 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Where does this install? Right above diverter? And does it fix the problem? Pics? Thanks.

It's a simple metal flap and mounts to the top back of the cabinet. It uses existing screws so super easy to install. It just stops balls from flying over the supercharger and over the back of the play field. This happens when a slow ball enters the supercharger and then is hit by a fast ball already in the supercharger.

1 week later
#761 5 years ago

Mine can vary from 26m to 27m. I have no idea why there is such a difference because I play it exactly the same every time.

#765 5 years ago

Slim64- I like it! I really like how you painted the mounting tabs black to hide them. I thought about painting the section around the flashers black to add depth but not sure if that would look good. Yours looks great.

#774 5 years ago

I have not seen an alt translite that fits the game IMO. The stock one looks great and matches the game art. Save money and keep it. Light it up with LEDs and it will look even better.

#789 5 years ago
Quoted from DefaultGen:

Ugh, my collection is mostly 1989-1994 and my HS2 came with the alternate translite. It sticks out like a sore thumb. It's like the prototypical bad photoshopped alternate translite. I wish Aurich would redo The Getaway but the original translite is good so there's no reason to!

I forget where but someone had a repro of the original translite if you wanted one. You could even customize the license plate to whatever you want instead of kingpin. It was a little expensive, though.

#791 5 years ago

Not sure it was buggy code but ended up playing supercharger mode in multiball. Anyone else have that happen. It was pretty cool. I started mb as normal. Got the 50m super jackpot and then hit the 75m super jackpot at the last second with one ball left. The game started mb over but started supercharger mode as well. I guess the jackpot shot bumped rpm and was still in grace period of jackpots.

#797 5 years ago

I finally got around to adding some lighting to the back using a Comet light strip. It turned into more work than I thought. When pointed straight down, the lights reflect too much off the back metal wall. At too much angle, it lights up the pops too much and gets a bad reflection off the playfield. Solution was to get a slight angle with a light diffuser. In this case, a piece of paper and duct tape. Not proud of that but it works.

My inspiration came from MustangPaul but I know others have done this. The lighting is pretty strong back there so thinking of a way to dial it down with a proper diffuser. Any ideas? I know it is hidden but still want it to look decent.

IMG_20150328_184930_877.jpg IMG_20150328_185655_961.jpg
#803 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Go with a purple strip, try a 3 or 7 led strip. Or take the 7 you have and cut one or two off to make it a 6 or a 5 without the diffuser. If still to bright try the cut ones with the diffuser on. Mount the strip so it far to the left behind the Blower and the start of the strip is right next to the left ramp extending to the right. And don't forget to light the kick out hole from the underside.

Good suggestions. I might try the purple since it won't be as bright but don't want to mix too many colors. I already flooded the gi with red and green. I would like to light the tunnel saucer but not sure how. There is not much under there to mount or stick a light.

#809 5 years ago
Quoted from LongJohns:

I ended up using a couple of spot lights in the area. I tried the strips and didn't care too much for the light. I ended up with purple LED's, 1 super bright and 1 regular (the super bright is pointing towards the left). I will have to try and remember to post some pictures.
MustangPaul - thanks for the suggestion (re: kick out hole) - didn't even think of that one and will have to add it.

Pics would be great of any light mods. I like the clips of the comet light strips. I've only made one solder connection (fixed a loose wire on light strip) and definitely need more practice. One thought is putting the light strip in a bend so that it puts light all across the back instead of just straight down. More ideas and pics would be great.

It would also be cool to see pics of lighted tunnel saucers. I wonder if a color changer would look good there.

#811 5 years ago

Nice work, smiley. Man, that saucer does look good lit up. I need to do that. The other light mod this game could really use is spotlights for lighting the center of the playfield. Anyone do that?

#815 5 years ago

You have to solder in those spotights, right?

1 week later
#840 5 years ago
Quoted from Flake49:

Are you using the alligator clips? Everytime I've tried using those I blow a fuse and to my knowledge I'm hooking them up right. I have the game turned off, I hook the clips to a GI socket soldered wire connection (making sure its not touching anything else). Turn game on, instant blown fuses. WTF.

That happened to me once but I think I was fiddling with the clips with the power on. I also still had regular bulbs in the game - maybe I overpowered the circuit. I have since converted the entire game over to leds and have 3 clipped lights strips without any problems. Whenever I am working on anything under the playfield, I make sure to have the power off.

I would check where you are clipping onto. Some of the sockets are very close together so maybe you are shorting somewhere. You want the metal parts of the clips only touching where the wires are soldered together. I don't think the polarity matters. Blowing a fuse means something is drawing too much current. It wouldn't hurt to post some pics of how/where you are clipping them.

2 weeks later
#871 5 years ago

That's pretty cool. It would be extra cool if the shifter would light up when the shift insert is lit.

