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FunHouse Playfield do nothing, clear coat or replace

By dzrossi

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

So I bought a Funhouse pin which I always wanted. It has all new boards and new DMD. Machine works great. Cabinet touched up but looks great. Only issue is what I have seen with all Funhouse machines is the playfield mylar coming up and dry cracked paint on the rest of the playfield. Reading some articels from playfield restoration places they say that mid to 80s to 90s Williams playfields are a mess and cannot be touch up/restored which is why new playfields are made for them. Stripping a playfield and repopulating a new one is a lot of work. I would estimate at least 20 hours and lots of cleaning. Also the playfields are hard to find and really expensive. So is it really worth it. For a home owner what is the increased market value of a Funhouse with a new playfield. Honestly at first I was really horrified but after a 100 games the playfield has become part of the charm. I am interested in collectors options. Part of me wants to clear coat what I have exactly to protect against further damage.

#2 5 years ago

FH playfields have been reproduced and are currently available from Mirco in Germany, and at many pinball shows.


#3 5 years ago

+1 for Mirco. They had some quality issues a couple of years ago, but the playfields I saw last year looked outstanding.

#4 5 years ago

I beg to differ with Mirco playfields being better quality. Every Mirco playfield I have ever used always cracks. Note this Funhouse playfield has had no hammering of tnuts or anything of this type done to it. There's at least a dozen more inserts on the playfield that look like this. Wish he would fix his awful clear or CPR could have been able to do all the repro playfields. CPR is outstanding compared to any mirco playfield I have dealt with. Either buy one and send it out to be recleared or dont swap at all is my opinion.


#5 5 years ago

djh had this beauty


#6 5 years ago
Quoted from ngoett:

I beg to differ with Mirco playfields being better quality.

Going to agree here. Here's the deal: IF you buy from Mirco, you need to hand-select the playfield yourself at a show. I would never buy something sight-unseen from him. His QC is pretty terrible. I've used 2 of his playfields (1 which had to be recleared by HSA) and have seen them run the gamut on quality.

Honestly, I don't think Funhouse plays the same when it's cleared. I'd leave well enough alone unless it's really awful!

#7 5 years ago

We recently finished up a MB high end and were putting in the up/down target bank and it barely rubbed against the side of the wood and lifted up a 1"x 2" chunk of clear. Plus there are always dust particles stuck in the clear. We did a TOTAN playfield swap with a new CPR repro and it turned out perfect, had no problems with the clear or cracking. I would rather have a clear that is still soft than one that cracks when you look at it.

#8 5 years ago

Thanks for comments if I do buy a playfield I will take advise to try to purchase in person or very least request lots of photos.

#9 5 years ago
Quoted from dzrossi:

Stripping a playfield and repopulating a new one is a lot of work. I would estimate at least 20 hours and lots of cleaning.

A. Probably more than 20 hours I'll wager, especially if it's your "first".
B. You'll never get your money back out of it if that is a concern.
and 3. If you cabinet is not collector quality and the playfield is perfectly playable, I'd just play it.

Oh, and D. IF you want a new/cleared/great playfield, just keep an eye out and buy a nicer FH and sell this one.

#10 5 years ago

WOW, thanks for all the pics of the mirco playfields. I was looking at buying one of his MB fields, will definitely wait until TPF until I can see them in person and hopefully pick a good one out of the bunch.

#11 5 years ago

The fh playfield above has a shipping damage. No idea why you did not contact me after receiving it like this. Or you damaged it during tnut Installation. Telling people now the playfields have a bad quality shows that you just try to fight me instead of telling them that you missed to complain at my end first. Let me know when you received it. But as shipping insurance needs to be contacted within 24 hours it is probably too late anyway. This is only your fault not mine. Shipping damage can happen and pfs will be replaced if claimed to the insurance.

The mb playfield is probably not set up well as we have hundreds around without that problem.

The afm is 10 years old and I have no idea what happened to that. I'm aware of that specific field but I will not replace a 10 year old playfield for free.

In any case we are running more than not 100 playfields per week. So even if you count all together this is only a very small amount which gets damaged some how. Less than 0,01 percent.

Please contact me first if you have any issues and I could probably help. Posting here first discards that option.

Regards, Mirco

#12 5 years ago

#13 5 years ago

First, If you would read my post it did not have damage from installing tnuts, they are all screwed in, not hit with a hammer. Have you ever watched Stern put Tnuts in? They smack the s*** out of the playfield and the clear coat is fine. The point is that the clearcoat you use SUCKS. You shouldnt go to put a simple wood screw in the top of ANY of your playfields and the clear coat just shatters and cracks all to hell. Why dont you just fix your clear coat and nobody would have any problems. Thats all I have to say.

#14 5 years ago

Maybe you should read that I wrote that this is a shipping damage and - if you would have contacted me in time - you would have recieved a new playfield for FREE!!! This is all I have to say, the rest will be imagination of anybody reading this crap.


#15 5 years ago

#16 5 years ago
Quoted from dzrossi:

So I bought a Funhouse pin which I always wanted. It has all new boards and new DMD.

15 post and 7 days and I'm the first to catch this?

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