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Flipper Fair ball count won't go to ball 10, stops at 8

By slghokie

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Fixing up a Gottlieb Flipper Fair and everything works except this odd behavior on ball count. In reset and game over mode, start game and it will count 5 balls. If I manually advance the bumpers and hit the center target I can add balls up to 8 and no more. I can drain from the max of 8 and get back to game over state (game over light on and flippers dead).

The stepper seems to not make the last 2 positions. If I mess with the set screw and the screw adjustments on the wiper I can affect change but usually it makes it not get to ball 1 or zero and game over. There is a stop pin on the stepper gear.

First pic is reset, second is fully stepped, next is internal reset, final is internal fully stepped

Any ideas or help welcomed. Remove the stop and adjust the gears so I get to 10? That + adjustments on set screw and wiper screws?

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#2 2 years ago

Could the wiper arm be in the wrong position? If you loosen the three screws that hold it on to the stepper shaft it can be rotated some. When reassembling a step unit after cleaning you generally put the gear in the full reset position and then put the wiper on to match it. The gear has a pin on the underside that hits the stepper frame when fully reset. The pin on the top side of the gear should just open the switch stack in this position. Once in the gear is in the fully reset position the wiper arm can be adjusted to its reset position.

Is the stepper gear missing a tooth that prevents it from advancing past the 8th position? That would support the theory that the wiper is off.


#3 2 years ago

MarkG the best I got adjusting the wiper was 9 balls max. But I did not check if game over works right.

#4 2 years ago

It's possible that the wiper needs to be removed and rotated 1/3 of a turn. But only install it after the step unit is fully reset.

Note that the two wipers on one end are grounded to the frame and the wipers on the other end aren't. So there is a right way and a wrong way to reinstall the wiper.

#5 2 years ago

You can see which way is correct by watching the wipers making contact with the rivets. The wipers will only reach the rivet sets when put on correctly. On mine, the screws are about midway on their slots.

Also, if it is on the right way, I think the machine will find its home position.

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#6 2 years ago

Oops. Never mind.

#7 2 years ago

I messed with it a bunch. When I get it to 9 then it ends on ball one and the flippers go dead. So put it back to 8 ball max and to me it seems like a # of teeth and stop issue. I have a max of 8 positions so I dont ever see how to get to 10 unless I have 10 teeth. It does not matter what I do to the wiper, if I dont have 10 steps I will never get there.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png

I cannot move the switch stop and the resistance from that keeps me from getting 2 extra teeth. Cannot move the switch stack unless I add spacers.

Could the switch stack be in there incorrectly? Like not in the right order or orientation? It works as is goes to game over correctly, counts up 5 balls to start, and goes to max of 8. No teeth are broken

Only good news is I cleaned the pivot screw for those arms on the teeth and did not snap the screw

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#8 2 years ago

Let's temporarily remove the switch stack from the equation. If you remove one of the bolts and its nut and loosen the other one you should be able to swing the entire switch stack out of the way of the pin. With the switch stack out of the way, where does the gear reset to, and can you advance 10 steps from there?

#9 2 years ago

MarkG How about that, with the stack out of the way it resets an extra 2 spots. Now counts up to 10, then resets back. Game over switch stop moves to like the middle of the switch stack.

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#10 2 years ago

I have not messed with the wipers, they are attached, but likely need adjustment once the reset position is sorted

#11 2 years ago

The reset position is not usually adjustable. If you look between the gear and the frame you'll probably find a pin on the gear that runs into a lip on the frame. That's what defines the reset position. The problem has to do with the relationship between the switch stack and the gear pin that activates it. The assembly may have been reassembled incorrectly at some point. A good photo from a working Add A Ball game from the same era would probably sort it out.

#12 2 years ago

Excellent! Thank you MarkG for the help! I was struggling as I knew what it needed to do just it physically couldn’t get it to do it. Will see if I can get some pics but will start with adding some spacers. Like I said it operates the way the switches are configured I just need it to go further to stop.

#13 2 years ago

You should be able to manually step one way until it runs out of teeth and then back the other way ten clicks. If you can’t, seems like there ought to be a hole for the stopping pin two clicks further.

Doesn’t seem like you should have to add spacers unless the previous owner did some weird mods.

I can take a pic of mine, might not be able to get to it today.

#14 2 years ago

Thank you underdog I would love to see if the stack can be fixed without a spacer. For now, 2 spacers off a switch, longer screws, and she finally goes to 10! Thanks again for everyone's help!

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#15 2 years ago

The unit is at Game Over in all these pics.

4B74394E-65D9-443E-A3E7-44F45FC55E84 (resized).jpeg4B74394E-65D9-443E-A3E7-44F45FC55E84 (resized).jpeg26AA726F-3A53-49B6-8B9E-9367D7CE8981 (resized).jpeg26AA726F-3A53-49B6-8B9E-9367D7CE8981 (resized).jpegB117E9D9-4405-40F0-8DBB-30CCDA3D3A2F (resized).jpegB117E9D9-4405-40F0-8DBB-30CCDA3D3A2F (resized).jpeg
#16 2 years ago

Thank you @undrdog! I did not think you could but perhaps the mounting on my mech is bent and on yours that makes up the ~1/2 inch needed for the 2 teeth. The switch stack orientation is all the same.

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