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Post #210 F-14 ramp preview with various colors Posted by Freeplay40 (5 years ago)

Post #232 Examples of the F-14 ramp installed in a game Posted by Freeplay40 (5 years ago)

Post #241 F-14 ramp finished Posted by Freeplay40 (5 years ago)

Post #258 Hurricane ramp form test Posted by Freeplay40 (5 years ago)

Post #264 Original Hurricane ramp differences Posted by Freeplay40 (5 years ago)

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#1 5 years ago

UPDATED 7/10/2021

Currently offering the following ramps in clear and in dyed PETG. Most ramps at this point are made on demand.

High Speed – Redesigned to eliminate the cover. Available in clear ($90) or transparent red ($100). Assembly services offered $20 Spring Steel ball guide $5 Molex extension for Stop Light $8

Space Station – Transparent blue “plug and play” ($145). Ramp is complete including new micro switch and Molex harness to plug into the game harness

Genesis- Two ramp clear set ($165 for both)

WWFRR- Banzai ramp. Designed for greater strength at the exits ($120). New Lexan clear cover ($12)

Heavy Metal Meltdown – Ramp and cover $145. New flap $13 Material twice as thick as original.

Swords of Fury – Available in clear, transparent red and transparent blue. Upper ramp clear $135 lower ramp clear $40. Colors Add $10 upper/$5 lower. Assembly services offered for upper ramp $25

Whirlwind - Lift ramp - $45

F-14 Tomcat – Clear $90 Red or blue $100 Assembly service offered $20

Hurricane – Center ramp including new cover $140 Includes all brackets

Data East Launch Button housing $25

Strange Science – Particle Separator ramp $120 (Upgraded to .150" plastic for strength) Anti-Gravity ramp $45 Anti-Gravity Exit ramp $42

Guns and Roses – G ramp $155 R Ramp $125 (includes new cover) BACK IN STOCK 8/10/2020 - Limited run

DE Star Trek 25 – Subway ramp $80 (no hardware) $98 with all hardware

Rocky and Bullwinkle – WABAC ramp $115 Ramp has two unique brackets…if sent to me I install them for free

Hook - Rufio ramp $90 50% thicker plastic and includes the extended lower ramp protector like on MNF

Doctor Who – Time Expander cover $45– 50% thicker plastic

Comet – Transparent orange Cork Screw ramp $80 Cycle Jump ramp Black ABS $60 Transparent red $65.. Center ramp, reverse formed and thicker plastic $135

Pinbot/Jackbot – New complete lift ramp assembly, new main ramp in transparent colors and two color (Blue/Red) and new visor

Black Belt – New transparent red ramp

Transporter – Upper left ramp, right ramp and Cross-Over cover.

Radical - Upper left ramp (Both versions) and the Vertical ramp and Vertical ramp cover.

Black Rose Whirlpool ramp and left ramp

Next up...

3 Remaining ramps for Radical

Demolition Man - Three playfield ramps. Cryo-Crawl ramp, Subway ramp, Auto Tunnel.

#4 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

If you made replacement left / right ramps for Fire!, people would kiss your feet.. Even if they weren't painted or decaled.

If there was enough interest I could do those....but not the artwork. Probably do them in clear then lobby PPS to reproduce the decals.

#7 5 years ago

I'm anxious to do F-14 since I have a really nice one.

#9 5 years ago

Sorry to hear that. Yes acrylic is more brittle than PETG. When installing the new ramp, if the holes in the playfield under the flap do not align with the holes I made in the ramp it is best to fill the old holes in the playfield, position the ramp, mark the new holes...remove the ramp and predrill new mounting pilot holes into the playfield...then install the ramp and be cautious.

Don't worry Chosen_S...we'll work something out for you.

#19 5 years ago
Quoted from Snux:

Any idea how you'll handle all the hardware on the F-14 ramp? Rivets-a-plenty on there

Well, for High Speed and Swords of Fury I have offered assembly services....basically send me your parts and I will clean and attach them to the new ramp. Might be a little more difficult and time consuming for international customers. Again I would offer that service for F-14.

Trying to help others learn how to do their own riveting, when I did Swords of Fury, I did purchase and offer hand held rivet punches and then supplied the necessary rivets and washers to do the job yourself. On the flip side, things can go bad when doing riveting, so just one more reason to let me do it for you.

#20 5 years ago
Quoted from spiroagnew:

Transporter the Rescue crossover ramp and/or whirlpool bowl. The ones that are nearly always yellowed and melted from the inset flasher. It's a different material than traditional ramps but any attempt at a repro would be welcome!

Definitely some injection molded parts there. I would have to see it. I think in some cases we might be able to come up with vacuum formed solutions for some pieces. This just reminded me that I want to see if I can do the Elevator ramp for Who Dunnit. Need to give Bill a call and get my hands on that one.

#23 5 years ago
Quoted from Snux:

In that case, I'm looking for a nice red ramp for my Second Sortie. Time to blow some cobwebs off that project finally!

I figured you would need a red one. I might be able to save you some down time if when you and I are both ready. I have a spare fully populated ramp. I could assemble you one and mail it off and then you could mail me the parts off yours!

#26 5 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

Hey Mark.
I've purchased a few of these and can't say enough about the work you're doing! My HS and Space Station look awesome!
I know I've said it before and I may be only one of 3 people who would buy it... but Bally Black Belt/Karate Fight would be awesome. They are always trashed and the production run and number of surviving machines is so limited that I doubt anyone else will ever repro these.
I know your HMM ramps were a bit of a favor since it's in the same category as Black Belt... but if you're ever feeling generous again, I'm more than happy to send you my ramp for a pattern.
I'm really looking forward to the HMM!
For something a little more popular, I seem to recall that the left (Ferris Wheel) ramp on Cyclone was impossible to find.
I heard Pinball Inc was in the process of making them before they closed up... but no word as of yet. I have the other two but would love the last one.

Never say never. There is a chance I will do this one as I have a local friend that has one as well and has hit me up for reproduction.

