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Flash owners club...official..

By Milltown

4 years ago

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#601 3 months ago

I own one that I'm currently working on restoring. It came to me non-functional and I now have it in a relatively playable state.

Things I have done so far: replaced all the capacitors, power supply board component upgrades, new headers on power supply and MPU boards, replaced burned out transistors and resistors, replaced burned out coils, rebuilt all flippers, added remote battery pack, added rectifier fuses, 40-pin connector replaced, all bulbs replaced with 47s, replaced chip sockets on sound board, new rubbers, new shooter sleeve, springs, tip.

Still a few issues: Sound board doesn't work at all, despite proper voltages, working speaker, working amp. One or more of the 5-bank targets isn't triggering the all-down series and it doesn't pop back up during gameplay.

Improvements still in progress: gradually replacing all headers, wiring harness contacts, and chip sockets

2 weeks later
#602 74 days ago

REQUEST: If your Flash (or similar age other Williams game) has a memory protect switch at the coin door, would you please post a photo or two of the switch area? I'm hoping to add one to my early System 4 machine. Thanks!

#603 68 days ago
Quoted from Pinoffski:

New vs Old worn out one .lol
It is just a shame they missed some blue artwork on the right hand side above the 1000 W/Lit
Hopefully a easy fix ..
[quoted image]

Hi Pinofffski, how is the playfield swap going? I'm expecting my new PF to arrive this Friday.

1 month later
#604 37 days ago

I've been underwhelmed with the more generic plastics on Flash, so I made one to replace the 3-drop target plastic. If it doesn't delaminate or overheat, I'm going to try changing the ones on either side of the rollover lanes.

IMG_2046 (resized).JPG
1 week later
#605 27 days ago

My Flash just started a issue and I have never worked with special solenoids before.
The left slingshot has stopped working, no solenoid action, no sound and no points. The two switches at the slingshot do not register in the switch diagnostics.
I don't see and broken or loose wires around the slingshot assembly below the playfield.

I thought I would reach out for some diagnostic help because I am not sure what makes this special.
How does the special solenoid operate and where should I start with the issue I am having?


#606 27 days ago

The activation switches will never show in switch test - (the ones that poke through the playfield) - the switch in the matrix is the scoring switch which is near the pivot point of the sling arm. You can pull the sling arm forward manually in switch test until it contacts to make sure the score is working.

The way the special solenoids work is that ground is switched by those 2 activation switches to an input on the driver board which fires the coil without cpu intervention. The input to this circuit is connector 13 upper left on the driver board, these inputs when grounded will fire the solenoid. Put the game in audit mode you should be able to fire pop bumpers and the other sling fine there. Disconnect the connector and use a jumper to ground the input pins on that connector, do not hold the ground on for more than a moment or 2 (these are not 'one shot' circuits, they stay on as long as they are grounded).

If it fires you have missing ground from the activation switches to the driver board. If it doesn't fire you need to go farther into the circuit. Oddly, pinwiki is currently blank for special solenoids in system 6, but you can read up on what's involved in the system 11 section:

Sometimes it's something easy like a bad connector/cold solder joint.

If you don't have standard williams board setup (i.e. rottendog or something other than stock) ignore the above other than the ground inputs as it's going to be different.

#607 27 days ago
Quoted from slochar:

The way the special solenoids work

Great write up, your info got me a lot of answers quickly.
Shorting the Special input per the list attached, the left sling does not give me a reaction or board output compared to the right. All other tests worked as you described.
I can pull the board and look at the back later for poor connection.

Is there a list of outputs and transistor location?


switch2 (resized).JPG
#608 26 days ago

Also you can briefly ground the tab on the transistor for the left sling and see if it fires - while that doesn't tell you that the transistor is good, it will tell you that the wiring to the solenoid is and that the solenoid itself is as well. They are the ones in the upper left corner of the driver board Q2, Q4, Q6, Q8, Q10, and Q12.

The inputs are on IC chips 6 and 7. IC's 8 and 9 process the inputs and actually tell the transistor to turn on and fire. Highlighted in the image is a typical path, if you have a logic probe you can test the inputs and outputs to narrow down where the issue is.

You can compare a working one to the non-working one to get the proper signal levels.

pasted_image (resized).png
#609 26 days ago

Mine did that and it was because the little spring ramp on that connector broke off. It's probably worth looking at before you start pulling boards out.

#610 24 days ago
Quoted from slochar:

Also you can briefly ground the tab on the transistor for the left sling and see if it fires

Worked on my machine a bit today
Grounding the tab on Q10 to fire the left sling had a notable draw on the power, so I cut the wires to the coil and measured .2 ohms on the coil. I had a new one laying around and it was around 4.6.
Swapped the coil and it will now fire when Q10 tab is grounded but will not fire when the input is grounded.

This is a Rottendog board and the schematics look different than your description.

I do not have a probe, any ways to narrow down the defective component ?


2 weeks later
#611 8 days ago

Recently picked up the most original amazing condition flash I have ever seen. Looks like it was unboxed last week! I’ll get some good pictures later. Was in the same basement and location since it was purchased.

0C9B5B21-5E75-47FC-918C-52A608D58609 (resized).jpeg190E1E5E-71BA-4104-9B30-243EBC8E4471 (resized).jpegFFAF10D4-D58C-47A7-BDDA-2612E0D2F529 (resized).jpeg
#612 7 days ago


#613 6 days ago

Wow. That's like a time capsule.!

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