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SOLD- Supersonic $300- can deliver to York show -

By islandpinball

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

Hi guys

I am selling a friends Supersonic. The game has been sitting in his furnished basement for the past 20 years. This game is definitely a project it has major playfield wear and battery damage on the board. The cabinet is in okay shape, the Backglass and plastics are in excellent shape. Only key for backbox

This would make a good candidate for parting out to make a better Supersonic if you have one alreay but that is up to you.


Edited price back to $300. please see latest post if interested. Updated pics

#2 9 years ago

I thought about taking it for myself but since I am basically maxed out of space and I don't feel like another project right now it's up to one of you guys. If I had an Alltek board lying around I would swap in to test out but unfortunately that is not the case.

#3 9 years ago


I know your post says OBO but it sounds more like a $200 machine to me. Trashed playfield & needing board work basically you are buying a backglass & some parts. Worse yet is it is only a $550 machine in nice shape.

Not trying to be "price police" but I just don't see $300 for a Supersonic with worn playfield.

#4 9 years ago

Thanks for the bump. Don't worry my butt isn't hurt , that's why I am OBO. $200-$225 is probably is the range where a deal will be done most likely .


Price is back up to $300 including a bunch of extras

1 week later
#5 9 years ago


I was just looking at old post and figured I would bump this for you again. At around $200 I would think someone in your area would consider it for parts. I know if I was closer I would be OK with that price for all the parts you can get off a machine.

Anyway - free bump & best of luck getting it sold.

#6 9 years ago

It amazes me that a Bally machine for $200 isn't sold immediately. I don't advocate parting out machines, but there are at least $300 to $400 in parts, even if the playfield and MPU are missing.

$100 score displays (5 X $20)
$50 transformer and rectifier board
$30 sound board
$20 solenoid driver board
$10 lamp driver board
$50 backglass
$100 cabinet, coin door, legs, lockdown bar, playfield glass, knocker assembly

Somebody buy this already. Bump!

#7 9 years ago

I might be picking up a populated SS playfield today. Looks to be in OK shape too

#8 9 years ago
Quoted from too-many-pins:

I know your post says OBO but it sounds more like a $200 machine to me. Trashed playfield & needing board work basically you are buying a backglass & some parts. Worse yet is it is only a $550 machine in nice shape.
Not trying to be "price police" but I just don't see $300 for a Supersonic with worn playfield.

Is this what price-policing has come to?

Bitching that a $300 machine is only worth $200?

This must be substitute instructor day at the price police academy.

#9 9 years ago

I missed the bitching. Sounds like an honest assessment of the game's value, especially considering it doesn't seem to be moving at $300. OP even replied to agree that $200-225 seems about right.

#10 9 years ago

If anyone wants it for $200 come tomorrow and pick it up.

First $200 in my hands gets it


#11 9 years ago

I am in Staten Island right off the Todt Hill Road exit you can be back on the road in minutes. BUMP

#12 9 years ago

Supersonic backglass.JPGSupersonic backglass.JPG

#13 9 years ago

Back glack back.JPGBack glack back.JPG

#14 9 years ago

Supersonic playfield.JPGSupersonic playfield.JPG

#15 9 years ago

I have had a few pm conversations but no commitments. The game is back in my living room and I am getting more tempted with trying to bring her back to life. Please pick up before it's tooooo late.

#16 9 years ago

Bring it back to life Island, you can do it!

#17 9 years ago

I find they are harder to part with after you work on them, cleaning, repairing, bringing them back to life, etc.

If you do work on it, keep track of costs/parts, and let us know roughly what you put into it.
Only let yourself get way upside down on this one if you really like it or if just want to do it for the love of pinball.

#18 9 years ago

Solid colors on this game, so a restore wouldn't be horrible if you wanted to go that route. It's a fun game, good luck with whatever you decide. If you want it gone, you may want to update your title to reflect your new price (by editing your first post).

#19 9 years ago

Great advice guys, I lowered the price to $200 .

I had someone reach out for back glass alone for $60.00, so we will if that deal happens. Again my first priority is to sell all together for $200 to someone who needs the parts. If that doesn't happen I might be willing to sell certain parts for $$$.

But like I said earlier , every time I walk past her I feel like I should start to clean her up so we will see how this plays out. I am at the very least going to wipe down the play field glass and clean out the dust from the cabinet. And yes I really don't want to get upside down on this game since I now bought it from a friend it's my responsibility.


#20 9 years ago

The backglass looks pretty good, If I had a clean game that needed one I would think a decent replacement has to be worth more like $150-$200 easy, not $60.

#21 9 years ago

my god, someone just go grab the game. I could salvage the PCBs only and make money..........

#22 9 years ago

I picked up that playfield. Now I wish I were closer to NYC!! Friday bump let's get this thing sold.

1 month later
#23 9 years ago

So I am going to bump this and add that I can bring to York if someone wants a bit of a project with a bunch of extras thrown into the deal.

Supersonic complete non working game (I haven't had enough time to trouble shoot all the problem spots so that is up to you)
New rubbers, Plastics are in excellent condition, Brand New incandescent bulbs and some leds in the back box and playfield. (did not complete underneath playfield), Backglass is 9.5, The MPU has some alkali damage, I am including extra set of all boards, Extra Coin Door, Extra shooter rod, Extra Apron, and Extra Drop bank, Including Supersonic Manual. Also can include other backbox with all displays. Extra lockdown bar.

I just don't have enough time to dedicate to bring fully back. And rather than sit and collect dust I hope someone can enjoy her and bring her back.

Some pics to follow


I will bring to York on Friday , so PM if interested.

#24 9 years ago

Supersonic 1.JPGSupersonic 1.JPG

#25 9 years ago

Supersonic 2.JPGSupersonic 2.JPGSupersonic 3.JPGSupersonic 3.JPG

#26 9 years ago

Some of the extras

Supersonic 4.JPGSupersonic 4.JPGBoards 1.JPGBoards 1.JPGMpu.JPGMpu.JPGSolenoid driver.JPGSolenoid driver.JPG

#27 9 years ago

lights.JPGlights.JPG 2nds set.JPG2nds set.JPG Supersonic 5.JPGSupersonic 5.JPG supersonic 6.JPGsupersonic 6.JPG supersonic 7.JPGsupersonic 7.JPG
#28 9 years ago

Small jet plane not included!
supersonic 8.JPGsupersonic 8.JPGsupersonic 9.JPGsupersonic 9.JPG

#29 9 years ago

I'm a little confused. The first and second play-fields have completely different wear. Which one is it?

#30 9 years ago

Oh, looks like you did some touch ups. Disregard.

#31 9 years ago

the playfield is from the 2nd pic.

The deal is about to be done

#32 9 years ago

Good. I didn't want to have to make 2 trips to york so I could take this plus another machine home

#33 9 years ago

The game and all the extras has been SOLD

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