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Getaway Club ~ Dispatch, run a make on license plate KINGPIN

By MrSanRamon

5 years ago

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#1474 4 years ago

Great thread! I've owned my Getaway for quite a few years. John Ross, Pinball Plus, turned me on to them. Mine's running L5. I was a police officer (retired last year with almost 30 years on the street) so had plenty of high speed chases over the years. I also was an EVOC (emergency vehicle operator course) instructor for many years. So the Getaway was a natural for me. I like the flasher mod on the top of the back box some of you guys have done. When I got mine one of the first mods was to add a lightbar up there. I bought a Federal Steethawk bar from the cities used equipment store. I didn't want to remove the beacon because I don't like to mess with the originality too much. So I just set my bar across the Getaway over onto the Black Knight 2000 next door. I put a set of lugs on the lower back of the light bar wired into the positive and neutral of the light bar. I got a Sears rolling big amp battery charger parked next to the BK2K. Clamp the cables onto the studs. Set the charger on like 50 amp hold. Then, I made a electrical box with a receptacle/outlet on it. Inside is a 12volt dc relay. A heavy duty extension cord powers this box, plugged into the wall. Now, the beacon runs on like 18 volt a/c? So I tapped into that and wired in a bridge rectifier to convert to roughly 12 volt d/c. Then I put a two conductor common speaker connector on the outside of the top box. So, when the beacon comes on you see 12 volts d/c on these two connectors. I used a piece of speaker wire to connect to the electrical box with the receptacle. That 12 volts causes the relay to pull in and energize the 120 volt receptacle, thereby powering up the rolling battery charger, lighting up the light bar. It's worked great for many years. I also put a manual light switch in the relay box so the kids can turn on the light bar just by hitting the switch if they want. I really like it when it comes on. The halogen bulbs I think are better in this application than a LED light bar like all the squads have now. I've stood around lots of squads with the LED bars going and they are just too darn bright and annoying for a game room application like this. Now, let's see if I can get some pictures to post here.






#1476 4 years ago

Here's a video of the light bar running:

#1477 4 years ago

MustangPaul, I really like all the LED mods you've done. I'm not capable of doing much in the wiring department. I might just buy the Cointaker kit. Is their non-ghosting premium kit the best one to get? I'd love to do that supercharger red led strip you did, and the red leg light up too. Maybe I could convince you to come over and at least get me started on mine? I've got plenty of beer in the fridge.

#1478 4 years ago

I did the battery re-locate off the board. I also had John install a computer power supply to power the boards. He says it's much more stable power than the transformer. I've had him do this to all my machines.


#1482 4 years ago

I'm pretty surprised nobody else (at least on this thread, which is clearly the premium Getaway thread ever) has done this. The light bar was like $75. The plastic was pretty pitted from use but a good afternoon of Novus work cleaned them up real nice. The battery charger was about $150 (long time ago so just guessing here) but it's a good battery charger to so can easily be used when the car battery goes dead (so the spouse can't complain that you're spending all the money on pinball, this is clearly for the car to keep running).

#1483 4 years ago

Yes Paul, worked the street in St. Paul. There are several cops that I've turned on to pinball and own machines. John made a custom Getaway for a State Trooper. I've never played it but it looked pretty cool during construction. I'd love to come over and see your Getaway. I'm in Mac-Groveland neighborhood. Going camping this weekend though. Maybe sometime next week? I'll p/m you my number. I have a T2, Star Trek-Next Gen, and Corvette too in case you wanted to play those.

#1485 4 years ago

Cool. I hope I didn't tag you. I worked that area. Buddy of my son lives right there on the south side of the park, Cottage?

#1487 4 years ago

Oh oh, I better bring friends (back-up)?

#1493 4 years ago
Quoted from fast_in_muskoka:

holy sheep shit, that's crazy !

Haha, thanks. The neighbors said it's cool at night when they see the lights all spinning and flashing through the basement windows.

5 months later
#1930 3 years ago

I put a www.pinsound.org board in my Star Trek The Next Generation. I like it. I might consider putting one in my Getaway someday.

2 months later
#2599 3 years ago

I'm going to install my l.e.d. kit soon. Thinking about replacing all the rubber too. Anybody have advice what I should replace with? I need to buy a kit for it. Too much work for me to figure out all the stuff on my own. I'm thinking about those translucent ones? Thanks.

#2622 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Silicone Rings:
2 x 1" Inner Diameter
3 x 1 1/4" ID
2 x 2 1/2" ID
8 x 7/16" ID
2 x 3/4" ID
6 x 5/16" ID
8 x 7/16" Outer Diameter
Feel free to chime in if anyone thinks this should be modified.

