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For sale: Big Bang Bar

By Magicchiz

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago


Archived ad

Pinside keeps a record of old ads in its Market Archive, for historical purposes and as a price reference. This ad has been ended by its seller and is now archived.

for sale

For sale: Big Bang Bar
Featured Ad

Added: February 2nd, 2017 Ended: February 17th, 2017
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)


$ 20,000 (OBO)

Open for offers

Item description

Big Bang Bar Pinball

I am the second owner of this Big Bang Bar.
You will NOT find a nicer and more documented Big bang bar for sale.
This big bang bar comes with the following:
Original box with all packing
All original letters and documentation from the original owner and Illinois pinball. For privacy reasons all original owners names are hidden in pictures of documentation.
Original custom numbered plaque (With owner’s name) and reproduction one with number only (No name)
Original Manual
2 beer glasses
2 shot glasses
2 hats
2 voice keychains
1 promotional Ray’s Ball Buster bat and display case
All 5 of the Stan Fukuoka Numbered prints in frames.
2 custom made back box side art decals framed with museum glass and purple metal frames. Originally made to mount on each side of wall to enhance the back box.
Framed sales flyer
Custom topper attached with only Velcro (No screws)
The big bang bar has been converted and running LED’s with Herg’s Capcom LED OCD board.
Full Cointaker LEDs, except for Flashers. (Original bulbs included)
All leg protection have been converted to the metal leg standoff/protectors.
Has all Cliffy’s installed.
Includes all 3 color Pinbits pop Bumper kits (One of each installed)
Includes Pinbits tube dress-up kit for tube ramp and dancing tube.
All rubbers changed to Titan Glow in the Dark.
4 neon blue balls added to Rays Ball Busters area.
Original foil interior side decals in box.
Extra clear Ramp
Extra Ramp elctro- arrows
Extra tube dancing girl – Green
Extra dancing tube
Extra drop target stickers.
The only flaw is when they installed the dmd foam around the speaker panel. They got a small bit of wood shavings underneath the foam and you can see it. This is a factory flaw.
There is also a 2 inch wrinkle (see pictures) in the front right side decal from where the clear leg protectors were installed originally. These were sold with the game from Gene. These were still on the game when purchased. Taken off to install the new Metal protectors. So no more decal wrinkling can occur.
**Note* All changes to the game can be reversed if someone want to go back to a original game!
Serious Inquiries Only!
No lowball offers! - don’t waste your or my time.
Nothing will be sold separate from this collection!
If you are in search of a Big Bang Bar then you should know the range it will be for this collection. Call and we will discuss.
With this rare of a collection I would prefer interested parties pick up in person. Shipping for now is discouraged and off the table unless discussed.
Located in the middle of the country. Easy access from East or West Coast.
Again if you are interested in owning a well-documented BBB pinball with close to being a complete collection of parts and promo pieces, this is it. Only thing missing is a flesh tube dancer, T-shirts and extra playfield.
Trades or partial trades might be possible for documented HEP games.

Item photos

20170118_172718 (resized).jpg
20170123_204406 (resized).jpg
20170123_204359 (resized).jpg
20170123_204436 (resized).jpg
20170123_204445 (resized).jpg
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20170123_204542 (resized).jpg
20170123_204531 (resized).jpg
20170123_204352 (resized).jpg
20170123_204307 (resized).jpg
20170123_203113 (resized).jpg
20170123_204320 (resized).jpg
20170123_204344 (resized).jpg
20170123_204652 (resized).jpg
20170123_204700 (resized).jpg
20170123_204714 (resized).jpg
20170123_204707 (resized).jpg
20170123_204834 (resized).jpg
20170123_204840 (resized).jpg
20170123_204546 (resized).jpg
20170123_204550 (resized).jpg
20170123_204620 (resized).jpg
20170123_204633 (resized).jpg
20170123_204600 (resized).jpg
20170123_204956 (resized).jpg
20170123_205011 (resized).jpg
20170123_205018 (resized).jpg
20170123_205025 (resized).jpg
20170123_205041 (resized).jpg
20170123_205315 (resized).jpg
20170123_205307 (resized).jpg
20170123_204847 (resized).jpg
20170123_204853 (resized).jpg
20170123_204939 (resized).jpg
20170123_204931 (resized).jpg
20170123_204902 (resized).jpg
20170123_205947 (resized).jpg
20170123_210001 (resized).jpg
20170123_210007 (resized).jpg
20170123_205952 (resized).jpg
20170123_210015 (resized).jpg
20170123_210022 (resized).jpg
20170123_210030 (resized).jpg
20170123_205705 (resized).jpg
20170123_205718 (resized).jpg
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20170123_230202 (resized).jpg
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20170123_202842 (resized).jpg
20170123_202916 (resized).jpg
20170123_202953 (resized).jpg
20170123_203023 (resized).jpg
20170112_163929 (resized).jpg
20170112_165114 (resized).jpg
20170112_165157 (resized).jpg
20170123_204644 (resized).jpg
2 (resized).jpg

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Note! This is an archived ad. No longer for sale!

Listing result

The seller ended this ad and indicated the game eventually sold for $ 20,000

Seller contributed to Pinside for selling this item!

Item location

Lincoln, NE, US

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#5 4 years ago

I only accept rubber checks. 25,000 by TPF. Hehe just having fun. bash away, but really nothing to bash.

#6 4 years ago


From the gene signatures I have seen. It look like he's signature. He very well may have signed some as they were building them. Maybe some of the guys who were involved in that will know.