#27 5 years ago
Quoted from Snux:

Actually I've got a spare populated ramp too, so could send you the parts with no downtime. Drop me a line when you're getting closer to being ready and we can sort something out!

Will do!

#37 5 years ago
Quoted from Snux:

The subway ramps are already out there from various vendors... for example....

I think it would be best if I focus on ramps that simply are not available otherwise.

#38 5 years ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

G ramp for guns n roses would be awesome

While I could do the red ramp in acrylic, I don't think I will be able to find that yellow in a formable plastic. Not sure how well acrylic would stand up on this game. Probably best solution would be to form the ramps in clear and paint the undersides with candy type transparent paint....I'm just not ready for that process yet.

#39 5 years ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

I would love to get replacement left and right ramps for Jokerz. They make the upper playfield but I can't find the other two. I would even take the center elevator ramp.

Jokerz are very doable...However the artwork is an issue. I would produce in clear only. Are those decals available? I didn't see them on Bay Area or Planetary.

#48 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I'd go for them but the left one is a MONSTER. I wonder if Mark could do that one. I'd want green.

OK...I'm curious. Can anyone tell if the green ramps in Batman Forever are actually green plastic or are they painted. The reason I ask is that colored PETG is basically no longer available domestically.....unless you order about 2,000# of it from overseas. As far as colors in acrylic, very few are readily available in extruded acrylic. Tons of colors available in Cast acrylic, but cast cannot be vacuum formed. I did ultimately find a source for the transparent dark green but it is a little spendy.

On another note, ramps are either formed over a male or female mold depending on the design of the ramp. When you form over a female mold (imagine the mold and ramp being right side up), the plastic will be the thickest on the top of the ramp and will then get thinner as it pulls and stretches down into the mold. When formed over a male mold (imagine the ramp upside down) the plastic is the thickest on the bottom of the ramp which is better for strength where the ball is. I was just looking at the BF ramps on the IPDB and it appears to me that those would have been formed over a female mold and given the depth of the draws, especially on the left one that the plastic must have thinned significantly. Acrylic would not be a good material choice for these...in my opinion. I would think the only way to reproduce these ramps would be in clear PETG and then see if they could be painted transparent green....certainly something I will need to look into. I'm thinking automotive candy clear with a flexibility additive....if that's even available.

Got to be some professional painters out there... what do 'ya think?

#51 5 years ago
Quoted from Snux:

The Batman ramps look like green plastic from all the pictures I can see. I found (but never tried) that you can dye PETG.
» YouTube video
Looks kinda fiddly, but might be worth experimenting on some scrap pieces if you have any.

God knows I have plenty of scraps! I think I'll try it sooner than later to see how it looks as well as how it will hold up. Maybe place one outside in the sun...wait...I live in Seattle so I won't see the sun for a while. Sounds like a good secondary use for my turkey fryer!

#58 5 years ago
Quoted from floyd1977:

Could you provide some detail on Pinbot? The original ramp had large decals in the corners, and I don't know that the original decals would survive being transferred, or maybe the idea is that you just wouldn't have decals?
What exactly are you referring to when you say "upper playfield cover"?
Finally, by "new helmet cover", are you referring to the visor that lifts up when the target bank lowers?
Thanks! I bought one of your High Speed ramps and it was fantastic.

I'll clarify what I am planning to provide with Pinbot when I dismantle it.

#59 5 years ago
Quoted from boris_37:

Why are we distracting him from F-14? Guys stop it. We have F-14 repro playfields on the horizon, I want my F-14 ramp first! lol

I'm already working on the mold for F-14!

Quoted from floyd1977:Could you provide some detail on Pinbot? The original ramp had large decals in the corners, and I don't know that the original decals would survive being transferred, or maybe the idea is that you just wouldn't have decals?
What exactly are you referring to when you say "upper playfield cover"?
Finally, by "new helmet cover", are you referring to the visor that lifts up when the target bank lowers?
Thanks! I bought one of your High Speed ramps and it was fantastic.

As far as the decals are concerned, PPS has provided them in the past but currently shows out of stock. I sent him a message asking if he would reproduce and he has not responded yet. The decals are certainly "licensed" material/artwork and we will need Rick to provide those.

#60 5 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Any chance of Grand Lizard in green or red maybe?

Grand Lizard is definitely on my near term radar...Love to replace those black ramps! We could certainly do them in clear, but I think this one might be a good candidate for transparent green. Would be acrylic, but with ramp protectors I think it would work fine.

#63 5 years ago
Quoted from xeneize:

Mark, let's talk something a little more challenging...what about a Grand Lizard head sculpt?
There it is...The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Haha. An artist I am not. If someone was to sculpt something that I could convert to a mold, who knows... Expect most on here will say...STICK TO RAMPS!

#64 5 years ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Pinbot topper would be nice

I thought the Pinbot topper was already available out there. If not, when I upgrade my heating source I could do it.

#67 5 years ago

I'm afraid there would be licensing issues with that. When I decide to set up for the GL ramps, I will contact PPS to see what we can work out.

#73 5 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

For something a little more popular, I seem to recall that the left (Ferris Wheel) ramp on Cyclone was impossible to find.

Can you measure the length of that ramp for me?

#78 5 years ago

Haven't forgotten you. I think that the Hurricane set will likely be the first longs ones I do....as soon as I get to the upgrade on the heat source....But had a lot of orders this week... Planets must be aligned.

#83 5 years ago

OK.. The first run of the Heavy Metal Meltdown ramp set shipped yesterday. I'm going to do one more run on these and then likely retire them for a while so that I can focus on new ramps as well as updating my machines for longer stuff. That said, I am going to accept orders for these through Sunday February 14th. I will send an email to the remaining folks that indicated interest.


#86 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Thanks for checking that out and yes the ramps are green plastic. Did you find out a reason why colored PETG isn't available in small quanity?

Colored PETG is just simply not stocked by anyone in the US. It can be ordered from overseas, but the minimum order is about 2,000#. What a shame. I could do the Batman ramps in acrylic, but would not want to commit to that until I could see the game. If the original ramps were actually Green PETG and took that much beating, acrylic would not stand up. Snux posted a video of using dye with PETG. I'm actually going to experiment with that...who knows!?!

