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For sale: Baywatch - only 600 plays in past 12 years

By wantdataeast

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago


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$ 3,299

for sale

For sale: Baywatch - only 600 plays in past 12 years

Added: April 9th, 2018 Re-listed: 1 time (May 21st, 2018) Ended: October 3rd, 2018
Condition: As is

Item description

(All new lower price!)

This was in the same home non-smoking home for 12 years and in that time it saw only 600 plays (600 plays since 2006). And from the look of it, it saw very little play before that.

This is the lowest play machine Baywatch you are likely to find for a long while.

Playfield is magnificent, same on plastics. All switches work, Translight great, cabinet great, clean inside. Plays will no know issues.

It will need new rubbers, boards serviced (reflowed and new caps) I am happy to service the boards for you if you prefer. One of the blue pop bumper bases does has crack on the bottom under the playfield and needs to be replaced. I have purchased a replacement and will replaced prior to sale.

Like I said, it saw only 600 plays since 2006. It had batteries dated 2006 on board, and audited only 600 games. The guy that owns it didn't even know it had batteries on the board and lacked any knowledge of how to even find the audit menu...much less reset its game count.

Trade consider for nearly any top 40 pinside games. And would consider top 15 pinside games in project or better condition.

Item photos

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Lexington, KY, US

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#9 1 year ago

If you don’t want machine don’t buy... it’s pretty much that simple. If you want to bitch about my price go ahead. Find another machine like this with 600 plays in 12 years.

Personally when I get a machine like this (or for that matter a vehicle)I enjoy doing some basic maintenance that sort of bonds me to the machine. Any doofus can reflow solder and replace capacitors. We are talking about five hours worth of of maintenance to anybody who knows what they’re doing.

Newsflash most everybody can replace a few bulbs and a set of rubbers.

Nobody’s giving me a price reality check here. I have already had two people contact me already. How many ridiculously priced LE Strerns are posted on this website selling for thousands more than they paid for machines are less than a few years old?

Bring on the hate.. I could care less. I’m here to sell a fantastic pinball machine which has never had its boards hacked.

#16 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

The wear at inserts, the scoop, drops and top of switch where the ramps drop would indicate it has more than 600 plays. I think that it was rom updated before you picked it up, which should of cleared the total plays out. Just FYI, all the wear looks like normal wear on a baywatch. Mine has it and it is a re-import from Germany. But I would agree, the cabinet looks really really nice.
I'm still curious if the stern lollipop rails can be retrofitted to the baywatch/segas

Of course it is more than 600 plays in its life. I said it’s had 600 please since the batteries were installed that date was written on that the battery has seen in the picture. I pulled those old batteries installed new batteries and the game totals and all of the audits were gone.

I took the pictures of the audits before I pull the batteries to show how many games it’s had on it and that 12 year time period.

#17 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

If his is 3500, mine would be 5K easy
"nearly immaculate", followed by "needs" is a very very loose usage of both "nearly" and "immaculate" just sayin'

You might want to review with the word immaculate means. That state of condition that’s permanent. You can have a car that isn’t nearly immaculate condition with old oil in the engine or dry rotted tires. those things are easily replaced.

#20 1 year ago

It comes down to this. I could care less what anyone else Baywatch pinball machine looks like or how many rubber sharks toys or David Hasselhoff action figures they have on the playfield, or what great topper the back box has, or how much the $100 worth of LED's has increased its value.

If you see the $3.5k asking price and are confused. Let me explain it. Some collector's ideal machine is a machine with extremely low plays. Okay? Is that simple enough? Also, many people want a machine that is as close to original as possible. Believe it or not, the concept that it is unlikely that anyone has ever hit some of these boards with a soldering iron is very desirable to some collectors

MY target audience for this sale is that person. A collector that does want a machine that has been routed and abused... then fixed back up to as close to original condition.

