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Genco lucky 7 restoration

By amkoepfer

85 days ago

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    #1 85 days ago

    Im just starting this, and its going to take awhile, so bear with me. From what i can tell this is 1 of 3 known to exist. Here is the starting pics.

    20190726_112621 (resized).jpg20190726_112626 (resized).jpg20190726_112630 (resized).jpg20190726_112637 (resized).jpg20190726_112644 (resized).jpg20190726_113447 (resized).jpg20190726_113807 (resized).jpg20190726_113810 (resized).jpg20190726_114915 (resized).jpg
    #3 85 days ago

    Ya, now there are 3 known games. Hoping mine turns out as nice as mitchs. Mine came with the schematics so now those can get out. Mailing copies to clay and if mitch wants a copy ill send them to him, and hopefully i can scan and upload to the interweb as well.

    #4 84 days ago

    Started disassembling for cleaning. Mystery writing on the wood over the lane. Can anyone make decals with dimensions and hi res pics?

    20190726_150720 (resized).jpg20190726_152416 (resized).jpg20190726_153147 (resized).jpg
    #5 84 days ago
    20190726_154532 (resized).jpg
    #6 84 days ago
    20190726_155035 (resized).jpg20190726_155038 (resized).jpg20190726_155042 (resized).jpg
    #7 84 days ago

    Ok, so im going to talk to a printer for decals for the lane. Does anyone think that it will cause the ball to change paths? Or if i wax it will that kind of help? Decal is the only solution i can think of. Mine has nothing, this pic was from mitch

    83e80727a3ed68bcf3962ab0cfe2de4f0ee554de (resized).jpg
    #11 84 days ago

    It was actually pretty close to me. I pretty much bought it to save it from becoming a table or some other nonsense, and it looked like a fun restoration. It may come up for sale once im done, but with all the time and cash i may keep it awhile. Had fun tearing it apart yesterday, im going to go through and clean every part. Hoping to have it playable in a month or so.

    #13 84 days ago

    I wasnt searching for one, but happened to see it at an auction and knew what it was due to the other restoration thread and having played one at clays. There were several other people there for it, but i decided i wanted it bad enough lol. I was at knoebels in pa last summer and they had a lot of rolldown games similar to this.

    #15 84 days ago
    Quoted from Rody:

    Finished with it or not, I’m your huckleberry when you are ready. . Let’s keep it in Ohio

    Haha, ive already had offers in the multi thousands. So far ive turned them down, but maybe in the future

    #17 84 days ago

    I am hoping to get hi res pics and dimensions, and then take that to an artist/printer that can get it made for me. Spray masks would probably be the way to go, id just be very nervous doing it!

    #20 84 days ago
    Quoted from Mitch:

    The crazy thing is that I pulled mine out of a Ohio basement.

    Add in clays, and 3 in ohio area? A pinside member needs the artwork? Is there another game out there?

    #24 84 days ago
    Quoted from Rody:

    That is why I offered, this skill set is what I do for a living.

    Perhaps we can work something out. Id really like this to look amazing when im done

    #25 83 days ago

    Just ordered the new glass

    #27 82 days ago

    Hoping to do some more work tuesday and next weekend, will update when i do, going on vacation in a week so that will stall it a bit, but i dont think itll take as long as i thought it would, its cleaning up nice!

    2 weeks later
    #28 67 days ago

    Took the top off and bell board off today, started cleaning the inside of the cab, it is very dirty. Most switches on the holes look good, just need cleaned and adjusted. Legs are off being remade.

    #29 67 days ago
    20190812_192713 (resized).jpg20190812_192719 (resized).jpg20190812_192728 (resized).jpg
    #30 67 days ago

    Pinball break

    20190812_193005 (resized).jpg
    #31 67 days ago

    I just looked at the score reels, 2 of them are slightly chewed along the edges. Not sure if its from the mech, or possibly mice? Anyone know if theres replacements for these?

    15656570538435808945068641769192 (resized).jpg
    #34 67 days ago

    Ya i had a chicago coin shuffle alley that had the same thing, those are easy to come by.

    Yes ryan, thats most of my collection. And i doubt you can see it with the glass on, but i will verify

    2 weeks later
    #35 53 days ago

    Ok, getting some work done today. Cleaned the bottom of the cabinet, cleaned the ball return wood, the "flipper", now im painting the bells, board the bells and ballast sits on, and the coin chute cover.

    20190827_085151 (resized).jpg20190827_085155 (resized).jpg20190827_101151 (resized).jpg20190827_103512 (resized).jpg
    #37 53 days ago

    Thank you. Hoping to have the body completely done and back together this weekend, then ill move on to the backbox. Im still waiting on the legs and backglass

    #39 48 days ago

    While waiting for parts in the ultrasonic cleaner, moved on to the back board. Before and after

    20190901_144609 (resized).jpg20190901_144614 (resized).jpg20190901_145451 (resized).jpg
    #42 47 days ago
    Quoted from cad-kid:

    What did you clean it with? Looks great!

