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FS: Ni-Wumpf Gottlieb System 1 CPU SOLD

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    #1 1 year ago

    Ni-Wumpf Gottlieb System 1 CPU

    This board came out of a pin that I purchased. The seller told me that one day it just stopped working and he let it sit dead before selling it to me.

    I don't do board repair work, it could be an easy/cheap fix to get it working, I don't know. Overall it looks in good condition, they never had a battery on them, so no acid damage. It has an auxiliary ground line attached, it looks competently done.

    The LED is staying on. Ni-Wumpf has the manual posted for this CPU on their website and it lists the possible likely causes for the LED to be locked on, it seems like a pretty comprehensive and well thought out diagnostic plan to solve the problem.


    ni-wumpf cpu front.jpg
    ni-wumpf cpu back.jpg

    #2 1 year ago

    Email sent

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