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Funhouse Scoop Normal Behavior\Power

By ED-209

16 days ago

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#1 16 days ago

Greetings again everyone, hope all is well.

I know I know, another thread but this should be the last one for a while that’s tied to my Funhouse and post restoration.

I am just curious what coil type everyone has in their Funhouse for the bottom scoop as well as the behavior on how their scoop\VUK works in terms of speed and power.

When I got my Sample Funhouse it had the standard spec AE-26-1200 (according to the manual) and I just couldn’t get it adjusted to behave like I saw other people’s Funhouses did in terms of being able to catch the ball with the right flipper or allow it to just hit the right flipper (when it was down) and bounce over to the left flipper and the only final suggestion (after adjusting the scoop and coil bracket positions and ensuring the cabinet was level left to right) was to use a more powerful coil so I went with an AE-25-1000 and it started behaving like I was used to playing back in the day and figured the reason the regular standard 26-1200 could wouldn’t do the same was either the scoop was old or the coil was old.

Fast forward to now and when I did my full restore, I went ahead and replaced all the coils and decided to go back to the AE-26-1200 since it was going to be new and the playfield was new\repro and the scoop was a Mantis reproduction, so there shouldn’t be any issues now that everything was pretty much new. However when I was done and started to test when the ball ejected the scoop, it seemed SO WEAK. So I adjusted it for hours, the scoop position, the coil bracket position, granted there isn’t much adjustment you can do but just slightly left and right. I then ensured everything was perfectly level from left to right and was still left with a weak eject from the scoop. So at that time I just assumed that this is actually how the original game was supposed to be and that all the other videos I watched, they must have added a more powerful coil or did something else that I just couldn’t figure out.

Besides being very weak, it was sometimes totally random behavior and not always consistent all the time, hence me thinking this was maybe how it was supposed to be? So I just figured I would live with it....but then I watched some more Funhouse videos and EVERY machine had their scoop just fire out the ball so much faster and I kept thinking since this was a Pat Lawlor game, I’m sure he didn’t make it so the scoop was this weak\slow as other pinball machines that I’ve played that has scoops, always fire out the ball pretty fast, so I again started to adjust and adjust and adjust but still could not get it to behave like the others.

My last resort was to go back to the more powerful coil (AE-25-1000) that I had been previously using and once I did that, BINGO, it played like the other videos and what I was used to when I used to play this back in the day, being able to catch the ball in the right flipper with it just up say 9 out of 10 times and maybe 3 out of 5 times hitting the right flipper when it was down and bounce over to the left flipper.

I took some pics of my final setup under the playfield for this scoop and coil as well as posted two videos, one with the standard AE-26-1200 coil and one with the stronger coil AE-25-1000:


So I guess the reason for this thread is to find out how everyone else’s Funhouse works and what coils they are using and if others are or were ever in the same boat as me. I understand a lot of factors play into the behavior of the scoop, but was interested in what the majority uses and how theirs behaves. I didn’t really see any specific thread for this specific scoop and hoping this would also help others in the future.

Thanks for the help and input.

#2 10 days ago

Hey there,
Thanks for putting up this post and sharing the informations: i have recently had exactly the same problem on my Funhouse, after not a single scoop worry in more than two years of ownership.
But recently i found that the eject power was much less strong and worse, the ball started to hit the right slingshot...
just like you did, i tried everything: took the mech out, gave it a clean, checked that everything was right, even re-soldered the coil just to be sure etc. but same result.

Then i saw your post and so tried to simply take out the AE-26-1200 coil and replace with the more powerful AE-25-1000 and ... bingo: perfect shoot out of the scoop again!
Powerful, straight to the right flipper... “just like in those stream videos”.
It felt alive, good, strong: just the way you’d want it to fire!

So, very happy about it and a big thank you for sharing your solution: it worked wonders for me too!

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