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Pinball Playfield ROTISSERIES starting at $195.00 shipped

By wrd1972

1 year ago

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    #401 3 months ago
    Quoted from TxJay:

    Okay, I just bought one...send me a red one.
    The name is under James A. In Texas.

    Red it is. Ships tomorrow.
    Thanks James.

    Thats two of them sold. Still have two left.

    #402 3 months ago

    The July build begins today. All Pro/Prem orders placed by the end of Monday will ship next week. LE items will ship mid August.

    Here is a link to my shop:

    #404 89 days ago

    Just put in an order. Hope I wasn't too late!

    #405 89 days ago

    wrd1972 - Question on the powdercoat: Does your shop put a primer coat on first or only the color coat? I took my standard edition in to my local shop and they gave me the option but we decided not to since the rotisserie was going to be inside only.

    #406 89 days ago
    Quoted from mrboboto:

    Just put in an order. Hope I wasn't too late!

    Your lucky day thanks to a last minute spurt of orders.
    It will ship no later than this Friday.

    Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

    wrd1972 - Question on the powdercoat: Does your shop put a primer coat on first or only the color coat? I took my standard edition in to my local shop and they gave me the option but we decided not to since the rotisserie was going to be inside only.

    The shop I use starts by bead-blasting the entire metal surface to remove all contaminates, and to "rough-up" the surface for best adhesion. Then it gets an initial light powdercoat which sort of acts as a primer to improve adhesion. Then after several minutes, it gets the heavier second coat. No cheap sub-par chemical cleaning processes prior to the powdercoat going on.

    In the end, the finish is excellent and super durable, and I could not be more pleased with it. I really believe I am offering a top quality powdercoat finish for the LE items.

    Hope that helps.

    #407 88 days ago

    All Pro/Premium Rotos and accessories from the July build have now been shipped. Also includes the Roto for mrboboto.

    I will be dropping off all LE items for powdercoating at the shop tomorrow. I expect they will start ship mid August. Thanks everyone for the orders .

    1 week later
    #408 80 days ago

    Now taking orders for the August build which will begin around the 22nd, and will ship prior to the end of the month.

    I also have two LE Rotos in gloss black available, and will ship in less than 48 hours.

    1 week later
    #409 74 days ago

    I love this rotisserie works awsome.

    20200724_195231 (resized).jpg20200812_112929 (resized).jpg
    #410 70 days ago

    Looks very nice Mitch. I decided to use this same color for my personal roto as well.
    Thanks again for the purchase.

    #411 68 days ago

    Two at a time

    20200815_131629 (resized).jpg
    #412 66 days ago

    All LE items have now been picked up from the shop, and will ship no later than this Saturday. Also the August build begins next week. Still taking orders:

    Pro and Premium items will ship before months end.

    #413 63 days ago

    Finally got my Diner playfield swap done, so I thought I would post my thoughts on my PinDoc rotisserie purchase. I started my swap before I heard about this rotisserie, and had purchase the Pintisserie from Marco. It got me though most of my swap, but it was tricky trying to install the back panel with the coffee cup and other parts that protrude through it. When I saw this unit, and knowing I have a few more swaps ahead of me, I went ahead and ordered the premium version, along with the sliders and sidekick.

    Once I received them, nicely packaged, I proceeded to clean them for painting. I tried the ScotchBrite pad method, but it seems that would take too long. So ended up using a B&D Flap Wheel Sander I had, which worked well, but was still time-consuming. I then cleaned everything with Purple Power, and got it all dry, ready to paint.

    20200731_133819 (resized).jpg20200731_143513 (resized).jpg20200731_143519 (resized).jpgFlapWheelSander (resized).jpg
    #414 63 days ago

    I did not photograph my paint process, but quickly found out I needed some strong support mechanism to hold these heavy pieces up for painting. I ended up with an E-shaped (turned into the ground) with some extra metal fence posts I had. I put on two coats of blue, then added clear - over a few days.

    Although I am happy with the result, looking back on it, I probably should have sprung for the power coating. The extra cost seems well worth the time I spent cleaning and painting this.

    20200823_173751_HDR (resized).jpg20200823_174012 (resized).jpg
    #415 63 days ago

    It was challenging getting the mostly-populated playfield off the old Pintisserie, and onto the new PinDoc version. I ended up getting the playfield into the sidekick while still in the Pintiesseie, with a support under the 3 pop bumper brackets. I then picked it up and inserted the tube of the sidekick into the PinDoc end frame tube receiver/tightener. Then I lifted the whole setup back up on the table.

    I added some felt to the sliders, and attached them to the playfield support hook holes with some washers and wing nuts.

    Now this thing was SOLID! The difference between using this and the pintisserie is HUGE. SO much easier to spin the playfield and easily make it stay where you want it. No worries about C-clamps slipping off. One picture shows all the stuff that protrudes through the back panel on Diner. I was able to keep the rotisserie out of the way, so I could easily work back there.

    I added a comparison photo at the end. Here is a link to a short video showing it in motion while I was testing the playfield outside of the cabinet [yes, I did catch that bulb out on the clock ]:

    My only criticism would be that the sidekick is sort of tricky to get installed on the playfield, and getting it put on the rotisserie. It is heavy, but very sturdy. Other than that minor quip, I would highly recommend this Rotisserie (5/5). The Sliders were great (5/5). The Sidekick is good, but if it were a bit easier to install, that would be nice. Pricy, but glad I got it (4/5).

