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? for those that sell pins

By joemagiera

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I have a question related to LED's and the economic side of selling pins. This is not a question about if you like or don't like LEDs. This is strictly related to economic side.

In your experience does converting a game to LED's make it an easier, quicker sale? Better selling price?

The best possible feedback would be if you ever had two of the same game for sale, one with LED's, one without. Which one sold quicker, how much price difference? But even if you didn't have that perfect situation, I am interested to hear your thoughts on if using LED's in games for sale is worth it or not.

FYI, if it matters, the game I am considering put in LED's is Attack From Mars.


Joe (joemagiera at ameritech dot net)

#2 6 years ago

I've sold pins w/ LED's but don't know what the customer was thinking. As a buyer for me it is irrelevant, I probably won't want the LED's done the way the seller had them, so I'm going to be changing almost all the bulbs if they're LED's or incandescent.

#3 6 years ago

I don't think LEDs improve the saleability of a game, except to certain discriminating buyers. One problem is there are different kinds of LEDs of varying quality and if installed badly, can make the game annoying. However, a well-done LED implementation can certainly make the game "pop" for people seeing it in person.

#4 6 years ago

Depends on who's buying the game. I pull them all out and put in normal incandescent lamps.

My issue is I won't pay a premium for a game with LEDs.

#5 6 years ago

I think adding LEDs helps tremendously if you are selling at a show. The LEDs attract potential buyers like nothing else. If there happens to be another copy of your game on the show floor, and that machine does not have LEDs, then your game will definitely stand out.

Once you are outside of the show environment, LEDs are not nearly as important.

As for AFM, I highly recommend LEDs. The playing experience is greatly enhanced by well done LEDs.

Good luck with your sale!


#6 6 years ago

Not anymore. There might have been a time where caring if LEDs were in a game was relevant. They have gotten so cheap (as low as .26 each from Comet LEDs) that it no longer matters

#7 6 years ago

Selling a random pin to the general public who knows little about pinball machines probably would help you get a higher price. They can make a machine "pop" visually and you can always point to reduced maintenance. But these would be cheaper pins, not an AFM.

I won't pay any extra for a machine with LED's installed.

#8 6 years ago

I prefer machines without LED's so I see them as a PITA to have to remove. LED's add no value in my eyes.

What I find kind of funny is the new breed of "pinball repair guys" that think if the clean a playfield and install LED's they are pinball techs yet they are clueless when it comes to actual repairs. Buying a machine and installing LED's isn't "fixing a machine up" or going through a machine getting it 100%.

LED's look good in some machines but I wouldn't pay a dime more for a machine with LED's

#9 6 years ago

LEDs that are just "Clown Puke" and blow out the playfield colors will probably make a game sell slower.

But some tastefully done LEDs could brighten up and add appeal to some games.

There is an arcade that has a completely pink Black Spiderman. Every time I go in I can't help but shake my head "Who want's to play a pink Spiderman?".

#10 6 years ago

I think its worthless. Leds are subjective what you like will most likely not be what others like. I dont think they add or subtract value. I buy for condition.

#11 6 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

But some tastefully done LEDs could brighten up and add appeal to some games.

I'll agree with this. Add to this: some of my games don't have LEDs everywhere by my own choice.

However, I have a friend who goes NUTS over LEDs and thinks all games should be overflowing in LEDs. That kind of a buyer may be attracted to your LED'd game over another without.

#12 6 years ago

I refuse to pay anymore for the sellers choice of bulb. Personal preference aside, its easy and cheap enough to do to your liking, so why pay any more money to have it done by someone else.

#13 6 years ago

As you can see, responses will vary and be from one side of the rainbow to the other. This question has no real answer. To each, his own. Personally, when done with thought and taste, I prefer the LED bulbs over incandescent. But, not every pin looks good with them and some can't go without. It goes case by case and person to person. I have a Space Shuttle that is absolutely stunning with LED's. A lot of trial and error was put into choosing the right bulb for the job. In the end, it looks amazing and I won't go back to the old bulbs. It just wouldn't look near as nice. I don't know that I would pay a premium for one with LED's, but it could certainly influence my purchasing decision. All things being equal, if two pins were for sale side by side, I would go with the LED version. Just my thoughts!