Let me say again, in case I was unclear. 600 plays in 12 years. Look at the pics and if you know what you are looking for you will see original coils and a lack of wear that is very indicative of extremely low plays.

Sell your Baywatch pin for what ever you want. If this machine does not sell... that is cool I am in no rush to sell it. I would be just as happy to trade it.

#22 1 year ago
Quoted from teekee:

You'd be better off listing on Facebook. Pinside gets more and more toxic when it comes to selling pins that are priced higher than the PRICE GODS feel they should be. Hit facebook...

You are not totally wrong brother. BUT the thing about pinside is that this is the site where collectors looking for something like a HUO or extremely low played machine also go.

#56 1 year ago
Quoted from Frippertron:

I learn to walk away from ads with misspelled words in the description. The Kentucky thing doesn't help either.

I learn to walk away from insults from people who misspell "flipper" in their user name.

#89 1 year ago

Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:
i agree, im getting ready to list mine. it's nicer than this and it needs nothing. i wouldn't dream of asking mid 3's.

Quoted from Kharris:

Let me know when you want to sell it I’m interested.

Don't hold your breath. Everyone always has a better pin at a cheaper price that the one they are hating on... YET the never want sell it.

If you have a Baywatch with this few plays, non hacked boards at cheaper price... You have a buyer ^ right above here. Time to sell folks!!!! Kharris please keep us update with the amazing machine at a lower price that you pick up. I am sure you are going get just lit up with offers.

#93 1 year ago

Pinball Machines are collectibles. Yes they are functional collectibles but still collectibles.

So let the person that has my experience with collectibles step forward and “help” me.

Let me establish my experience. I have sold collectibles to customers in 50 countries. I could not guess how many online sales… 25k-35k,(Sorry, I quit counting a decade ago.)

I made my first profit on a sale when I was 4 years old. I have 30 years under my belt buying and reselling things like this.

I have owned a retail store.. Spent 2000+ hours selling stuff to thousands of customers at collectible shows. I have promoted collectible shows. I have been published on the topic… Hell, Beckett Publications actually wrote an article on me personally; on how I resurrected a major licensed collectible card game. I have manufactured collectibles, even licensed produced collectibles.

I have sold collectible dirt for God sakes…. Literally dirt (from Roswell New Mexico.)

Has anyone here sold an action figure for $27k? And more than they would care to mention at $10k+? Anyone?. Do you think I went to forums like this and “asked” people what I should sell those things for?

I do not ask people what something is worth…No, I tell them. Not so smugly but it is true. I honestly evaluate the item (typically based on its production, popularity and condition). And you compare it to what is available in the marketplace. Successful selling has nothing to do with seeking advice from bitching haters. It is finding the one person that can see exactly what you see in the same item.

People are welcome to imagine they see raised inserts or squirrel shit or whatever on this pinball machine. You’re not going to convince an intelligent buyer to believe nonsense when their eyes tell them something different.

Real world pinball machines that you find out in the wild, do not look like this machine. If you are comparing it the new LE Stern that you just slid out of a box. Yes it has been played (Did I mention how little? 600 times in 12 years…that is about one game a week)

Your opinions are just that, and you ridiculous haters just need to get a life. According to pinside the pricing this machine is $2500. NEWSFLASH a $2500 pinball machine has NO problem selling on CL or eBay in the $3k+ range. Hell, even consider pinside; If this machine was selling for say… $2700. that is $200 over pinside estimated price. Not too bad right?. So now you need to ship it from across the country, so tack on $350 more and you are over $3k.

Anyone here heard of TNT amusement? Todd Tuckey is a pinball demigod. And he would go broke selling his machines at pinside prices. And he has sold a jillion of them.

Moderator… Please do not close this thread. I look forward to posting a picture on this thread of 30+ $100 bills resting on the top of this machine WHEN I sell it.

Any actual collector that is legitimately looking for incredible condition version of this game will want to take it home when they inspect this machine in person.