#89 5 years ago

I'll consider doing them in clear if there is interest. I'm also planning a trip to the auto paint store to discuss transparent colors since this seems to be the only way to do high stress colored ramps.

1 week later
#93 5 years ago

So... Been doing a lot of mental designing for my new setup. I have concluded that an industrial heating setup is what I need so will be placing an order for it tomorrow. This setup, once mounted will allow me to form plastic sheets up to 24" x 36" which should easily handle most ramps. Also purchased today the pneumatic hardware to actuate the various processes on my machine. I will be able to incorporate both the new heater and the pneumatic actuators on my current machine setup so I can keep making new ramps. I am also designing a complete new machine that both the heater and the pneumatic actuators will be transferred to when ready.

The heater is 5 to 6 weeks out before I get it and then it will take me a few days to mount it. In the mean time I will be producing the Hurricane center ramp and I will also be picking up a Hurricane game from an associate so that I can model the other ones.

I am working on the mold for F-14 now and hope to show the first ones in about a week...red, white (clear) and blue! Got a Pinbot house sitting here so going to make molds for it too.

2 weeks later
#102 5 years ago

Picked up a Hurricane from a friend this week so I can model all the ramps. Framework for new machine started....all parts for the new machine on the way!

#107 5 years ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Mark does the new machine mean there may be some Party Zone ramps in the future?

Well, not sure if or how soon but it will certainly be big enough to do them!

2 weeks later
#111 5 years ago
Quoted from Olddragon:

Freeplay: You are the man. how about a Ferris Wheel ramp for Cyclone?

Sure... I'll put it on the list for the new machine!

I could do Roller Games, but there is a lot of artwork on that ramp...I can't provide the artwork and not sure if it is available anywhere.

#117 5 years ago

At least Rick with PPS is open to working with individuals who want to recreate and market licensed items which generally involve artwork. There are so many things needed for these machines and he can't get to it all, at least not timely. So if you have something to offer the community that requires license permission, I'd encourage anyone to approach Rick.

1 week later
#119 5 years ago

So... I've been pretty quiet lately so I thought I'd post an update to what's been going on. Up to now, the size of the ramps I can do has been limited to the size of my heater. My current machine can handle larger pieces of plastic but until I can uniformly heat larger pieces I am limited. To resolve this I first attempted to figure out a way to simply build a larger oven.... Proved to be a pain so I decided I would take the full tilt plunge and build a complete new machine from the ground up. Just today I finished the new machine framework....Photos below.

This new machine can handle plastic up to 24" by 48". This will enable me to do pretty much any ramp. The heat source will be an on board ceramic heating panel. The ceramic heaters will be zoned depending on the size plastic I am using. This design will allow me to heat any size plastic up to 24" by 48".

The machine will be fully pneumatically controlled both for the forming and the downward plugging as necessary. Lastly, I will add downward pressure assist (Lowered dome with added air pressure) to increase detail when needed.

At the moment I am pretty much out of ramps so in the next few days I will be forming more as well as finishing the F-14 mold and yes, the Hurricane center ramp mold. I will not take down my current machine until I get the F-14 and Hurricane center ramps formed. Once I have sufficient stock I will dismantle the current machine and move the vacuum pump to the new machine. The first ramps I want to do on the new machine will be the other two Hurricane ramps.


#127 5 years ago
Quoted from DumbAss:

If you don't have an available donor ramp and need a donor ramp (or assembly) for this let me know. I am located very near by.

Cool. I made note of your interest, DumbAss.

Sorry... Couldn't resist!

#129 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

So what you are saying is that you can do WCS and JD ramps now?

LOL...Not so much a matter of if, but when!

#136 5 years ago
Quoted from Haymaker:

Can't believe nobody has said it yet but GNR G ramps seem to be broken a lot and impossible to find.
Thank you for all that you do for us and the community btw!

Been a lot of request for both of them actually. The biggest hurdle with these two ramps is the type of plastic to use. Since they have been prone to damage I would be hesitant to use acrylic for them. Further, I could source the red in acrylic but most likely not the yellow (Note that only extruded Acrylic can be vacuum formed and while most any color is available in "Cast" Acrylic, the choices in extruded are very few.) Ideally these ramps will be formed with PETG which unfortunately these days in only readily available in clear. Custom colors can be sourced overseas but are subject to minimum orders, like 2000 pounds.

That leaves only two other alternatives.... Clear that is painted or what I will be testing soon.....dyeing.

1 week later
#140 5 years ago
Quoted from fireball2:

Howzaboot the center ramp on Police Force?

Police Force ramp set is available at Starship Fantasy so I doubt I would do that one.

2 weeks later
#149 5 years ago

A little quick addition to my offerings. I did a lift ramp for Whirlwind for the Seattle Pinball Museum and decided to make a few more.

Info can be found her....


1 week later
#155 5 years ago

So, ramp production has been a little slow lately as I just had to get this project finished. Done today. Back on ramps!


#157 5 years ago
Quoted from Slim64:

Very nice!!!
PS...if you need a good donor ramp for checkpoint, shoot me a message. I have an undamaged one sitting here.

Post a photo of it?

#159 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Wow Mark that looks great. You have all kinds of talent.

Well, I don't really feel that talented....just handy.

#165 5 years ago
Quoted from Slim64:

Wasn't sure what photos you might want specifically so I took a bunch lol.
Has two small cracks, one at the entrance and one at the exit ball drop. No missing pieces and the cracks are very minor

Nice set of photos. Good news with this ramp is that art is a non-issue. Also it appears that everything attached to the ramp is with screws and nuts....excepting the flap which would be provided. Curious how those entrance protectors are secured to the ramp.

#168 5 years ago
Quoted from Slim64:

Thanks. I will take a closer look hopefully tonight and let you know.
The exit drop reinforcement is also riveted in place.

I see that now. IF I make these, that part would likely need to be sent to me vs me fabricating.