Thanks a ton for this. Question, are the 8 x 7/16" Outer Diameter for the posts? Reason I'm wondering they do show the breakdown of rings for the Getaway on the Titan site. It shows no 7/16" OD, but it does show "Post sleeves-standard" and calls for 8 of those. Here's where I found the kit database: https://www.titanpinball.com/kits/index.php/view/id/335

#2623 3 years ago

I really appreciate all the help and advice. I'm for too stupid to figure out all the lights to order l.e.d.'s. I ordered a kit for that. Thanks to Mr. Tantrum for the ring sizes I was able to put together my needs on the Titan site. Except for clarification on the posts vs. 7/16" OD confusion. I'm ordering all the competition silicone in red. Red flipper rings too. I guess I like red for this machine.

4 months later
#3190 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

One thing I will mention when it comes to kids is that I wouldn't get pins for kids. I would get them if you want to play them. My two boys like to play but not that often. My daughter seems to be close to hating pins/arcades from being dragged to different arcades/events. Friends of theirs that come over have some interest in the pins but not that much to play through an entire game. Most of them just hit the start button a bunch of times, launch a few balls, bang the flippers for a bit, then just walk away. They seem to have more interest in video games. Maybe that will change when they get to be older teenagers. Parents that come over rarely show any interest in pins and very few even want to play. At least that has been my experience. The only people I know that like to play are those that I have met in the hobby.

I've had almost the same experience. I bought my first pin when my two boys were about 4 and 6. They liked it okay, until N64 came along. Something about that Mario guy I guess. I have 5 pins now and my boys are 25 and 28. They play a little bit, not much though. Over the years their friends have shown very minor interest in pins. Same is true for my friends.

1 week later
#3389 3 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

On a different subject, (to stop me from thinking about my diverter issue), I like the Mars lamp but I think it would have been better with a smaller version of a light bar. Matches the time frame of the cop cars better.

In case you missed my light bar mod. It's a Federal Streethawk. I like it. Better might be to remove the stock beacon and mount the light bar centered on the Getaway. But I didn't want to do that. And my BK2K doesn't seem to mind holding up that end of the light bar. I used a bridge rectifier to convert the 18v a/c that powers the beacon to d/c. Then I used a 12v solenoid to energize a 120v receptacle and thereby turn on the battery charger that powers the light bar. Been working this way for many years.

1 week later
#3628 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Oh man I could tell you stories about her, at times she treated me like a KING! But I couldn't trust her farther then I could throw her. So 5 years, 2 break ups and get back togethers again I finally said F... that shit and gave her the boot.....3 days later she was living with another guy...the guy she had been cheating on me with.

And I'll bet she hasn't held up as well as the Mustang. Good move keeping the car and booting her.

1 week later
#3815 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

So, while I am stuck without a plunger, I thought I would at least share my latest mods.
1. Replaced my 40 ohm woofer with 80 ohm, completely rewired speakers, added 80 ohm inverter and L-pad. For those of you who have not done this, it is great as I can now actually hear/feel the bass tones in the game. BTW, the L-pad was a must in order to manually balance the sound the way that was best for my ears.

Are you sure those are 40 and 80 ohms? I'm thinking maybe 4 ohms was stock and you might have put in an 8 ohm speaker?

#3863 3 years ago

MustangPaul, I'd love to come over and see your Getaway! Maybe I could use my Samsung phone and shoot a vid of the red lights in the super charger and get it here? You might be able to sell me some of those lighted legs too. I'll pm my phone number.

#3906 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Well, just got mine ordered (I went ahead and got 2 since they are cheap, coming from China, and if one was broken I wanted to have backup). I'm sure they are being sent on a slow boat, so maybe I can have pics posted sometime next year!

Good idea. I just ordered two of them too.

1 month later
#4617 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hey guys I need some BIG help finding a part. I'm looking for the nylon tip that goes into the end of the shifter lever. Mine grew legs and is now hiding. The manual only gives the entire part number 20-9710 with no breakdown. I've searched Marco and PBL with no success.

Shoot, I've been off Pinside for awhile so just saw this. And I see later that you got it fixed. But, you could have come over to my place and taken mine apart to use as a guide too. Oh well, I guess I should have checked in here sooner.

3 months later
#5907 2 years ago

Great work, Tantrum! I've got a Pinsound board on my STTNG. Now I might have to get one for my Getaway. Love the horn and engine sounds too. The stock Getaway engine sound is all wrong for the game.

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