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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

5 years ago

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#7039 2 years ago

Hi. Looking for an alternate translight the car one not the bimbo. Not having any luck with ministry of pinball any other sellers out there?

#7054 2 years ago

Im not worried about lights as I can knock up my own light board.
Understand the car model differenves but its the best option.
I get so frustrated with graphics on decals and translights...heaps of ideas but lack the knowhow to pit on paper.(or 1mm mylar)!

#7086 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Okay, that's an interested brag, and a little insensitive given today's sexual harassment climate. (I assume you meant "mock up" or "knock out")? BTW, in case you don't know me well enough yet, all fun and games here in the Getaway thread - nothing personal, just horsing around.

Mate..we say knock up over here and it has multiple meanings depending on who you are talking too. I can see how you took it the wrong way !!
Wait till I knock up an aussie flavoured pinsound mix

3 weeks later
#7204 1 year ago

Hi all. Chasing a new full set of plastics - can't find any stockists anyone help?

#7207 1 year ago

Yes please do!
I'm familiar with flame polishing but it doesn't get rid of the yellowing.

1 month later
#7448 1 year ago

Hi all. Just starting my Getaway restore hoping for help with a couple of things along the way.
Is this spring in the picture a retro fit or is it meant to be there?
Also I notice the flipper switches are just leaf spring type. The buttons had no springs in them is this normal as well?
As I plan to put illuminated ones in. Thanks for any help or advice.
PS I have a new playfield going in as well as discussed above which has been sitting flat for 3 months. Looks beautiful.

20180224_063207_resized (resized).jpg

#7451 1 year ago

Thanks guys

1 week later
#7487 1 year ago

Hi all.
Well into my restore now. Has anyone ever blacked out or swapped out the yellow traffic light at all? Can't find any pics anywhere.
Also anyone done their own building mod for the donut heaven ball lock area? The donut heaven one isn't doing it for me but it needs something there!
Thanks all.

#7494 1 year ago

Great thanks all. Any pics of a blacked standard out one or even blacked out supercharger anyone?

#7503 1 year ago

Thanks Theonlyest - looks good.

Is that plastic above the 3 targets at the pop bumper standard or an add on decal? Mine has a stainless plate in that spot?

Not sure if has been put here already but did you see the cab decal custom job in the Steve Ritchie thread...pretty cool.

I'm going for a custom blackout edition with my restore!

#7534 1 year ago

I think out of all the restores I have done now this one is the the one I am most excited about to get running. Just want to see the loops and supercharger blasting to my own light and sound show! Thanks to all the posters here on this thread which I have been following but only have read up to about page 20 out of the 150 odd! Before restore supercharger was running 120-124.
So sorry if I am asking already answered questions as I go.
Reckon she'll be up on her new powder coated legs this weekend and the top of the playfield pretty much finished.
Couple of progress shots.

20180304_163756 (resized).jpg

20180313_152217 (resized).jpg

20180313_152201 (resized).jpg

#7552 1 year ago


I just had the idea come to me a few restores ago on Monster Bash, Champion Pub White Water and now Getaway.
I never knew anyone else did it actually.

Sort of jazzes it up a bit and matches each side then.
I use old mirror bladed or side rails, cut with a kerf blade on a grinder and polish up as best I can.

I don't worry about under plastics and use a lot of different types of leds including strips to high light areas I like.

I have also been making my own replacement wood rails out of Tas Oak and finish them in gloss black. You still see the grain but you get a lovely reflective sheen.

#7556 1 year ago

Love the traffic light black. I actually want to make a slightly smaller Australian style version... still working on it though.

#7570 1 year ago

HI guys. Got a bit over zealous and broke my ramp pin. The long one. Ordered the right number part and the shorter version showed. Is this ok?

20180321_063837 (resized).jpg

#7572 1 year ago

This is where I got it which lists as Getaway lift ramp pin


I think the old one was 02-4590 but that comes up as bumper post at marco.

Not shown in manual where I can see under part 2-29 ??

1 week later
#7580 1 year ago

Hi Gunstar hero. I have an original translite but in Australia so shipping may be expensive. I will look into it further over the weekend and check it out.

#7584 1 year ago

That looks like a great idea. I'm just adding custom lighting now to my restore as I finish off the playfield. Any chance of a shot from the player perspective?
I added a 3 led strip on bracket on the backboard to light the road just before the ramp already.
Progress shot below. Made my own ramp decal design and got it printed up.

