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Flipper's Fusing and Twitching

By yyyyyikes

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

hi all pinsiders

Picked up a Who Dunnit recently which had a couple of minor problems
and one that really needs sorting.

The flipper fuses blow - firstly the left hand flipper fuse - it will blow after about
2 minutes of playing, the other flipper fuse doesn't seem to blow if that one
has - but it has blown before the left fuse once (hope that makes sense).

Then after a couple of times of this happening - the flippers twitch (i.e. they
flip of their own accord until the fuse blows) From memory i think that the
twitches are independent of one another - meaning that they don't necessarily
twitch at the same time.

I have tested the cabinet switch optos which are fine - and indeed in game with
no blown fuse - the flippers do work when you hit the button and stay up
when held.

I changed the coils with some old (but working) ones i had from another machine
as i thought this the most likely thing - but it is exactly the same.

Could it be the fliptronic main board? The wiring seems tight and the EOS switch
seem to work ok - plenty of space between wiring and both work in test mode.

Thanks for any help.

#2 5 years ago

Are the coils very hot to the touch after the fuse blows?

Do you have slo-blo fuses in there?

#3 5 years ago

Thanks for the help cody

On re-inspection actually there may be a problem with the optos.
In switch edges the switch opening square flashes suggesting it's going on/off quickly?
Both buttons do the same.

When playing and holding down a flipper button - the flippers do stay up so surely
the EOS should be held on?
but there is a pretty loud sound from the coils (with audio off you can clearly hear it).
The coils were certainly warm if not hot after a 5/10 minute game which luckily the
fuses didn't blow - yep they are SB

Thanks in advance.

#4 5 years ago

Flippers twitching is almost a surefire indication of dirty optos. Clean those up first and them report back on the problem.

The next thing I would check would be the end of stroke switches. B/W coils have both high power (flip) and low power (hold) windings. When it hits the end of stroke, power switches to the low voltage winding to hold the flipper up. This way you don't burn up the coil. If you're not activating the EOS switch, you may be staying on the high power winding and blowing fuses to protect the coils from melting. This might explain why the coils are buzzing.

Long winded, but that's what I would suggest. Clean optos then check EOS in switch test mode.

#5 5 years ago

Thanks jwo.

The optos are almost immaculately clean - i cleaned them anyhow
but..same thing - in switch edges the open/closed flashes when triggered
and...so ruling out now flipper problems - when one is pressed, the other
can flash on/off also.

I took an opto out of another machine (which has always been fine) just
to make sure - and indeed that does exactly the same thing.

So - could this be a wiring/board problem?

#6 5 years ago

I'd check to make sure the connectors on the opto boards are good, then I'd reseat all the connectors and/or ribbon cables on the fliptronics board in the backbox and see it that helps

#7 5 years ago

Only one thing for it - should've done this ages ago - fliptronics is coming out of dredd....
will let you know, really appreciate the help.

#8 5 years ago

Definitely keep us posted. Do reseat all the connectors first, though. A lot of times all it takes is that as the pins can develop a patina on them over time which weakens the electrical connection or sometimes just become loose. Especially if the game was moved recently

#9 5 years ago

Same thing with the Dredd Fliptronics hmmmm...

#10 5 years ago

put the machine in switch edge test and move the flippers to the up position by hand. do the EOS switches test ok?

#11 5 years ago

Yeah EOS is fine, i guess this has to be the wiring from the optos?
The Who Dunnit fliptronics is fine in Dredd also.

#12 5 years ago

Probably the coil is going mad having the switch go on/off so rapidly?

#13 5 years ago

Yeah. If you're getting intermittent power to the optos, I'd first look at the connectors which have the 12V in and out to the optos. Should be J904 and 905 on the board. Then, I'd start tracing the wires underneath

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