#170 5 years ago

Started a File for Checkpoint and have our name on it. Chances are good, but it will be a while.

#174 5 years ago
Quoted from Slim64:

Protectors are held in place with very thin foam tape.

Interesting....probably just double back tape. I actually like that idea as allowing greater shock absorption. I thought of using silicone, but this probably makes more sense.

#175 5 years ago

Anyone coming to the NW Pinball Show? I'll be around pretty much all weekend.

#179 5 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Freeplay, Have you done a run of these yet for WCS, and if not what would you need to get the ball rolling if possible?

Well, first off it will require my new machine which I'm still building!

#181 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

New WCS ramps would be amazing.

The more I look at that one, the more I want to do it. Looks challenging and fun. Put on the list of ramps I want to do. Would appreciate any info on where the original ramps are failing to see what I could do to improve.

#183 5 years ago
Quoted from TheOnlyest:

Any progress on the Hurricane ramp(s)?

This one (center) has been tough to get molded. I hope to have the mold completed today, then will take several days to cure and finish. Should stat forming inside of a week.

#194 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I would be cool with it in clear also. It looks relatively simple in design and pretty small.

Are we talking about just the stock blue piece?...Or the blue piece and the ramp? As far as blue, the only formable plastic I have is a dark blue transparent acrylic. Given the failure on that ramp, acrylic would not be a good choice. Leaves clear PETG or clear PETG painted.

#196 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

It might be a good idea to bend a metal "cliffy" around that bend.

Could also consider reinforcing it with a formed additional piece of plastic to wrap around the outside and cemented in place.

Since you say the bottom of the ramp is very thin, that would mean this was likely done with a "female" mold.....other words, upright. The upper turn would also be very thin at the bottom as the plastic gets pulled down into the mold. The need for the female mold would be due to how narrow the turn to the left is and the resultant narrow gap between them. That narrow space between the upper left portions of the ramp are most likely why this was done in a female mold to avoid the plastic "webbing" which is what would happen on a male mold....tough to pull plastic down into an area like that without some assistance. I think I would lean toward a male mold and plug assist that area. Doing this on a male mold might resolve most of these issues.

#200 5 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

I'm in for an F-14

Clairvoyance?.... Just finishing up this mold. Will start forming in the next day or two while the Hurricane mold cures.


#201 5 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

any update on the pinbot parts?

I have a Pinbot in the house. Will be making molds soon, but actual production will wait on the new machine.

#202 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I'd be fine with a clear Anti-Gravity ramp. Mine is totally busted up pretty bad.

I could probably fit this one in, but since I don't own the machine, I would need a good one to model from.

#207 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I think finding a good one will prove to be very difficult.

I might try to seek one out locally.

#210 5 years ago

Something new available soon!

Started a separate post for these...





#213 5 years ago

I will be attending the NW Pinball show for most of the weekend. If anyone wants to save shipping I can have Space Station, WWFRR Banzai, Heavy Metal Meltdown, Whirlwind lift and Genesis ramp sets available. If you are interested in a Swords of Fury set or High Speed and want assembly on either let me know and we can coordinate.

#218 5 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Progress on Hurricane center ramp? Just curious, I know these take time.

Hurricane center ramp is very close. Not sure if I will get any formed before the NW Pinball Show next week. I help with setup so I'll be there starting Thursday.

#221 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hey Mark, does that material come in green?

Not easily.... I've ordered green on two occasions and both times I was assured it was extruded acrylic only to find out that it was cast acrylic and thus not suitable for vacuum forming. I did ultimately locate another source but was very expensive. I'll keep checking. Always thought Grand Lizard would look good with green. Also going to experiment with some dye....hard to find time when you are retired.

#225 5 years ago

There is going to be a Batman Forever at the NW Pinball show next week. I'll take a good look at it when I'm there. Options for this one would be green acrylic, dyed green PETG (What I would be most hopeful for) or clear. Clear could be painted, but just not something I want to get into right now.

#229 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hey cool Mark. How expensive was that green anyway? I think we would pay the extra price to have the better quality. Quality is ALWAYS worth paying for. Also, not really sure if the right ramp is needed but will ask in club. Thanks

My only concern with using a green acrylic is that the original ramp obviously did not hold up well. I do not know what the original ramps were made of, but I doubt it was acrylic. If it was true green PETG, then an acrylic would not hold up as well. I'll know more after I see the one at the show.

Further, if only the left ramp is needed, then it should match the right one...unless both are reproduced to match....in which case I expect many would not want to have to buy both. This may be doomed before it ever gets off the ground.

#232 5 years ago

So...helped with the set up for the NW Pinball show....wore me out! Took it easy today and going back to the show tomorrow and Sunday. Took some shots of the F-14 clear (Blue LED's) and red (Red LED's) ramps with LED strip lighting, with and without flash. Ramps are just sitting loose in the game.





#238 5 years ago

So...The NW Pinball Show was this last weekend. Great show. That took about 4 days out of my schedule so just thought I'd pop a note out to let you know where I am with the Hurricane center ramp. I am putting the finishing touches on the mold today. Then I need to devise the plug assist mechanism and we should be ready to go. Possibly get the first form done tomorrow, but if not then likely Thursday as I am heading up into the mountains on Wednesday for the day.

Appreciate everyone's patience!

#241 5 years ago

Final pricing posted for the F-14 ramps here...


Ready when you guys are.


#244 5 years ago

OK...Strange Science anti-gravity I would probably only do in clear. The Time Machine Star warp ramp is a little unique, so would probably want to secure a game locally for that one. For Rollergames, I already have a local collector that said I could borrow his machine. But, remember, I do not supply art work, so either Planetary ultimately provides the decals, or you reuse your existing or you make your own. Rollergames might have to wait for the new machine.

#253 5 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

I'm going to mention the center ramp for Who Dunnit as well.

Quoted from Whysnow:

not a vac formed ramp

Yes the original was an injection molded ramp. The chances of this being made again are slim at best. If the original molds could be located the chances might be better, however, if the original molds cannot be found the chances are probably nil....

