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Games that leave you angry!

By Ceemunkey

6 months ago

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    #51 6 months ago

    I will admit that Ghostbusters Premium leaves me angry more often than not. I will also admit that it is just as much do to diminished skill level as I get older. Very difficult game for me, but a very good game, I do much better on a Pro.

    #52 6 months ago

    Stern Star Wars. That multiplier drives me insane.
    Ghostbusters. Magna slings are a nightmare at times creating nasty drains.
    both great games though......

    #53 6 months ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    GB isn't one of them, as the frustration is due to design flaw and not skill level.

    I have to vote for GB as well. The frustrating part comes in when you get something great setup (6x and Negative Reinforcement lit, 75M from the left ramp, being in jail with nothing lit and having to shoot "GHOST") and then a single bricked shot drains.

    I'm not sure what the design flaw is that you're referring to. Airballs are removeable. All of the shots are makeable, even the highly maligned right ramp. Setup is the key. The Magna Slings can create some frustrating drains, but they really fit the game. A good game on GB is more satisfying than a great game on most others.

    #54 6 months ago

    Seems like I'm not alone in having GB press my buttons...

    I think it's things like sethi_i just mentioned - you play well, manage to get a fantastic setup ie get 6x multiplier going and just have to shoot the (pretty easy) shot to start Stay Puft and you're on your way to billions - but then before you can make it the magna slings completely F' you over, or the ball bounces off one of the metal guides and goes down the outlane. My missus usually hears a soul destroying "NOOOOOO"!

    As I said in the original post, I don't dislike it at all - it riles me up no end but I keep going back as I still love the game. I've had it for over 2 years and I'm nowhere near tired of it. I think it's one of Stern's best, it has everything - cool toys, fantastic art, brilliant music/callouts they really did the GB theme justice on this one.

    I heard Wonka can really set some people off too - another great game people love that (sort of) hates you in return? Ha ha...

    #55 6 months ago

    I think AIQ is not far from the same league of GB

    #56 6 months ago

    Defiantly Ghostbusters and that’s coming from someone Who’s spent enough time with one to score 13 billion On a premium and still cannot make the right ramp consistently. Sold it for Wonka and could not be happier. Wonka has an undeserved reputation as a tough game. All shots are makable. The deviousness of wonka is the ability to stack everything, you get greedy and then you drain.

    #57 6 months ago

    Black knight .... luv the game, but always leaves me feeling angry afterwards (probably due to getting all the abusive callouts for being such a crap player LOL)

    #58 6 months ago

    I think I am in the "every machine" category, because every one of them has done a three ball drain on me at one point or another. Wether it be the 3 house-ball game, or the three ball gang bang at the outhole, every machine has gotten my goat to the point of walking away totally pissed off, or, as I now own the damn things, a quick switch click into the "phuck you Pinbot" position of the old ONOFF switch as I walk away.

    #59 6 months ago

    Every time I played TWD on location it left me angry. The thing was a SDTM monster

    #60 6 months ago

    I'm renting a Creature from the Black Lagoon which I do love, but good lord it drains drains drains right down the middle, I just can't keep multiball going on it for more than 10 seconds at best which is making me rage.

    #61 6 months ago
    Quoted from Haymaker:

    Ghostbusters pisses me off like no other game I've ever experienced. Its anger and heartbreak combined because I love Ghostbusters as a theme so much, and the game looks so cool, but it is awful. I'd really like to play one that has mods in it to help prevent BS drains

    I remember reading that GB was designed for location play times, something like 3 minutes or so if I remember correctly. That's what the wide flipper gap was supposed to be, like CFTBL. I hope Stern releases a vault GB, with some tweaks. I thought Dwight Sullivan made an off-hand remark about that possibility at one time.

    3 weeks later
    #62 5 months ago

    Yet to be produced LE games being sold (scalped, flipped) for 75-100% markup.

    #63 5 months ago

    Strip poker,........ Definitely strip poker...

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