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FT Feeler: 4 minor projects (Aloha, Sky Jump, Stingray, Frontier), WI

By Jediturtle

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Just throwing this out to see if there is any interest, though it may be a long shot. I like having these machines in my collection for variety, but the truth is they just do not get played a fraction as much as my newer ones do. I thought I would see if anyone would be interested in trading them for something more modern, or a select few older machines.

I'd classify them all as minor projects of varying degrees. Here are the basics...I can get more in depth and provide pics if there is any interest.

1961 Gottlieb Aloha: Plays great and in good condition for its age. Cabinet appears to have been restored (correctly) by the previous owner. Playfield has minor wear but not bad at all. Backglass mostly nice with minor flaking and some peeling towards the bottom...very presentable. Needs a good shop job, clean/wax/rubbers. Have a rubber kit, just never got around to it. Will be a very nice machine with a good cleaning.

1974 Gottlieb Sky Jump: Plays great, but score reels do not reset every time (maybe half the time). Cab is ok. Playfield has fairly heavy wear. Backglass is pretty good with some minor flaking, but nice overall. Needs a good shop job, clean/wax/rubbers. Have a rubber kit and a new set of correct drop targets, just never got around to it. At least one of the pop bumper caps is wrong. Plastics on it are pretty rough, but have a better partial (used) set included. Will be a decent players pin with some TLC, but will never be a beauty queen.

1977 Stern Stingray: Usually plays great, but has recently been giving me trouble booting up. Usually reseating connectors "fixes" it for awhile. I believe it is a connector issue. I reflowed some of the header pins awhile back which helped for awhile, but now it is not booting again. I haven't gotten around to a real rebuilding of the connectors, but I believe this will fix it. Was my first machine and has been pretty reliable in the 7 years I've had it until this issue. Playfield has moderate wear around some of the center inserts, but is presentable. Cab is ok. Backglass is ok with a couple minor scratches and minor flaking, but very presentable. Needs a good clean and wax. Will clean up well and wouldn't be too hard of a touch-up job on the playfield if so inclined (I would leave it as is, just cleaned up).

1980 Bally Frontier: I just picked this up yesterday and haven't really looked it over much yet. MPU board is missing, so I have no idea if everything else is working or not. Everything else appears to be there and in good shape. Cab is ok. Backglass is in really great shape other than one tiny rub spot that isn't very noticable. Playfield is dirty but appears to only have minor wear around a few inserts. Should clean up very well. Assuming the MPU is all that it needs, this will be a very nice machine with a clean/wax/rubber job.

I realize none of these are high dollar machines and they all needs some work to be the best they can be. I am hoping to get to them this winter, but figured I'd throw this out there first in case anyone wants some light projects more than I do. Like I said I enjoy having these for the variety, but they do not get played much in my collection, and because of this I do not have a lot of drive to put the love that they need into them.

I'd love to trade them for a Black Knight (or a few select others from that era), or something in the System 11 or newer era. Open to Data East, Sega, etc. A lower-end WPC or (modern) Stern game would be great, but not holding my breath too hard. I'm open to project games as well and condition isn't terribly important within reason. Willing to do anything from 1-for-1 to 4-for-1. May be able to add some cash depending on the game, but that will be a little tight right now.

Let me know if any of you are interested and I can get more details from there. Located in Plymouth, WI. Not really interested in shipping, but will drive a reasonable distance for the right deal.


#2 10 years ago

Bump! Someone must have an unloved B or C title they want to get rid of in exchange for 4 easy winter projects...

I'm open to many titles, so feel free to throw any ideas at me! Bally Star Trek, BK/SF/Pharoah, Space Shuttle, Sorcerer, most any Sys11, DE ST25, Hook, XF, TFTC, BF, LAH, SW, TMNT, WWF, JD, JM, DM, NF, WCS94, BSD, DW, T2, W?D, Popeye, RCT, Monop, RFM, Ep1, Nascar, WPT, etc etc etc. These are just a handful that should be about in the right range (yes, some of these would likely have to be all 4 machines plus some cash from me!).

#3 10 years ago

Suprised none of the Arizona guys are jumping on that Frontier...

#4 10 years ago

I've had a number of inquiries for cash prices on individual machines. At this point I'm not really looking to sell individual machines outright. I'm really hoping to find a nice multi-pin trade, or possibly sell all four as a package deal.

At this point, I'm leaning towards fixing them all up myself, especially the Frontier as I would kind of hate to send it out the door without ever playing it first!

#5 10 years ago

It might be tricky finding a local guy that is interested in that fairly broad range of games that also has a game to trade you'd be interested in. I understand your reluctance but I think it would be a lot easier to sell the games individually and then focus on finding a game on your list. A bit more hassle but will open up a wider variety of potential games on your list.

#6 10 years ago

Man, I wish you were in the NW.

You should definitely fix up Frontier before you decide to get rid of it. It's an awesome game (not to mention brutally hard!) that gets overlooked by a lot of collectors.

#7 10 years ago
Quoted from erichill:

You should definitely fix up Frontier before you decide to get rid of it. It's an awesome game (not to mention brutally hard!) that gets overlooked by a lot of collectors.

Don't listen to this man!

Just kidding, good luck, hope you find what you're looking for!

#8 10 years ago

Haha! Yea...I'm still trying to decide if I want to put the time and money into Frontier (and the effort into cleaning up the others), or just send them off as-is and put that into something else. I like the variety, but realistically they are mostly for decoration and don't get played often. Then again nothing gets played much since X-Men and Avengers showed up. I'm apparently a Superhero snob now. Then again shirtless Grizzly Addams on that Frontier could almost be considered a superhero... LOL

My problem with selling them is that realistically I know they aren't worth much individually, especially as they sit...so for the few hundred bucks they would bring, I'd rather just keep them. Still hoping the right trade pops up that pushes me over the edge to just do it...we'll see.

#9 10 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I'm apparently a Superhero snob now

Welcome to the club buddy

#10 10 years ago

P.m. sent.

#11 10 years ago

i have a BK LE with nice pf and nicest original back glass i have ever seen.
id possibly trade it for all 4 of yours
pm me

#12 10 years ago


#13 10 years ago

I love Stingray. One of my all time favorites.

#14 10 years ago

At this point I'm pretty sure I am going to fix and clean them up myself and hold on to them for awhile. Had a couple interesting trade offers, but unfortunately distance killed them. With how little they are actually worth, I think they are worth more to me to keep and enjoy however rarely they get played. At least until I run out of room...LOL!

I ordered up an Ultimate MPU today, so hopefully Frontier will be up and running soon. At least that way I can play it for myself before deciding its fate...

Stingray would be a bit hard to see go. It was my first, and it does still have one of my favorite spinner shots ever. I'm cold to it right now since it's been giving me booting trouble, but that's probably just it's way of looking for my attention...LOL! Time to roll up my sleeves and dig into them...


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