However.....I have discussed this with a friend locally and we are seriously going to take a stab at creating a vacuum formed replacement for this ramp.

#256 5 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I have't checked-in a couple weeks. Exciting news about Hurricane center ramp. Just a few weeks from starting that one, pulled all the boards last week. Only sound card is worth saving. I have everything ready to go except that center ramp.

I'm mounting the mold in the machine now. Need to set up the plugs and should be able to form the first test early tomorrow!

#258 5 years ago

First test of the Hurricane center ramp formed this morning. Went very well!


#260 5 years ago

The actual forming is the fun easy part for me. The hard parts are making the molds (this one took me over a month to get just right) and the finishing.

#262 5 years ago

I think alternatives to injection molding are very possible... However they would be certainly different than original. I'm working with a friend right now to see if we can come up with an acceptable version of the Elevator ramp for Who Dunnit. We think we can. Ultimately when I get the new machine running with everything I want on it, I will be able to do vacuum forming with pressure assist. With pressure assist greater detail can be achieved.

#263 5 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Amazing ! It is also amazing the excess plastic it takes. Looks like the hard part is cutting the ramp away from leftovers.
Clear is best on this one, no need to color.
Great work!!!!!

This could be formed in a shorter piece of plastic, but when I buy plastic, I buy full sheets cut to a certain dimension. This one happened to be basically 16" x 24" which nets me 12 pieces from a standard sheet.

#264 5 years ago

Hurricane Ramp update....will delay production by a few days

I have seen some subtle differences in ramps, but was very surprised today when I found a significant difference in two Hurricane ramps I now have in my possession. I modeled the new ramp after a ramp that was donated to me by pinster68. Dave Beecher with FAST Pinball has loaned me his Hurricane for test fitting. I removed Dave's ramp today as his was not as damaged as the one I received from pinster68. The one I got from pinster68 has a couple of the mounting tabs broken off and I wanted to get those properly "mapped". I discovered a very significant difference at the drop hole in the upper center of the ramp. Specifically is has to do with the position of the drop hole and its relation to where the ball will actually drop amongst the three pop bumpers.

The difference in the position of the drop hole is about 1/2"... Very significant. So I have two ramps so my odds of getting the right one were 50/50... Bummer...not so lucky.

I've attached a couple photos to demonstrate the difference just as info. I suspect that early in production with the first ramp (pinster86's) is that when the ball dropped through the hole it did not fall amongst the pop bumpers, but rather on the top lower edge of the upper bumper....pretty obvious when I position the two ramps in the game.

So I will be modifying the mold over the next couple days based on Dave's ramp. Nobody said it was going to be easy!

The first ramp is pinster68's and the second ramp is the one from Dave. I put a red line on the photos to show the difference. I think I'm going to widen the area where the drop hole is slightly so that the hole actually fits better.....kind of looks like it is crammed into the space.


#265 5 years ago

Here's another photo of one ramp on top of the other. Pinster68's ramp is on top and the correct one (Dave's) is below...


#268 5 years ago

Dave's was cleary an "upgrade". Basically it was just extended. I'm going to clean up some of the lines around this area. Found a small shortcut to get me closer quicker. I custom cut a piece of my mold material and cemented it in place. Now just need to let it set then clean up the lines. Want to get a new test ramp formed tomorrow morning. I will then cut one out manually to get the fit perfect.

#269 5 years ago
Quoted from TheOnlyest:

as long as that "afterthought" goofy plastic was there

Yeah, that would have been the Band-Aid to counter the problem with the earlier ramp already installed....sort of how I view the High Speed ramp cover which I designed out of mine.

#274 5 years ago
Quoted from shicketmaster:

Has anyone mentioned the subway ramp for data east Star Trek 25?

I think it has been mentioned. I don't know what it looks like off hand. Any chance someone could post a photo?

#276 5 years ago
Quoted from Caoliber01:

I'm looking for swords of fury main ball shooter ramp thanks! Someone said you made some.

Sending pm

#279 5 years ago
Quoted from shicketmaster:

Not my picture but this is what it looks like

I'll look into that one. I'll see if I can locate a donor locally.

Quoted from Barakawins1:

Time Machine - Starwarp ramp please. All of them are broken..

Getting several requests for this one so will look into it as well.

#284 5 years ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

Would a BTTF ramp be possible?

Honestly, that one would be pretty far down the road...sorry.

#287 5 years ago

Took a day off to go up to some property in the mountains to cut down trees and burn stuff. Setting up now to form the corrected Hurricane center ramp. All goes well hope to post a finished form this evening. In addition to the entrance flap which will be installed, the ramp does have three metal pieces riveted to it. Expect options for this ramp will be new metal pieces riveted to the ramp or I will rivet your supplied pieces for free.

#289 5 years ago

Just posted the first photos of a basically finished Hurricane center ramp. Started a thread specific to it.


#292 5 years ago

Every once in a while I get a bad batch of plastic. My supplier is usually pretty good about making it right. I had one red F-14 to get out so I formed one and finished it out last night. This morning I noticed a small bubble in the plastic and decided not to ship that one. I started off today forming the red again and each time I encountered the same bubbling in different degrees, so I stopped after the third one and contacted my supplier. Will go meet with them on Monday....I do have a couple pieces of red from another batch that is in a larger piece so I will cut it down and get the order covered.

The bad news is that I will be without red plastic for at least a couple weeks, uh, ... unless you guys would be OK with the quality of the ramp in the photo below..


#302 5 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

How about some ramps for Radical?

Possible down the road a bit. Will require the new machine.

#304 5 years ago
Quoted from Barakawins1:

Everyone needs a Star Warp Ramp for Time Machine...It's front in line so far.

I don't think my arm will twist any further!!

Hoping to get a good look at this ramp in the next few days.

#305 5 years ago

Finally finished a Hurricane center ramp today. Will start accepting orders on Tuesday.


#310 5 years ago

Pricing for the limited first run for the Hurricane center ramp was just posted here...


I'm only going to do 9 of them right now then need to take a break!

1 week later
#312 5 years ago
Quoted from Barakawins1:

Time Machine - Star warp ramp next perhaps??? Please??

