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FS Avengers LE w/ several mods in Western, NC (SOLD)

By cscmtp

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I have a HUO Avengers LE #233 that is minty fresh, with several hundreds in upgrades including: clear slingshots by Hooked (still have originals of course), LED backbox (from Arcadeupkeep), Zdoor's Tesseract mod, shaker motor, 3 NECA Bobblehead Toppers (Hulk, Thor, and Captain America) and a 2nd alternate translite. I also have 2 extra sets of Hulk arms (2 left, 2 right) Asking $5300. Would prefer outright sale but might consider a trade for pin +/- cash. Located in Plumtree, NC 28664 (western NC, 1 hour north/east of Asheville)


#2 6 years ago

I just picked up this game last week and absolutely love it! GLWS!

#3 6 years ago

Thanks! Congrats on yours!

#4 6 years ago

Nice looking pin!

#5 6 years ago

Thanks Buddy!

#6 6 years ago


#7 6 years ago

Interested in alt translite and extra hulk arms, 1 set, willing to sell separate ?

#8 6 years ago

I don't want to separate the extras just yet, but I might come back to that Oropuro. Sending ya a PM. Still available for anyone looking.

#9 6 years ago

Is this priced fairly for the pin/extras? Had a few inquiries but not many, starting to wonder....

#11 6 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Is this priced fairly for the pin/extras? Had a few inquiries but not many, starting to wonder....

Its reasonable, you might be able to get more than your asking price if you want to deal with the hassles&fees of Ebay.

#12 6 years ago

Would much rather sell in this community though. Have had several good transactions here as both a buyer and seller.

#13 6 years ago

Just wanted to let prospective buyers to know that yes, this Avengers pin is "dialed in." I had the following issues when I first got the pin

1. Ball would get stuck on Hulk and I'd have to literally take the glass off to free it almost every single game!
2. The Black Widow ramp shot was nearly impossible to make, and often got stuck
3. When I did finally hit the black widow ramp, and wanted the ball to drop down to the hulk VUK to start multiple ball or credit the extra ball when lit, it bounced out like 50-75% of the time. So freaking frustrating!!!

All 3 of these HUGE headaches have been fixed. Stern sent me a little round plastic piece that eliminated issue #3. I don't think the ball has bounced out even one time since I added that piece.

I added several washers to take care of #2 ( the shot is very make-able now, not easy, but I can actually finish BW now!)

And then Chaz from Stern technical support walked me through adjusting the Hulk arms so now if the ball does get stuck in the back corner (doesn't happen all the time but it can occasionally) he knocks it free every time. Haven't had to take the glass off a single time since this tweak.

Once dialed in, it really is a fun beautiful pin.

#14 6 years ago

Awesome This pin rocks when dialed in. It took me a month. I owned the pin for a year and eventually sold it to change the line up. I miss it although it kicked my butt a lot. Good pin to own in home setting.
Glws it a beauty.

#15 6 years ago

Hulk say FRIDAY BUMP!!!

#16 6 years ago

Shaker is stock, btw.

#17 6 years ago

Will explore trades too now

#18 6 years ago

Just got to Battle for Earth again last night. Came close to finishing. That's a long game and when I was done, once again I felt like "I should just sell this now". Then I wake up in the morning and its the pin I want to play. This is a pattern with this game. 13 months, over a thousand plays (some of them long games), lots of issues that crop up and need to be fixed, and still my favorite game in a collection that also features ACDC prem and IM.

I guess I really love this game. I think more people should spend time with this game and see for themselves. I simply do not accept the argument that "I've played this game 100 times and just hate it". I call total BS on that. If you've played it 100 time and hate it, then you just can't hit the shots. Maybe it's because the game isn't dialed in. Maybe it's because you suck. . Probably both.

I've run games like CSI and TFLE through the collection to check them out. I don't regret owning either. Both cool games in their own right that get a lot of negativity in the arena of public opinion (as if that's the opinion we should trust). AVLE is on a different plane than these games. AVLE is as interesting (shot layout and rules) as any recent Stern. Wake up people!


#19 6 years ago

Great post Family Arcade I am still laughing.

Thanks for making my morning. I love the quote "maybe you suck"....that is an all time CLASSIC and so true as I don't try to evaluate games because I know I stink at pinball....that is probably why I don't hate any game because truly I am not good enough to understand the difference but "at least I know it". As they say "knowing your weaknesses in life is more important then knowing your strenghs"...that is so true and some people don't know they SUCK AT PINBALL and if you truly can't make the shots (which I know I can't at least not regularly enough to ever beat a game and get the full effect) how can you truly evaluate a game properly....why I never have tried to.

Your post was truly an honest assessment but I guess it is like "evaluating ones own looks".....does anyone think they are not good looking....or does anyone think they are not smart (well I have run across a few people that finally admit that...LOL !!!).

Thanks for making me laugh !!!

#20 6 years ago

I am very impressed you got to battle for earth! Closet I came was finishing 4 Heroes on 5 balls!