#877 5 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

You could mill a small channel on the underside of the shaft to run wires up.

That would be a pain. One idea is to run the wires along the shaft and sleeve it with a larger pipe. You could also do a shifter boot to hide wires. Still a lot of work but options.

2 weeks later
#895 5 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

The supercharger lights on my Getaway are suddenly not working. Can someone point me to hich fuse is for these lights ? I cant figure it out from the manual and dont really feel like pulling out every fuse unless i have too. Figure i ill start checking the fuse and then going from there.

Not sure but you can check fuses with a multimeter or just replace them all.

1 week later
#929 5 years ago
Quoted from Don44:

How much does a getaway go for these days? No fade on cabinet and 9 out of 10 condition overall?

There are two nice ones for sale in the marketplace for over $3k.

#932 5 years ago

I recently installed L2 rom and remote battery holder. Game keeps reporting shifter error but no issues with gameplay. Plays fine. I've seen the error before so don't think it has much to do with changes. Anyone know what this error means? Not a big deal but annoying to always see that credit dot.

#934 5 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

does the shifter register up and down in test mode?

Yes except mine is backwards. Moving shifter up registers as down and vice versa. It's always been that way since I owned it.

1 week later
#962 5 years ago

You can put a ColorDMD in but it will be one color only.

2 weeks later
#982 5 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

Red Line Mania question:
After shooting the ramp to start Red Line Mania, the ball starts looping through the supercharger while the lights flash and the awards are described. Eventually, the turbocharger turns off, the ball loses steam, and rolls back down the in ramp. I would expect it should be diverted out and to the left inlane, the same as when the supercharger light is flashing and you hit the ramp. Is this correct? Or a bug? Or a bug that happens only in L1?

Sounds like your diverter is not working. Are you getting any error codes?

1 month later
#1015 5 years ago

The best mod overall is switching to leds. Game puts on a great light show. I recommend lighting up the gauges on the sling plastics with light strips. I got the idea from MustangPaul and it's a huge improvement to the look of the game. I also light up the back behind the supercharger where it was really dark with a light strip. The game could use a few spotlights to light the middle but haven't done that.

#1046 5 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

In watching the video, as mentioned above, I noticed that their supercharger made 3 lightning fast loops and then released the ball. On my machine, it is usually between 5 and 7 loops, and they're sorta fast. But nothing like I just saw. What do people do to soup up (or possibly just restore) their supercharger to make these crazy super awesome fast loops?

After cleaning mine up and waxing, it was much faster but calmed down after a while.

3 weeks later
#1064 5 years ago

I often forget how fun Getaway is. I don't play it for a while and then decide I will play just one game. That turns into a bunch of one more games. I had an epic game over the weekend where I got to redline mania 4 times and got 950m. Getting super jackpots (especially the 100m one) is such a rush. No other pin gets my heart pumping like that.

I still wish there was another mode or a little more depth to the rules to push it over the top. A top speed challenge would be cool where you hit rpm shots to increase speed in a set time. A hurry up shot to the supercharger or tunnel would also be simple and fun. Both of those could be started by a burn rubber award. Instead of remakes, it would be cool if someone improved older games and sold the roms - with permission/rights of course.

#1076 5 years ago

Nice, Den. Cabinet looks like it's in great shape except for that wear around the flipper button. Looks like someone who played the game a lot had a ring. No big deal in my book.

Speaking of cabinet wear, anyone touch up the black paint on their Getaway? I'm wondering what would be a good paint match.

#1079 5 years ago
Quoted from DocRotCod:

Can someone help clear up some confusion on the shifter? I know top says shift up, and bottoms says shift down. What I need to know is let's say video mode is starting, and I want to go to fifth gear, should I have to go shift down or shift up? I'm trying to determine if my switches are backwards, because everyone at my shop is telling me it is.

I believe "shift up" goes to higher gears and that is pushing the stick up. Mine is backwards for whatever reason. I never noticed it until I played another Getaway. Thought about fixing mine but why bother?

#1098 5 years ago

Den - look up MustangPaul's light strip mods. I light up my gauge plastics on the slings like he did and added a light strip to the back where it is really dark. My only mistake was using a while light strip in the back. I swapped it for a purple one and looks much better. My own tweak was using some foam to mount the light strip in a half moon shape to get a bigger spread of light across the back.

One part you made need is the metal protector that fits in the top left back corner behind the supercharger. Without that protector, you will get air balls flying back there and into the cabinet.

#1125 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

I've got a Getaway to re-rubber. I presume I need to remove ALL components from the upper PF. How many hours should I set aside for that? Any shortcuts or pointers? Fine to do this in the cabinet, or will I be happier going rotisserie?