Very possible...I will take a serious look at it this coming week. Doing the small center ramps for Champion Pub right now for a friend and he's the one with the Time Machine that I'll work with.

#315 5 years ago
Quoted from MarAlb:

I would be in for a Time Machine ramp too. Correct me if I am wrong but I remember the starwarp ramp consists of 2 pieces.....the "corkscrew" is glued at the main piece. I hope this will not be an issue in reproducing it.

Don't see that as a problem however, color might be an issue.

#317 5 years ago
Quoted from wierdeer:

Is there a Petg resin available?

None that I am aware of. Typically with newly produced colored ramps, the color is actually paint. PETG in colors is no longer available domestically. I'll know more after I get a good look at the ramp.

#319 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I wouldn't paint it (though candle apple paint is translucent). I would dye them:
» YouTube video
That way you can choose the opacity based on time dipped, and you can do color on demand so you don't have to stock specific colors. Dying will embed the color into the plastic unlike paint.

I saw that video when snux had posted it. I did purchase dye and will try it soon. Was thinking of dying a scrap clear ramp then cutting it up and keeping one piece in the house and throwing one out in the yard!

I think I'll try it today!

#321 5 years ago

First attempt at dying plastic failed. Soaked a ramp at about 140 degrees for an hour and no color absorbed. Will research further but unless simple to do, I seriously doubt I will get into it....just another big step and expense.

#323 5 years ago

Found some Idye poly locally and will get some today. Hopefully something to show in a day or so. Fingers crossed!

#325 5 years ago
Quoted from WonkoTSane:

Any chance you want to do a TMNT ramp in the near future?

Almost any ramp will be possible once the new machine is up. Have been several requests for this one. Is that ramp all one piece?

#328 5 years ago

First test at dying PETG has gone pretty well. This took about 30 minutes to get to this color. I was initially concerned as to whether or not the result would be transparent and it is. I chose green first as there is interest in ramps for Batman Forever. Might not be quite the right green for it, but I suspect the use of green LED's might help. Anyway, I am quite pleased with this first test. This may very well open the door for the Guns and Roses ramps. There are quite a bit of colors available, but can't really tell the end result until they are actually dyed. The green dye solution looks like army green...but the result is pretty nice.

In th photo I also showed examples of colored acrylic ramps to demonstrate the intensity of the color.


#331 5 years ago
Quoted from JonH123:

Is it too late for me to order a F-14 red ramp?

I had a problem with my last batch of red and am awaiting a reply from my supplier...However, I do have a few pieces from another batch that are slightly larger and I can cut one down and make you one.

#333 5 years ago
Quoted from JonH123:

Thanks, that sounds good.
What email should I send paypal payment to and how much should I send?

Sending pm

#337 5 years ago

The green I used was the plain green (#452) That was the only green I saw in their rack. Might be worth a test of the Kelly green as you never really know until you try if for exact color. Green was the only color I have tested so no chance of any leftovers...the others in the photo are colored acrylic ramps.

As far as the original green plastic, it could very well have been true green PETG....Just can't source that stuff domestically...unless you want to buy a couple thousand pounds of it!

The result above is extremely transparent if it doesn't look that way in the photo....I was very pleased with the transparency.

#339 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

How much is it in small quanities....non domestic?

Nothing in any quantity available domestically. Must be ordered from overseas and they have minimum order amounts of probably in the neighborhood of at least 50 sheets.....can't imagine a demand for 600 ramps.

#344 5 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Freeplay, How many people would you need to commit for this to be produced and will you need a master? I mentioned it awhile back here but we never talked numbers. I wanted to let people know in the WCS94 thread as I know myself and a few others are in need.

This is larger than I can do on my current set up. I am in the process of building a larger machine, but just takes time. Pretty sure I will do it once the new machine is running.

#348 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I would also post some photos with a bulb or two behind it in a somewhat dark room to see how much line shines through it.

Request to see the dyed ramp with game lighting.... The ramp that I dyed is a rough cut Hurricane center ramp that is the early design, so used it as a test subject. I have a Hurricane on loan, however it does not work...not even GI....so I set the ramp in My F-14 and took two photos...one with flash and one without flash. Excellent transparency.



#350 5 years ago

Have you done any scratch testing on the died ramp? What does it look like if scratched? How about after being cleaned with novus?

Question above was posted in another thread....

Perfect questions. Scratching has no affect on the color. The dye I am using completely penetrates the PETG....basically color all the way through it. I just took the first test piece and sliced off the end of the ramp to show that the color completely penetrates (see photo). So polishing is no problem. I also just ran a torch over it for those who like to flame polish and it acts just like the original clear PETG.


#353 5 years ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

Looks like dye would work perfectly for the anti-grav ramp on Strange Science.

Good call... I agree! I'll try and squeeze that one in too!

#357 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

WOW!!! Now if you could match the green of the BF ramps you'd have a winner. Thanks for taking the time for testing this out Mark.

There is one other green choice and I will get my hands on it and test that color soon.

#360 5 years ago

Project I slipped in for a local friend. Any guesses? Personally, I would never have guessed this as I don't know the machine that well.

Happy 4th!


#368 5 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

You know, speaking of your avatar. I think a transparent blue ramp for Space Shuttle would be super sweet. It would really make the playfield pop since the playfield is pretty dark. I'd be in for one of those also and put led strips underneath of it.

Space Shuttle is a definite once I get the new machine running!

#375 5 years ago

Testing some PETG coloring today. Getting more on Tuesday. Also had a request for a smoked tint. Looks doable, but it is quick.


#376 5 years ago

I think I need a new ramp for my Highspeed.....colored one this time...maybe rainbow?

#378 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Green comes Tue.?

Yes on testing the greens. Colors are pretty pure so may have to mix a little.

#383 5 years ago
Quoted from V_piscopo:

I guess I'll take your used clear one at a discount!

Mine is actually a little unique. I installed mine without any hold down screws at the entrance, so no holes in my flap!

#385 5 years ago
Quoted from V_piscopo:

Interesting. Does it affect ball trajectory? If the ball hits it (not a direct ramp hit) does it move?

