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Games you thought you would hate but loved

By Frippertron

8 months ago

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    #51 8 months ago

    If I have learned anything in my pinball hobby years, it's check your pre-conceived notions at the door. You will be surprised, and often! Honestly, when I started this hobby I thought I would only deal in DMD games but then I realized my true love was early solid state machines. I thought I wanted one thing but realized I appreciate a much simpler style of play, (for the most part) I still want a STTNG!!

    #53 8 months ago

    Lat Action Hero with recent mod code.. great game, so much in it. Art is awful tho. lol

    #54 8 months ago

    Rack Em Up!
    It sat in my garage for months needing work, the whole time just haunting me with those horrible colors and distorted faces. Got it going and could stop playing the yellow & teal fu__er
    Had to sell it. It was embarrassing how much time I spent trying to clear racks

    #55 8 months ago
    Quoted from daddyxxx:

    NASCAR...i really like this pin....

    I’ll +1 on this pin. It’s a real fun game and if I didn’t play at my buddies house I would just walk past it if I seen it in the wild.

    #56 8 months ago

    I wouldn't say hate, but I didn't expect to be a big fan of Indy 500. Ended up being one of my most-played games at my local spot.

    #57 8 months ago

    Big Hurt. Played one that needed to be shopped and the game is very dark anyway. Just wasn't feeling it.

    But I bought one a year ago and it will be a keeper because of the cheap cost and the fact it is packed with features and is a really fun game.

    #58 8 months ago

    Didn't play one forever, always thought "meh, why would I want to wait to play that game?" at shows. Then a friend got one a year ago, it plays GREAT! The integrated pitch and bat with moving glove in the back is awesome.

    #59 8 months ago

    I didn't think WCS94 would be any good until I played one on location. I do not care about soccer at all. Now I own one!

    #60 8 months ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    Big Hurt. Played one that needed to be shopped and the game is very dark anyway. Just wasn't feeling it.

    But I bought one a year ago and it will be a keeper because of the cheap cost and the fact it is packed with features and is a really fun game.

    Agreed. Big Hurt is a fun pin.

    #61 8 months ago

    When our Operator purchased TWD and dropped it off for leagues, I hated it. Weeks went by and every time I had to play that game, I hated it.

    Now I own one. I'm glad I was forced to play it so much, as it's now one of my top 5 favorite machines.

    #62 8 months ago

    Playboy (2002 version) is actually a really fun machine. You just have to be in a slightly silly mood when you play it

    #63 8 months ago

    NASCAR. Played it a couple days ago for the first time in depth, and it's actually a really cool game. The theme doesn't connect with me, but the gameplay is fun. I always dismissed it because of the wait time with the ball being shot around the playfield.

    That feature to me is still annoying, but the game itself is super fun.

    #64 8 months ago


    I'm new into pinball (3-4 years) and I was attracted to the newer games with the lights and sounds and all that. I didn't want to play some old game with seemingly no skill to it.

    I love it now. I play it every chance I get. Tap-pass with the flippers? No problem. Drop targets to 5x? I can do that. Rip the spinner? Got it.

    Spell Paragon?...... still 1 letter shy. Still have no idea what happens when you do it.

    Anyway, I love that game.

    #65 8 months ago
    Quoted from MEuRaH:

    Spell Paragon? I'm still 1 letter shy and have no idea what happens when you do it.

    Don't do it! When you spell Paragon the Mission Impossible theme plays and the game self destructs.

    1 week later
    #66 8 months ago

    I was positively surprised by the Rob Zombie machine as well.

    #67 8 months ago

    Star Wars . May end up being my fav of all time!

    #68 8 months ago

    Wait for it....



    2 weeks later
    #69 7 months ago

    New one to add to the list for me is Data East Laser War

    5 months later
    #70 72 days ago

    Phantom of the Opera. I had heard some bad things, but finally got to play it. I love it

    #71 72 days ago

    Tron, I didn't hate it but only lasted a few weeks.

    #72 71 days ago

    Beatles- Never thought it would even slightly interest me, and then I played it. It turned out to be a fun game and the music is fantastic. Worth $8000-No Worth $5500-Yes

    #73 71 days ago

    Maybe not expecting to hate, but pleasantly surprised....Flintstones and Elvis. We used to go to a local bar for lunch every 6 weeks or so and I always looked forward to playing it when we got there (Elvis).

    Almost pulled the trigger on Flintstones a couple times over the years but never did, wish i had (the $1400 Flintstones days....)

    #74 71 days ago

    Kiss - not a big fan of the band nor the look of the machine but loved the shots.

    #76 71 days ago

    Black Knight 2000... hadn't played it much, but always considered it a distant second to the original. Had a random chance to pick one up for a good price so I figured I had nothing to lose. Thought I'd move it along quickly, but got hooked playing it the first day. Now I think it's such a well-integrated package with the gameplay and audio/music, probably won't ever let it go.

    #77 71 days ago

    I loved Octoberfest at Expo. Did not think I would hate it, but am so looking forward to it

    #78 68 days ago
    Quoted from pinaholic:

    I loved Octoberfest at Expo. Did not think I would hate it, but am so looking forward to it

    Octoberfest is definitely on my radar, I really hope it does it for me. Waiting and watching closely-should be 'a game I really want to love but I hope I don't hate'.

    #79 68 days ago

    I hated Deadpool the first two months I played it. Now it's one of my favorite machines.

    #80 68 days ago

    Same for me with Deadpool, I kinda want it now.

    #81 68 days ago

    Never really liked Riverboat Gambler, yet I went ahead and bought one. Why did I do that??! Yet, after playing it a bunch in Visual Pinball, it's actually pretty cool and I can't wait to get it back together after a thorough shop job.

    #82 68 days ago

    First time I looked at Cyclone I wasn't expecting much but what a fun game. The best by a long shot in the "theme park trilogy".

    #83 68 days ago

    Mata Hari - Bought it as a project pin to flip but now it's been in the collection almost 2 years. The chimes are fantastic!!

    #84 68 days ago

    Mustang - total lack of interest when released. Traded for one and loved it! My first experience with Pinball browser and the music changed the experience.

    Aerosmith- same lack of interest when released. I then played it a TPF and liked it so much I bought one. I’m still quite happy with it today.

    #85 68 days ago

    Last Action Hero

    made sense after I saw Borg - Sheats flash on the display

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