#15 4 years ago

Sorry guys, the collection will not be split up. Thats what makes this so special. You can find a nice bbb. Although you are not going to find "the story". With a unbroken down shipping box, all letters and documentation. Then there is the parts. Everyone wants the parts. This is a dream pin with a collection and a story.

#22 4 years ago

Shlockdoc Even if I sold you the packing materials and the box. You could only use a marker and change 61 into 67,69, 161, 167, 169.

#28 4 years ago

Thanks for the positive reactions.

#33 4 years ago

I am getting alot of of questions about partial trades. My main one is Monster Bash HEP, Clear coated playfield is a must. But anything might be possible within my wanted list.

#40 4 years ago

That is were I am at. if it is a regular pinball machine I cant justify to the wife to have it out of the pinball room. running out of space. Varkon I might be able to get away with it out of the pinball room.

#42 4 years ago

Wink, wink

#45 4 years ago


you know where I am at. Joust broke out, slugfest kind of broke out. If it wasn't for my kid in t-ball and he and his friends love wining baseball cards. then I am sure the wife would have more of a issue with it. I keep telling her the BBB is art. but she's not having it.

#50 4 years ago

Someone inquired about the topper. The alien is a slot machine topper for Little Green Men. It works because the three eyed alien at the ending ufo shot(See Picture) looks like him. Also with this games price. He is holding wads of cash. I found it ironic, and funny. He does have a light that shines up on him and the round dots light up. I do have a couple of extra ones that need light work if anyone is interested. The planets are just styro and neon paint. I am a topper guy so it's what I came up with. It is attached with Velcro as to not drill holes into the game.
I have got a lot of offers and trades offers but I really am holding to my price or the trade needs to be sweet in order to take this home. I know a promo bat just sold in the 4 to $500 range.

#51 4 years ago

20160716_155305 (resized).jpg

#55 4 years ago

Thanks Kaneda for the mention on the podcast. I do believe in "The Story". It was so cool to find this with all the original paperwork. It was like a time capsule.

#65 4 years ago

Thanks JDayhuff, I wish I could check out your collection sometime. There is a lot of activity on this. Just not the right deal yet. Still waiting on some pictures from other people. Cash I'm holding pretty firm. I too think I may be a little low on price with the collection of parts. It is a big number for most. But I really do think we are going to see these stop changing hands soon. It really does look like the restored older machine are going to start to rise again with the lack luster new machine on the market. Of course thing can change and the manufacturers may realize what we all know. We want the ball to interact with the toys and Mechs in the game. I want to have special shots. As Keneda has said multiple times. Give me a CV, MB, TOTAN, SS, and TZ anyday. Then there are the special games. Joust, Varkon, BBB, Etc. These are unique games with a story and add interest into this history. I am crossing my fingers for a great Elvira 3.

#75 4 years ago

Wow, how things go from nice to shitty quick on pinside. Should of known better. Ok I will stop posting. Pretty soon the haters can have a conversation with themselfs. I am not worried or desperate to sell. Put it out there to see if someone wanted more than I. Also the wife was kinda on my ass. That will pass. Anyone interested in anything or additional information just pm me.

#80 4 years ago

Yeah you know everything metaliik. I am not bored with it. If it sells, it sells. If I trade, I trade. No sweat. I know what I have and I think done a better job with my ad then most do. When selling a game. 15k for a bbb with out extras sure. Show me another with all the extras. Even a new in box doesnt have all that I am offering.
So not to bring myself down to your level. Adios.

#101 4 years ago

Hey guys,

This isn't a game that sells fast. It takes the right person. The right deal. The right amount of money. Before something like this changes hands. Plus you have the issues with shipping or not and risking the thing to the shippers. Plus the original box and extra stuff. All I am going to say is there are deals on the table. Unless there is a full price offer and terms that I am happy with. Then I am trying to be fair to everyone that has made a offer and also trade options. So unless you have your name in the game. Chill, if it sells you will see the ad change.

1 week later
#115 4 years ago

Hello to all,

I want to thank everyone who commented and enjoyed seeing this BBB. I Just wanted to comment one last time before archiving my ad.

From the beginning My biggest worry was shipping this game. If it was to get shipped it would have to be the last resort if nobody wanted to come here play the game and see the game for themselves. I wanted cash, and it picked up!.

Most of the offers were from 17k to two full price offers. They all needed this collection shipped. I started looking into crating services to crate this and ship. needless to say it was expensive. Especially the international quote.

Today one of the original offers called and offered full price and picked up the game.
They got the game over the other full price offers because they came and picked it up. I didn't have to worry about someone trash talking me and my name if it arrived after shipping and was damaged.

There is no reason to hide the fact that I felt from the beginning that it should go for full price. I have seen multiple machine go for 15 to 18K. These being bare bones games. The collection was a labor of love, but was also put together to add value and not just be a bare bones game. While most had sold off their extra pieces long ago. I always think a collection is better together. Plus with the documentation that most games do NOT have. I had a few tell me my price was most likely low. I know most will laugh at that.

The collector pieces and grail pins will go on. They do have that special story. Just like Kaneda has said multiple times.

I am not rubbing my sale in anyone's face or trying to be that guy. I just felt that it should be open knowledge what it sold for. I am paying my fee to pinside and I am a straight shooter and the people that know me in this hobby. They should know it, and they could vouch for me anyday.

I hope everyone gets their "Grail Pin" someday.

Keep Flipping.

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This topic is linked to a classified ad.

The Marketplace Ad Listing this topic was linked to has ended.

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