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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

6 years ago

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#211 6 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Off topic, but on topic question- what other pins are like The Getaway? As in fast, loops, achieve some fun goals and do it again. Simple, but fun as heck.
BK2000 fit the bill? Any ideas? Thanks

BSD is really similar. It's simple and a lot of fun. They both give you that "just one more game" feeling.

1 month later
#250 6 years ago

Usually a later version ROM would be better, but it's not necessarily true for getaway. They all have different bugs in them. I use L-1 for the lower free ride time. I haven't noticed too many bugs with it. On occasion after you finish red line mania the first orbit won't give you rpms. Here's a copied list I found in an old post. I don't know if it's completely accurate.

ROM REVISION ........................................... L1 L2 L5
Supercharger driver can fail when
more than 1 ball in supercharger.....................Y N N
2 state flippers ........................................... N N Y
Run The RED LIGHT display mode ............ .......Y Y N
Secret mania bug with forgotten ball-locks ......Y Y N
Endless multiball (FREE RIDE BUG) ....................? Y N
Red light mania to normal multiball shift bug ....N N Y
Multiple balls released from lock multi player) ........? N Y
Extra ball in video mode ....................Y. Y Y
Display Flicker in Supercharge Mode ...................Y N N
Supercharger raise and enable 1-2-3 ..................N Y Y
Supercharger enabled with 3 loops ...................Y N N
Standard generous free ride time ..................N Y Y

#251 6 years ago

With L-1 I haven't had multiple balls releases or endless multiball ever happen

#252 6 years ago

I've never had the supercharger fail with more than 1 ball in it either. I've jumped plenty into the backbox from collisions though

#273 6 years ago

Does anyone have custom cards for their getaway?

3 weeks later
#302 5 years ago

I've heard "Damn they're shooting at us" during multiball using L-1. There's a lot of call outs on that list I've never heard. I wouldn't be surprised if they were added in later revisions.

#306 5 years ago

The call outs change after the first multiball as well. Some of those might be further into the game than I've been. For example the 4th locked ball says "this time were going to nail that dirtbag"

2 weeks later
#320 5 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Shifting down for 2 games covered it, all is good! And here is pic, couple things to add yet but almost ready to go...

IMG_0283.JPG 175 KB

I like the red leds around the speakers. Looks nice.

1 month later
#380 5 years ago

Do you get extra points for getting 3 in the supercharger at once?

I only put 1 in there on purpose, because they can fly under the table if they collide

2 weeks later
#386 5 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

Has anyone heard of PF's being done for these in the near-ish future?

You could ask PPS if they found any in the pile of playfields he just went through. If he does have one, look really carefully at the pics he sends you. The quotes I recieved for other games were way too high for the quality of the playfields he had. One even had drill holes through the right inlane.

1 week later
#410 5 years ago

Did you use a magnet to attach that?

5 months later
#729 5 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Hey HS 2 owners, I plan to look at one today that's for sale and was wondering what you would look for if you were going to purchase again? I plan on taking the glass off and running through the test menu, look for board hacks, etc. Are there any other functional tests you would try? Any problem areas to look for specifically that would affect the price? Finally, what is the going price range? Thanks in advance for your help.

The only getaway specific problems I can think of are;
Make sure the supercharger works at the right speed and the ball diverter attached to it works as intended.
Make sure the Mars lamp turns on and rotates. This motor breaks a lot. $40 for a new one.

#733 5 years ago

Edit: dmacy beat me to it

4 months later
#1048 4 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

In watching the video, as mentioned above, I noticed that their supercharger made 3 lightning fast loops and then released the ball. On my machine, it is usually between 5 and 7 loops, and they're sorta fast. But nothing like I just saw. What do people do to soup up (or possibly just restore) their supercharger to make these crazy super awesome fast loops?