Finally, if anyone thinks there is someone on this thread is going “teach” me anything about the sale of any type of collectible….Hahahaha…you may as well be giving Babe Ruth batting advice.

#95 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I REALLY think you give too much credit for "non hacked boards."

I REALLY think you need examine your obsession with me and or this thread.

Dude, do you realize you have post 10 postings on a 2 page thread? And your bitch here is a strangers price of his product? What is the obsession? I appear to be living rent free in your head. Honestly, perhaps you should relax just a bit.

There is a fine line between disagreeing with someone price on a pinball machine and obsessively attempting to attack them. Don't get me wrong I am amused by the futilely of your comments, but Dude really... 10 posts in 2 pages? Am I Hitler in your world? WTF?

#148 1 year ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I’m pretty sure that it was boba fett. I think it was a 1st run toy with a shooting projectile that got canceled before it was supposed to hit store shelves (kids shooting out their eyes.) although some were saved and stashed away. It’s very rare, unlike this common pin.

The Rocket Firing Boba Fett is what you are referring to. It was not a 1st run, unless you are confusion the term 1st run with accurate term "first shot" It never made it past the prototypes stage.

And it was not the action figure which I sold for $27k. There are an estimate 80 examples of the RFBF. There are about 10 examples of the figure that I sold. Mine was the best condition known to exist at the time.

So actually no, in the prototype action figure world the RFBF is not actually not "very rare" no more than any other prototype, and common compared what I sold. But the RFBF is far more sought after... so the supply meets the demand.

#151 1 year ago

Sales price of anything is determined by supply vs demand

For example, Baywatch pinball machines that are:
-when I sell mine i would never ask this much
-if this is worth the OP's asking price then mine is worth $xxxx
-I would never ask this for mine and mine is much better

Those are quite common on this thread some might even say in a surplus supply. And all share one characteristic... they are NOT for sale.

Mine is for sale.

If this is such a common machine in this condition and the pinside price of $2500 is accurate? Where the hell are they? List your F'ing Baywatch machine then. If yours has the same verifiable amount of low plays in 12 years (i.e. most of its life) then list it for $2500 then. If you have one.

If you don't have one then you can imagine / pretend you would sell it for anything you want.
For Sale: Baywatch... unbelievable condition $2000... (Sorry... Sold out!)

#152 1 year ago
Quoted from ypurchn:

Double telescoping Dath Vader?

I have been buying SW figure for so long I turned down Double telescoping Vader and Ben Kenobi once for $200 each, I think that was in 1992 that I passed on them. The next year I bought unpunched SW carded Boba Fett for $40. Case fresh.. Flawless. Resold it about a week later for $175. AFA graded it would have likely pulled an AFA grade of 95 and be worth $6kish now.

#173 1 year ago
Quoted from Brazy:

I sure wish I's wasn't from Kentucky so as i's could understand all yalls fancy talk..

Forget about them non-Kentucky folk best to just live the good life playing banjo, dating gals at our family reunion or brushing your tooth.

#174 1 year ago
Quoted from wayout440:

You don't see them because they actually sold. I sold my Taxi for $1700 in about a week's time. If I priced it like some have suggested I'd probably still be waiting. Fairly priced sells in some reasonable time, if your intent is to sell the game. Overpriced, and it will sit. So, why is yours not sold yet?

You do not understand supply vs demand if you look an empty marketplace of any product and think a perfect price was responsible for everything selling fast. If you sell your house in 1 day while it is on the market, you likely sold it too low. The concept that you are estimating that $1700 was the perfect price of a Taxi game based on one data from one sale... sorry that is not how value is determined. Maybe it was only worth $1700.. that could have been the perfect price, but perhaps you could have put $2200 on it and sold it for $1900. It is difficult to estimate.

However, if you are the only one in the marketplace with one for sale, you have a greater chance of selling it. Though you will hear the exact same bunch of people on this site bitching about your asking price.