It's not too bad. Looks like you already got into it. I did it once and fumbled a bit with the supercharger. There are two connectors that you should disconnect first under the playfield so you can pull the whole thing off once loosened. I found all the ramps and wireforms pretty easy to remove. I put parts in bags and labeled everything so getting it all back together was easy. Make sure to clean everything while it is apart. I also cleaned up the ball trough best I could and under the apron. After doing that, the game stayed clean longer.

#1128 5 years ago

My diverter was doing things like that. I thought it might have something to do with the spring so I bought a new one. Funny thing is that it seems to have fixed itself. Once in a while it doesn't open or a ball hits it as its moving but it is rare.

#1145 5 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Just joined this club

Congrats! Great game to get!

Mof - Nice work getting all that done so fast. I just got my Titan rubber order in. Hopefully, I will have time this weekend to start digging into my Getaway.

#1150 5 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

L2 is the best Rom

Agreed. I started out with L5 but that was very buggy. The game was often confused, especially in multiball. I upgraded to L2 and everything has been perfect. You also get the "run the red light" message in L2 that was removed in L5.

#1163 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

My min volume is 8.
1. How can I make 8 more quiet?
2. Why 8?

There is a setting to override min volume. Also, I don't think you can adjust ball save time.

Kyle - sweet tach mod! The shift light is a nice touch, too. Very clever.

#1185 5 years ago

Shopped my Getaway this weekend. Went with full Titan rubbers. Red for slings and flippers. Clear for everything else. Looks pretty good. I also converted my GI from red/green to white. I didn't like how the colored GI washed out some of the playfield art. Not sure I like the all white, though. It's definitely bright enough - Comet 2 smd bulbs and op-max in slings. Maybe too bright. Kinda plain with everything a bright white. With the colored GI, you really noticed the flashers going off but not so much now. I'll give it some time but might switch back.



#1188 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Did they have a kit for it, or did you make a rubber list? I wasn't sure if the one in the manual is accurate.

I think the manual was accurate. I used it as a reference but also did a visual count. If I remember right, the manual does not list the rings on star posts. Speaking of star posts, mine are often broken. I recommend having a bunch handy and keeping an eye on them.

#1193 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Did you use some blue LEDs across the top of the loop? (Or is that just cool white?) I did some of that with my High Speed, and I plan to do that with Getaway...

There is no lighting in the back so I added a purple light strip behind the supercharger. I have it attached in a half moon shape so it really spreads the light across the back.

#1197 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Ok, I'd like to do that but in blue -- where can I grab one? There's that free 1/2" hole top right begging for a bulb socket.

These are awesome:

#1204 5 years ago

That's really cool, Den! Great idea. I wouldn't mind it being thick because I already put washers under the supercharger mount. That help fixed an issue I had with balls in the supercharger hitting the top plastic above the turn around. Any idea of cost?

#1232 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Bump for:
2. I have too many loop shots from the upper right flipper that collide with the underside of the ramp. Has anyone made adjustments to alleviate this? (I seem to be able to make many left orbits from the left flipper just fine, so I presume it's when there's the smallest of ball hops?)

My game is sometimes clunky. Balls hit certain way get stuck under ramp or bounce off things. I had one issue where the ball hit something in the back during left orbit shot. Eventually figured out ball catches air at speed and hit a screw head on the ball guide. Removed screw and problem solved. I think mine hits the ramp, too. Hard to tell what exactly is happening with speed of game. Given that my ramp flap is cracked, I think it has been hit more than a few times in its life. Not sure you can raise it more than stock.

1 week later
#1269 5 years ago


#1276 5 years ago

When you said mountain mod, I thought it would be over the tunnel shot - like the prototype mountain. Looks out of place there.

#1288 5 years ago

Super cool, indy!

#1315 5 years ago

Interesting. Maybe it's a prototype, sample, or whatever they call early built machines. It wouldn't bother me either. Looks cool like that. I think all Getaways are Diamondplate but could be wrong.

#1323 5 years ago

The upper loop would be too easy without that post.

Sticky - congrats on getting your Getaway. It was my first pin, too. To reset high scores, open the coin door and hold down the enter button for 5-10 seconds. I think it should be labeled as such, too. I forget - only did it once. You can always pull the batteries out with the power off and that will do a full factory reset.

Leds are the best mod you can do if not already done. I followed MustangPaul's example and lit up the gauge plastics over the slings with a comet light strip and one in the back behind the supercharger. I'm not a big fan of tacking on toys and junk to the playfield but some do.

#1335 5 years ago

You can change the default high scores. I did that so my boys could put up their initials - at least for a short while until I played. If I remember right, you change the default scores in the hstd settings. After doing that, resetting the high scores should put them to your settings. If you don't know already, you can view the manual here:

Indy - those mirrored strips look awesome. Where did you get them?

Den - I get what you are doing now. If you do a whole set of mountain toppers that looks pretty good. I would make that Getaway logo one look like it's carved out of a mountain. Do some more for the right side. Maybe splash some gray paint on them to get a better feel of how they look.