    Novus 1. I didnt want to use anything too harsh and risk losing any artwork.

    Coin door is back on

    20190901_174729 (resized).jpg
    #43 47 days ago

    Bell and ballast unit back together. 1 bell sounds great, other not so much, someone cut it it looks like

    20190901_200517 (resized).jpg
    #45 47 days ago

    I wondered that too, possibly mitch can chime in, but i am thinking no not factory. Its just a dull thud

    #46 47 days ago

    Ball return board back in, coin cover painted

    20190902_120413 (resized).jpg20190902_120420 (resized).jpg
    #48 47 days ago

    Ill shoot him a pm, im sure its not stock though. The coil was disconnected as well

    #49 47 days ago

    Bottom of cab is back together, next step is clean the lane and adjust the switches.

    #50 46 days ago
    20190902_160455 (resized).jpg20190902_160503 (resized).jpg
    #52 46 days ago

    So it must be factory. Crazy!!

    #53 46 days ago

    Back is cleaned, need to make sure switches are adjusted properly, then i can move on to the top

    20190902_185717 (resized).jpg
    #54 46 days ago

    Just tested all of my cabinet coils, all but 1 are good. The a.c. kicker coil underneath is bad. K34-4600. Anyone happen to have one of these or know an equivelent?

    #56 46 days ago

    It really is cool. What i find interesting is the holes with only 1 switch stack, it is still predrilled for a second switch. There are also 2 nails missing, but i dont think there were ever nails in there. I believe they were used as ball guides or something

    #58 45 days ago

    Thanks ryan, i will continue to update

    #59 44 days ago

    Moved on to the ball release mech, the flipper mech, and got the playfield waxed. After a lot of trial and error, i got the lock mech working and smoothe.

    20190905_100134 (resized).jpg20190905_102925 (resized).jpg
    #60 44 days ago

    Coin plate back on

    20190905_111618 (resized).jpg20190905_111624 (resized).jpg
    #62 44 days ago

    Thanks, its missing artwork on the front part of it and wood cross brace, but when its done i will be talking to rody about remaking it.

    #63 44 days ago

    Before and after of the ball release mech

    20190726_145126 (resized).jpg20190905_115029 (resized).jpg
    #64 44 days ago

    Switch lever things are all polished

    20190905_115426 (resized).jpg
    #65 44 days ago

    Me being the idiot i am, i put the top back on before cleaning the flipper buttons. So much dust and stuff they didnt move. Springs were pretty worn out, so i cut down a pinball shooter rod spring, and now they are all clean, and move great! Wiring inside cab is done.

    20190905_125021 (resized).jpg20190905_125024 (resized).jpg
    #67 44 days ago

    Lol. Ya, i wish i had black ones laying around, but that is all i had

    #68 44 days ago

    As far as the coil goes that tested bad-- i found one, possibly, at bay area amusements. I know they have mixed reviews, but i ordered it anyways, no pic, nothing. Just the numbers matched. It will be here tomorrow and hopefully it is the right one

    #70 43 days ago

    From me or the game? Can never tell with you!

    #71 43 days ago

    Done for the day. Put the backbox on just to see what happens. It doesnt work. Found the serial number. When i put the backbox on, now the lock doesnt work. I think its either warped a bit, or just needs adjustment

    20190905_164406 (resized).jpg20190905_164837 (resized).jpg20190905_164842 (resized).jpg20190905_164848 (resized).jpg20190905_171548 (resized).jpg
    #73 43 days ago

    Any time collin!

    #74 43 days ago

    Messed with it a little more tonight. Got a lot of the switches gapped correctly, except for a few. It now starts a game, scores correctly, but it doesnt advance frames. I dont think anyways, its hard with no backglass. Ill be disassembling the back next week to clean it and hopefully get it figured out

    #76 39 days ago

    New coil is on for the flipper relay. The flipper still is not working, but game over lights are on. I would assume the flipper wouldnt work during game over mode so that could be why. More work to do.....

    20190909_155545 (resized).jpg
    #77 39 days ago

    Put the glass on, figured out whats wrong with the game, the shot unit isnt resetting at the end of a game. Hopefully it just needs cleaned. Flipper now works, just had to get it to start a game. I still need to print out a new instruction card, and clean the backbox and score reels

    20190910_092930 (resized).jpg20190910_092935 (resized).jpg20190910_092942 (resized).jpg
    #80 39 days ago

    Yes i will, i just wanted to know what was wrong with it before i do. Now i know!!

