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geeteoh Replacement Squawk & Talk board Development Status

By geeteoh

6 months ago

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#1 6 months ago

I thought I'd put together a separate topic to provide status of the development of my replacement Bally Squawk & Talk sound board. I can post here from time to time as I get games completed or need help from others.

Check out my https://geeteoh.com website for the latest list of games supported, videos, custom sound sets and how to email me to order one. I've got about 25 of these boards in the hands of S&T machine owners right now. The feedback has been pretty positive.

Right now it only works with Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man, Elektra , and Flash Gordon . I have Eight Ball Deluxe about done and Vector in the works as the 4th and 5th games. packie1 is nearby and is helping me with those games. He also lent me his Flash Gordon! Thanks packie1

Embryon will be the 6th game. I plan to see if rockwell is available to help me get that one finalized.

Centaur sounds have been recorded. And I'll be looking for a person willing to help in the southern Wisconsin or northern/central Illinois area.

The help I need is to test out my board in the actual machine. I need to find the start and end sound commands for the background sounds. This would include finding sounds for ball drain and end of game. I'd also want to see which sound is used in the attract mode so I can make that custom. I then record game play so that I can later test boards on the bench. If things go well, it's only about 2 hours and one trip. Eight Ball Deluxe is needing a new feature where the background sound is turned off or volume reduced when voices play (as an option). For that game, I'm needing a second visit to packie1

#2 6 months ago

Very cool!

My EBD doesn’t currently need a S&T board, but I’ll likely order one so I have this available when the time eventually comes


#3 6 months ago

Happy to help out anytime! Would love to get Embryon nailed down. Being able to have the background sounds persist through the other sounds would make a big difference in that game, imo (and for the better).

#4 6 months ago

The embryon ROMs came in the mail today.

1 week later
#5 5 months ago
Quoted from Rodent:

Very cool!
My EBD doesn’t currently need a S&T board, but I’ll likely order one so I have this available when the time eventually comes

Mine does! Would love to know how far out from EBD you would guess you are. The only other replacement I can find is about 300 USD from overseas...eek.

#6 5 months ago

Cool news about the Embryon ROMs! Shoot me a message if/when you need an Embryon to test on.

#7 5 months ago

My replacement S&T board now supports EBD and Vector. I tested them out this weekend on packie1 machines. I'll update my website later tonight.

As with my other sound sets, EDB and Vector allow their background sounds to play continuously and not cut out when sounds or voices are played. EDB has an option though. There is a DIP switch setting on my board for MERGE. MERGE OFF will terminate sounds when others start as well as reduce the volume of the background sound to 1/4 of it's current setting when a voice comes in. It is subtle, but it allows the voice callouts to be better heard with the busy background sound. MERGE ON will allow sounds to continue (overlap) and leave the background at set power when voices are played. This option will only be for EDB.

Future work will be with Embryon. I recorded the sounds last night. And I will be going through them this week.

I'm going to be looking at Xenon. I have a customer who was able to put my replacement S&T board in his early Flash Gordon that had the Sounds Plus/Vocalizer board pair. It worked fine. So I suspect I can get Xenon to work too. Lucky for me, packie1 has a Xenon as well. I'll be working on that in the coming weeks.

4 weeks later
#8 4 months ago

My replacement Squawk & Talk sound board now works with Embryon . Thank you rockwell for allowing me to test the board on your awesome machine.

Xenon is next. As an option, I am also going to be offering a different shape board which will fit the mounting of the Sounds Plus board in the Xenon and early Flash Gordon machines. The circuit is identical, just the board is a different shape. This will make it much easier to mount my board into these machines.

#9 4 months ago

I recently put one of these in my EBD and was super impressed. Great build quality and design, multiple volume adjustments, and a great price considering what the speech chips on a S&T board go for, let alone a whole board. Really happy with this and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!

#10 4 months ago


1 week later
#11 4 months ago

I'm offering a different board shape of my replacement S&T sound board which fits the early Flash Gordon machines with the Sounds Plus / Vocalizer sound board pair. See my geeteoh.com website under Squawk and Talk to order one for your Flash Gordon. I gave the new board a first try in a Xenon machine last Sunday and it's mostly working! Give me a couple more weeks, and I can offer a version configured for Xenon owners.


3 weeks later
#12 3 months ago

I finished up the Xenon code. It works great and I'm offering it on my Sounds Plus / Vocalizer shape board as well as the S&T shape board. Most will probably use the Sounds Plus size board. The background tones come in really fast on Xenon. I had to revise the code a bit to handle the speed.

You can define a custom attract sound like many of my S&T games. This overrides the "Try Xenon" voice when a ball is not in play.

You can also define a custom repeating background WAV sound file. Just select sound bank 6. This sound bank will override the stock Xenon background tones used for the background. I will supply an example setup in bank 6 with my board. See (hear) this feature in the video below.

#13 3 months ago

Very nice work!

2 months later
#14 14 days ago

Has anyone with one of these encountered issues with distorted sound? Manual states to adjust the three volume pot. Below about a quarter I get 0 sound.Even at the lowest adjustment on all three I still get distorted sound. Seems worse if multiple speech triggers go off. Currently running this with an original mpu board in the game.

#15 14 days ago

Sounds like an issue with the board. I will send a replacement.

#16 14 days ago

i know it's been said, but awesome work!

#17 12 days ago

Have this sound board in a Flash Gordon...it rocks!

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