#1352 5 years ago

This is the only one you need. It mounts on the bottom on the backside of the cabinet below the glass holder. It keeps balls colliding in supercharger from flying over the back into the cab.

#1360 5 years ago

Nice work, indy. Looks great!

#1370 5 years ago

Are you using clips for any of the lighting? If so, make sure they are not touching any brackets or metal. When I did my light strips, I shorted out a gi circuit with using clips. I burnt a connector and blew a fuse. If you are running all leds, there is no way they are overloading the circuit.

#1383 5 years ago

There are generally two types of bulbs (non flashers) - 555 and 44/47. They are basically the same bulb with different bases - one is wedged shaped and the other round.

I also recommend leds. Getaway is easy to change bulbs and it makes a huge difference. Just make sure to turn power off before changing bulbs.

#1390 5 years ago

Traffic light looks pretty good but I prefer the stock look. I think it would look better painted dark gray or black to hide the screws.

#1415 5 years ago
Quoted from mochaman:

Just "updated" from version L-4 to L-2. Which other version was suppose to be good?

L2 is the best. I had L5 and "upgraded" to L2. L5 had bugs that drove me crazy. It would get confused in redline mania and go into regular multiball. L2 has been flawless for me.

#1427 5 years ago

Great job painting the mountain, Ben. Looks like it blends in real well.

#1438 5 years ago

The ball is in the cabinet. It went over the top of the supercharger and over the back panel. You need the bracket that Jgaltr56 is talking about and was discussed not long ago in this thread. It's easy to install and uses existing screws to mount.

#1468 5 years ago

Great idea, indy. Put me down for one if $11. I have bright leds in mine and it really lights up. I thought about painting the inside black but this is a better idea. Like slim said, less work and less chance to mess things up. Looks kinda stock as well.

#1506 5 years ago
Quoted from Flippermatt:

I airbrushed the insides of mine with black. Took less than 7 minutes. Piece of cake and makes a helluva lot of difference....
No way I would spend $ on a mod like that. Hell you could just size thin cardboard paper, paint with black marker and cut out and insert.

Then don't buy one. The time and energy it takes me to drive around getting supplies and doing that is well worth a few bucks. Not everyone has an airbrush either.

#1515 5 years ago
Quoted from Geocab:

Does anyone have a link to a thread or site that shows how to take the ramps out? I have to get to my diverter coil and don't want to break anything. Plus I can clean up under there because it hasn't been touched since God knows when.

It's really easy. I was nervous the first time I did it so I was very organized with keeping track of where every fastener went. The supercharger can be removed as one piece. Just plan ahead and disconnect the connectors underneath. The up/down ramp has a rod that is held on by a clip (if I remember right). Nothing difficult. I did not strip down the entire playfield - just the ramps. I also recommend cleaning the ball trough best you can.

1 week later
#1533 5 years ago

Bigdan, it does sound like bad transistors or something like that. I'm not good with that stuff. I would get a manual and start tracking the bad flashers back to the board. I would assume connectors, fuses, and wiring is good because they light. The thing that switches them on and off is busted.

#1542 5 years ago

Toys are not to scale in pinball. That is just silly. The traffic light is fine. It's the main theme of the game and no bigger than normal inserts. Yellow is the right color and I don't know where else you would put it.

#1552 5 years ago

Sticky, I have had the same problem lately. When I was using L5 rom, it always dumped all 3 balls at once. When I switched to L2, the game sometimes sent one or two at a time. Lately, one is often left stuck in the lock. However, I don't have to take the glass off. Eventually the third ball is let loose. I would start with checking your ball lock switches.

#1590 5 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

I am suddenly having an issue with my getaway. While I'm playing and the green lock arrows come on the back ramp is supposed to lower to allow the lock. It's not always doing it right away and during the time it's not lowering I'm hearing a clicking sound back there and it looks like it's trying to lower but can't. Eventually it does lower but sometimes takes a bit. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and can point me in the right direction before I start tearing things apart to figure it out.

Try moving the ramp up and down in the test menu. That will be a lot easier to diagnose the issue than during gameplay. It does sound like something is bent/loose and hitting up against something.

#1597 5 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

Does anyone know the sizes of just the rubber rings used in the Getaway ? I want to change mine over to superbands (just cant keep the rubber ones clean) and i really dont want to pull them all out just to measure. I checked the manual but it doesnt seem correct.

Go with Titan rubbers. I recently did my Getaway in Titan's. Red bands on the slings/flippers and clear everywhere else. Not sure I like the clear, though. They are not "clear" but cloudy. Looks just like silicon that comes out of the tube. Light does shine through them and does look good in some spots, just not all. Next time I am going with colors instead.

For rubber sizes, look them up in the manual. I refer to the one online here:

#1608 5 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

I looked through my manual and im pretty sure it not correct. Anyone know the proper ring sizes ?

