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FS: SOLD Bally Cactus Canyon - New York 13461 SOLD

By TheCnyPinGuy

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

For Sale

The game I don't want to sell but my wife's bank got bought out and that's life .. All the rest have left the next and CC been in my living room

This game is very special to me because its been a fun ride from start to now

Okay enough blah blah blah

Game info

Serial: 53366400922

This game was gone through and restored by Wayne at CnyPinball Pleasures and it was on display at Allentown 2013 featuring the Famous Eric's Continued Code

Game looks great and plays flawless

What was done to the canyon
- Cabinet Decals
- shopped out (black rubbers)
- new star posts all metal buffed pops rebuild ALL assemblies cleaned and coils re-sleeved
- flippers rebuilt
- new legs / bolts / levelers
- new side rails
- new coin door
- new shooter housing
- new train w/ custom paint
- full cliffy set for drops / shooter / mine / inlane

The game is Currently Running Cactus Canyon Continued W/ the color LCD upgrade

The computer is a toshiba laptop in the cabinet for a 1 unit self contained pin that uses just 1 plug

The AV sound board was modified to use the game speakers to put out the audio

The original wpc 95 CPU is included

Extra parts - oh yes I'm a hoarder
- NOS bad Bart head
- NOS bad Bart Hat
- NOS - Beer Mug
- NOS sling shots
- 2 sets (8) yellow CC Drop Targets

Comes with 2 plungers
1 - original silver ball rod
1 - bad Bart head plunger

I know Remakes of Cactus Canyon are in the works and if your on the list more power to you but I have a new house and a family that come first

Looking for 13,000$ or best offer

Not really looking for trades unless its a cheap pin my kids would enjoy and a pile of cash

Navl - Sure at buyers expense

I am taking a pile of pictures of the game so please bare with me, kids home for holiday break so when they go to bed ill have more time to focus

Thank you all

If you feel the price sucks that is cool I have a best offer to allow the market to dictate its value but with my situation loosing half out household income I'm hoping for a solid amount


#2 8 years ago

This game is at the top of my want list!

#3 8 years ago

It sucks when you HAVE to sell a game. I know its a hard thing to do. Good luck with your sell.

#4 8 years ago

As promised pics so far

image-159.jpg image-432.jpg image-481.jpg image-786.jpg
#5 8 years ago

This Is a great seller!

#6 8 years ago

Play field

image-626.jpg image-255.jpg image-824.jpg image-676.jpg image-168.jpg image-937.jpg image-937.jpg image-937.jpg image-606.jpg image-606.jpg image-606.jpg image-459.jpg image-459.jpg image-459.jpg
#7 8 years ago

not sure why multiple pics uploaded sorry bout that

more coming

#8 8 years ago

I have to say James is a great friend and great guy to buy from. James got me addicted to pinball and I'm sad that he has to sell his prize game, but his family and kids come first. I had fun restoring this game and I hope someone will enjoy it as much as James has. Good luck with the sale...

#9 8 years ago

Turns out

Comes with

2 sets of NOS slings

And drop decals for later on

Also the game will come with the silver ball rod the black one was a party loaner

image-588.jpg image-286.jpg image-752.jpg image-774.jpg image-761.jpg
#12 8 years ago


image-92.jpg image-321.jpg image-7.jpg
#13 8 years ago

Ill pull the game out in the am for the other side cab pics

If any interest I can take as many pics as you wish

I want you to see everything I hate surprises and would rather disclose everything then hide it

I built a rep over the years and I do my best to keep it

Thank you all for the kind words

#14 8 years ago

I saw the pin at Allentown and loved it. Someone will be thrilled to have it. Wish it could have been me, but that's okay. Whoever buys it will doubtless treasure it.

Best wishes to you and your wife.

#15 8 years ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

I know Remakes of Cactus Canyon are in the works and if your on the list more power to you but I have a new house and a family that come first

There is no remakes announced for this game and no list to be on. Any remake talk here has been pure speculation. Further, remakes are likely not to have proc compatibility - should they ever get made so this is still a unique case. Even if Rick did do a remake and did update the code to something cool, it still wouldn't be this. I believe there are aspects to CCC that Williams would never sign off in such as the afm Martians invading and those sounds bring put into this game.

#16 8 years ago

CCC totally makes this game 100% worth it! Game is just incredible and the ruleset is phenomenal.

#17 8 years ago

Is this the one that was at Bruce's house for a while? If so, beautiful game!

#18 8 years ago

Yep Bruce kept her for me during his tourney

Ty for the compliment

#19 8 years ago

That playfield looks nearly as good as my HUO CC, and the cabinet looks better because the previous owner let the decals wrinkle on mine (I have NOS ones to replace, but have never done it). I'm not sure I'd sell mine *without* CCC for that price, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't sell it with CCC (don't know until I convert mine, but I'm doing that soon!).

So this looks like a very fair price on a top notch CCC to me, especially with those spares. GLWS!


#20 8 years ago

Played this game at Allentown and it is a beauty, seller is top notch as well.

#21 8 years ago

Front with silver ball handle

More cabinet pics coming

Email with offers or trades plus cash


#22 8 years ago

Like the painted train!

#23 8 years ago

Sorry for your sale situation, my parents had it super rough in the $ department in the 80's, but hoping to help u out $ wise, pm sent....

#24 8 years ago

Thanks for bringing it to Allentown . It was the only one I ever played and it was great .

#25 8 years ago

If you haven't played this game with CCC complete with the color screen you don't know what you're missing. Count me in on the group that says even if a remake comes it won't be quite like this one, and possibly not even close. I couldn't personally spend this much on any pin, but if the money isn't an issue to you then this is just an awesome thing to own.

#26 8 years ago

bought a game from james, he was very easy to deal with, on every level. worked with me on deposit and payment. very easy to get ahold of, just a great transaction. thanks again james, still playing MOPLE, and loving it.

#27 8 years ago

GLWS. Great pin and price.

#28 8 years ago

Man I want this pin. Beautiful machine.

#29 8 years ago

Sold - Pending Payment

Thank you all

I'm not gone from pinball just taking a breather from the silver ball

#30 8 years ago

Lucky new owner. I'm jealous.

First time I heard "lock is lit and so am I" - I laughed so hard my ball drained. Still one of my favourite quotes...

#31 8 years ago

Congrats on the sale. FUN game.

#32 8 years ago

Sorry James I had to post the picture, you all can see how happy he was when he got... we will miss you cc.

#33 8 years ago
Quoted from wbarcume:

Sorry James I had to post the picture, you all can see how happy he was when he got... we will miss you cc.

IMG_1027.JPG 327 KB

And I thought he was kidding when we talked yesterday....LOL

#34 8 years ago

Here is how I feel

image-51.jpg image-632.jpg image-632.jpg image-632.jpg
#35 8 years ago

Great looking machine. Congrats to both buyer and seller.

#36 8 years ago

Sucks you had to sell, but you have to do what's best. Games are replaceable.

#37 8 years ago

That does suck. But its only a game and it can be replaced. And look at the bright side that's a lot of leverage you have on your wife now.

#38 8 years ago

LOL good point !!

#39 8 years ago

No room for you at my house when she kicks you out - so play nice....LOL.

#40 8 years ago
Quoted from wbarcume:

Sorry James I had to post the picture, you all can see how happy he was when he got... we will miss you cc.

Whoever that fine gentleman is, he should contact me.

#41 8 years ago
Quoted from wbarcume:

Sorry James I had to post the picture, you all can see how happy he was when he got... we will miss you cc.

No bad guys here.


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