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#33 3 years ago

The Argentine shown above is now mine

I'll be starting on trying to get it going once I get my Grand Prix fixed. She'll be a bit of a project, with a number of playfield bumpers missing as well as being currently non-functional. My initial thoughts, before any testing, are probably a bad rectifier and maybe some connector issues but we'll see. There's a fair amount of corrosion present too - definitely spent some time in a barn or garage I think. Playfield and cabinet held up well though, and the backglass is mostly all there. If I can get it running, I may get BGResto to make me a new one.

4 months later
#36 2 years ago

Got the Argentine all cleaned up and mostly working. Still have a couple issues I could use some input on if anyone has any ideas. Fortunately they aren't show stoppers.

1. The coin slide lockout coil does not pull in when credits are on the game or when it's in Free Play mode. In Free Play mode, the coil will lock in if I close the switch associated with the coil, but that's the only time. Closing that switch in Regular mode, even with credits on the game, won't power that coil.

2. The Credit Takeoff circuit activated by the bar on the bottom of the game doesn't work. Pushing on the takeoff bar simply drops out the lock relay, de-powering all the solenoids.

3. The 4 purple bumpers across the middle don't score, they only cycle playfield features. This may not be a problem - I'm just not sure as I can't find anything that says if they should or should not score. I just have a feeling they should but can't find anything wrong with them. The bumpers just have one copper spike on the skirt and a carbon ring on the playfield, and those are obviously working since the feature stepper cycles.

If anyone has any clues on any of that, I'd love to hear them. Also, if anyone has a 1940 vintage game and could snap a photo of the coin door and takeoff switch plate, that would be helpful.

Here she is after the first game:

First Game (resized).JPG

And here she is after managing to recover most of the heat-damaged bumper caps with judicious use of my heat gun:

PF-Dec2016 (resized).JPG

2 years later
#146 3 months ago

Just picked up a decent 1940 Genco Big Town at the Pintastic show this past weekend down in Sturbridge, MA, along with a 1948 Williams Tucson. Pictures of the Big Town to follow once I get her moved downstairs and set up. She mostly works but looks to have some scoring issues, as the Lit Lane scoring multiplier seems to be either non-functional or highly erratic. It occasionally fails to deliver all 5 balls smoothly to the lift also, but a good whack on the side usually clears that up some I'm hopeful some cleaning and adjustment will take care of that. She played all weekend at the show - more than could be said for many of the newer solid-state games

#147 3 months ago

Photo, as promised.

Tuscon (resized).JPG

Just got her assembled. Haven't tested yet after the long ride from MA. Tomorrow we'll see what else broke

#148 3 months ago

Got some glass-off testing done on the Big Town today. Determined that one thing I thought was an error was actually a design feature. The game provides a 1000 point bonus for every rollover lane made when the lighted indicator below them, numbered 1-4, is lit. What it doesn't say is that these must be done "in order", such that if you make number 3, for example, you will get no bonus for it until you also make number 1 and number 2. Once I understood that, I could see that the scoring was working fine.

There are a series of lights, 1-10, in the center tower building on the backglass. I've no idea what they do game-wise but I've identified the mini-stepper that lights them. Its got one bad socket at number 8 but the lights otherwise work as I step the unit manually. Each of the 1-5 rollover lanes is supposed to advance that light but they don't. so I need to look into that. Outside of the usual suspects, like some flaky sockets, etc. the only remaining puzzle is the wholly disconnected credit unit. Neither coil is connected, so it never does any credit/replay handling. It has a note stuck to it that this was done for free play but this makes no sense to me as the coin slide is rigged so it just always works, coin or not. That's the only way the game knows to start a game so I'm not sure why you'd disable the credit unit. Stepping the credit unit by hand does light an occasional credit lamp so there may just be a lot of dead bulbs there. I've got #46 and #63 bulbs coming in for replacements.

Outside of that stuff she's in pretty good shape for approaching 80.