What's not correct? I just replaced all my rubbers and the manual was a good reference for me.

2 weeks later
#1635 4 years ago

LOL - rv mod. It looks like the same exact theme just uglified.

2 months later
#1757 4 years ago

Looks awesome, biglaw!

3 weeks later
#1786 4 years ago

Did you check the shooter lane switch? It has to be something with the trough or shooter lane switches. I would take all the balls out and roll them down the drain one at a time in the switch test to see what is going on.

#1810 4 years ago

I prefer the stock look of red caps.

2 weeks later
#1832 4 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

Is there a chance that L2 or L5 fire in-game sound effects as a warning that something is failing a test?
I have L1. I bought L5 a while back and when I plugged it in, the game was unplayable because of a siren-y sound effect that fired non stop. I returned it thinking it defective, and the replacement did the same thing.
Fast forward to today. I picked up an L2 rom and a new sound ROM, thinking between them, they should work. I get a different sound effect (the time-to-shift-gears) firing quite often during game play.
I have brand new ribbon cables, and everything is freshly re-seated.
It kind of seems like these sound effects are firing for a reason at this point, so I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Doesn't sound normal to me. The only diagnostic sounds I know of are at bootup and they are not in game sounds. That's pretty obvious, though. I went from L5 to L2 without any issues. I would push down on all the chips on the board and make sure they are seated all the way down.

My Congo made some random screech noises during gameplay when I first got it. It had nothing to do with game sounds - more like distortion. Eventually it lost all sound and was related to issues with the sound board. If you pressed on the board in the right spot, sound would work. I had to ship the board out for repairs.

4 weeks later
#2011 4 years ago

Yeah, lots of pop bumper parts. I like the stock pop bumpers - more nostalgic or something like that. Still, didn't know you could get different colors. Could make for some interesting combinations.

#2017 4 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

My machine never had a sticker in that spot when i bought it, was that a normal item on Getaways NIB?

No. It was just blank like the ball lock cover. I cut up a hazard stripe bumper sticker and covered both covers on mine.

#2018 4 years ago

Here is a pic of mine


#2024 4 years ago
Quoted from Da_Topper:

Where did you get the cool instruction cards from? look for them near the end of the list. I added the date of the game on mine.

#2037 4 years ago

Pretty cool. Like to see those lit up.

#2108 4 years ago

Rottenrobert - you need a metal panel piece that covers the back gap behind sc. I forget what it was called. Look back in this thread.

#2114 4 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

It went up and over the top. You need #01-10903 from Marcos.

Yup, that's it. It uses existing screws so really easy to install.

#2143 4 years ago

Steve - All roms seem to be a bit buggy. L5 was very buggy for me. After upgrading to L2 it has been perfect. I don't remember any rom doing that but not a huge issue in my book. My ST sometimes launches 2 balls during multiball. My guess is that the ball bounces around on eject and game thinks it was launched.

Grinder - all lit up star posts look awesome! You are going all out - nice.

#2164 4 years ago

Check your connectors. You more than likely toasted a connection at the pin. I did the same messing with alligators clamps connected to light strips. Now I never fiddle with anything without power off. Need to check fuses as well.

#2177 4 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

Thanks. I try not to fiddle with the lights off either but maybe I had something touching something it shouldn't have when I turned it back on.
If I did toast a connector as you said, what's the remedy? How do I check connectors?

Like Paul said, connectors will be noticeably black/brown if something drew a lot of current like a short. That can melt the plastic connector and damage the pins on the board. The fix is to replace the connector and the pins. I had my connector replaced by did not replace the pins. Lights worked with new connector so didn't bother with the pins. Burnt connectors is pretty common when using incandescent bulbs. Shouldn't be an issue with leds unless you shorted something working on the game with the power on.

I would check all your fuses with the multimeter. They can be bad even when they look okay. Put your multimeter in continuity mode. Put the probes on both ends of the fuse and if the multimeter does not beep, the fuse is bad.

#2186 4 years ago
Quoted from tiltmonster:

It's a matter of taste but I did not like the translucent rings, I went with colored rings from Titan, something about white light shining through the rubber didn't appeal to me. Maybe if you used colored LEDs then it would be ok but then there is color saturation on the plastics... but the sling is 2.5".

Agreed. They are more cloudy than clear. I thought it would look cool with the lights shining through them but not so much. Not sure why but they just don't look right, especially on the slings. I swapped the slings with red ones and they look much better. Someday I will swap the rest but not worth the trouble right now.

I used Titan rubbers with stock sizes. They were very stretchable so not fitment issues. Make sure you are shopping for silicone base rings and not polyurethane. Not sure who else makes silicone rings other than Titan.