    #82 39 days ago

    Hoping the glass and legs are done soon, im almost ready for them

    #83 38 days ago

    Trying to decide what i want to do about the cabinet damage. Its not much, and a corner bracket will probably cover the front, but im not sure about the back.... ideas?

    20190910_192911 (resized).jpg20190910_192922 (resized).jpg
    #85 38 days ago

    No, not repainting it. I dont have 2 of the original corner protectors, so i may jist leave it all alone. I do have a set i bought, but they arent the same, so i may not use them

    #87 38 days ago
    Quoted from SirScott:

    As long as it's structurally sound, I would just leave it as well. (And I'll just fix it myself after you sell it to me.)

    Lol. I dont know about that! I have almost finished the backbox, all switches cleaned and gapped, steppers cleaned, small amount of grease, move easily in both directions, score reels as clean as i can get them without losing ink.

    #89 38 days ago

    Backbox is done. Put it on, hit start and it works! It has a couple bugs i need to figure out, a couple lights arent working and its not the socket, player 2 lights dont come on, but did once? Weird. And the bells are not working at all, but im not sure when they are supposed to work.

    20190911_135016 (resized).jpg
    #91 38 days ago

    Figured out the chimes as well. At some point someone disconnected the wires for the bells. Just gotta solder them back on!

    #93 37 days ago

    Mitch, how does the over under work? Mine is staying on under 7 and isnt moving. Even if i move the relays by hand it still doesnt light up as over 7.

    #95 37 days ago

    Cool, thanks i will look into it

    #96 36 days ago

    Per bg resto my glass should be shipped by the end of the month. Cant wait!

    1 week later
    #97 27 days ago

    While i wait on glass and legs, ill be moving on to my next project. An automatic industries whiffle
    20190921_154226 (resized).jpg

    #99 24 days ago

    Sirscott came by to help with lucky 7. We came close, and im pretty sure i know how to finish it up, but ill need your help mitch, ill probably send you a pm if i cant figure it out

    #100 24 days ago

    Just went through mitchs thread and i think i narrowed down my issue. My game stays at under 7. I cant figure out the logic that brings it to over 7, but my guess is that since it stays under 7 through frames 1-3, it has to be in the relay bank for frames 3-4 or 5-6. Other than that it works great. Scott took a few dollars from me tonight too!

    #101 24 days ago

    Ok, nothing on the frame 3-4 switch stack is out of place or looks like it controls the hi low switch stack. When frame 3-4 comes up in a game, that stack coil pulls in, releasing the stack. That must energize something else to go between frame 3 and frame 4. It would have to be whatever energizes that there is probably a second switch that should energize the hi low stack. Im close, just not there yet!

    #103 24 days ago

    Dont worry, im practicing fir next time!

    #104 24 days ago

    Spent some time today trying to figure it out, no luck. I guess if its just the over under giving me problems that isnt too bad!

    #106 24 days ago
    Quoted from Rody:

    If you get totally stuck, I think you are within clays service area. Having a working example and such a breadth of knowledge, I would think he should be able to straighten out the issue fairly quickly.

    Im sure he could, but i really want to try and do it myself. If all else fails ill probably call clay

    #108 23 days ago

    Its fun. Im learning a lot about the logic behind ems, which is good. And the game is pretty fun, as long as you have 2 people and theres money on the line! This machine would be great as a 4 or 6 player game, more money to win!

    2 weeks later
    #109 8 days ago

    Backglass will be here tomorrow!!!

    #112 7 days ago

    Ha! You break it you buy it. After you pay me for the other game! Be more fun playing dollar games with a backglass for sure

    #113 7 days ago

    First bg resto glass, pretty impressed with the quality! Packaging was great, glass looks amazing. Very happy!!

    20191011_175942 (resized).jpg20191011_180145 (resized).jpg20191011_180202 (resized).jpg20191011_180211 (resized).jpg
    #114 7 days ago

    Heres the before pic again with the old glass on

    20190726_112621 (resized).jpg
    #116 6 days ago

    Thank you. Im very very happy with how its turning out.

    #117 6 days ago

    So i just noticed this on the backglass. Mitch, can you verify your spelling?

    15709755511632950430428261931877 (resized).jpg
    #119 6 days ago

    Ya, i saw that too. Im wondering if it was just mine, or if its all the repro ones

    #122 6 days ago

    Im guessing you didnt notice yours was misspelled?

    #124 6 days ago

    Sorry! I suppose i should email bg resto and bring it to his attention

    #126 6 days ago

    At least theirs works, i still have to figure out how to get mine working

    #127 2 days ago

    Test fit the legs today before staining. Look great!

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