Looking for an option for the donut shop now but not keen on the one available. Anyone done anything else the besides the decal options on the plate?

Would really love the original mountain mod too but none around.

20180327_170653 (resized).jpg

#7595 1 year ago

Thanks for the donut shop options tantrum, but I am still keen on something else but don't know what yet!.
I had the metal bracket powder coated black for now. I think you are right on the mountain too.

Thanks guys on the supercharger sticker. I did a rough example up in mspaint and got a graphic guy to formalize it for me and paid him $50. The sticker cost me $18oz to get printed on decal. Happy to get them done for anyone for $20oz plus post. Because it is so long I would have to send rolled up in a small box I think. Or happy to share my file if you need. Or guess you can make your own off the same idea if you wanted anyway....

Understand on the car model etc but I have the alternate translite anyway so different cars aren't a biggy for me.
I'm sort of altering the whole art theme of the game anyway in my own restore.

I really need to learn adobe - so many ideas - so useless on graphic programs!!
At the moment I have a custom speaker panel being done as well for Getaway and also BSD. Graphic changes and then reverse printed on 2mm clear ready to mask and backlight in different areas. Will post pics soon hopefully.

I toyed around with an old WPC95 panel and had an idea of having real guages. I setup volt meters actually monitoring the 6 and 12v ccts. And also internal and external temps of the headbox. Got it all working as a proto and thought it was pretty cool but to take it further was a hell of a lot of cost and time. Maybe one day to get it really nicely finished.

#7632 1 year ago

Tantrum the Mountain one is exactly what I wanted! Thank you you are a legend.
Happy for any one to have the files. Please direct it all to Tantrum as he has spent a lot of time fixing up my original ideas and deserves it.

I am just an ideas person with my graphic skills limited to ms paint sadly! WIsh I knew more about it all. See my best effort below for my next restore theme!

I paid a graphic guy (too much) to do my original plus some other things. Currently making a black/grey backlit speaker panel instead of the grey which is currently at the printers getting done on 2mm clear and laser cut speaker holes.

Powered my machine up yesterday ( no sound or translite yet) - very exciting after 4 months of restoring.
Only issues I am having is ramp will not lower with that new pin I bought mentioned some posts ago, ball gets stuck on left inlane between sling rubber and metal guide and for some reason the under playfield brackets are getting jammed up badly. Read something about it somewhere...the search is on!

MM (resized).jpg

1 week later
#7669 1 year ago

Up and running 100 percent now. Just working on pinsound files which takes a long time.
Big thanks to Tantrum for his help with little graphic touches and the inspiration from a lot of other people in this thread also for ideas and comments.

Pictures don't do it justice as the lighting looks blown out. I will try and put a you tube clip up soon on my channel.

Mods include:

Custom side rails to match graphic - all black ripple powder coat hardware
Colour dmd, pinsound, custom speaker setup, full titan rubbers
Alt translite (yes I know wrong car but I like it the best for what is available)
Extra various led lighting in GI areas and star posts), under cab lighting
Target cover and ramp decal, coin slots,
Fully changed supercharger with grill that glows red and then flashes bright red when active.
Due to height issues at my place no old school beacon - have a led flashing light with red outer and blue inner section. I may make coloured covers for these.
Covered top hole with red acrylic and top lit.
Just powder coated lock ball bracket for now - looking into making my own custom building here as the donut one doesn't grab me
Also waiting for my custom speaker panel which is basically black and grey themed ( no blue) but have the original fitted for now. Backlit the guages and buttons and made a new panel from scratch. What a mission but I know the next one will be easier from my TOM.
Custom Aussie style traffic light in progress as well as a few minor touches.
All up cost so far with starting machine just under 9k in parts.
Really happy with the result.

20180407_132253 (resized).jpg

20180407_131642 (resized).jpg

20180407_081750 (resized).jpg

#7678 1 year ago
Quoted from Jakusu:

Hi Gunstar hero. I have an original translite but in Australia so shipping may be expensive. I will look into it further over the weekend and check it out.

Hi Gunstar hero
shoot me a pm with your email address so I can send pics of my translite for sale its pretty nice with a couple of small marks near the chopper.. Shipping is about $30 us from Aust though to the US.
I am also selling plastics, some used some new repros, and the full beacon light assy and boards if anyone is interested.
Maybe other bits as well now my restore is done.