#2214 4 years ago
Quoted from kilmarnock1350:

2 problems (connected?) (L2)
I keep getting "check top lock switch 74". It works correctly (as far as I can tell) during each switch test. Closed when closed, open when open.
Hitting the tunnel often results in an endless multiball that can last minutes. The machine keeps auto launching after drains.
Any thoughts>?

Like tilt said, the game will report a switch error if that switch has not been triggered during several games. I would check all the lock and trough switches. Maybe do a factory reset. Don't know what would cause an unlimited ball save.

#2228 4 years ago

Nice tantrum! Apron looks sharp! I really like your cards, too.

#2263 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I think something is wrong here. I had a good game, but I really don't know what I am doing yet. This score from an actual game I played with 5 balls and no cheating (I call it cheating since we still are working on the machine and often play with glass off where we have a tendency to catch the ball and extend play). The only think I know is that I had one sequence where I hit the super charger ramp like 10 times in a row, but it doesn't make sense that it produced a score in the billions, or does it? I don't know what a good score is on this game as I have only had it for a week and really don't have a point of reference. Most of my games are around 50 million or less, so I assume this is some sort of bug. I am running L1 firmware with L2 on ordered and on the way.


That's crazy. You would have to hit a bunch of super jackpots and beat the game many times for that kind of score. When I was running the L5 rom, I had some billion scores that were not legit. For some reason the game would jump up 200 or 300 million points. The busted opto on the supercharger entrance ramp had something to do with it. Once fixed that problem went away.

1 week later
#2384 4 years ago

Nice, tiltmonster. I used strips to light mine but those look better. Either way, game looks so much better with those plastics lit.

#2395 4 years ago

I've played with my lighting a bunch to get it how I like. I have a mix of red, green, and cool white with several light strips.

#2441 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Woohoo! Just placed my LED order at Comet. Can't wait to get everything in and liven up this pin! Thanks for all the great support and mod ideas. I purchased all LEDs for entire pin including backbox and coin door (just no LED for red lamp on top of box). Also, I got everything to add lighting to back of playfield, ball catch between flippers, spot for mountain/tunnel plastic in back right, below supercharger ramp sign, left and right sling tachs, drive 65 plastic, and red kick-out disk (I did buy a few accessories at Pinball Life to complete things - light sockets, flood assemblies, etc.)
All of this plus several extra bulbs for less than the cost of a kit from all of the providers I looked it. It was definitely work figuring out everything and customizing the lighting to my taste, but a big thanks goes to the members of this forum and to a pinhead friend who has helped me out tremendously.
Before/after pics surely to come was the transformation takes place. Also, once I get all of the lights in and verify everything, I plan on posting my lamp spreadsheet for those who may want to mod their Getaway in the future. For me, the hardest part was validating socket types and quantities of everything, and this would have been a big help.

LEDs really brings this game to life. You will not be disappointed. You might want to turn off dimming otherwise you might get some flicker. Love the lightshow getting extra balls and jackpots. I ended up having to do several orders to get all the bulbs I needed. It helps to order a few extra for those few you got wrong or did not count. Just make sure and change bulbs with the power off.

#2461 4 years ago

Nice work, tantrum. Looks great. I found a hazard yellow and black strip sticker to cover mine.

1 week later
#2530 4 years ago

I have no idea but it's only like $10 to get a L2 or L5 rom off ebay. I prefer L2 so I would just replace whatever you got with that.

#2569 4 years ago

There is a wiki page about wpc resets. Sorry I don't have the link but should be easy to find. It gets posted a lot. Never had reset problems. My Congo died in the middle of a game not long ago. Mpu board was corroded and had to be replaced. I would check for corrosion on your board as well. Probably a power issue like mancave said but check the basics.

1 week later
#2612 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

So, I finally decided to try and figure out why often times pressing flipper buttons results in points (doesn't seem to be the same score every time). What I discovered so far through testing switches is that sometimes the center trough switch (57) will open when flippers are pushed (left or right). Could this be the cause of my issue? If so, how do I fix it? If not, where else should I look?

Try checking the ramp optos for being loose or dirty. I had some similar issues with my ST where vibrations were setting off a ramp opto. In the switch matrix, try banging around the playfield and see if any switches go off. Not many optos in Getaway but could still have a flaky switch. If you had issues with trough switches I would think that would really mess up gameplay and not have much to do with points.

#2613 4 years ago
Quoted from Bob86ZZ4:

I'm going to install my l.e.d. kit soon. Thinking about replacing all the rubber too. Anybody have advice what I should replace with? I need to buy a kit for it. Too much work for me to figure out all the stuff on my own. I'm thinking about those translucent ones? Thanks.

No hard to figuring it out. The list is in the manual and not hard to find. It's even posted above. Some places don't even sell ring kits because there are hundreds of different games to deal with. I have Titan rubbers. They stay pretty clean, look great in colors, and work well. Not a fan of the translucent either. Looks exactly like the silicon caulk you get at the hardware store. Big surprise because that's exactly what it is but doesn't look that good in a beautiful pinball machine. Colors like red and green look much better.

