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Funny Pinball T-shirts/sayings

By seanymph

9 years ago

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    #1 9 years ago

    Anyone seen anything funny? I need help with my Pinaholics T-shirt. I am not going to sell them, just print them myself. I have an old t-shirt press that still works.
    Here's what I have so far for ideas:

    “Don’t be such an out-hole”

    “Warning: Home ROMs installed”

    No Tilt / No Guilt / No good beer spilt

    Sprayin’ and prayin’

    ….All I need is ONE GOOD BALL!
    (picture of pirate playing PB with one eye, one hand, one leg…..)

    Old pinball players never die…….
    Their second wives just part them out n’ get a NIB.

    Is that a roll of coins in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
    (could have a picture or Lola/Marilyn or the Strikes n Spares chick)

    Life is like a game of pinball….
    So much depends on what shoes you show up in.

    Pinaholics Anonymous 12 step program
    1. Admit the game is bigger than the doorway.
    2. Be willing to accept help re-assembling your playfield.
    3. Ask forgiveness for all the Data Easts you’ve dissed.
    4. Make restitution for all bang-backs and slam-tilts
    5. Clear the pile of parts off the kitchen table this year.
    6. Help others move a machine without expecting first dibs everytime on their stock.
    7. Contribute to the PHOF.
    8. Play machines on location using some quarters and not just credits
    9. Bring young people into the game for the love of the game, and not just to date their mother/father.
    10. Move all machines out of the dangerous/disturbing areas of your house: the bathroom, the bedroom, the dog run, the spot where the stove used to be…..
    11. Sell or give away the projects you honestly have no clue how to fix (see step 2).
    12. Immediately fill spaces cleared in steps 10 and 11 with more pinball machines and keep telling yourself it’s just a hobby (see step one).

    #2 9 years ago

    How about at least one with the word PILF ?

    Pinhead I'd like .. well you know the rest

    Just make sure to send me a picture of you wearing whatever you pick

    #3 9 years ago

    That's pretty funny. I don't think I would qualify for a PILF, tho..... Maybe I could send YOU one.

    #4 9 years ago

    I'm sure the Mrs. would wear it. She 5'1", 125lbs. Might need to be a medium though to allow for her "frontage"

    (Thanks for the return compliment .. I'll try to think of something else funny today)

    #5 9 years ago

    You could do a t-shirt like this picture with a few more added features like pop bumpers etc. I think it's safe enough to re-post.

    Picture deleted now that you've seen it seanymph. While most of us consider it PG some might not. You didn't mention where the coin slot would be ?

    Utah ?? .. so then you already have several hubbies

    #6 9 years ago

    I see where you're goin' with that. Like two pop bumpers in the front up high and out lanes cleverly placed at the bottom... I actually wanted to keep it a little more PG rated to wear in public. I DO live in Utah, after all.

    #7 9 years ago

    I went to this small pin event in december and there was a guy wearing a T-shirt with the slogan, LOVE THE SMELL OF NOVUS IN THE MORNING. I thought it was quite entertaining, sorry I can't find any pics of it.


    #8 9 years ago

    Hahahaha! Thats a pretty good one bugray.

    #9 9 years ago

    How about just plain "I'm Special!"

    #10 9 years ago

    ....Or "I'm special when I'm lit"

    #11 9 years ago

    "Special when lit .. try to tilt me" ... hehe

    #12 9 years ago

    "Pinheads like knockers?"

    #13 9 years ago

    I have a bunch of designs worked up and a screen printer. I'll be making some soon. I'll need a few people to help test how well they hold up in multiple wash/wear cycles...

    #14 9 years ago

    I would be happy to test them-size x large.Be happy to pay for it too.

    #15 9 years ago

    For the test run they'll be free, aside maybe for $2-3 for shipping. I only need 4-5 people. I got you on the list, scooter.

    #16 9 years ago

    I'd love to try one buy I'd insist on paying something more than shipping as I'd want a XXL. Let me know. Can you make one on something see-through for the Mrs with pop bumpers over each nipple and a pinball at the navel and some flippers at the bottom ??? .. hehehehe

    #17 9 years ago

    THANKS Jar155,BD never fails does he!!LOL

    #18 9 years ago

    BD you need wire in some super bright LEDs for when you are ready to play.

    #19 9 years ago

    JAR155- what do you think you'll make them say? I can only print on light/white shirts with my old t-shirt press, but they hold up really well. If you end up printing something a GIRL can wear, I'll take one! (Don't think I really want a shirt that says I like knockers, even though it's hilarious.)

    #20 9 years ago

    Pinball players know how to keep their balls in play

    #21 9 years ago

    How about "Pinball players DO IT standing up!!!!!"

    Or "Pinballers, we're not on the level"

    Got it this time "Go on, take the plunge" with picture of shooter lane/plunger.

    #22 9 years ago

    Seanymph, yes sorry you are trapped slightly in a man's world. We should cool our bumper jets, and come up with unisex slogan's since you started this thread and to be of some help.

    Hey there's one...

    "Cool your bumper jets!" or "Cool your jet bumpers!"

    #23 9 years ago

    How about just "Cool your jets!" and show a picture of three pop bumpers?

    #24 9 years ago

    Being in Alaska SC knows more about cooling his jets than anybody else. Before pinball he only popped bumpers after rubbing noses in igloos .. hehehehe

    #25 9 years ago

    I would have a Sea Lion playing a pin and saying "I give Fliptronics two thumbs up." Or something flipper related.

    Or he's playing a Waterworld and looking over his shoulder says "This game sucks."

    Or maybe a brown shirt stating "Will work for Pinball" But the words need to look like they were written with a black permanent marker.

    #26 9 years ago

    Hahahahhaha! If there was a waterworld pin t-shirt like that SC, I would buy it. Maybe update it for the modern pinball era with a Rollercoaster Tycoon from Stern...have the little treasure troll guy on there.

    #27 9 years ago

    I think the big "Special when Lit" button on the center of the shirt, perhaps with a couple empty bottles under it would be top notch hilarious.

    #28 9 years ago

    sign me up for testing some shirts... idd pay for shipping no problem!!!! i like the "im special when lit"

    #29 9 years ago

    LOL at brokedads's comments.

    I was thinking of making a "show" shirt. Something like "Yes, I'm a pinball player. No, I won't marry you."

    I also have a silly design that says "I gopher pinball" with a pic of a gopher that looks sort of crazy.

    And a couple baby Ts that say "Daddy is my grand champion!"

    I only work with transfers, though, no pro stuff.

    #30 9 years ago

    I am surprised no one suggested "Balls of Steel" or some variation.

    1 week later
    #31 9 years ago

    I just found this cool T-shirt, evolution of man.


    #32 9 years ago

    nice find bugray! I like that one.

    #33 9 years ago

    I love it. I'm getting it!

    #34 9 years ago

    Yep I hope to get one too for my birthday, I keep hinting for a Bally Black Rose I've seen but no one is taking that bait. I need a fairy god mother.

    #35 9 years ago

    I noticed that cafepress.com has a few with some of the slogans we have come up with here. Well kinda.


    I'll admit I did buy two TAF shirts. They have the DMD display with "SHOWTIME" and "Creeky. Kooky. Spooky. Ooky." They have some evolution shirts on there as well.

    #36 9 years ago

    How about a pair of boxers which says "EXTRA BALL!"

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