It does not matter, crybabies can (and will) bitch about anything they want to if you are selling your car or whatever and they don't like your asking price. It would be nice if I had the spare time that some of the haters on this thread do. I do not. I might go a week without checking this site and when I do I am looking at my 3 favorite threads. I missed a nice ST Data East playfield for $200ish, because I am not married to this site. People come and go. Those were the people that would have paid $1900 or $2k for your Taxi. I will guarantee several people have looked at your $1700 listing and said "Ah shit... I missed that one".

If you were in a rush to sell your Taxi... selling it low was probably your better option. I am not hurting to sell the Baywatch, I am in no rush.

...And I am still waiting to see all of the Better-than-mine Baywatch Pinball machines at the pinside estimated price of $2500... Where are they???? Time to list them!

2 weeks later
#324 1 year ago

Hi Folks.... Just stopping by to ask where are all your $2500 Baywatch pinball machines? About the the 3rd time I have asked the crybaby price patrol to put up or shut up about my asking price...

But you know what??? STILL no Baywatch pinball machines at the Pinside "estimated" value.

So if you are actually looking for a Baywatch machine It should be VERY clear at this point that Pinside prices are inaccurate. I have two different people tell me about a pretty rough one that went for $2400 here a while back. (which is full boat on pinsides estimated)

1. If you are looking for a Baywatch Pin you're not going to find one with such low milages and in this condition anytime soon. I have challenged REPEATEDLY for another to be posted in this shape... or hell even a lesser condition shape at the "estimated" pinside prices; and NO one has. Why? because no one is willing to part with one at that.

2. If you are still bitching about the price of this machine and how it is too expensive, put up or shut up... but by all means keep bumping this ad to the top (I can't thank you enough)

Plays perfectly... and did I mention only 600 plays in the past 12 years?

#337 1 year ago
Quoted from Cycloneman:

with all jokes aside let me ask you this 3500 is your asking price,what price would you really take for it?Seriously

My friend this is like ANY other item for sale, only a fool bids against himself. If you or anyone has a realistic offer PM me. I have turned down separate offers of $2700 and $2800. If a rough example of this game sells on pinside for $2400 and the pinside estimate top value of this game is $2470, then my example of this game is clearly $3k or greater. Fantastic condition does not just add $200-$300 to a pinside game that is undervalued anyway. This goes for ANY collectible, comic book, baseball card ... WHATEVER; and especially pinball machines, considering the prices all DMD machines has steadily increased over the past several years.

This is just basic supply v. demand. Yes, I am sure there are some rough versions of this game out there for $2400-$2470... Although even those are not getting posted on pinside. Seldom played, excellent condition 90's DMD pins that were never routed to hell to begin with are rarely available... It is just a fact.

All of the crybaby bitches on this thread KNOW you rarely find a DMD game that is basically parked unplayed in basement for a decades. This is that game. So believe your own eyes or the price patrol that are attempting to talked down the condition and value of this or any game.

Dude basically PM me if you have a realistic offer based on how seldom you see this game in this condition, same goes for anyone actually looking for this game.

#340 1 year ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

You take the piss and ask SERIOUSLY? Seriously?

This really the perfect example of the dochebaggery here on this thread. Crybaby haters... actually upset because. Someone dare to defy their horseshit and believe their eyes on the machines condition. Collector who have experienced of how F'ing hard it is to find an excellent example of any machine their looking for now need permission from pinside crybabies.

So there you go potential Baywatch buyer... You need permission from the price patrol to purchase this machine or you will feel their wraith! And if you actually express an interest, boy you are in for it.

Amazing... simply amazing.

#342 1 year ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

I think there was some harm done, reading this thread is a sad inditement of society today.
All aboard the negative train! not cool
May the seller get what he wants. Although may be a tad high to some, not me and yes I am lucky to own this.
All the best everyone.

Sorry man, but maybe I am reading this wrong "You take the piss and ask SERIOUSLY? Seriously?"

How is that not being on aboard the negative train?

