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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

6 years ago

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#9342 10 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Comet Pinball https://www.cometpinball.com for their great customer service. I know there are other good LED suppliers, but IMO Comet is the best. Not only do they have great products, but their support is exemplary. Having been in service oriented industries for most of my career, my perspective in business is that things will go wrong. What differentiates the bad from the good and the good from the great, is how they treat their customers and how they address issues when they arise. Comet has always communicated well, takes a customer focused approach to business, and continues to offer great and innovative products.
Comet is and will continue to be my sole source for all things pinball lighting, and I encourage everyone who can use their products to give them a try.

Not to mention that Comet has a wide selection of LED's you won't find anywhere else. I swear by their twin SMDs, and their Matrix light strips are invaluable if you are going for some dynamic lighting.

#9371 10 months ago

Who says Christmas only comes once a year?!

Thank you Mr_Tantrum!!!

IMG_3825 (resized).jpg
#9409 10 months ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

damn, what did that cost ya for the lot?

Dealing with Chris (Mr_Tantrum) was one of my best experiences in the hobby. He was VERY responsive, offered a lot of options, and had everything fabricated and shipped within a couple days - even though I let him know I wasn't in a rush. I think I had everything installed about a week after I placed my order. I couldn't be happier!
IMG_3831 (resized).jpg

IMG_3834 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#9452 10 months ago
Quoted from Geteos:

Most alternate translites are pretty meh... It seems that most of them are just scantily clad photos of women.
I personally love the Getaway translite, so would never think of changing it, but everything else is open to modding.

I'm not a fan of the "cartoon" looking translites (especially my Whirlwind). So just for kicks I made my own for HS2. Not everyone's taste, I know.

IMG_3962 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#9535 9 months ago


From an earlier post, I thought you were a John Wick fan. Seems like a logical orchestration theme for HS2.

Here's a medley to get you thinking about it:

1 month later
#9626 8 months ago

Upper Left Flipper?

#9654 7 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

More work than I expected (when isn't it), but here's the fruit of my efforts on the LED shifter.[quoted image][quoted image]

I just installed mine. Installation was a breeze.

The shifter comes with 7 lighting "modes". I pulled the green LED's out of mine so now I have the option of red, blue, red and blue, or red-blue flashing. Pressing the center of the shifter (between the 6 allen heads) changes the mode.

THANK YOU Mr_Tantrum!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a3ba (resized).jpg
#9656 7 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

It was all you, my friend. I just supplied the 3D printed parts, but you came up with the best way to power it and did all of the assembly. Great job, and I really like how it came out.
BTW, did you just desolder the greens? Also, I assume the lights just go dark when you switch to what was previously the green mode?

Yes, I just desoldered the green LED's - so now any time the green would have lit up it is now dark. I was going to jump the green circuit to the red so that I was getting 2x red and 1x blue during the flashing sequence, but I kind of like the way it looks at this point. Also, I think I'll usually just light it up red, so again, I decided not to worry about jumping the green/red circuits.

3 weeks later
#9810 7 months ago
Quoted from ajnin:

I was playing my getaway today, and this part dropped onto the play field. Right in front of the rear ramp. I can not work out where it goes ? can anyone please let me know ?[quoted image]

That's a piece of the turbo encabulator. It's similar to to an actual automotive component, explained here:

2 months later
#9990 4 months ago

For those of you with Pinsound on your HS2:
I created 5 sound packages, two of which are posted for download here:

For both:
I loaded 15 different lambo "drive by" sounds to the inlanes (because I really didn't like the beeping "car horn" sound)
I changed the "shift gears" tone to the sound of a lambo's engine winding up - needing to be shifted. The vocal cue "Shift Gears" is still present.
I filtered the police radio voices in Mr_Tantrums custom callout files so that they sound more like they are coming through a police radio (in by opinion). This was done with permission from Mr_Tantrum.
I changed the after-ball bonus multiplier sounds to different lambo engine sounds.

Music for "Outrun" is all new. Call it "up tempo" or "club" or "house" I suppose. I'm not wild about having lyrics in the music, so this fits my requirement. You won't recognize any of the music.

