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For sale: Mustang (Pro)

By Poopiehead

7 months ago

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#2 7 months ago

Sent you a PM, I'm interested but as an previous owner of a 400 play Mustang, this game seems to have has way more plays than that. Guessing 400 +plays since the code was updated, and many more before that. The edge in front and behind the drop targets is a great indicator of the amount of plays. Can you take a picture of the shooter lane where the ball sits?

#4 7 months ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I have a Pro, about 800 plays and mine doesn't look anywhere near as worn as that and there are so many dimples in that one picture the pf is almost flat. I'd say about 4000 plays. You don't see Mustang come up for sale often so GLWS.

I think you are being kind.. I had a SAM game with drops and it had 13k plays... the edges didn't look as bad as this game. I don't like crapping on peoples posts but saying the game is Immaculate when there is a chunk of the head graphics missing, along with several scratches to the right side of the head along with the front lower corner of the head chewed up, along with the missing chunk of decal on the front near the lockdown bar, and the chips all in the front of the lockdown bar itself, the dried up spill on the front of the cabinet under the lockdown bar, the wear by the start button edge, the lollypop side rails that scream that they are covering flipper button wear... and that is what I can see with the pics posted.

I don't like people mis-representing games and new to pinball buyers getting taken. Not saying this is the case here but I would look real careful and get way more pics ( a proper shooter lane pic would tell lots... that one posted throws up red flags lol) Id say this game has at least 10k pays if not more considering the dimples on the one pic.

#12 7 months ago
Quoted from beergut666:

Nicer looking Mustangs have sold for $4000, but these don't come up for sale too often so I could see someone paying $3800 for this one if it is a game they really want.

I took $3700 for mine last year and it was flawless, like not even fingerprints on it flawless, with truly 400-ish plays, had a sub, shaker, and tach mod. Took me 6 months to sell. No way would I pay $3800 for this game. Low 3s at best. I cant imagine what the shooter lane looks like along with the dirt that is probably inside.

#22 7 months ago
Quoted from Phat_Jay:

I’d be interested in the low 3’s

Thats what I PMd the OP.. all its worth.

Also still waiting on my shooter lane pic I asked for when it was first posted... assuming that will never come.

#24 7 months ago

Well somebody just got taken.... Cant wait to see the buyer list the game in the future spouting the same BS HUO 400 plays crap because that is what they were sold

This game was the routed game from Headquarters in Chicago ( River North.... I personally put on 400 plays on this game myself( not kidding). All of their games are on free play and the reason there was no earnings showing. Probably had 20k plays PLUS as literally every minute on the weekends people are playing all of their pins constantly...

There should be a way to highlight sellers that misrepresent games to protect others.

Needless to say, the OP will never get a dollar of mine. SMH...Just disappointed in people.

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