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For sale: PRICE REDUCED! All Star Baseball (Pitch & Bat)

By Mjesposi

8 months ago

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    #1 8 months ago


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    for sale

    For sale: PRICE REDUCED! All Star Baseball (Pitch & Bat)

    Added: 2021-10-19 Re-listed: 1 time (December 9th, 2021) Ended: January 15th, 2022
    Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished


    $ 3,250

    Item description

    For sale on is a Valley Dynamo All Star Baseball Pitch & Bat. I am second owner and it was purchased from a smaller bar .

    Machine is a lot of fun and allows you to throw a fastball, curveball and change up. You can adjust the settings in the main menu for the speed of each and then how hard you want the curve to move on you.

    When you play 1 player, the computer randomly selects a pitch regardless of which button you hit. When you play 2 player it gives you the pitch you selected. You can also change how many innings you play for, commentary, strength of bat swing, etc.

    There is also a home run derby mode outside of the 1 and 2 player game modes. In all modes, the runners actually run the bases when you hit a pitch.

    Since owning the machine, I have made any and all necessary updates including:
    - all new cabinet graphics
    - replaced both I/O PCB boards with brand new ones from Valley / Dynamo
    - replaced baseball runner sensor with new (wire harness optical switch)
    - replaced baseball runner motor with new (baseball stepper motor)
    - replaced motor speed control board with new

    All parts were purchased directly from Valley / Dynamo and cost me over $1,250! Question came up of why did I have to replace so many parts if this is a newer machine. Answer is that these are not made in the same way as a pin to be used commercially - they are definitely more home use for sure. I made the upgrades as I wanted it to be perfect without issue as I loved this type of game as a kid, but I have limited space and the beast got me and I want Godzilla Premium more

    Playing field, back glass and cabinet are all in like new condition. There are a couple small little nicks in the powder coat rail that I show and call out in the pictures with my finger. Also a couple small scratches on glass ($60 to have a new sheet cut at your local glass and mirror shop).

    The base runners all run very well. Only item that will come up every so often is where the runner will run 1 less base vs what was hit - I.e you hit a triple but the runner stops at 2nd or you hit a home run and he stops at 3rd. The score is properly tabulated and kept track of but the runner on rare occasions will stop one less. As mentioned above, all critical boards and parts have been replaced with new.

    Prefer local cash sale but if buyer wants to setup all necessary shipping and pickup without me having to pack anything up, then I am open to that as well.

    This is an extremely fair price as they are $6,500 brand new plus tax and shipping. Then as stated, I have over $1,250 in brand new parts put into this machine so you can have years and years of worry free playing ahead of you.

    Happy to answer any additional questions and also do a FaceTime play through if you are out of state.

    Item photos

    366BDD73-048E-47ED-B04F-69EA927D9DD4 (resized).jpeg
    46E9EF3C-5225-4B55-B995-DC48B9861356 (resized).jpeg
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    Batavia, IL, US

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    #2 8 months ago

    I have the zombie version, and the callouts are pretty funny.

    Are the callouts on this version serious or funny?

    Also wild your game the runner sometimes runs one less base and the game scores correctly, with my game a random runner appears sometimes, like if you hit a double, it will also put a runner on first sometimes, but my game also scores correctly, no matter where the runners on base are.

    This game is very fun if anyone is looking for a modern pitch and bat

    I am pretty sure this game is pretty rare also.

    Good Luck With The Sale!

    (and if you read this, please let me know about the callouts, serious or funny?)

    #3 8 months ago

    Hi Johnny pinball. The callouts on this one came be serious or funny / sarcastic. They are pretty funny with the sarcastic callouts.

    Definitely a fun game and brings me back to being a kid. Thanks for the update on your game / runners

    1 week later
    #4 7 months ago

    bumping up.

    1 week later
    #5 7 months ago

    price lowered again - bump

    #6 7 months ago

    As this product is fairly new why would they need 1300$ in parts to keep it running in such a short time period for such a simple game? Was it a design issue? Played the zombie one once, was ok. GLWS

    #7 7 months ago

    Great price on a really fun game. These aren't designed rugged enough for route imo but are awesome in a home environment. Great price, someone is getting a steal.

    #8 7 months ago
    Quoted from Yelobird:

    As this product is fairly new why would they need 1300$ in parts to keep it running in such a short time period for such a simple game? Was it a design issue? Played the zombie one once, was ok. GLWS

    Yelobird - As Jgentry mentioned, they are not really designed to be routed.

    The right side graphics were scratched and in order to have everything match correctly between finishes of the graphics, they all had to be replaced to be done right. As for the I/O PCB boards, both the pitching and base runner sections have the same type of I/O board. I could of went on the cheap and just swapped out the one to the other and then bought one, but I wanted to be 100% safe in that it would be all good in the future. My intent was to keep this as I used to love these types of games as a kid, but I have limited space and wanted Godzilla more

    As for the run sensor, that is a $16 part so again, safety there since I was in there changing out some of the other parts and I also wanted to make sure that was not causing the glitch of the runner sometimes stopping one base short. Baseball runner motor - that was something that went out during my time that I had it and in talking to Valley Dynamo they said those can go out at times especially if they were previously commercially used. Then on the motor speed control board, I think that happened after I replaced the IO board for the pitching section. Something between those two boards was not talking correctly and again at that time, I was more concerned about making sure everything I did was done right.

    Good questions though and I would be asking the same things if I were looking at buying one.

    #9 7 months ago

    I am very surprised this has not sold yet. If I did not already have one I would have jumped on it.

    #10 7 months ago


    #11 7 months ago


    #12 7 months ago

    Bumping up

    #13 7 months ago


    #14 7 months ago

    Thanks JohhnyPinball007!!

    #15 7 months ago

    PRICED REDUCED to $3,250!

    #16 7 months ago

    What a great price! Pitch'n'bats are a lot of fun with other people, I had a Slugfest for a while and always enjoyed playing it with others. This one always interested me as I really like the running man units on the older pitch'n'bats. I know you need the space now, but spring may be a better time to sell when baseball season is back and people are more in the mood. GLWS!

    #17 7 months ago

    Wow! Can't believe this hasn't sold yet. This machine is comparable to an upgraded modern version of Slugfest. For a little bit more you can have all the bells/whistles that Slugfest doesn't offer. Just a great game at an exceptional price!

    #18 7 months ago
    Quoted from Ockeyhead:

    Just a great game at an exceptional price!

    A whole lot less than I paid for mine.

    If I did not already own one I would be making a road trip to Bativia, IL

    #19 7 months ago

    I have one of these and its a blast, love it enough that if the price goes down much more on this, that ill be adding one to the shop as well

    #20 7 months ago

    Any plans to be close to Minneapolis over the holidays? Very interested but won’t be able to get out that way until January at the earliest….

    #21 6 months ago

    Gopher4653. The add expires here in like 2 or 3 days. I am not planning to renew right away if it does not sell so hit me up
    In January to see if still available.


    1 week later
    #22 6 months ago

    One of the guys who works for me has been looking for one of these. I'll shoot you a PM so you know who that random dude is reaching out. I shot him the link to this listing. If he decides to buy it, I vouch for him and have plenty of referrals from other pinsiders and a few distros nationally.

    #23 6 months ago


    #24 6 months ago


    1 week later
    #25 6 months ago


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