#150 3 months ago

That’s a beauty too!

If you have any insight as to how your machine scores runs, that would be great, as that appears to be exactly the same function as my tower windows.

If you roll over the 1 lane, I bet it lights, right? If you then roll over it again do you gain a run, with none of the other lanes lit?

What does gaining runs do? Does it increase scoring in some way, or is it a secondary way to earn credits? I have a selectable patch panel in the backbox that allows plugging in wires, but no clue yet what that actually does.


#152 3 months ago

It's my intention to hook the credit unit step-up and step-down coils back up this week. With the coin slide rigged to always work, there's no reason not to that I can see, unless there's some other issue that will pop up once I do, like a shorted coil or something. We'll see.

I found a problem on the trip bank that I hope is the major contributor to the other issues:

Bank2 (resized).JPG

It had been worked around with a typical EM plastic switch lifter plate that had been taped on with electrical tape but that seemed to occasionally not work, giving the erratic behavior, I hope. For now, I've patched it up by super-gluing the 2 halves together, then reinforcing the break with thin strips of hard plastic epoxied over the crack. Looks like it should do the trick.

Bank3 (resized).JPG

The game cabinet has what looks like a raceway mounted to the side wall inside, with a ball in it. I'm assuming it's a roll tilt, but it has 5 switches that get activated in turn as the ball goes around the track. I'm not sure how that works but I'll test it later. It also has what looks like a typical credit takeoff button just under the front center of the cabinet.

#153 3 months ago

Reconnected the credit unit coils tonight - nothing happens at all. Still need to meter the coils though and see if they're good. I would have expected that advancing the unit by hand would light credit lamps in the backbox, but I get nothing at all. I checked the bulbs and they've all been good. Toggling up a replay score also does nothing. I'll probably have to pull that unit and see what's up. Maybe the rivet followers have lost their connection.

The trip bank fix is working nicely and the 1-5 rollover lane sequence now works as it should. I got the tower numbers advancing but erratically so that will need more investigation, and when working it seemed to stop at 6. Not sure what's up with that.

For Dave Marston - too early for me to say with certainty but it looks like finishing the 1-5 sequence lights the blue bumpers on the outside for Special. Hitting those may be what lights the Yellow bumpers but I'm not positive yet as sometimes mine are on after reset. That may be a reset bank issue still though. In one of the games I played, though, I finished 1-5, the Blues lit up, I hit both and the Yellows came on.

#155 3 months ago

Well, bad news, Big Town has Big Problems. Went down to work on it some more and now the mechanics and playfield don’t power up at all. GI comes on, so the clock switch is working, and all fuses are good, but no scoring, steppers etc. I used to hear a lock relay when turning the power on but nothing now. Without schematics it’s tough to know where to start as there’s no clue to expected voltages, power paths, etc.

The selenium rectifier is long gone so it isn’t that but it has some very odd power installation. I’ll get a photo later.

I suppose first thing to do is see what’s coming out of the transformer.

2 weeks later
#156 3 months ago

New bridge rectifier installed and Big Town is running again! Now I can get back to trying to restore the credit system functionality. I'll have to meter the two coils though to make sure they're not shorted. I am suspicious since the DC circuit died last time I hooked them up, though I would have expected a fuse to blow first. At least the new rectifier allowed me to get a fuse in line with the AC lead to the bridge. The previous one didn't have that.

#160 3 months ago

So far, I have gotten as far as 6. I noticed last night that there’s a problem there. The tower should apparently advance when a rollover lane is lit. Mine are not, except for the number 2 lane. That one works.

Even when working, though, it seems like it would be near impossible to get more than 6 unless going for that in place of score. At best, you could light two of the lanes on ball 1. Hitting those same two on each subsequent ball could get you to 8.

Having just typed that out, I realize I should not be reaching 6 even. Unless there is another rule at play, the best I should be able to do is 4. Wonder where I’m getting the other two? Hmmmm...

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