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#51 2 years ago

I unexpectedly joined the Genco club earlier this week, with a rescue that was destined for the side of the road.

It's a 1953 Golden Nugget, cabinet itself is in excellent condition. The door needs some carpentry work in the corners. The playfield is nice but not perfect. The backglass is pretty much trash.

Mercifully, I was able to find a schematic online. Currently, the score motor runs immediately upon turning the machine on, and does not stop. It counts the score reels down to zero, lights go on, etc.

I don't know what the startup sequence should be, so I'm just going to have to muddle around with it until I stumble across whatever switch(es) isn't in the correct position to allow startup.

5 months later
#64 1 year ago
Quoted from Darenm:

Also, theres 6 wires not plugged in at top of back cabinet. Anyone got one that could tell me the order? 2 yellow and 4 green.

Look at the card to the right of the wires-- you connect those wires to correspond to the free balls (or replays?) that you want the machine to give.

11 months later
#83 11 months ago

My second Genco followed home this weekend-- a 1934 Criss-Cross-A-Light. It looked pretty bad at first, but really cleaned up nicely. A few hours of tinkering, and I have it running. Just need to find a shooter assembly.

5 months later
#105 5 months ago
Quoted from Auntyflossie:

Hello. I have just been asked to help repair a Genco Archer. Has anyone a hi res photo of the underside of the playfield and Schematic/wiring diagram please.
Any advice would be welcome.
Thanks Martyn

Unless someone has taken the time to make one themselves, you aren't going to find a schematic for any game of this vintage.

#106 5 months ago

Anybody have a 1940 vintage Genco? I'm working on a Blondie, and I'm struggling a bit with the rewiring of a modern bridge rectifier to get around the original (failed) selenium rectifier. I could use good quality photos or drawing of how yours is wired up.

Another pinsider sent photos of his, but he's also got some strange cement resistor board in that's in line, and I'm unclear on its purpose.


#108 5 months ago
Quoted from AlexF:

Somewhere in the pinrepair site there is some info on this. Years ago it helped me on a Genco Tradewinds.

I've found a couple of bits of information-- the first link details exactly the same issue I'm having. There's no note of successful resolution.


The other is a couple paragraphs into this Russ Jensen piece: http://www.pinballcollectorsresource.com/russ_files/trouble2.html

#111 5 months ago

Thank you! A wire by wire accounting would be incredibly helpful.

B53BD7B1-C9B7-40BD-B5A9-9BCBFD7CC714 (resized).jpeg
#117 5 months ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

I also have a Genco bball game where I replaced the old rectifier with a bridge rectifier. The pics Jappie provided should probably do the trick; however, if you want a different angle or any verification on the specific wiring, just let me know. I, too, put a fuse in-line as a safety precaution (read as, I usually mess something up, so I figured a fuse might limit the damage when I finally flipped the switch)

Might be helpful. I’m a little confused as to why three of his wires go to the rectifier. Headed to the basement shortly to tinker... I’ll report back.

#120 5 months ago

So I hooked mine up the same way as Jappie's, and I have some success to report. I'm not sure I understand *HOW* it works wired this way, but it appears that it does. The ground goes back to the transformer, which doesn't make much sense to me, but I do have 18 (well, a little over 19) volts DC. When I tried to start a game, nothing happened with any of the steppers, but I did briefly have GI... which I had assumed to be 6v, and as a result, those bulbs all released their magic smoke. I have ordered the correct bulbs, and I'll take another crack at it. By manually operating the steppers, I was able to determine the ball count unit, the score unit, and the changeover unit. While I wait for the bulbs to arrive, I'm going to keep cleaning switches and such in the hopes that I stumble across whatever is preventing the game from starting.

bridge (resized).jpg
1 month later
#142 4 months ago

A couple of months ago, I made my second foray into the Genco club, when a friend passed along a very high condition 1940 "Blondie" to me.

Now that I've got the bridge rectifier sorted out (another thread... much hair pulling that I'd rather put behind me LOL) I'm on to working on the rest of the game.

The good:
- Scoring stepper was seized up. After quite a bit of elbow grease, I've got that working great.
- The smaller "ratcheting" steppers in the backbox and under the playfield are all working.
- When I coin the game up, the scoring stepper zeroes out and the GI turns on.
- The playfield switches are responsive when hit.

Problems I'm currently having:
- The aforementioned playfield switches-- I can get the changeover unit to change the bumpers as they are hit, but no actual scoring happens.
- The other stepper in the head (the scoring stepper is on the left, there's another on the right- I think it's the match stepper) doesn't do much of anything. I can manipulate it by hand, and I can jumper it with a battery and sort of get it to work, but it does nothing when I try to start a game.
- The tilt relay doesn't pull in and latch at the start of a game, so the game remains in "tilt". I can close the relay by hand (with a small zip tie) and get it to turn the light off, but it doesn't do it on its own.
- In the head, there's a jumper for "regular play" and three individual pins for "free play". All were plugged in when I received the game. When trying to start a game, a coil would lock on. I removed the pins for free play, and the coil no longer locks on. I've looked at the pictures of other machines of this era on IPDB, and none of them seem to have that feature, so I'm not sure how they are SUPPOSED to be.
- There are a couple of other features beyond the match and scoring lights in the backglass. I'm unclear on the "1" and "2" functions, as well as the 1-9 numbers that I can light by hand but have no idea what they are supposed to do in game play.

#143 4 months ago

Sigh... I figured out the tilt relay issue, but now I have no GI, lighting, or playfield switches working. I obviously knocked something loose, but I’ve given up for tonight.

2 months later
#165 36 days ago
Quoted from J_o_n_o:

I took the subway apart and cleaned it. It's all there, mostly. The coin slider is trashed and I need a spring for the ball loading mechanism. Anybody know what kinda battery will work to make the coil fire on this thing?

The type of battery that it was designed for was a screw top 6v. I don't know if they are made anymore, and if they are, they certainly aren't in wide distribution. You can run it on any 6v battery, but I suggest switching to a small power supply- partly for reliability, partly because it's a bit of a pain to take apart the top half of the machine every time you want to change the battery.

1 month later
#167 3 days ago

Anybody have a parts stepper like the one in the photo? Mine was acting flaky, and I noticed that the shoulder bolt was broken. I can't find an exact replacement, and having one machined is expensive. All I need is the bolt- if you have one you can share, please PM me.


stepper (resized).jpg
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