Music for "Speed" is also all backing tracks, except for ball capture (which is Yellow's "OH YEAH"). The rest is Billy Idol, Steve Stevens (from the movie "Speed"), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Cheap Trick (Top Gun end credits), and even the Blue Man Group. The main theme is made up of multiple versions of "Don't Need a Gun" (but no lyrics). If you're not familiar with the song, listen to it here:

If the music does't strike you, feel free to grab all the Lamborghini "drive by" sound files.

A HUGE thank you to Mr_Tantrum for posting the instructions on how to do this, and for all the PM's and emails that he's responded to along the way. It's like I have an all-new game!

1 month later
#10148 88 days ago
Quoted from FlippinJimmy:

Update - I copied a zipped file to a different USB, which was old and full of other files, and it loaded on the machine without problem.
The USB I was using just yesterday will not work when doing the same thing. I must have corrupted the USB somehow.

I'm using 6 sound packages on my Pinsound + board - Five I made and one of Mr_Tantrum's mixes ("John Wick" - which rocks). All are working well

First, reformat your flash drive as Mr_Tantrum mentioned (FAT32)
Second, you will need to put an "audio" folder and the config.pinsound file on the root.
Just start with one sound mix for now. I always use uncompressed WAV files. Put it in the audio folder.
Put the USB into the game. Start it up.
You should hear "loading sound files, please wait". This may take a half hour.
You should be good at this point.

To load more sound packages, just put them in the "audio" folder and repeat the process.

Switching sound packages on the Pinsound plus board while playing is a little different than Mr-Tantrum's Pinsound 1 board. To change sound packages you will need to turn the volume to zero twice. There is a little finesse with this, but you will get the hang of the timing of it. You will hear the "jingle" when the sound package changes.

1 week later
#10228 75 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

So, since Pinballjah reminded me, I decided to start on my Getaway disco music orchestration today. While I'm a child of the 80's, I do occasionally indulge in 70's disco music, and after listening and downloading tracks all morning I think this will make for an enjoyable mix.
In the process, I needed to cleanup my runsheet format to account for the new PinSound numbering system, so here is a sample including three of my orchestration that some may find useful as a model (PM me if you want the Excel file). This is just the contents of the MUSIC folder, but I could easily make an Excel file that includes all sound files if anyone would find that helpful.[quoted image]

I created this one to help me after a lot of trial and error. Mr_Tantrum, I used yours as a starting point but colored coded mine (first column) Black cells are ones that I don't think ever play. The ones with similar text color are ones that I am using the same song (first column).

I just added the second column prior to making this post. I tried to reflect my experience as to which ones play often or seldom, which ones are "versions" or "intros" of another, and which ones will only play for 20 seconds or so and will require cropping just the "good part" of a song.

I used this to make 5 orchestrations now (although I've only posted 2). Maybe someone will find it useful as well?

Orchestrations (resized).jpg
#10230 75 days ago

Good point, I don't have the attract sound enabled so that could explain one of those.

BTW, I used your psrec files to determine the "black" cells. Obviously those songs might make it into game play at some point, but just not on those particular files. For some instances I use 3-5 different starting positions of some of the song and put them in a single folder so I don't always hear the same part of a song over and over given the same stage of play. "after_videomode" is one of those folders where I'd like to hear a different starting position of the main theme. Same with the inlane "klaxon" sfx sound - I have 15 different sounds in that one folder alone. Works for me I guess.

And thanks again for the big head start on working with the PinSound system. I would't have attempted it without your instruction. Your shaker programming is also spot-on!

Next up: My T2!

#10233 74 days ago
Quoted from spblat:

I hadn’t planned to put a shaker in my pinsound order. Can you put into words how the Getaway gameplay experience is enhanced? My TNG has a pinbits shaker tied to the enterprise shields flashers and I admit it’s pretty cool.

Tying the shaker to flashlamps only is nice, but if you're already putting in a PinSound board you really should consider their shaker. The shaker can be programmed to respond to much more than when the flashers are activated. It can respond to almost any trigger - all the way down to when a target, slingshot, rollover, etc is tripped. If you're going to put a shaker in your HS2 and are getting PinSound, you don't even have to do the programming - Mr_Tantrum has already done that, and when your shaker arrives it will already be "ready" for your Getaway!

