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Flipper shaft broken off, what causes it?

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By TheRingMaster

2 years ago


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#1 2 years ago

Hi there!

Had some friends over last night and we played my jackbot for like 5 hours. Then suddenly the right flipper shaft broke off. Not sure if it is called flipper shaft but its the metal rod that goes through the playfield I'm talking about. The metal snapped off inside the flipper bat plastic. The flipper did not touch any part of the PF, only the ball. Gonna replace it but I'm curious to know what caused the problem. Is it just because it was worn out and the metal had became weak from all the stress its under from flipping the balls? Is this a common failure?


#2 2 years ago

I have never seen the metal part break. I have had a few older machine where the plasitc cracks or seperates from the shaft. I would guess that this piece of metal always had some sort of stress fracture in it. Just finally decided to break during play.

#3 2 years ago

Have seen a few of these in recent times, may have been a bad batch of flipper bats, they normally break where the plastic bat joins the metal shaft.

#4 2 years ago


Good to hear, i thought maybe something in the Flipper assembly under the PF was maladjusted and forced it. But it seams plausible that it was a bad batch of bats or just pure longtime stress!
I'll replace it and hopefully it will work!


#5 2 years ago

Just to end this thread, I replaced the flipper bat coming with a shaft and now it works very good so it was nothing else than pure stress that made it break off in the first place.



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