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GB LE or Premium - what to do?

By MightyGrave

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Hi guys,

a friend of mine offered me a HUO Ghostbuster LE with swapped playfield for $10.272 (9.500€).
The new Playfield has never seen a ball on it.

My other option is to buy a NIB Premium for $ 8.785 (8125€) and add a Shaker and powder coat the legs and new siderails.

The difference between the two is $ 1.065 (985,00€) if these two Parts were added.

Here is my pro/contra list:

Pro LE:

- Limited Edition
- Green Armor
- "long-term maintenance of" value
- new Playfield (second run?)

Pro Premium
- Second run (bugs fixed?)
- Cabinet art
- saved 1000 bucks
- same gameplay as LE
- Time to make a buy-decision

con LE:
- expensive
- Art/Backglass

con Premium:
- have to add Hardware (extra Work)
- not so exclusive and maybe not stable in value

So hope you can tell me your opinion.

#2 2 years ago

I voted premium , but I not a big powder coat guy. If you going to do the LE make sure the replacement playfield is 10/16 or after.

LE does not come with a shaker unless he added so thats value. And I always put traditional lock downs on so if I bought an LE it would need powder coat which I probably would not do then. Love the BG and colored armor though.

For 1k more the LE is definatly worth it if the PF is good.

#3 2 years ago

he added a shaker in the LE.

The 1k i would save with premium i can use for my new car to add some extras - hard decision

#4 2 years ago

Premium all the way. IMO, the LE is just plain ugly. All that green looks so tacky and ruins it. Save your money.

#5 2 years ago

I have answered this same question for a friend of mine. Here is my answer, Do you plan on keeping it if it exceeds your expectations? In other words do you have keepers or do you usually trade out pinballs regularly? I have friends that trade/sell machines like baseball cards regardless of what model they have. If you swap out games regularly then I would say go premium, you don't need the extra bling. In my home my entire family is obsessed with Ghostbusters and my LE is bolted to the floor. Hope that helps.

#6 2 years ago

I voted premium...same game different art. Add a shaker and save the money. That is my opinion but I prefer the look of the premium.

#7 2 years ago

I don't think the shaker adds anything -- well except for the shaking ;D

This was included in the LE I had. Was it not overseas?

#8 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

I voted premium , but I not a big powder coat guy. If you going to do the LE make sure the replacement playfield is 10/16 or after.
LE does not come with a shaker unless he added so thats value. And I always put traditional lock downs on so if I bought an LE it would need powder coat which I probably would not do then. Love the BG and colored armor though.
For 1k more the LE is definatly worth it if the PF is good.

Minor point to correct: LE includes a shaker from factory. Mine did anyway.

Bottom line, if you like the green powder coat with lollipop side rails, then push the extra 1k and go for the LE.

#9 2 years ago

The LE on this title does seem like it'll hold its value better and that's where I would lean if youre concerned about value. But that's only if stern/Dwight continues to support the code. But Look what they/he did to GOTLE, code got abandoned, prices tanked hard! So if you believe GB code will get abandoned like all the other non-Lyman sterns, then PREM is probably the safer bet. But even then, expect to lose $500-1000 out of the gate with a NIB premium while they're still in production.

The days of NIB sterns holding their value well seems to be all but over. Only stellar designs + great theme + Lyman will a game ever hold value well for a stern. They've squeezed the market so tight and haven't produced more code support or better quality for it that most games are destined to tank. How much is a pro where you live? If possible, I'd consider 2 pros; one proven pro (MET, TWD, GOT) and the other GB PRO.

EDIT: just looked at your collection, looks like you did your homework and got 2 of sterns best pros to date already with TWD and MET. I'm not sold on either version of GB yet because of code; I say go for sterns other best pro in GOT and stack GB PRO with it.

#10 2 years ago

I bought an LE as I really like the backglass and side art MUCH better than the premium. I added the green trim around the backbox. Just a beautiful pin. Well worth the extra $ and I think it will hold it's value better than the premium.

#11 2 years ago

Thank you for your opinions.... It is a hard desision.

eskaybee: i only have place for one more machine... So GOT is not my theme and the lower playfield is not my cup of Tee

Ghostbusters is a killer theme ... And i liked the pro alot, played a LE and liked the features but was not so fluent like the pro.

I only looking for keepers a mix of new and older games (short runs like CC, BOP2.0). And will shrink my lineup down to 8 games.

2 games w. Modes ( LOTR, BOP2.0)
1 game w. flow (MET)
1 game w. stop&go ( ....?)
2 games w. complex rules ( TWD, WOZ)
2 games w. atmosphere ( MB, CCC)

And stop and go could be filled with the GB

#12 2 years ago

Gb rocks! Im sure you know the only difference is the cab between the two, so its a personal preference on the graphics - which looks better to you?

#13 2 years ago

I haven't seen a GBLE in person but see that it has a backglass instead of a translite. Does this backglass have any mirroring or offer any significant advantages over a translite or is it basically just a translite that's adhered to glass? Is it more stunning to look at? I know at least on my TWDLE that the backglass has way more detail and has mirroring which is one of the reasons I opted for it over the Premium. Not sure if that's the case with GB.

#14 2 years ago

At 1000 more the LE is defiantly worth it considering,

NIB Prem 6700 US
Mint LE 8500 US....... If it has a good PF

I own a Prem that I bought NIB as I did not want to put out an extra 2200/2500 for an LE. Its a steal a 1k more. Not sure what your paying to have powder coating done but around here its about 200/250 at our local shop, and a shaker is about a 100 bucks.

#15 2 years ago

Yeah, if the actual price is around 1K I'd say it's a no brainer to go for the LE.
It will definitely hold it's value if you did indeed score a non-gimped PF with the later revisions.

To also echo what Pinmister said, our (premium) is bolted to the floor, it's simply THAT good.

GOT pro is a nice game too but GBP gets 20 to 1 more plays over it and GOT is technically my newer game.

Family just can't get enough of it.

#16 2 years ago

LE all the way for that price difference. You're going to have to add armour and shaker to the premium, and it still won't look as good nor have a back glass. GBLE will be a classic

#17 2 years ago

GBLE is a great and fun game. A keeper for sure. The topper on the other hand is pretty much worthless.... Save the $500 and use it more wisely than I did. LOL.

#18 2 years ago

Yes le is superb. But if i would take the premium i have a lot of time to decide.

Le is take now or leave it and i have to sell two Pins in 2weeks and must stretch me to fit the 1k more.

Le artwork is nice but also like the clean blue from premium would look nice with white and glowbee powder coat armor.

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