#10237 74 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Get out the Windex and dust off those mirrored balls you have in the basement, as I've just finished all of the music for my new Getaway PinSound disco mix. I still need to actually test it with a few games, and I'm also considering adding in some of the spblat sound updates. Not sure if I can get everything done today or not, but the orchestration will definitely drop some time this week.
Here's a preview of my runsheet, assuming nothing changes after I test. My favorite track is the confidence booster you get when you set a high score - You Sexy Thing![quoted image]

LMK if "Upside Down" or "More More More" plays on your pin. I don't think those two will come up on mine

#10241 74 days ago
Quoted from Sleepy:

Here is my orchestration data for AC/DC after much trial and error. I agree with Estroh on the songs that never play. I have never heard Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution play on my machine and I put it in all the files that I thought never played to test that theory.
A big thanks to Tantrum for getting me started on this.[quoted image]

Interesting that you and I both seemed to find the same 11 songs that never seem to play. One of us could have saved some serious time figuring that out.
Also interesting that your folder numbers (prior to the folder name) don't match what I have. I similarly compared mine to both Mr_Tantrum's "000012" old numbering system as well as the folder number system that was resident on the original orchestration. Just curious - where did you come up with those folder numbers? I used Mr_Tantrum's John Wick folder numbers as a template (for example, I have 2425679781 for "ball in shooter lane").

#10242 74 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Yeah, I searched through my old orchestrations and never saw any of those calls referenced, but felt like I needed to have a placeholder there.

I put songs in those 11 folders to as a placeholder as well. I just use songs that I'm already using somewhere else so I don't spend more time editing songs in audacity that I know will (probably) never play.

#10244 74 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

So, here is what occurred. When the PinSound convention changed, I had Nicolas convert an orchestration for me since I was doing a new one. Then I later noticed when all my stuff was converted and reposted on the PinSound forum site that there were two different folder naming schemes. Since I was doing shaker development, I wanted to push my shakerization to all my orchestrations just by copying over the config file. What I discovered is that config files are not compatible for the same game if the orchestrations use different numbering schemes (i.e. none of my shaker actions worked). So, I then manually converted all of the orchestration I have over to the numbering system so that my shaker program worked on all of them. I've never re-posted them to the download site, so those still contain some of each.
I don't quite understand things, but I think that somehow if someone downloads a routine and has the PinSound uncompress it then the firmware applies the shaker routine to it. Nicolas is pretty protective of his methodology, so I don't nag him to explain it all to me.

I get that. I'm counting at least 4 different folder numbering systems. Using "Ball in shooter lane" as an example I see:
2425679781 (John Wick as an example)
0025093848 (Original Score as an example)
0000001 (Your earlier work)
0025093848 (Sleepy's spreadsheet)

The folder names are a little different as well. I see main_theme_3 and main_theme_4 on most. Sleepy has main_theme_b and main_theme_2.

Anyway, I'm not going to figure it all out. I'm using your John Wick as my overall template because the config file I'm using works with it and so does my shaker.

Again, I couldn't have done any of this without your head start. Thanks Again!

#10254 74 days ago

I wasn't planning on uploading my other 3 sound packages to the PinSound site because I figure Timothee and Nicolas are getting tired of all the HS2 submissions. However I received a couple PM requests after all these posts today so here goes:

V2 is my orchestration using Rob Zombie's "More Human Than Human" as the main theme and Rammstein as everything else. Make sure the kids are in bed when you get to the ball lock music. "More Human Than Human" can be heard here:

V3 is my orchestration that features the music of Joe Satriani. I'm using a few versions of "Summer Song" as the main theme, which can be heard here:

V4 is my orchestration featuring all the music from Total Nuclear Annihilation. I have this pin and really love the music. I used a few versions of "Heat Exchanger" as the main theme:

All of my sound packages are instrumentals, as my preference is to just hear the music and let the pin's callouts provide any vocal elements. If this isn't your thing, you might want to skip my V2 sound package. I also did a bit of work on the SFX and Vocal sounds on all of these as well, similar to what I've done before on my V1 and V5 packages.

I just uploaded these and they haven't made it to the main download page yet. If you want to give them a try you'll have to get them from the forum site: http://pinsound-community.org/forum/index.php?/files/. Send me a PM and let me know what you think if you give them a try. Thanks!