The number of loops is probably because you're using a different rom than the video. I have L-1 and it always does 3 the first time then 5,7 etc. L-2 is different. I think it does a random number each time. I'm assuming other roms have different loop settings as well.
As far as the supercharger speed I would go into test mode and try the sc time test and check how fast it's going. Mine starts at about 115 for the first couple laps then slows to 80. It's possible 1 of the magnets isn't working if yours is much slower.

8 months later
#2142 4 years ago
Quoted from steve1515:

The balls coming back may be a bug also. The two balls thing is kind of annoying on mine. I tested with the glass off, so it wasn't a hard test to do. It did take me a few months of playing to determine the sequence though.
I don't mine replacing bad switches, but I don't want to go chasing hardware problems if it's really a bug.

How many times could this have happened to you?

#2144 4 years ago

I really like L-1. It seems like it has less bugs than other versions. The varying supercharger amounts in L-2 is better, but other than that I don't see any benefit to go with L-2

#2147 4 years ago
Quoted from steve1515:

It's actually happened many times. It's quite annoying because when it happens, it usually bends the metal guide outwards and causes the balls from then on to bounce back into the trough. I have to take the glass off and bend it back.
I really want to see if someone else can reproduce it. If they can following my guide, then I know there isn't anything I can do about it.

Hopefully someone with L-2 can help you out. I'm interested to see if it is a bug or not.

2 months later
#2706 3 years ago

Im looking for a NOS or repro getaway playfield. If you have one shoot me a pm. Thanks!

#2708 3 years ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

Hey guys. Just picked up a nice players Getaway. Quick question...the right flipper button appears to be a double switch for controlling 1 then 2 right flippers. It is not working for me though. Both right flippers engage when the first switch is contacted. The second switch doesn't do anything.
Is this normal or should you be able to flip the bottom with a mid touch and both with a full press of the best?

What rom are you using? I could be wrong, but I believe L-1 doesn't support the 2 stage flipper.

#2710 3 years ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

L2 is in there not but L5 is on the way...
Thank you...!

Somewhere in this thread they discuss the different code updates. Check that out before you decide to switch to L-5. This is one of the rare games where later code isn't necessarily better. Each version has its own bugs.

1 year later
#6928 2 years ago

What’s the going rate range for a getaway?
I’m thinking about parting with mine, but I haven’t watched the market on this game.

1 month later
#7268 2 years ago
Quoted from finalquest:

Hi guys.
A simple question.
I've seen that when left flipper button is pressed before launching a ball, the game will 'rev the engine'.
I have L1 ROM and I cant do that.
That feature is in a newer ROM?. Or I missing something?.

Should be working for you. I have L-1 installed and can rev from either flipper when the ball is in the trough ready to go.

2 weeks later
#7392 2 years ago

I ordered a new playfield. My old playfield has some insert wear, but that’s it.
Am I crazy? If you are doing a swap, or have done one, can you post pics of your old playfield? I’d love to see how much wear you guys have on yours.

image (resized).jpg

92CCAF98-425B-446A-AB24-A02B69680BFA (resized).jpeg

58E7701A-4BA2-4276-842C-84760EFD05EF (resized).jpeg

#7394 2 years ago
Quoted from bimm25i:

What's the deal with the lock ramp. I can't hit it from a caught/stopped ball on the right flipper but I can make it if I play a live ball correctly. Is this on purpose or is my flipper too weak?

It sounds like your flippers need to be rebuilt. You should be able to make that shot from a trapped ball

#7396 2 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

My playfield is the same. No visible wear except around the inserts and i bought a new playfield. I fully restored my Getaway and the playfield was the only thing that wasnt perfect. Yes, we are nuts. lol

Thanks superbee. Has there been any resolution to your playfield issue?

#7400 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

None from the maker, you get what you get. Just wait at least 6 months before you install it to see if an issues pop up.

Wow, 6 months? Is that really necessary? Is there a recommended way to store it in the interim?