2 weeks later
#2678 4 years ago

Balls are getting stuck on one of the switches on mine from time to time. I would start with testing everything in the test menu.

#2682 4 years ago

Pretty cool you did that yourself. Looks great!

1 week later
#2711 4 years ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

Hey guys. Just picked up a nice players Getaway. Quick question...the right flipper button appears to be a double switch for controlling 1 then 2 right flippers. It is not working for me though. Both right flippers engage when the first switch is contacted. The second switch doesn't do anything.
Is this normal or should you be able to flip the bottom with a mid touch and both with a full press of the best?

It's staged. 2nd flipper should not engage until button halfway pressed in. Probably just need to adjust the leaf switch.

2 weeks later
#2752 4 years ago

In both mb and redline mania, you get jackpot then superjackpot. Supercharger loops used to relight jackpot shot and values go up each time.

#2755 4 years ago

Kornfreak - one thing to check is if the ball is hitting the plastic that covers the u-turn. I had that problem when I first got my game. I had to put spacers under the plastic to raise it half an inch or so.

#2782 4 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Diverter is off! Do I run some grease or oil on this thing and the actuator? If so, what kind? Liquid? Paste? Brand? Thanks!!!

I would say no grease. Some kind of light oil or graphite. Grease will get all gunked up over time.

Quoted from KornFreak28:

Thanks! Guys, as you all know, my machine is torn apart. I went ahead and installed LEDs. The Super Charger is completely disconnected as you all, I wanted to turn ON the machine to see if the LEDs work. Can I turn it ON even though the Super Charger is disconnected? Will that cause ANY issues or problems or shorts or damage to the boards or any componet? Thanks!

Sure. You can turn it on with parts disconnected. It will not hurt anything. Just make sure you are not fiddling with things with the power on.

#2786 4 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Have you ever taken the back up and down ramp off? I'm almost there but I'm not sure if its several pieces or one big piece. Do you just pull it off the up and down arm? Thanks!

I did it once and don't remember it being difficult. There is a pin slides under ramp that has to be removed. Forget exactly how but access it through back of game.

#2815 4 years ago

Getaway is real easy to take apart. I took it slow and kept track where every fastener went. My ramp flap is cracked. I bought a replacement long time ago but never got around to installing it. Still works fine so don't feel like going through all that work. Not sure what will cause problems with ball going up ramp. I would just make sure it sits flat and not any weird angles.

#2842 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

when things go haywire after simple work... its usually due to plugging harnesses into the wrong place. Wrong voltages in the wrong place can give all kinds of wierd results.
Go back to where you were working.. and look for any connectors that are of similar size. Make sure you didn't plug a switch plug into a coil or light one, etc. Best thing to do is just review where you were.
You can run the game without the supercharger assembly entirely.. so you can remove the wiring you were working around and see if it cleans up. Also check for things that got moved around and can be shorting on other pieces of metal now.
The game's errors can give you hints on where to start looking.. look up those connectors and double check they are in the right spot, right colors, etc.

I'm not too experienced but found this to be true. Earlier today I reset all connectors in my shadow trying to fix a reset problem it has. Game booted up buzzing and seemed like it was going to blow up. I reset the ribbon cables and it was all good. I would try to reset all connectors. Check pins and for burnt connectors as you go. Go into test mode and test all switches and coils. Start with basics.

#2849 4 years ago

With the supercharger connected, run through testing of the optos, magnets, and diverter. Like tiltmonster says, errors that the game reports may not mean anything. You need to verify that each switch and part is working one at a time. Hard to do that during gameplay when everything is active.

#2856 4 years ago

Glad you got it figured out.

1 week later
#2917 4 years ago

I went from L5 to L2 rom and considered that an upgrade. The L2 rom is only $10 off ebay and super easy to install. Simple chip swap. I see no reason for that one little thing hold you back if you want a colordmd.

#2925 4 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

I have an L5 ROM.....How do you get to redline mania? Thanks

Get rpm's hitting loops, shift gears, and getting to the end of 5th gear. That's pretty much the core of the game. Redline Mania is pretty cool but the best mode for points is the Supercharger Mode. If you can learn to quickly transfer the ball to the right flipper, hit the supercharger, and repeat you can get a lot of points easily. Of course, I always drain right when the mode starts.

#2944 4 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Question...on one of the games I played last night, I had 2 or 3 locked balls and started a Multiball, however I only ended up with the single ball on the playfield, with 2 still locked. I am going to assume this is the "Forgotten Ball Lock" bug?

Don't know about any such bugs. I think the game should serve one ball at a time although my game rarely does so. I do have an issue where one ball gets caught on a switch arm and stays in the lock. I would check for that and test things out with the glass off.