#14 6 years ago

People sell games?

#15 6 years ago

I'd like to know if decaling a cabinet during a restoration decreases the value of the game if it was originally screened...even if the decal looks better. Any thoughts?

#16 6 years ago

LED's, Decals, Shopped - etc are all basically case by case bases depending on what buyer is looking for.

When I am getting a game ready to sell the first thing I do is to be sure everything works 100%, boards look good or are repaired as necessary, harnesses repaired & boards repined as necessary, machine is cleaned up as good as possible but completely as found as far as touch up etc., And then I either fully shop or lightly shop the machine depending on how dirty playfield is and how nice machine is overall.

Once done I play & enjoy every machine for at least a month. At that point I decided if I like it well enough to replace something in the collection or if it gets sold. (Since our space is limited to about 25 to 30 machines and space is always fully every machine I buy now has to replace something else if I decide to keep it long term).

I don't believe in doing a ton of cosmetic work on machines - I feel the buyer will know better exactly how far they want to go with that. I don't add LED's - again everyone feels differently about them. I don't do a lot of mods or add a lot of unnecessary stuff - just make sure game plays great and looks good.

My thoughts are "over the top" might be going to far for the buyer so why do it? Do a nice job and price machines accordingly!

Just my 2 cents on how far is too far.

#17 6 years ago

It really depends on what kind of customer you are selling to. If retail, I think it helps if you "sell" the concept. But as you have read here, most people here don't buy retail, and we don't even try and sell on this forum, so most are going to tell you it doesn't matter. If I don't mention it, for the most part our customers are unaware they even exist. So, it comes down to your own particular approach to sales.

#18 6 years ago

If an LED conversion is done well, then it really revitalizes a game. However, LEDs that are simply too bright for the table or weird colors tend to make things worse.

I'd lean toward using LEDs for the simple fact that it would help preserve the playfield, inserts, and backglass from heat damage from incandescents. I've been reading that frosted warm white LEDs seem to be a fairly good equivalent to incandescents.

#19 6 years ago

I think it all comes down to what title. Certain titles are transformed and look outstanding with LED's. An example would be Stern IJ, and Tron. Before and after are night and day. Certain titles I feel look worse with LED's like Stern Elvis and Stern The Rolling Stones LE. I had my TRS for sale for a couple weeks before I decided to hang onto it. When it was on the market I had several people who wanted it but could not believe it was not converted to LED's. I actually was going to include an LED kit to make them happy and get the deal done. Then I really started playing it more and fell in love with it. I really like it without LED's and for now it is staying. Another issue is some place a price premium on machines with LED's and sometimes those valuations can be over market value. I would rather get a good deal on a stock, original HUO because I like to do the work myself-its like a blank canvas to work with.

#20 6 years ago

From the looks of the thread so far, its really individual taste. I buy the game based on how it looks, not how much the owner has in to it. Owners sometimes price games based on what they have in it. I like LEDs, but its not mandatory. I'm much more interested in things I can't easily fix, like bad wear on a playfield.

#21 6 years ago

I have never sold any of my games, but know that lersonally if I am buying a game, I want it to have incandescents in it. I dont want to pay any sort of potential premium price, I know where to get good bulbs cheap, I am getting pretty good at custom LED jobs, and honestly half the fun for me is cleaning the machine, changing LEDs, making custom cards, etc. All my games have custom LEDs in them and the non-pin people that come over always seem to flock to the most colorful and brightest, but they arent looking to buy anyway.

#22 6 years ago

I'd prefer LEDs in my machine if they are well done but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me either. If I had two AFM's in front of me in equal shape, I'd pick the well done LED one but I'm not sure how much extra I'd pay. Probably more but not enough to psy for the whole kit.

Oh, and if only I had the money to buy AFM!

#23 6 years ago

LEDs are amazing in certain games. For me, seeing LEDs already installed in a game makes me want to buy it even more. I don't think every single bulb should be replaced, but most of the time insert LEDs just make the game pop.

#24 6 years ago

I love LED's, but some games don't support them, my Funhouse works the best with incandescent because of the park closed mode, Rudy goes to sleep and the lights dim, this wouldn't work with LED's.

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