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Flipper switches won’t register high score initials

By patrickvc

3 years ago

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#18 2 years ago

So this thread is a year old but I'm super hoping you can help me out like you did this guy. I'm having this exact same problem. I have a Maverick pin which doesn't have an inter connect board. Any chance I can just replace a couple parts like this guy did?

#21 2 years ago

first off thank you sooooooo much for responding to a thread that ended a yera ago, i had very little hope, so thanks a whole bunch. Tried the switch test and everything came up as registering except the flipper buttons. They work fine but they don't register as open when you press them during test mode. That's what you mean by switch matrix test right?

And already replaced the flipper board, brand new so no issues there.

#23 2 years ago

It's a 520-5076-00 correct.

#24 2 years ago

so I discovered some more info!!! maybe you guys can help me understand it. Also I am posting this info in the maverick specific thread as well, but I feel like this issue could be considered a more general pinball issue and therefore maybe you guys could help me out... I may have annoyed the maverick thread with all my questions. sorry and thanks... anywho here is the info:

Backbox circuit board relays and their functions:

PPB/MRB board relay K1: this relay controls the solenoid L/R select circuit, and is controlled by CPU transistor Q29 (TIP122). It is extremely common for this relay to have cold solder joints! If the L/R (or A/B) select coils or flashlamps do not work, this relay should be checked. This relay is a 24 vdc 10 amp relay with two DPDT switches. There are a total of 8 solder points on this relay; two connect to the winding of the relay coil (to turn the relay on and off). The other six contacts (two distinct sets of three contact DPDT switches) are the relay switches. Source number FRL264 P024/02CK, Sega part 190-5002-00.

Im reading "this relay controls the solenoid L/R select circuit" and "If the L/R (or A/B) select coils or flashlamps do not work" as my exact issue right? like when they say L/R select i assume that are talking about selecting things with the left flipper button and right flipper button? If this is the case i think we found our problem right? now how the heck do i fix it? How does one replace a relay and what does the relay even look like?

i found this relay which says its for star wars, but maybe itll work for me as well, I can probably confirm part number in my manual: https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/190-5002-00

#26 2 years ago

first out thanks bobukcat for the info. and ya I think you are very right. During test mode my flashers and solenoids do work i think. two of the flashers i believe have dead bulbs, but I just ordered replacements for those. So ya it probably doesnt have to do with what I originally thought, i was misinterpreted what it was saying. I read L/R select coils as left and right flipper select buttons... guess not. So troubleshoot matrix got it. I ran all the switch tests through the test mode and it pops up as all switches good and then when i press start button it says im pressing start button and when balls are in trough it says all 4 balls are in trough, but sadly when i press flipper buttons nothing pops up on screen. do you kind of know an idea of how I would began troubleshooting this?

side note your avatar is sweet and Houdini is the next game i want to get in the future, i had never played it until recently and i absolutely fell in love. and my wife actually gave me the ok on that theme and she is very hard to please when it comes to pinball themes.

#28 2 years ago

already replaced the flipper board so its not an issue with actual board, but ya i looked through the manual and couldnt find anything about this particular issue. I always just assumed if the flippers actually worked then they would obviously easily work as buttons, but i guess not.

#30 2 years ago

Makes sense. For some reason I wasn't understanding that until recently. I will do my best to check that out this weekend and if I have more questions I'll come back. Thanks for all the help.

#32 2 years ago

Oh dude you found me out. Ya I may or may not have posted this issue in way too many places. Thanks again for the help.

#35 2 years ago

Yes when I press the flipper buttons the appropriate light blinks on the flipper board.

Ya it's actually possible that I have the older board, but I did purchase that newer board with the safety feature. Hooked it up and got exact same results so left the original board in there. I didn't know about the safety feature though. Maybe I should switch it out for the new one either way.

Ok so green grey wire is possibly the culprit. I have to make sure it has a good connection. Now attached isn't a picture of that exact connector but my connectors either look like one of these and I'm wondering do you normally like take out the wire and make sure the metal has cut it enough so that metal is touching wire or do you do something else to make sure connection is good?

Screenshot_20190625-134537_Gallery (resized).jpgScreenshot_20190625-134613_Gallery (resized).jpg
#36 2 years ago

Ps. Thanks so much for diagram you found and is this in theory the green grey wire? This is connected to my cpu board so Ill probably check connection there but more likely much further down by flipper board but ya is this the culprit color?

20190625_135151 (resized).jpgScreenshot_20190625-135054_Gallery (resized).jpg
#38 2 years ago

Ok so that whole right column. Ya that makes sense. Then I can see if it's the whole column or just specific switches. Got it!

#39 2 years ago

Green and grey

#41 2 years ago

Ohhhhh see now even though I thought that was a really stupid question, I'm happy I asked. So it's the GREEN with the grey. Not the GREY with the green. Super good to know. Thank you so much for checking that and clarifying. Got it and will do!

Screenshot_20190626-132521_Gallery (resized).jpg
1 week later
#42 2 years ago

well Im finally no longer sick so i went out to the machine and finally tested all the stuff you guys had been trying to explain to me for several posts. Im super sorry for being such a dunce.... anywho. here is the verdict. the entire right column on the switch matrix doesn't work. Im like 90 ish percent sure that the rest of the switches work. There are a few lights and flashers that i cant get working but i believe those are on a different deal so it doesnt really matter for this topic. ok so all of column 8 which is the entire green grey wire. a couple odd things to note is first off the right flipper doesnt have a green grey wire at all. the left does. also there two green grey wires that are kind of connected together running side by side going from some of the switches to other switches and going to what looks to be a ground bolt randomly. I can take some pictures if that would help. are you guys able to help me out on what my next steps should be? and/or are you guys able to send me some pictures of your underside slash your flippers so i can see how my setup is different. also on the switch matrix it says row (return) CN8-9. now the green grey wire is definitely coming out of the CN8 plug, but is the green grey wire supposed to be going to the CN9 plug as well? is that what return means?

#44 2 years ago

Ok let's assume the transistor ends up being shorted, can I just purchase a new transistor and remove the old one and solder in the new one? And where is this transistor that I'm testing located.. picture attached location?

And thanks so much for the info and getting back to me so quick

Screenshot_20190706-203019_Gallery (resized).jpg
#48 2 years ago

Ohhhhh that makes sense because ya the green grey wire was no where to be found on the right flipper, but oddly enough I believe there was a green grey wire at the left flipper... Maybe it was a different green grey wire or maybe I'm going a bit color blind ha ha. Those green grey wires sure do look a lot like the green purple and the green something else.

#50 2 years ago

Ohhhhhh that makes even more sense! Thank you.

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