Smooth as glass. All has to do with how well placed the bracket on the left outside of the entry is secured.

#389 5 years ago

So...Think I have an orange that will work for the bottom of the Time Machine ramp. Testing a new blue for the Strange Science Anti-Gravity ramp today. Will be testing another green for Batman Forever, but could not get it locally.....Had to order so probably about a week before I can test that one.

#390 5 years ago

This should work fine for the Strange Science Anti-Gravity. Put some coins under it to demo the transparency.


#398 5 years ago

Time Machine Star Warp ramp. So local Pinsider MDK has loaned me a couple Time Warp ramps. After a close look at these I might not be able to do them simply due to the design. Original ramps were general formed over machined aluminum molds. There is a very tight space between the two lanes of the ramp as well as down into it. On an aluminum mold these would be very thin walls that the plastic molds down over. Maybe 3/16" at the bottom of the "wall" narrowing done to almost nothing at the top of them. The materials I use for molds would not holdup that thin. Unless I can figure out how to incorporate aluminum or some metal into the mold, I'm afraid these may be undoable. Given the complexity of this ramp I expect the cost would be $200+ and that alone may kill it.

I do love a challenge, but this one might just consume me! I'll ponder this for a while to see if I can figure out a way to do it.

#399 5 years ago

On another note, since I'll be pondering the Star Warp ramp, I'd like to do the Strange Science Anti-Gravity ramps. I posted something locally for a donor but got no takers.....So looking for a set or ramps to be loaned so that I can make molds. Originals along with a free set of new ones to the donor... I need a fairly intact set to make molds from so that I can be sure of all the proper mounting. Let me know if interested.

#406 5 years ago

Something new I made for a friend locally...


#408 5 years ago
Quoted from swanng:

I would pay $500 for an NOS or NEW Gottlieb Excalibur ramp! Hint, hint....................

Duly noted. A little too big for my current machine but will keep in mind when I get the new machine running.

#411 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hey Mark is that the green dye you were waiting for? From the picture it looks close for BF.

Sorry Paul.... That is an underside painted piece. I may display some dyed ones just for fun. The dye I'm waiting for won't be here until mid next week.

#412 5 years ago

Had a request for the Data East Star Trek 25 subway ramp. However, he does not have a donor ramp. Anyone else interested in this that has a ramp to loan?

#418 5 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

We have quite a few machine shops around here. Is it possible to have one make an aluminum mold? What about using wood?

Having a mold made of aluminum is simply cost prohibitive. Given the complexity, I would expect a mold like that to cost several thousand. If someone wants to have the mold made I would be more than happy to form them. As far as wood, just imagine something like a wooden ruler bent around the radius of that thing. In order for a molded ramp to be released from a mold there must be at least something like a 5 to 7 degree angle. The trouble with this one is that there is a substantial amount of these very thin areas which in total compounds the release and would put a lot of stress on whatever material other than polished metal. I doubt that the mold would survive one forming if those were made of wood.

I'm not giving up on this yet, but expect that if I could make a mold it would be a bit of a hybrid and involve shaped metal possibly combined with spreading out the ramp a little.

My biggest concern is that I end up spending months on this only to fail.

#420 5 years ago
Quoted from ZEN:

I have a decent set on my game you could use, however, I think the blue lower is cracked at the bottom, I don't know if I have ever seen one that is intact.. ha.. if you want me to shoot a pic first just let me know..

Thanks! You can be my back up. Another Pinsider has a spare fully populated playfield that he is checking out this weekend.

#425 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I don't want to be a debbie downer, but really an aluminum tool should only be made for making thousands of ramps, not dozens or even hundreds. You have to realize that even if you had full access to a CNC milling machine, someone would have to provide the 3d data. The most likely path (to ensure you got it right the first time and didn't waste a $500 chunk of aluminum billet) would be to make a positive mold from the original in say plaster, then spend money on scanning that geometry (with software like Autocad 123d this is getting more affordable than say a laser scanner or stylus CMM). Then after that geometry is captured, you still need to clean it up (many more hours) in order to create toolpaths. THEN, after you actually mill said tool, someone would have to spend hours meticulously polishing all the cutter marks from the tool.
I believe the 2 ramps made for JPOP's magic girl were about $2k, and that was with favors, and actually having the original solidworks CAD data. Amortize that over even 50 ramps, it still adds $40 to the price of each ramp (assuming all the initial work is free).

Well said!

#432 5 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Hey Marc,
I could use a center Dr Dude ramp, looks like an easy one.

Looks like it is too long for the current set up. Will have to wait until I finish the new machine.

#433 5 years ago

Scientific testing of colored PETG.... This is the UV test.....Basically through it out in the yard!


#436 5 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Humm...Black Hurricane ramp...You would have to leave it out there a year to get fade.

That's actually the first green I tested that I let go very dense just to see what depth of color was achievable.

#437 5 years ago

How's this look Paul? Actually no stock green comes close to what we want. This is a mix of two colors. I dyed a piece of a Genesis right ramp for CaptainNeo.


#438 5 years ago

Here's another shot with an acrylic blue just for comparison.


#444 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Yes, the small object in question is the part of the mould he needs that needs to be metal. The rest of the ramp could be wood and body filler.
Not the whole ramp.

If some sort of hybrid mold could be made the, metal pieces needed to stand up to the process would still need to be reverse engineered from the mold which is not something I am capable of nor interested in doing for what will probably be a short to modest production run.

At this point what I see is the only avenue to get this done would involve a bit of redesigning. Instead of forming this as one single ramp in a female mold (note female molds are done with an upright mold and the plastic is pulled down into the mold and thins and thus weakens as it goes down) what I see is to cut the ramp into two separate ramps...an inner and outer ramp that fit nicely together. Doing it this way I could very likely form these as male molds. Male molds yield the thickest plastic at the bottom of the ramp, generally where it is needed. Separate ramps would also allow the installation of sidewall protectors on both sides of each entrance lane where they are now only on the outside of each lane.