Quoted from Grinder901:

Any known reason why when I go into test mode, and after it reads off the errors, the flippers fire and at first the lower right would stick in the up position but now the upper right flipper gets stuck in the up position.
What gives?

Test mode? You mean the menu? If coin door is open, high voltage is disabled so flippers should not work at all. Anytime a flipper is stuck up that is not good. That will burn up the coil. Sounds like a transistor on the board is busted. Does the game play okay?

Quoted from Sticky:

What other games do you guys have that you like as much as Getaway?

T2 comes to mind as a similar game. Although, I prefer variety in my collection. HS2 is a simple game so I think a deeper game like a modern Stern works well with it.

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#2963 4 years ago

Looks nice, manimal! Any closer shots of the playfield?

#2972 4 years ago

I like to catch a ball in the right flipper and go for the left orbit shot before the ball from the supercharger returns. Another option is to get all balls in the supercharger. Hit away all except last ball. Holding the left flipper up and a little nudge gets the ball over to the right flipper for a quick shot.

#2990 4 years ago

Mine has the same insert. Serves no purpose as far as I know.

1 month later
#3071 4 years ago

I have done a full circle on flipper rubbers. Tried the different types but back to using original rubbers. Cheap and play the best. Better grip and find that I can control the ball better.

3 weeks later
#3145 4 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

This is the ad for it; It's over two hours away from me, so he won't be giving it a warranty. A local guy is warning me about warranties, saying don't get it if it's not covered for 6 months. And he says he will not work on it unless he sold it to me, so I can't get help from him. Another local guy has offered help if I get in trouble with it, and the forum here does seem to be very helpful. I can use a meter, and a soldering iron, and have both. I get that a 24 year old machine is bound to have issues. But if it's gonna have problems every other week, then I'm not sure I want the hassle. My motivation is to have a game room where my kids want to stay home and invite their friends over to play; you know, be the cool place to go. I knew a place like that when I was a teenager, and it was a cool thing. Thanks for the replies.

Not sure what to tell you. Pins can be reliable but there are going to be issues. My Getaway was my first pin and it has been pretty solid. I had a few issues but mostly things just needed adjusting. The worst has been my Congo. I went through all kinds of issues with it from the day I got it. However, once I sorted all the issues out it's been very reliable ever since. I don't particularly enjoy working on pins and don't have a lot of spare time. I rather be playing than fixing. However, it's part of the hobby and rewarding to be able to fix things yourself. The biggest headache is the desire to get more pins. It's never just one.

One thing I will mention when it comes to kids is that I wouldn't get pins for kids. I would get them if you want to play them. My two boys like to play but not that often. My daughter seems to be close to hating pins/arcades from being dragged to different arcades/events. Friends of theirs that come over have some interest in the pins but not that much to play through an entire game. Most of them just hit the start button a bunch of times, launch a few balls, bang the flippers for a bit, then just walk away. They seem to have more interest in video games. Maybe that will change when they get to be older teenagers. Parents that come over rarely show any interest in pins and very few even want to play. At least that has been my experience. The only people I know that like to play are those that I have met in the hobby.

2 weeks later
#3470 4 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

This seems like another concern. The list is getting longer. Shouldn't the plunger line up with the ball. Can't figure how to adjust it. And also looks like I need new plunger rubber, right?

Agree with tiltmonster. Take the apron off so you can get a good look at the plunger mech. I adjusted my plunger when my ball was not being launched around the upper loop. I don't think the plunger alignment matters much but doesn't hurt to try. What really helped my ball launch was adjusting the metal guide that directs the ball out of the gate.

#3648 4 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

I have new optos, but why would replacing them make a difference? They either work or they don't. I've learned my lesson not to fudge with something that's working on these machines.

If optos are working perfect in testing then they are fine. My supercharger is unpredictable. Works fine most of the time but once in a while does things like you are talking about. I did notice it happens a lot after waxing. Balls must be going to fast. Besides cleaning the diverter assembly, not sure what else to do. I did play with shims and trying to adjust things when my ball was hitting the plastic that covers the loop around. Another thought is taking a video of the issue, playing it slow, and try to see exaxtly what is happening.

#3680 4 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

So where it is now. Did a full reset; unplugged and took the batteries out for 30 minutes. Cleaned the wax off with alcohol and microfiber cloths. I'd say 45% of time it works as it should; diverting to the hairpin turn. 45% of time it closes too early, hitting the diverter and rolling back down the entrance ramp; and 10% of the time somehow closing to send it to the opening over the poppers. Speed it OK now, fast as is to be expected. Pretty sure all optos and magnets work. Just some sort of timing issue. Diverter seems fine. Will snap open and closed.

You sure it's hitting the diverter and not something else? Things happen real fast. Mine was hitting the plastic cover over the turn around.