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flipper clown roto target

By durriti

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Hello All,

The two pictures are from roto unit on my flipper clown, the pictures are of the fixed bakelite disc that sits behind the revolving disc. As you can see at some point it has had wires removed, only six wires are still attached. These six wires, four are for the red and white roto target switches and the other two, orange and light green attach at two different points on the back of the inner row of brass contacts. There are 15 contacts on the inner row to match the 15 targets on the revolving roto target. The way the machine works with this 'modification' is thrus, the six rollover switches on the playfield, (red and white) and the two target switches all advance 15 places scoring 200 pnts and reset to zero. It doesn't matter what number is shown the roto target and made, it always advances 15 places and scores 200 pnts.
Looking at a video on youtube for this game, someone has uploaded a 7 minute game which shows how the game should work.
The player's first ball leaves the playfield via the white outlane and the games advances 13 which matches the white side of the roto target.

What l would like if anyone could give me some pointers on how to work out where new wires should be attached.

Thanks in advance.

20230211_172700 (resized).jpg20230211_172700 (resized).jpg20230213_215219 (resized).jpg20230213_215219 (resized).jpg
#2 1 year ago

This should get you most or all of what you need:
Flipper Clown Roto target (resized).jpgFlipper Clown Roto target (resized).jpg
So for example, when a Roto Target wiper connects the orange&black wire at the top to the blue-red wire, another wiper should connect the blue&black wire to the green-red wire. When the Roto Target is in the next position one wiper will connect orange&black to orange-red and the other will connect blue&black to slate-red.


#3 1 year ago

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the input. In the first picture l posted, the wires run up oneside and across the top of the bakerlite disc are as follows, across the top, left to right . First four are for the roto target switches then the next four and the 11 running down the side all match the wires 2 -15 left/right number selected lights, (on the playfield), not the wire colours on the section of schematic you posted. l think those wire colours you posted may have been the coloured wires now removed from the roto target bakerlite disc. Adding new wires is not a problem if the roto target spinning disc ran in numerical rising order, but it does not, (see picture, roto target). As you can see it has an odd running order.
Folllowing the wires back from left/right number selected lights and the roto target unit to the left/right stepper units, the lights wires attached to the underside of the stepper and the roto wires attached to the top side oppersite, this makes it easier to identify the roto target wire numbers. ie; this colour wire is 2 etc.
What l'm trying to figure out is where to solder each new wire, l know the half of the information, the lights and stepper provided that, but does it now follow to use the roto target running order to attach wires and if so where is the 'first' position to solder a wire.

Any thorghts?.

Thanks again.

20230215_223257 (resized).jpg20230215_223257 (resized).jpg
#4 1 year ago

Can someone refresh my memory, but aren’t they all wired the same on the rotor, one to another? That’s what makes them line up as they advance one step at a time across the active switches, no matter what order they are in, and the order of the numbers comes from how you wire the spider web under the contact plate? I may be talking out of school though, I’ve only worked on King of Diamonds.

#5 1 year ago
Quoted from durriti:

What l would like if anyone could give me some pointers on how to work out where new wires should be attached.

You're Wiper Board is missing around 10 wires on the backside.
I'm quite busy the next 1.5 weeks, so might not be able to get
to it right away, but if no luck beforehand, after a week from this
weekend, I'll take Flipper Clown's Roto Wiper Board off and take
a pic..
btw: Perhaps you already have a set, but PBR has the Roto Target's
adhesive numbers. Definitely worth the purchase..

#6 1 year ago

hello bubblehead,

The spinning roto is different from each model, l couldn't swop the roto from my flipper parade to the flipper clown. The parade three lots of 1 to 5. You are right about how they are wired up and that the bit that someone has snipped out, see picture 1

#7 1 year ago

Hello Mopar,

That the information that l could do with, thank you. l have a set of numbers from PBR but l won't stick them on until the unit is fixed and working correctly.

Thanks again.

#8 1 year ago

If you're just worried about getting the numbers in the right order, try wiring one up to see how it works. A few wrong guesses will go a long way towards sorting it out.

#9 1 year ago

While l was at work today, l wondered if the roto target fixed disc wiring mirrored the roto spinning disc numerical running order so when l returned home l mapped it out, see picture. It does, l couldn't see Gottlieb being haphazard. In my small diagram there is one wire OR&BLK not numbered, see MarkG's posted section of schematic, this l think is attached to the outer circuit on the roto fixed disc, all the others are attached to the fifteen points on the inner circuit but l think the '15' a jumper going from one 15 to the other. l'm now thinking about 'clocking' of the wiring on the roto fixed disc.

20230217_193325 (resized).jpg20230217_193325 (resized).jpg
4 weeks later
#10 1 year ago

After a few goes l managed to get the running order right and now hitting the target number advances the correct/scores the amount for both red and white.
So thanks for suggestions and help, there are other faults with the machine but l'll pick at these.

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