#7403 2 years ago

Curious. If mustangpaul’s has sunken inserts and superbee has raised inserts. Maybe it’s how it’s stored while the clear is curing?

Was yours stored upside down or tilted forward by chance superbee?

3 weeks later
#7457 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakusu:

Also I notice the flipper switches are just leaf spring type. The buttons had no springs in them is this normal as well?
As I plan to put illuminated ones in.

You can use either. It will just have a little different feel to the flipper. I prefer not having a spring in the flipper buttons. If you buy ones with a spring, you can always pop them out if you don’t like the feel.

1 week later
#7498 2 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

What coils are being used on your main flippers ? 11629 or 11630 ?

I have FL11629 for both main flippers and FL11630 for the upper flipper

#7504 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakusu:

Thanks Theonlyest - looks good.
Is that plastic above the 3 targets at the pop bumper standard or an add on decal? Mine has a stainless plate in that spot?
Not sure if has been put here already but did you see the cab decal custom job in the Steve Ritchie thread...pretty cool.
I'm going for a custom blackout edition with my restore!

That plastic came with the CPR reproduction set. It was a stainless plate from the factory.

#7524 2 years ago


Is this the one you’re lokkkg for?

2 weeks later
#7589 2 years ago

I would love that supercharger sticker without “The Getaway” written on it.

#7614 2 years ago

That might be from a fish tales. I remember mine having over 30 bulbs in the back box.

1 week later
#7659 2 years ago

I’m looking for this turbo boost plastic. Does anyone have one in good shape that they would like to sell?

1477840C-F5C6-433F-AB41-A2414E433FF5 (resized).jpeg

#7718 2 years ago

See if you can adjust this metal bracket. I believe it is sticking out a little on the left side. It should be parallel with the plastic above it. The ball may be hitting the edge and putting it back in the hole.

9A4D310E-7DE1-4256-B153-FB4A759C7AD2 (resized).jpeg

#7722 2 years ago

Put a ball in there with the game on and it should try to kick it out. You might be able to see what’s going on

1 week later
#7804 2 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

We got your back any way we can !
Welcome to the club !! One of the friendliest clubs on pinside if you ask me !

Definitely! superbee brings a great attitude to this thread. I wish there were more people just like him here on pinside.

#7826 2 years ago

I’m second guessing restoring my HS2. I have a repro playfield and a cpr plastic set that I’m considering trading toward a game instead.
Will trade for anything on my wishlist, and other games +/- cash

#7838 2 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

My right orbit shots get careened as it is exiting the orbit and ends up going to the right flipper. This seems like it is wrong but it is unclear what is actually causing the issue. Is this, indeed, wrong behavior?

Yes, if you shoot the right orbit, the ball should return to the left flipper. Left orbit should return to the right flipper

#7852 2 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Right now right orbit shots go consistently to the right flipper and can usually be dead-bounced back over to the left flipper. Maybe that is not the biggest deal in the world.
Any thoughts?

I would definitely pull the ball guide and make sure the ball can go down to the left flipper. If there is a lip at the end, like you’re saying, I would file it down until it’s gone.
If the ball isn’t returning to the correct flipper you’re going to miss out on the flow that everyone loves

3 months later
#8272 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinless:

My DMD went from not working intermittently to not working at all.
Looks like a color DMD just got moved up to the top of the priority list.

Have you made sure it is the dmd and not the power supply to the dmd or bad ribbon cable?

4 months later
#8844 1 year ago
Quoted from FuryosJustin:

What rom version is everyone running? I have that endless multiball bug on L2 version
Is L5 the good one for home use?

I use L-1 and have never seen a bug in thousands of games. The main reason I prefer L-1 to the other versions because the ball save timer is much shorter. You can still get 1 free RPM, MAYBE 2. But you cannot exploit it like other versions.

4 months later
#9295 1 year ago

I removed the Mylar from my diamond plate pf easily with the freeze method.

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