    20200807_222656 (resized).jpg20200807_222647 (resized).jpg20200807_222644_HDR (resized).jpg20200807_222630_HDR (resized).jpg20200810_190107_HDR (resized).jpg20200823_173254_HDR (resized).jpg
    #416 63 days ago

    Thanks for the review 500. Lots of good info in thee for sure. Your roto really turned out very nicely.

    There are several ways to clean the bare metal to prepare it for paint. I used green Scotchbrite and purple power and that did a decent job. I can see where the flapper wheel can do a better job though as well. Ultimately the metal needs to have all of the rust-inhibitor removed that the steel factory applied to the metal to prevent rust while in storage. The best way to clean the metal is with a bead-blast cabinet assuming you have availability to one. Maybe some of the others who have done this can chime in on the way they did it.

    So I have had a few others mention that they would have preferred to have gone the powder-coat route, rather than paint it themselves. One other huge benefit with the LE rotos is that the shop will bead-blast the metal prior to the powder-coat. This provides a very clean and smooth surface, plus it removes any additional small burs that may be present. Lastly the powder coat is many times more durable and solvent resistant than the rattle can.

    I now have an instruction sheet to explain how to use the Sidekick. Yes it is tricky and ABSOLUTELY requires the assistance of a helper. But it gets much easier the second time being used.

    Lastly the differences in the Pintisserie and my unit are pretty striking. Here are some of the obvious advantages:
    -Mine is constructed from much thicker steel. The premium model weighs in at nearly 21 pounds.
    -Mine has the adjustable rotation bearings, and not the lock bolts that do a poor job of applying the desired rotational resistance.
    -Mine has larger bolts and threaded features that are not going to strip out over time.
    -Mine is made in the USA.

    Thanks again for the review and the pics. I really hope it continues to serve you well on down the road.

    #417 62 days ago

    I wish I had been more knowledgeable on what was required as far as what 500vdc documented. The prep work is just more than I expected but I understand it now after speaking with WRD. I would have definitely sprung for the powder coat as well.

    #418 62 days ago

    Setting up for this months run. However I currently have one LE roto in black ready for immediate ship. No waiting.

    #419 62 days ago

    So I finally built my own LE roto in blue powder-coat. Currently doing a hardtop install on my Grand Lizard playfield.

    glht (resized).jpeg
    #420 59 days ago

    Completing the August build tomorrow. Last call for rotos and accessories for this month. All items excluding LE items ship this Saturday.

    3 weeks later
    #421 34 days ago

    Metal is stocked and cut and I will start the Septemeber build of rotisserie and accessories this coming up weekend. Still taking orders for this months build.

    All Pro and Premium units will ship by the 30th. All LE units will ship 2nd or 3rd week of October.

    #422 29 days ago

    The September build is happening right now. Last call to place an order for rotos and accessories for this month.

    #423 27 days ago

    Update on the September Build.
    All purchased Pro/Premium Rotos and accessories have now shipped via UPS. Also all LE units have been dropped off at the powdercoating shop and should be ready to pick up in about two weeks.

    Thanks all for the September purchases.

    #424 21 days ago

    Ended up building some extra items this month. Get em while they last!

    I currently have 4 Pro/Premium Rotos in stock and ready for immediate shipping, and I also built some extra LE Rotos in Gloss black powdercoat too. The LE models will arrive in about a week or so, and I expect to be shipping out all those items Mid October. Normal Monthly build will begin towards the end of October.

    Thanks all for the recent purchases. September was a monster month for Rotos and accessories for sure.

    1 week later
    #425 13 days ago

    All LE items (excluding Cobalt Blue) have shipped out. Hoping to have the Cobalt Blue items this week.
    Thanks all for the orders.

    Now taking orders for the October run of Rotos and accessories.

    #426 9 days ago

    All Cobalt Blue LE items have now shipped out via UPS.

    I current have the following LE Items in stock for immediate ship - no waiting:
    1 LE Roto in Black
    2 LE Sidekicks in Black
    6 LE Sliders in Black

    Now taking orders for all other items for the October build which will begin in about a week or so.

    #427 8 days ago

    By popular request. Here are the most popular colors folks have requested for their LE items.

    Untitled (resized).jpg
    1 week later
    #428 1 day ago

    Putting the rotisserie and sidekick to good work. Here’s a pic with my playfield still wired to the cabinet. Works great this way for games that have a lot of connections to avoid having to disconnect. Also helpful to be able to power it up when the playfield is apart, especially when testing out bulbs that may be in an otherwise hard to get to spot, or if you need to troubleshoot a mechanism while halfway torn down.

    E2A4BA4C-2066-4C05-A2BF-1E9BDAC91DDE (resized).jpeg
    #429 1 day ago

    I thought I'd throw together a video to show how the rotisserie w/ a sidekick option works, and how to remove a WPC playfield (with the cables still connected).

    #430 22 hours ago

    Excellent demo, thanks for posting this! I'm surprised you got the playfield out by yourself with it still on its legs!

    #431 17 hours ago
    Quoted from radial_head:

    Excellent demo, thanks for posting this! I'm surprised you got the playfield out by yourself with it still on its legs!

    Thanks. It’s heavy, but more so just awkward reaching and pulling it out while having it pushed in enough to clear the latch. Soooo worth it once it’s out and on the rotisserie. I have a Getaway too and it’s a touch worse (heavier w/ the supercharger hardware I suspect).

    #432 6 hours ago

    Some real good information there. Thanks for posting the video for Sidekick setup Leebo.

    #433 5 minutes ago

    The October build is under way. Just three more days to place an order if you are wanting items (pro and premium) from this months build. These items will ship next week.

    Orders can be placed using the following link:

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    $ 29.00
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    ModFather Pinball Mods
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