For sale: The Hobbit Smaug SE

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#1 12 days ago


$ 7,600 (OBO)

Open for offers

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for sale

For sale: The Hobbit Smaug SE

Added: February 15th, 2017
Condition: Home Used Only (HUO)

Item description

Hobbit Smaug SE in like new condition. Manufacture date of March 2016 so still time left on the warranty. Game plays perfectly, no ball hangups, no ramp flap issues, no ball issues with the popups. I am the second owner. Game is running 1.94P code. Really an amazing game. Shaker, invisiglass.

Cash sale or trade for WOZ only.

Any questions, happy to answer them.

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Item location

Upper Freehold, NJ, United States

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3,000 (Firm)
Machine - For Sale
Upper Freehold, NJ

#2 11 days ago

Some people have asked if I am selling because I don't like the game. Hardly, I love the game and find it to be the most immersive game I've ever played, the game really pulls you in when you get it going. Like the movies, it's a journey to go through all the modes. I am selling this Smaug because an LE found its way to me so I have two Hobbits, yes two, an LE and a Smaug. My family likes the look of the LE and I like the look of the Smaug, but I don't care that much and would be perfectly happy with the LE. Only difference I can see is the cabinet artwork. I am somewhat motivated to sell the game as I do not want two in my house so reasonable offers will be considered, but I'm not giving the game away given the condition that it is in. I am posting some pics of the high traffic areas and you can see they show zero sign of wear, JJP makes a great game. No issues with drop targets, left wire form where ball hang ups can be common, ramps, kickouts or anything else. Game also comes with a trough light and an RGB backboard light.

20170215_193723 - Copy (resized).jpg
20170215_193736 - Copy (resized).jpg
20170215_193728 - Copy (resized).jpg
20170215_193751 (resized).jpg
20170215_193757 (resized).jpg
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-backboard-light-kit (resized).JPG
20170215_193810 (resized).jpg

20170215_193743 (resized).jpg

#3 11 days ago

Good seller and buyer, I have dealt with him a few times and have been more then pleased.

#4 11 days ago

Bump for the morning crowd...would consider trading for a woz, thats the only game, otherwise cash sale.

#5 10 days ago

Out of the frying pan, and into the fire bump. Best reasonable offer takes it.

#6 10 days ago

Good price on a smaug bump. GL

#8 8 days ago

more pics...two trades were offered and they were fair, but I'm looking for a cash deal right now, possible a WOZ trade. While I will ship this pin for a cash deal if anyone wants (at their expense and arrangement), I don't want to do trades that involve shipping.

20170218_112340 (resized).jpg

20170218_112331 (resized).jpg

20170218_112325 (resized).jpg

20170218_112314 (resized).jpg

20170218_112255 (resized).jpg

20170218_112248 (resized).jpg

20170218_110023 (resized).jpg

20170218_110016 (resized).jpg

#9 8 days ago

I will include a set of pingraffix side decals.

20170219_101653 (resized).jpg

Added 6 days ago: Decals no longer available with the sale.

#10 7 days ago


Do you have anymore of the hobbit side decals for sale ?

#11 7 days ago

yes, I have two new sets. The second set is pictured, rolled up. Pingraffix sells them for $88 shipped. Make me an offer if you want the second set.

#12 7 days ago

This pin plays great, and looks like it came right out of the box. if you are looking for a Hobbit Smaug you won't be disappointed. Lermods is a great seller, and takes tremendous care of his pins. I have one of his pins in my collection and it is perfect.

#13 6 days ago

Two is better than one bump! Not really, need to sell one, Smaug on the left LE on the right.

Includes color changing rgb backboard.

20170218_161435 (resized).jpg

the-hobbit-pinball-before-backboard-light (resized).jpg

the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-backboard-light-kit (resized).JPG

the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-1 (resized).JPG

the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-6 (resized).JPG

#14 5 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Two is better than one bump! Not really, need to sell one

That's awesome -- I say hold out for next code update, maybe they'll incorporate networked play like NBA Fastbreak!

#15 5 days ago

That would be cool, right. But one has to go. I've already moved the game upstairs and it's now in my living room, soon I'll be divorced. Good bang for the buck here, buyer won't be disappointed.

#16 5 days ago

I'm going to drop the price just a little more, $7600, that's like $1400 off a new game, not including any shipping. Buyer won't be disappointed.

#17 5 days ago

I am surprised that this has not sold yet. Great game at a great price bump!

#18 5 days ago

Me too, I love the game, and think there is a lot of value in a hobbit or woz priced below 8k relative to what else is out there. If anyone is on the fence, come play it, no obligation. ALWAYS happy to meet other pinsiders, and you are also welcome to play any of the games in my collection, might even throw in a beer or two. If you take down a gc score on any of my games, it's yours .

#19 4 days ago

TH Smaug is the single best looking pin ever IMO. I'd buy this without hesitation if I didn't already have one.

#20 3 days ago

Friday bump...easy move out of my living room.

Prefer cash deal, but trade for a woz, maybe a st premium plus cash may be possible too.

#21 3 days ago
Quoted from TRAMD:

TH Smaug is the single best looking pin ever IMO. I'd buy this without hesitation if I didn't already have one.

Couldn't agree more. Great price on an incredible pin!


#22 3 days ago

I agree as well. I'm not going to drop the price any further as I think its worth every penny at $7600 with a few nice lighting mods, especially given what else I see out there. More code is going to drop soon too making it even better. The game is stunning in terms of play and look, a work of art.

#23 1 day ago

Sunday morning bump. Have had quite a bit of interest, but still available,.including a trade for St premium plus cash, but shipping killed it. Another was for 7k cash. An offer came in last night to trade for a woz ecle, but not sure if it will work out, maybe. Prefer a cash sale. It's sitting in my living room waiting to move out. Come get it and start playing this beauty. The ramp flaps are perfect, completely flush, better than on my LE.

20170226_082016 (resized).jpg

20170226_082031 (resized).jpg

#24 1 day ago

Great deal, surprised it's still here..That would be the cabinet I would want.

#25 1 day ago

Great deal on a great game (and the best looking version)! Smaugs head is gold as well on your SE.

Two hobbits isnt a bad problem to have just curious in the side by side shot is the armour actually different colours or is it just the pic?

#26 1 day ago

Yes, the armor is different. On Smaug it's has a gold color, on the LE it's more bronze. Same great quality powder coating on both, I like them both.

Smaug's head is red on the LE, gold on the Smaug.

#27 22 hours ago

Maybe trade for a Spider-Man, GOT premium or GB premium + cash.

#28 22 hours ago

Does it have Rad Cals on it?

#29 22 hours ago

No radcals. That would really be a steal at 7500.

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