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Flippers not working

By Henrik

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

HI I have a problem. one day my flippers and shoot button stopped working at the same time. I cant figure out whats wrong. I don't think its a fuse unless there is one that controls all the bottom mechanisms

#3 9 years ago

I'm assuming from his 'collection' it's sega x-files, a whitestar. Check the under PF fuses....Each flipper has a separate fuse. If those are good, check the main 50VDC fuse in the backbox.

#4 9 years ago

While we're on the topic of flippers, mine are both making a buzzing sound when I use them.
Also on sega x-files. I can hear the sound from the speakers.

I noticed yesterday that the left flipper will rise and slowly fall down, sometime it's intermittent.

I'm thinking about having both flipper coils replaced and look for improvement.

Add to the flipper issue is the general illumination lights are out. Checked and replaced all the
GI fuses in the backbox. Powered it up, lit up perfect. Started a game and within 5 seconds they went out again. Opened the backbox up again to check the GI fuses and they look perfect.

I bought 3 sets of 4, and opened another pack and put another new set of 4 in, powered it back up, no GI lights.

Looking at the mainboard I don't see anything abnormal that catches my eye.

I think the next step for me to take is to replace fuses for the flippers and there's 1 fuse in the backbox that controls the primary high power coils/flippers in the F6 spot on the board.

I hope you don't mind me piggybacking on your thread Henrik, but since we both have the same pin maybe we can both benefit from the knowledge john and robert will provide if they return back to the thread.

Thanks for the assistance

#5 9 years ago

Buzzing flippers have been a plague on whitestar systems....My TSPP suffers the same fate, and to my knowledge, no sure fix has ever been found. It's just the nature of the beast and the method that the board uses to apply low power to the coil.

Your GI problem sounds like a continuity issue on a connector. Bad female to male connection or a bad solder joint on the male pin on the board. Have you tried wiggling the GI connector when this happens. Unfortunately, whitestar documentation is the worst from Stern and Clay never did a pin repair guide for them. I have my TSPP manual which is whitestar, but not sure how comparable it is to X-files....The GI connector is J15 to the PF, serviced by fuses F24 to F27....If ALL the GIs are going out, then you have either a problem at J14 which is the transformer connection OR on TSPP (don't know about x-files) there is a relay that the GI power goes through. The relay needs 20V to energize and a ground which comes from Q200 on the power driver board. Even if energized, the contacts could be bad.

#6 9 years ago

I have already replaced the fuse for the high power coils and the light is on for it.
Also not sure if this helps to figure out my problem but it registers that i have selected either moulder or Sculley and the stays there. so the buttons are defiantly working . I don't think its the fuses for each coil as all three items stopped working at the same time.

#7 9 years ago

I fixed my left flipper issue. Took the coil down and cleaned the sleeve. It was pretty
filthy. Installed everything back and it's working great now, now slow rising and falling.

The buzzing sound is still there, but if that's normal for a whitestar system then I'll
leave that be right now.

Still working on the GI issue, still an open case...

#8 9 years ago

So has everyone just given up on my issue?

#9 9 years ago

You may get a better response Henrik if you wrote the games name in the title?
Others who have or had that game will see it right away and will want to check out your topic.
just friendly advice - good luck

#10 9 years ago
Quoted from Henrik:

So has everyone just given up on my issue?

For a start, go into switch test and see what flipper button do and start button does.

This will help sort things you. You have different issues going on, and this will guide you where to go next.


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