3 weeks later
#618 1 year ago

Hello everyone. How are you all? Say could someone do me a favor here? Could you guys let me know how many Baywatch Pinball machines have been listed and or sold here on pinside since I posted this listing? What were those prices?

This is a sincere request. Thanks.

#623 1 year ago

Thanks Man.. I appreciate the response.
So just the one that needs the $300 DMD replaced? (So I guess that is trade value of $2900?)

#624 1 year ago
Quoted from Madmax541:

Just tell us how many offers you have had over $2600.

turned down a $2700 and a $2800.

#627 1 year ago

And yes... again.. thank you. This was a sincere question. So that was one that was up for Trade. Has one been listed for sale? (I know pretty poor condition one was sold for $2400 a few months ago. )

#632 1 year ago

Thank You:

New Rottendog MPU
New power supply
New cabinet art
Rebuilt flippers
New drop targets and decals
New Translite
New trough opto boards
Flamed ramps
Handful of new plastics
New hardware
New leg bolts

Yes.. That seems to be a very nice rebuilt machine. Always good when a rough machine gets an overall and brought back close to its original conditions.

#634 1 year ago

One little problem about that "sale" :

The seller said: "....And the game is now sold pending full payment. Thanks."
But, Looks like the ad was closed by the seller:
“The seller marked this ad as "not sold". The item did not sell through Pinside so there's no listing result.”

Personally whenever I sell a pinball machine through Pinside. I pay my seller fee AND that price is worked in to the average sales price of that particular machine. So I would encourage the seller to mark his machine "sold", pay his fee and let the automated price for the Baywatch pinball machine be adjusted according.

As of now.. that Pinball machine is marked "unsold"

#636 1 year ago

Also... could someone produce / confirm the production numbers of the Baywatch machine please?
The IPMDB.org does not show the production numbers, nor does pinside.

Has a production number of 2200 (estimate). Is this accurate?


#638 1 year ago
Quoted from PinRob:

Your spending to much time thinking about this. Just lower your price and sell it already. Should have taken the 2,700 or 2,800 that was supposedly already offered. Those offers are way more than what your machine is really worth in its current condition.

Thanks Rob, your opinion is noted. I would like to confirm the $3100 sale which you have brought to my attention which was "much nicer than mine". Then perhaps find out how common or rare the machine is first.

So again if anyone could confirm actually production numbers of this pinball machine. That would be great... Thank you.

#640 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

LOL - you are fishing for a lower number aren't you. You think that 1500 production units makes a game "rare" on your other sale

I am simply trying to find out the production number of the Baywatch Pinball Machine.
Frankly I would be shocked if it were as low as the 2200 noted on the pinwiki whatever site.

#644 1 year ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

No, not this doofus. I find it weird how the total plays are EXACTLY 600, not 601 or 603, exactly 600. Did you just stop at 600 then decide to sell?

I had never played a game on it when I audited it, I had just bought. I just took the pics of the dated batteries and the 600 plays. I was just thrilled there was no acid leakage. The batteries were replaced and the audit count was reset.

#646 1 year ago
Quoted from poppapin:

The latest Mr. Pinball price guide has production total of 3000 units. Value of $1950

Hey... thank you... that is something at least. Unfortunately I have never heard of Mr. Pinball (beyond a pinside forum listing saying is prices were too low)

So right now I am hearing production numbers ...Pin Wiki 2200 and Mr Pinball at 3000

#649 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

*shocked* ... This thread is still hot?!
Well, all I can say is this.... Baywatch is an AWESOME game! I really miss mine!

PinWorld. Haven't you gotten the Memo? This thread it meant to SHIT on the Baywatch machine. Who do you think you are coming on here and saying anything positive about this machine! What are you trying to do encourage someone to buy one? Geez.

#652 1 year ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Dude go get some legs for the pin
How in the world do to expect to sell it at any price without legs

Serious? (And dude this is not directed to you personally) Are people so F'ing stupid that they think the Legs do not come with the machine? Are people that stupid? I did not show the plug... (It has one of those too BTW)... or the Balls, again.. not show.