I also see a potential redesign of the inner ramp to end in more of a vortex (Like the WH20 Whirlpool ramp).

I'm not saying this is the only way it could be done, but having studied this ramps many times, I think it is safe to say that I would not reproduce it exactly like it is.

One other note, pertaining to the orange piece that is glued onto the bottom of the ramp. That was most likely installed to add strength to that area which has the thinnest plastic. Forming it in an inverted male mold would yield the thickest plastic at the bottom.

1 week later
#451 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hey Mark, would you send that to me so I can compare it to my ramps, I'll pay shipping. Unless that is you have a ramp you can compare it to.

Paul... I cut a couple flat pieces out of that partial green ramp and threw them in the mail this morning. Should be to you on Friday.

#453 5 years ago
Quoted from Gandalf37j:

I fully trust in your work after the fabulous Space Station Ramp ... absolute interested in to the Anti-Gravity ramp ...
in for 3x (in words three) piece

Just received the box from Drewscruis about 10 minutes ago. Sent me the two ramps for the Anti-Gravity as well as the Particle Separator ramp which might be too big from me to form at the moment, but I will go ahead and make a mold for it...What a flimsy piece of plastic...I'll make it better!!!

I'll be getting right on these as the Guns and Roses and Star Trek 25 subway ramps have not been sent quite yet. Probably about a week to get the Strange Science molds ready then will start forming.

#455 5 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Bump in hopes that the Rocky & Bullwinkle ramps are still somewhere on the list of potentials!

Yes....still in my thoughts

#457 5 years ago
Quoted from wdennie:

what the price for Strange Science anti- grav ramp. I Could use one.

I don't set price until after I successfully form and machine them and I just got the models today.

#462 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

super pumped for strange science ramps!

Starting on the molds today. For the first round I will do the two pieces for the Anti-Gravity. Pinsider Drewscruis also sent me the Particle Separator ramp which I will also moldnow, but not sure I can form it on my current machine...We'll see. If I can't form this one on the current machine, it will be one of the first one's up on the new machine.

#463 5 years ago
Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

Do you have a checkpoint donor yet?

Planning on this one, but it will have to wait for the new machine.

#466 5 years ago

Quoted from Whysnow:how far away form getting the new machine running?

Took on several projects that I can do on my current set up... Something for Marco's, Strange Science, Star Trek 25 subway and then Guns and Roses. Will keep plugging away on it in the meantime.

#471 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Maybe Mark could make the R ramp better so you wouldn't need that sneeze guard. He did for HS.


#473 5 years ago

Re: the Strange Science Anti-Gravity ramp/scoop. Attached are photos of the right and left sides of this piece. I've circled in red the same general area on both sides that I could use some feedback on. The lines in the left side appear basically undamaged. However, the same area on the right side is certainly damaged. My guess is that the right side is a mirror of the left, but if anyone could confirm, I'd appreciate it.

If everyone's is broken I will go with my first thought above and shoot one off for a test fit.

On another note, I do not know if the original ramp was actually blue plastic or painted plastic like the one I am modeling from. The painted one is not truly transparent....mine will be.


#474 5 years ago

I checked Bay Area Amusements and they have the Strange Science Particle Separator ramp showing not only in stock but at what I would consider a very attractive price of $113...honestly, if I made that one I would probably charge a bit more for it...so for the moment, I most likely will not produce this one....but if any of you are thinking about upgrading all your ramps, you might want to get your hands on one...I have no idea how many they have. The Anti-gravity and adjoining short ramp I will make for sure.

#477 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

No pics attached

DOH!...Here they are...



#481 5 years ago
Quoted from DorothyMacaw:

Freeplay40 - The local news says Bothell is on fire. I hope you are alright and this isn't impacting you.

My ramps are screaming, "I'm melting, I'm melting"

#485 5 years ago

I'll mirror it and send one off to the donor to test fit.

#487 5 years ago
Quoted from Gandalf37j:

about the StrangeScience Particle Separator ramp:
yes, there are reproduction ones available, once a while ... (over here in Europe, and as you see in the states as well)
if, then it make only sence to may be make in in other colors - my 2ct
about the anti gravitiy ramp:
as far as I can see, should be mirrored

Thanks...hmmmm, Particle Separator might look good in either red or the same blue as the Anti-Gravity..

#489 5 years ago

I am going to mold the Particle Separator ramp, but might not produce it until the new machine is done...might be a touch too big for my current setup. Colors no problem.

#490 5 years ago
Quoted from MDK:

Star Warp ramp split into two is WAY better than no Star Warp ramp. I say go for it and if I wasn't clear about it before, feel free to cut those ramps up I gave you anyway you see fit in the name of science. That sounds like a pretty workable solution to me. That in-between bit was really the main challenge/obstacle, right?
As far as machine shop access, I've got it. That's not the hard part though. The hard part is for someone who knows mastercam or another professional CAM software package to sit down and design this mold from scratch in excruciatingly precise details. If I could get that drawing, I'm pretty sure my friends at the machine shop would be glad to sit down with me over some beers and work up the toolpaths and knock one out on some Friday night. The likelyhood of this is pretty low though. If I sat down and designed something on Google sketchup for instance and took it in there, the guys would just laugh and say "we need to redraw this entirely, there is no point even attempting to import it".
Split ramp is way more likely than any of this. They could even be designed with an overlap where they could be screwed/riveted or otherwise fastened together which should make them stable enough to mount with only the existing stock holes.

So, I'll keep thinking on this one.... I think the only way to do them is to split them and at least redesign the center ramp.

#492 5 years ago

Provided they are intact enough for me to reproduce.....most important is all the mounting locations. Can you post some photos?

I can reimburse you for mailing.

#494 5 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Can't you already buy whirlwind ramps from starship fantasy?

Looks like you are right...so I probably won't do them. Like to do ones that are not available anywhere else.

#499 5 years ago

Working on molds for Strange Science at the moment. Will have Guns and Roses ramps as well as the Star Trek25 subway ramp probably tomorrow and will get those molded ASAP. Then probably take a little break and work on the new machine.