#7734 1 year ago

Aussie model traffic light in and running!

20180415_153114_resized (resized).jpg

#7750 1 year ago

Tantrum thanks for doing all these pinsound mixes. I have started using one of yours a base for my oi oi oi version

#7751 1 year ago

New black themed speaker panel - check!

I had a couple made for friends and it was cheaper to get 5 so if any one wants one pm me with your email details. Cheers!

20180416_153243 (resized).jpg

20180416_151914 (resized).jpg

#7752 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Oi, Oi, Oi!
Hey, can you detail your lens mod on the supercharger?

Was pretty involved. I made a whole new stainless custom bracket with larger cutouts, used some red acryilic and speaker mesh behind it so no visible stainless at all.
Red led strip for glow GI and red flashers as well when switched.

#7797 1 year ago

Put my mountain sticker mod on - Thanks to Mr Tantrum for the hard work!
Keeping with a darker theme I trimmed the blue top off mine.

Al - welcome. I have a new supercharger cover set complete and used slingshots ( a touch off colour) $65 usd all up if you wanted but I think postage from OZ would be not worth it maybe another $20 or so. If keen pm me your email and I will send pics.

Sticker installed

20180421_075558 (resized).jpg
20180421_075548 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#7947 1 year ago

Hi Jeffr
I have all these parts for sale as I am not reinstating them on my Getaway - all working. Postage may be not worth it from Australia though not sure?
Beacon dome, mech arm with reflector etc., motor, small driver boards. I also have a supercharger pcb qty of various plastics new repro and custom ones I had made. Shoot me a pm with your contact details and I will email a list.
I still have a couple of custom black speaker panels as well if anyone wants one.

#7988 1 year ago

Hi All. I would like a price check on parts I want to sell please.
It is the beacon including the beacon dome, metal bracket ( with globe!), mounts, cables, the 2 small cct cards in the top of the back box which are rare...
I have a guy wanting just the dome but don't know whether I should try and sell the parts as a set?

#7997 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

While the market ultimately sets the price, what I can tell you as a buyer is that I'm usually looking to pay about 50% on these types of used items versus new pricing from reputable sources (e.g. Marcos, Pinball Life, etc.) Now, if it is a rare part that can no longer be purchased new (either original or replica) that is in demand, then the price obviously increases.
Breaking up or sell as a set? Depends upon what you are wanting. If you want to get rid of everything then a set may be your better option, but then again you may not find a buyer if the items are not in demand. If you have extra parts laying around and just want them to go to a good home to help support the community, then sell them individually. I'm not making any value judgement here on your motives, just comes down to what you want to do as the seller.

Nothing so sinister....Just would like to see it go to someone who is doing a machine up and needs all the parts as a set rather sell bits and pieces. Also just a fair deal for me and buyer. I tend to end up selling parts and giving away a lot of things too cheap or for nothing which is wearing a bit thin.

1 month later
#8122 1 year ago

Looks great jsyj!

I went with the same theme as well. Loving this game especially with the pinsound mix options. A big thanks has to go out to a few guys here who are so dedicated to helping with issues and mods etc in this thread. Tantrum, mustang to name a couple but there are lots more!
I wish it were the same guys on all the machines I own in the threads!
A few before/during and after resto pics of my little beauty! Sorry for bad lighting with the finished shots hard to photograph with the leds.
Still some tweaking to do.

20180222_173235_resized (resized).jpg20180225_123510_resized (resized).jpg20180303_173035_resized (resized).jpg20180318_094151_resized (resized).jpg20180411_174537_resized (resized).jpg20180411_174619_resized (resized).jpg20180415_153115_resized (resized).jpg20180416_151914_resized (resized).jpg

20180421_075548 (resized).jpg
#8127 1 year ago

They are custom ones made locally to match the decals

8 months later
#9075 9 months ago

Hi all. Organising another custom speaker panel for myself as I'm back in the club again! If anyone wants one shoot me a pm. They will need to be ordered and prepaid in the next 2 days.
They are a good match for the alt translites around. You can make a custom backboard to suit or light the whole panel as well.

