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Full Throttle - What we like to see in future software builds

By PinballRulez

3 years ago

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Post #1 Current software version feedback request. Posted by PinballRulez (3 years ago)

Post #14 Request for info on rule idea for races by game coder. Posted by EalaDubhSidhe (3 years ago)

Post #16 Clarification on race rules as they are now. Posted by bcd (3 years ago)

Post #18 Further clarification on earlier post idea. Posted by EalaDubhSidhe (3 years ago)

Post #27 Feedback on ideas posted by participants. Posted by EalaDubhSidhe (3 years ago)

Post #94 Code progress update. Posted by frolic (3 years ago)

Post #100 Confirmation on code updates by game coder. Posted by bcd (3 years ago)

Post #112 Minor game update (1.41) released. Posted by Wickerman2 (3 years ago)

Post #129 Update on CPU upgrade program. Posted by Whysnow (3 years ago)

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#5 3 years ago
Quoted from Revo76:

What i would like to see added is for the test menu.
That when in switch test mode, the game will make a sound for each switch activation moment.
Preferably at a different pitch for each switch, so none sound the same.
Now it only shows it on the screen (sort of), which does not work so well when you have the playfield raised against the backbox.
There is also no matrix or list of switches when activated, so if several are activated at the same time then you can't see which ones in a glimps.
While with the switch matrix view in the old wms games, you could directly see whats going on in a glimps.
What would be better is to have a list of all active switches in a row, so you can see what's going on throughout the playfield.
Without it, it makes servicing these games harder to do, while it could be simpler by doing it in helpful ways for technicians.

In switch test on my machine it beeps, you of course need a Pinball in hand to trigger it.
There is also a JJP style matrix/map that shows each switch & lights blue when activated.
What version of software are you running?

#7 3 years ago
Quoted from Revo76:

That was version 1.2 at that time...... in february.
Haven't seen a full throttle since then to be honest.

It's there now! So, no worries.

#9 3 years ago
Quoted from shaneo:

I'm running 1.2.
I'd like the Utilite's OS setup by default to allow some remote diagnostics and have the ability to auto update if you choose.
Mine grabs a DHCP address when it's switched on.
I'd also like user access to the Utilite to access logs and do initial troubleshooting.
The OP hit the nail on the head with octane targets really needing a sound bite to indicate when they are hit and also recognizeable callouts for the modes.
I would like more smart alec calls from Valentino and more from the err, pit crew.
The music is killer - I'd like a few more tracks from the band. Redline are a very tight band.
On the wish list too is a different exhaust note for challenges such as motocross.

I see you have played this game a fair amount, you make several great points.

1) OCTANE: As others have said, it needs some cool sound FX.
2) Combo Call Outs: These are missing from the game, they are a must have!
3) Moto-Cross Sound FX: Currently this sounds like a fart. This needs to be updated. I want to hear a 450 4-stroke hitting the Rev limiter coming off of a triple jump! Brap-pap-pap! A 2-stroke sound FX would be cool too.
4) Insert Lights: They blink too much. It feels like I'm in attract mode when I'm playing sometimes. I don't mind an insert blinking saying "shoot here", but that's not the case, it feels too random.
5) "Fast Lap": what does this insert do?
6) Spinning Bike Wheels: Turn them off during ball launch. When I launch a ball, alot of the time it will come flying around the orbit heading right at the left flipper, then hit the spinning bike wheel & go sdtm. Maybe a 3 second delay or something?
7) Animations: Just add more. What's there is good, we just need more. When I hit a ramp shot, a dirt bike flying through the air would be cool, with appropriate sound FX. Hit the captive ball show a stunt bike doing wheelies or a stoppy. When you drain a ball, show a bike crashing, etc. etc.
8) Redline: "I got a fever, & the only prescription is more cowbell!" I mean, more Redline. Please add some more tracks.
9) Races: Make them more important/worth more. I avoid the scoop like it's the plague! Too high of a risk for the reward of competing Races. I seen a PAPA video where the competitors were timing out the modes. I would like to see each shot worth more, or after completing say 2 Races with an overall finish of 2nd or higher you get a multi-ball, or earn a multiplier, etc.

Overall the code is very solid, & this pin is a blast to play. But these items should be addressed, & it would take this pin to the next level of fun. To be honest, I think they would be easy to do, & the payoff would be huge.

Just my $.02

#19 3 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

This is also my thinking as well, behind the 'sponsorship' idea. If the races only affect other races, and people are inclined to skip them anyway, there's no additional incentive to play them. If, however the races enhance the value of *everything* to a degree, the dominant strategy for expert players becomes to perform well more evenly across the entire game, in order to maximize the score potential.

Yes, I think this would be a great idea!

#30 3 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

Gears for races is an idea I like a lot. Keep it simple: +1 gear for third, +2 gears for second, +3 gears for first.
Perhaps when the ball enters the scoop, before the race starts the player has a few seconds with the left or right flipper to choose which reward the race can give them; gears (+1 / +2 / +3) or sponsorship (+3% / +5% / +10%). This would open up a whole lot more potential strategy, as well as quick decisions based on the style of play and how well the player is doing.

Please make this happen! I love this idea!
To be able to choose & maybe depending on how high the reward is, the race requires a higher difficulty to finish. Risk vs. Reward! Love it!

#37 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

It would also be nice if you have the option that can be enabled from the menu to:
- Enter your name at the beginning of a game. That name will be used in races and if achieved a highscore

I like this idea alot! Ten characters, that allows us to put in our names. That would make the game feel more immersive to see your name, instead of "P.One".

Quoted from pinballkim:

How about no hold flippers, kind of like no brakes till you get your place back.

Another great idea! This game has great code, but these type of additions would take it to the next level!

2 months later
#68 3 years ago
Quoted from freezie:

I think on ball launch , if you over rev or under rev , it should have a different sound , not the sound of th bike racing away . It should sputter or over rev in response .
Pops still suck . (1.4)

Yes. A more pronounced sound of hitting the bikes rev limiter would be cool. When I make a ramp shot I want to hear a Motocross bike. A little bit of polish & it would take this game to near perfect status in my book!

4 weeks later
#110 3 years ago
Quoted from mveightball:

Is there any news as to when we can expect to see updated code which will enhance the game rules?

My guess is after Alien is completed/shipping. From what I understand, 99% of the resources are involved in Alien at the moment.

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