#21 6 years ago

One thing I've noticed with my non-pin friends ....women REALLY like Avengers LE! Maybe cuz Hulk is such a beefcake, I dunno

#22 6 years ago

Pretty sure the women gravitate to Thor

#23 6 years ago

Re: Family Guy post

My buddy is an Avengers Pro owner, also a member of the 1,000+ plays club and we have come to the conclusion that this is a 'players' game. The shots are tight, the layout is compelling and rule set deep enough to keep you hungry for more. Once in the zone, if shooting behind someone, you might as well pack a lunch and look and learn,
cause it will be awhile ( ball(s) in play + 2 extra balls in escrow . . . been there . . . watched that). Sure the game has the usual warts and quirks but you move past that quickly after some inspiring game play or soul crushing 3 ball multiball drain. It's easy to get frustrated playing this game if you don't bring your A game . . . if an A game isn't on your resume, just keep playing anyway . . . it is OK to have some fun while trying to tame these mechanical beasts.

Slowly stepping down from my soapbox . . . . back to your regularly scheduled thread . . .

#24 6 years ago

Seems I always bring my best D game everytime I play pinball (an A game is not in my DNA).......don't even know why I bought an IM (I love it by the way) because most like it because you can play a game in 5 minutes. Well, it only takes me 5 minutes to play SM on a good game so I can play a game of IM during the commericals of Two and a half men.....that is the great thing of being a rotten pinball player.....I can play a game on all 10 of my pins during the halftime of next weekends Super Bowl and still have plenty of time to grab a sandwich and beer before the kick-off for the 3rd quarter....not many on here can do that !!!! I played 4 games of MET PRO last night in less then 10 minutes.....how bad is that !!!

#25 6 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

One thing I've noticed with my non-pin friends ....women REALLY like Avengers LE! Maybe cuz Hulk is such a beefcake, I dunno

Hmm, women really seem to like me too. Must be some correlation.

#26 6 years ago


#27 6 years ago

Bump. AVLE rocks!

#28 6 years ago

Bump! Looking for trades too! Shoot me your ideas!

#29 6 years ago

If you're planning a cross country road trip soon, I have an idea

Otherwise, bump for one of my favorite games!

#30 6 years ago

Wish I could Don. Don't have a reliable truck/suv to haul a pin. But if you come way, would love to hear your idea!

#31 6 years ago

Bump for evening and west coast crowd off of work

#32 6 years ago

Price drop to $5600 but also very open to trades!

#34 6 years ago

This isn't a bad price.....if this was a HULK LE I would be starting to get "very interested" if you were local. IMHO, it beats buying a NIB for much more plus you have extras and probably "dialed it in". This should get offers very close to your price.....I would buy a HULK LE with extras before I would buy an AC/DC premium with no extras since they are actually asking more for most of the AC/DC premiums.....HULK LE had a much higher original price and the extras really make it a value in the mid $5's.

GOOD LUCK WITH SALE......which it was the "green machine" and you lived close !!!

#35 6 years ago

It's funny when both pins came out I immediately said I want the avengers and it wasn't close for me. Just liked having all the avengers represented and not just hulk. Plus blue > green. but that is what makes the hobby great, lots of different opinions! Thanks for the bump and sorry we aren't closer. Go Redskins (surely you are a fan)

#36 6 years ago

Come on traders or buyers, I know you are out there! Game is gorgeous and dialed in!

1 week later
#37 6 years ago

Price drop to $5500. Open to sell or trades.

Wish lists include WOZ/LE, ST/LE, TZ, TOM, but open to suggestions too

#38 6 years ago

Underrated pin when dialed in. If I did not have a pro I would love this. GLWS.

1 week later
#39 6 years ago

Still available if anyone is looking for a prestine dialed in Avengers LE. $5300

#40 6 years ago

Just saw that a blue was traded for a nice POTC on one of these threads. As always, GLWS and enjoy the bump. You got a TOM, right? How are you liking it?

#41 6 years ago

Nice Pin.

#42 6 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Just saw that a blue was traded for a nice POTC on one of these threads. As always, GLWS and enjoy the bump. You got a TOM, right? How are you liking it?

picking it up tomorrow! can't wait!

#43 6 years ago

Keep it. Settle in. Enjoy the ride.

#44 6 years ago

Avengers got a new home today to a fellow pinsider!

#45 6 years ago

Congrats. I may end up with one at some point. Maybe something will work out with us in the future.

How you liking the TOM? I scored a really nice TOTAN this week. Just started a thread a little bit ago with the photos.

Take care.

#46 6 years ago

Thanks for the awesome machine cscmtp! Just made it home, now for the hard part.... moving it in!

#47 6 years ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Thanks for the awesome machine cscmtp! Just made it home, now for the hard part.... moving it in!

Enjoyed meeting you and I hope you and your family enjoy it! Sorry I can't be there to help you bring it inside!

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