#10262 73 days ago
Quoted from spblat:

Two things:

1) If you download a fresh copy of the factory sound set from Pinsound you will find that the events you've marked yellow are not among the files.
I have started a new spreadsheet in google sheets for planning purposes.<-- click
a) Everyone is free to copy this sheet for your own use.
b) Everyone is free (and encouraged) to edit column D in my copy, which is a note about each sound. Many of the descriptions are self explanatory, but there are some that need a more human description. For example, when specifically do we hear "main_theme_4" as opposed to "main_theme_3"? If you know, click above and enter it in! I'll be adding the notes @estroh
made earlier. Let's crowdsource some intelligence about these actions!
c) As I make progress in my first orchestration I'll be filling in column E. Then I'll probably amend the
scriptI made earlier to take data from this sheet and assemble the folders, taking factory files for any action that has a blank cell.

You might want to add a column if there is an "alternate" sound available (and from which orchestrations it can be found) for something other than music. Maybe a description of the new alternate sound as well?

2 weeks later
#10322 52 days ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

New decal that goes under lockdown bar. Hides all the old decals and rust, etc.[quoted image]

I used to use those. Now I just give mine a good clean and polish. The stickers are available from Marco.

IMG_4792D (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#10369 35 days ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

You should add some whites to that backbox. The colors wash all the graphics out imo.

Of if you've done all that modification to the backbox, why not a custom translite to show how "custom" it is.

Getaway 4 low scan (resized).jpg
#10372 35 days ago
Quoted from MJW:

That’s custom but think it would look better if there was a diablo and helicopter that matched the DMD Apache looking one.

I did a couple different ones with a Diablo but I didn't like the look as much. The Diablos on the DMD and the playfield are a little nondescript, so I didn't mind the slight modification (as long as it wasn't a Ferrari!).

Our local police don't make a habit of using Apache gunships to follow speeders, so I didn't mind using an image of an actual police helicopter. Again, I was removing the tie-in to the Apache by changing the translight anyway, but changing it to an Apache would be pretty easy if I wanted to do it.

At a minimum I wanted to get a mountain road, red Lambo, police car(s), and an actual police helicopter.

Here's one with a Diablo (SV Edition), freeway overpass, mountains, and helicopter.
Diablo (resized).jpg

#10380 35 days ago
Quoted from Haymaker:

Theres no such thing as an alternate translight that doesn't look ugly and gaudy as hell for getaway

Thanks for your unilateral proclamation. You've now inspired me to put the whole machine back to it's stock condition... Maybe I'll get to work this weekend on my others as well. Does anyone want a boat load of mods and ton of white LED's from any of my pins?

#10384 35 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Neither of those is correct (I did add a license plate light). All of the changes are in the artwork itself.

Black subtitle, logo position and ...

#10387 35 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Oops, one more (I forgot about the black subtitle).
Hint - look at the lower left part of the glass.

The helicopter is banking into the road, and it's rotor is about to make contact with the guardrail. Wait, that's the original one I'm looking at

#10390 34 days ago
Quoted from Haymaker:

Bro I don't care if your game has a double headed catapillar that comes out and slaps you across the face when you lose the ball.

Quoted from spblat:

hello where do I purchase this mod please

Stern sells the "double headed slapping caterpillar" on their Super LE (SLE) versions to the Chinese market only at this point. Use the "DHSC" order code if you want one for other markets. Mine does come out of the translite as haymaker mentioned, but that required a lot of modification to adapt it to the WPC platform. I admit, it sure adds another element to the game!
catpillar (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#10473 8 days ago
Quoted from ajnin:

I gave the Total Nuclear Annihilation mix a go, its really good. Check out the short video of me playing Total Nuclear Annihilation mix on Youtube -
Thanks for the cool mix


For those that don't know, not only did Scott Danesi create Total Nuclear Annihilation (the pin), but he also created all the music for it as well. He continues to be very active on the forums for his game and is constantly improving it based on customer feedback and feature requests. A lot of pinheads dismiss TNA due to it's lack of toys or ramps, but it is a VERY FAST game (like HS2) and a blast to play. I believe it is the only pin with a co-op mode, which is great to play with someone with a different skill set.

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