20180416_151801 (resized).jpg20180506_090420 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#9112 9 months ago

Hi all.
Is anyone running a pin2dmd in their machine? I'm looking at getting one for Getaway. From what I can tell the Evolution model from Germany is plug and play but I would still like to modify some animations and wording if possible down the track.
I also believe that there is no coloured version available but people are working on it slowly?
Any help or advice appreciated.

#9117 9 months ago

Thanks for the feedback guys. I've reached out to pinballsp but they haven't developed the system yet apparently. Hard to know what to do.

#9122 9 months ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Just get the Colordmd for it.

No...I want to change some things on it.
this was the only regret I had on my last custom Getaway. Its not a cost thing at all, I want to personalise it for myself. I'd actually pay double a colordmd if there was a good solution. Thanks for the links above Ill keep researching!

1 month later
#9312 7 months ago

Hi all.
Back in the club with a rough project!
I'm doing a lot of customising and wondering if anyone by chance would have outline only files of the plastic set?
I have scanned the originals but don't have the skills to do above.
Thank you.

20190419_115417 (resized).jpg20190419_115456 (resized).jpg20190422_101907 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9326 7 months ago

I did a mix with Aussie stuff mainly but put disco inferno in the burn rubber mode and barry white on the grand champ..sounds awesome.

#9333 7 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I was thinking disco inferno would work great for video mode, and love your BW selection.
Is the rest of your stuff Olivia & Men at Work with some INXS sprinkled in (that's about my extent of Aussie artist knowledge, but at least it covers three decades)?

none of the above.....my god

Here's one for Tantrum!

images.jpeg (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9360 7 months ago

With my current project I could possibly do this but wondering if it can only run when the supercharger is running? Also have the same circular effect under cab mounted for when the beacon is active...I'm not using the beacon at all.?

Chris I'm thinking your Getaway would weigh as much as a Twilight Zone these days!

#9381 7 months ago

found this if it helps

20180325_093750 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#9454 6 months ago
Quoted from EStroh:

I'm not a fan of the "cartoon" looking translites (especially my Whirlwind). So just for kicks I made my own for HS2. Not everyone's taste, I know.[quoted image]

Great Job!
Agree the original is cheesy!
But the bimbo ones are worse imo.

#9486 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

After countless hours working on my first orchesration for the Getaway, I have had a total of three downloads so far. I guess there are not many Clash fans on this site.
If other Pinsound owners want to give it a try, I would love some feedback either way. That way I know what to improve on for the next one. I do plan to update it with more Clash Voice tracks as my original focus was the music files. Thanks.

I know it takes so many hours right! Good on you for doing a mix - i will try it out when I have a getaway running.
My monster bash mix took me over 80hours, T2 rework mix changing all the voices to a deeper tone 50+hours.
And now I am working on a major getaway retheme project and have only done the voice and jingle files untested in the machine and at 50hrs!!

2 months later
#9755 3 months ago

Mr Tantrum you are the king of getaway mods for sure!! Love them all.
I wish there was a contact with your efforts and skills on every b/w title!

Check out this custom speaker panel and translite I am helping a friend with. Looks so good with the cab art imo!

20190821_170332 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9813 3 months ago

The piece goes over the opto on the ramp

#9814 3 months ago

Shaker looking good. I have a few coming for my games.

What I am doing though with my restos is bracing the floor better eg transformer mount, like they did with later games.

I won't be putting the shaker the floor directly on my Getaway project, T2 or Dracula restores.

#9826 3 months ago

Mr T
Are you running it with the old ps board or ps+? Same features and programming for both?

1 month later
#9909 61 days ago
Quoted from whitey:

Need Help !!! I picked up a Getaway and the the game had a fire in upper cabinet
It was swapped out but no beacon, I found the entire assembly but I don’t know size of hole to drill or location
Any help greatly appreciated

The hole on my donor cab which was an original getaway, is 114mm inside, 172mm outside, with a 3mm step down at the top.
Hope this helps.
20191014_060753 (resized).jpg20191014_060857 (resized).jpg

20190805_112147 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#9982 24 days ago

Sorry if its been covered before...I've just got my machine together running L2 Rom.
Can't turn off flipper button launch adjustment. Menu section in on or off doesn't make any difference...any help out there?
Also chasing chrome apron decals mainly the stripes. Have the retro refurb t2 ones but they are really expensive.
Cheers for any help !

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