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Flash Gordon Part II

By gdonovan

11 days ago

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#1 11 days ago

This Flash Gordon build is forked off my other Flash Gordon project over here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/flash-gordon-causing-me-to-blackout

In a nutshell I have enough parts lying about to build a second Flash Gordon so decided I'm going to go for it and this will be documented here. The first retoration has gotten totally out of control and will be sold off when completed, I just wanted a game to play!

What I have gathered so far..

1) Backglass from original, needs repair around display four and other flaking. (repair complete!)

2) Playfield from original, needs repair. (see below)

3) Apron, good condition.

4) Legs, good condition.

5) Strobe from original, needs repair. I have already replaced the caps and suspect the strobe element itself is shot. Been considering making a 12V LED flasher circuit to replace this but still exploring the circuit to see how feasible.

6) Drop targets, pop bumper tops, plastics and posts from original. Will have to reproduce one plastic.

7) Donor game, in this case Mr. and Mrs. Pacman.

Parts for "The Frankenstein Flash Gordon" would be the lower cabinet (with harness, shooter, coin door, transformer and power board) 7-digit displays, wiring harness, circuit boards (MPU, Solenoid, lamp, aux lamp, Squawk and Talk) 3 flipper mechs, the ball gates and reed switches (for spinners) the dual direction saucer, sling shots mechs, drop target banks (one that will be converted to inline target bank) and various bits and pieces from under and on top of the playfield like posts, screws, outhole ball kicker and standup targets.

Stuff I need:

1) Upper FG steel ball guides, 3 ramps, lower ball guides and ball director under the apron and wood pieces around playfield.
(On the way soon from Daditude)

2) single drop target with memory. (found, on way)

3) A local pinhead will have upper cabinet in a few months and I'll fabricate a new pedestal base.

4) Backbox lamp and display panel (I'll fabricate)

5) Isolation transformer if using factory strobe (easy, Ebay or Amazon)

6) Spinners (PBR)

#2 11 days ago

The lower playfield is fairly solid protected by the factory Mylar, the upper though was pretty beat.

The lower playfield needs most of the touch up works in the popper area, no surprise there. I'll have to fill in the "15" second inserts and make up water slide decals for the text. They came off when the Mylar was pulled from the slingshot areas.

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#3 11 days ago

The upper playfield was going to be a problem and I kicked around various ideas from touching up to making my own print and covering it with clear plastic till I stumbled across a Flash Gordon machine ad for sale which displayed the old playfield.. which I promptly purchased and touched up.

This will look great when I'm finished and have it cleared.

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#4 11 days ago

I plan on repairing the backglass with a water slide decal after I triple thick it this weekend. There were three areas starting to lift and I flowed triple thick in them and held down with plastic wrapped weights till the sealer dried. A few other areas were touched up with red paint.

Played around with the waterslide idea this weekend, its been done before though with excellent results..

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#5 11 days ago

Nice work!

#6 11 days ago

Pictures of the donor machine: It was dead on pickup, failure to boot and no sound. After whacking it with my geek hammer for an hour boot up was completed and sound was back online. Lower cab in fairly good shape, just have to undo "the doorbell credit mod" ironically which the first Flash Gordon had as well and repair the back panel which is flaking a bit at the bottom rear.

The shooter rod hole needs to be lowered, I'm just going to fashion a wooden plug to fill the opening and make a new one for the lower position.

New Altek MPU, Solenoid board, A2 Power Board and A9 Aux lighting board make this a solid buy and the factory Bally lamp driver has only one SCR out. As an additional bonus the maze is a @Geeteo LED unit which I can sell off to make a few bucks back.

Anyone need a Mr. and Mrs. Pacman playfield, upper cabinet or backglass? All will be up for grabs when completed. Or I'll turn into wall art like this spare Last Action Hero playfield.


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#7 11 days ago

Thank you! I'm actually more excited to be working on this one than the other, little bit more of a challenge.

#8 10 days ago

More parts are on the way!

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#9 6 days ago

1) Flash Gordon backglass missing chunk around display four.

2) Friend sends me scan of his backglass, display four area.

3) I spend a few hours tweaking area I need, color balance, contrast and brightness.

Laser printer goes brrrr. A lot.

4) I take various prints and glue to picture frame glass so I can judge color match.

5) Selected version is printed out on matte card stock.

6) Adhesive used? Triple Thick! Spray heavy and squeegee.

7) Area that needed masking painted black. Note that I had to have color balance right as masking will change the color.

Backglass had a few areas that needed touch up and gentle care but came out pretty good. Unless you knew where to look almost impossible to see, matter a fact even knowing where to look you would be hard pressed.

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#10 6 days ago

And the rails for both Flash Gordons are done.

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#11 4 days ago

Insert day!

20210510_203439 (resized).jpg
#12 4 days ago

Still have some touchup to do but getting closer to clearing.

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#13 1 day ago

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Let's change out those crazed inserts.

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#14 1 day ago

My friend decided the same thing when he started one Flash Gordon he would do two. Both of his turned out fantastic. Good luck on the restore!

#15 1 day ago

Changing all of the inserts to color and starburst made a big difference. The new ramps are impossible to find but they are out there. He went over the top on these restores but here they are side by side. (Color inserts vs standard) I posted some of the pics in the gallery.

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#16 23 hours ago
Quoted from ttown:

My friend decided the same thing when he started one Flash Gordon he would do two. Both of his turned out fantastic. Good luck on the restore!

Thank you!

The idea of two side by side intrigues me and I have enough parts to get it done.. just a few more pieces and I'm there.

Have a cabinet head lined up and should be here by July. Work on the first one is picking up again which will help this one pickup steam.

Once the playfield is assembled on the first, things will really start going.

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