I guess it is cute... maybe? When the first mental giant says that. But what bunch of pathetic sheep that run with that... Good God can you at least find something originally stupid on your own?

#730 1 year ago

Thanks fellas! So looks like the machine is an uncommon machine at only 2.2k (or If you believe the guy that says it is only worth $1900… a production of 3k)… either way an uncommon machine.

And no actual confirmed pinside sales since this one was listed.

So…To the collector looking for an all original beautiful condition Baywatch Pinball machine. This machine has sat in a non-smoking home for 12 years, being hardly played. It is ready to come home to your collection.

Since I posted this. There has been a lot of bitching and whining. But not another Baywatch pinball listed at the pinside value of $2500. If there were ANY Baywatch pins at that price they would have been listed on this forum with 700+ posts.

We had a few mythical ones apparently pop up as a result of this forum. Supposably a HUO for $2400, is there really anyone on pinside so ill informed that they would sell a HUO pin $100 under pinside value? Seriously?

One that was apparently extremely rough (new board, parts, plastics, cabinet art) that supposably sold for $3100. (yet was closed “not sold” ) And if it was sold for that the $2500 pinside value would go up with a $3100 sale now in the books.

One up for trade for $2600 (with a broken DMD that would cost $350-$400 to replace if you could actually find it), that ad was also closed

So one more time:
- No one is selling this machine for $2500 on Pinside.
- Last confirmed sale was for $2400 and was in pretty rough shape (just going by what I was told)
- If you got the traded one that was listed, after trading values and new DMD you would have $3050-$3100 in to the game.
- Mine is all original, boards never hacked.
- excellent condition.
- 600 plays in 12 years.
- Apparently only 2200 made (maybe 3K?)

Contact me when your ready cross this machine off your short list. Personally I think the not hacked boards are major plus, but I will service all boards for you if you wish.

(and to all the DB’s keeping this listing hot… please keep bumping this ad for me. It only takes one collector who is ignoring your bullshit that believes his eyes and has experienced years of not being able to find a low play all original uncommon Baywatch machine… to make this sale. )

And this is from Mr. Pinball website. Are people getting $7k to $9.5k for Addams Family now? I guess I should list the Baywatch there.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 5.02.34 PM (resized).png

2 weeks later
#1420 1 year ago

Pinside moderators and pinside user using my Avatar as their own.

I am copyright owner of that alien image. In 1997 I commission that image created. Outside of his use of the image, I am the sole owner of its use.

If you are using it (or any part of it) as your avatar, you hereby informed that you are to stop immediately.

Pinside moderators, I would politely request that you enforce this request.

#1422 1 year ago

I only check back in to every few weeks... And I don't have time browse through the DB.

Can anyone just tell me IF another Baywatch has been listed for sale? Because there had not been an actually legit sale the last time I had checked.

So if anyone actually would like to let me know if anyone has listed / sold this very uncommon game I would love to know.


#1423 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

nice, thanks for coming back to us!
let me go make some popcorn!

Yeah... sorry I wish I could visit this nursery more, but I have a life.

#1460 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Im changing my avatar now...eager awaiting the C and D letter from wantdataeast...
Seriously, just when you thought he had to be out of douchyness he pulls the copyrighted avatar card

My announcement of my images illegal use was your C and D, as it was to everyone on this forum's. Step 2 is being sued.
I admire your strength of will... you're really really brave a tribute to forums everywhere. Send me your name and address via PM and I will get the legal ball rolling.

#1461 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

Copyright is no joke, but enforcing it on a hobbyist website is.

Go ahead an post a link to a pdf of Gottlieb Manual and see how long until it is pulled.

#1479 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Pm sent...(if you dont think that is my real name and address then mail me my threatening letter and I will post a pic of your envelope)

That will be up to you.

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